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  • A Journey Through The Prehistoric Desolation

    A Journey Through The Prehistoric Desolation

    The fire of karma burns my dust, and evil can’t touch my body. Lying in the nine heavens, pinching my fingers to save the world. One flower is one world, one sand is one heaven. Calculate the world’s affairs, and travel freely in the Dao. See how a lotus flower disturbs the floods, famines and be conferred as God.

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  • After Being Preached by my Senior Martial Brother

    After Being Preached by my Senior Martial Brother

    After the Second Prince of Nine Heavens broke the Holy Spirit Lamp, he was then deprived of his Mana, his appearance, and was demoted to descending to the world to experience calamity. The Second Prince, who had now no talent and no appearance, became the younger martial brother in Miaoxian Mansion, and started the path of cultivating immortals with fear. At first, everyone bullied him, and only the cold and taciturn senior brother treated him well. Later, he learned that the senior martial brother, the same as him, had a deep fate with immortals. Unless his soul left his body, he would become his Taoist Companion. His heart was happy. Until that day he witnessed the senior martial brother commit great treason and as he held the Master in his arms. With a piteous cry, “Miaomiao…….” The cold face showed a gentle look as well. That was the Master’s nickname. The Second Prince no longer expected the senior martial brother to see him, but he did not expect the senior martial brother to be desperate and begged him, “Xiao Qi, save the Master, only your life can be exchanged for his life.” After coming back, the Second Prince didn’t even evade the sword and died under it. In a trance, he saw the senior martial brother’s disbelieving expression. With his body dead, he returned to heaven. The father of the Nine Heavens raised this scarred man. The Second Prince asked for a heartless bead. After years of suffering, it was better to be a merciless and loveless immortal. It was just that, it didn’t occur to him that his senior martial brother became the only devil in the Three Realms. He didn’t know until he died– —that the senior martial brother was covered with blood and tears. He knelt on his knees and could not stand up from the sycamore tree and fought madly with his fragmented soul.

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  • Demon King’s Furnace

    Demon King’s Furnace

    Zhao Yan woke up to find that he had transmigrated into the realm of cultivating immortals and was imprisoned by the demon king as a furnace for cultivation. The demon king is a moody, violent, and perverse villain. Zhao Yan: He looks like he has domestic violence tendencies… Zhao Yan: Double cultivation? But I’m an omega, not a furnace. Zhao Yan: If I can’t help him improve his cultivation, he will definitely kill me. In order to survive, I’m going to run away. * When Xiao Su came back from practicing, he met Zhao Yan who was running for his life in the woods. Unknowingly, Xiao Su stretched out his hand to help him wipe off his sweat: “What are you doing in such a hurry?” Zhao Yan thought he was going to make a move, and tears overflowed from his eyes: “Don’t hit me, I won’t do it again…” Xiao Su: “?” * There is a new furnace that wants to get close to Xiao Su, Zhao Yan who was used to being pampered by the demon king, once again felt a sense of crisis. Zhao Yan sobs and confesses, “I’m an omega, not a furnace.” Suspecting that Zhao Yan wanted to use this as an excuse to escape, Xiao Su’s face darkened. Zhao Yan wiped away tears: “I don’t have any body fragrance, I only have pheromones.” Xiao Su’s complexion became even worse, and the murderous aura around him surged. Zhao Yan buried his face in Xiao Su’s chest in fear: “When double cultivating, I can only have babies, I can’t improve your abilities, please don’t kill me…” Xiao Su raised his brow: “That sounds pretty good.”

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  • Portable Space: Little Miracle Doctor

    Portable Space: Little Miracle Doctor

    The Ace Military Doctor Yan Xiaoshi travels through time and becomes a weak and sickly son, Yan Xiaosi, in ancient times. There is his loving mother and three sisters who treasure him like a precious treasure. However, his mother calls him son and his three sisters call him fourth brother. But, when did she become a man? Upon feeling herself, she has all the right parts. It’s just that living in a cramped house is really unbearable. Yan Xiaosi, starving to the point of dizziness, decides to make money to support her family and make her mother and three sisters as beautiful as flowers. However, the wild man she picked up on a whim becomes entangled with her. ‘Dear Xiaosi, I like you.’ Yan Xiaosi: ‘…I am a man.’ Wild man: ‘But I don’t mind cutting off my sleeves for you.’

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