WBBTV Chapter 1


It all started during a morning tea time.

“Father, I want a little brother.”

Thanks to her, the Duke, who was sitting on the other side, spit out all the tea he had been holding.


A light sound was heard, and the Duke coughed incessantly, as if he were dying. He frowned at her as he stood in front of the filthy table.

“Cough, what did you say…?”

The Duke inquired, his words were stuttering. Thanks to it, she was able to hit the wedge once more.

“I need a brother. Let’s adopt one.”

“Huh, Rosent! You can’t bring a child in so suddenly.”

She smiled brightly despite the Duke’s objection. This is simply an expected outcome.

“Of course I have an idea.”

She said, raising her cleched fist and thumbs up.

“First, we are not in a situation where we cannot raise children. Rather than enough, it’s even overflowing.”

Afterwards, she raised her index finger.

“Second, there is the issue of succession. It’s too much for me to inherit all of the Duke’s work. My uncle, Count Lipnell, also frequently assists you.”

A sigh can’t help but to come out on its own.

“I’m grateful that you believe in me that much, but I want to think about the future… it would be better if you could give me a little more leeway.”

Last but not least, just before saying the third, she muttered, trying to hide her plans.

“While my father is away on a business trip, I feel very lonely.”

It was a tactic that was cumbersome to the Duke, who was a daughter of a fool. So, not surprisingly…


The Duke’s eyes began to shake violently. The plan clearly worked.

Time passed, and one day, Duke Agrinda brought a young boy with him. Light brown hair and red eyes. Although he’s still a child, his features were already defined. This combination felt like a male protagonist of a novel.

No, the fact that the corners of his eyes are raised are rather suitable for the villain…

She asked her father, admiring the boy’s appearance.

“Who is he, Father?”

“His name is Locus.”

Locus, the moment she heard that name, she was able to put on a bright smile unlike any other.

It also went as planned.


《 They’ve Been Wanting Honey 》

To summarize the novel, it was about the female lead, ‘Honey Edren’, meeting her male lead, ‘Lucas Elpefer’, and having a romantic relationship that everyone envies.

However, due to the author’s awful personality, each of her previous novels shares something in common.

It was to murder each and every important person one by one!

Among those important characters, the main subject of death was none other than the story’s antagonist.

‘Locus Owen’

To be more specific, he was the sub-male lead of the original novel. Locus loved Honey more than anyone else, and he was a man of great loyalty. Oh, of course, it wasn’t the love that came out of obsession and madness. He just genuinely liked her.

Actually… Locus wasn’t Marquis Owen’s biological son, but an adopted child from an orphanage.

For that reason, doesn’t it feel like that he is using Honey to compensate for the lack of affection he received from his family when he was younger? He even mentioned that one of the reasons Locus loved Honey was her warm smile.

On the other hand, obsession and madness were oozing from the male protagonist, Lucas. But Locus, who was just attempting to avert the disaster, suddenly turned completely mad.

Maybe it was natural.

The novel revolved around the male and female protagonists, and Locus, who stands in their way, can only be viewed as the villain from the perspective of Lucas and Honey, but Locus was not the person who would fall behind Lucas.

He has the ability of a magic swordsman that no one else could acquire. And the unfortunate past that only important and privileged characters have access to. At the same time, he has an ecstatic appearance that’s always been emphasized in the author’s writing.

But what if such an attractive man expresses his submissive love for Honey?

Naturally, its charm was enough to enthrall the readers. Without a doubt… she was one of those readers.

Some often has abilities that are even slightly superior to the main characters in novels, but what happened to them all?

Daenggang. [t/n: basically, it refers to the enemy’s head being chopped off/cutted off]

Doesn’t this word just come to mind?

And, of course, this word could not be avoided even by Locus. Locus was dumped by Honey before he goes off to participate in war…

She still vividly remembers it.

< Locus loved Honey all his life, but he despaired that his feelings would not be reciprocated. >

< In the end, Locus, exhausted by his loneliness and unable to bear it, did not evade the sword wielded by the enemy which was aimed at his neck. >

< That was the last breath of Locus Owen. >

Three lines. There were only three lines.

That was the last moment of Locus, who was neither the supporting character nor bystander extra, but rather one of the leading roles.


It was the coldest day of the winter that year.

The weather that day, when white air fluttered just by exhaling, did not seem strange even if a person freezes to death.

And in such conditions, she was carefully walking on a frozen road, leading a tired body after completing a night shift.

It was so cold and the road was slippery at that time, so she remembers walking more carefully.

But, even with precautions, was it not enough to withstand the bitter cold?

She simply…


On the downhill road, she twisted and hit her head on the hard floor, and died on the spot. She always lived a difficult life, yet at a young age, she hit her head and died. She could argue that no other life is as empty and sad as hers.

Her life, however, did not end abruptly. She died by banging her head in the road, and she…

[Lady, do you want more firewood?]

[Do you want me to bring you some cake? There’s plenty of Earl Grey, which the lady likes.]

She woke up again as the only daughter of a Duke loved by people.

Although her mother died early, and she had to take over the Duchess’ work from an early age, it was not too difficult with the help of her father, the Duke.

Pale pink hair and rare crimson eyes that appear to be a flower submerged in water. A faint redness that sprouted over the white skin.

The name of the person she possessed was ‘Rosent Agrinda’, which means a beautiful pink rose in the Imperial language.

But here’s something that gets her even more excited.

The empire Rosent lives in was one of her favorite novels. At the same time, she’s not even an extra, and because she is a character who is not even mentioned, she has the advantage of not being restricted by the original work.

How did she found out?

That’s right, because the name of the Crown Prince of the Empire was the name of the male protagonist in the novel!

Of course, she was more of a black horse than the male lead, but she still believed that someday in her life she would be able to meet Locus as if she had discovered a Lucas for herself.

Thanks to this, she went looking for a child with the impression of the Locus every day.

And finally…!


Due to the sudden joy she felt, she sat down and exhaled a small breath. The Duke then asked her as she sat.

“Is there any problem?”

No, Dad. No problem. On the contrary, it’s so perfect!

She stood up again when she noticed Locus becoming restless next to the Duke. It is preferable not to display such ugliness in front of a child.

“Please bring the child to the guest room.”

She turned to face the maids who were waiting by her side.

The maids bowed their heads in affirmation without any resistance, and Locus was moved to another place.

The Locus event had passed, and in the room where only silence remained, her childish question was directed at the Duke.

“Did you adopt the child from an orphanage?”

“Yeah. Haven’t you been bugging me for a brother for a long time now?”

The Duke has drawn a characteristic bewildered expression.

“It’s good.”

Everything is going smoothly. She looked at the Duke with twinkling eyes, so the Duke spoke again in an excited tone.

“At that time, didn’t you said you wanted a combination of light brown hair and red eyes? Then, he’s the one you’re looking for.”

Right! He’s my favorite.

“Father, thank you. What a cute little brother!”

She ran up to the Duke and wrapped her arms around his neck, a bright smile plastered on her face.

It’s been like this since ancient times. When the opportunity comes, be sure to seize it and make it your own.

So, she thought that opportunity is right now. After possessing someone like this, shouldn’t I achieve something?

“I have to formally greet my brother once again.”

“Take it slowly.”

“Yes, ah! I’d like to check on myself before that. After all, first impressions are the most important!”

She let go of the Duke happily and walked towards the mirror, at the same time, she made a promise on herself. Since she entered the novel, she decided to make the happiness of Locus her goal in life.

First and foremost, she cannot afford to pass up this golden opportunity.

After this, she will make him happy by giving him anything he wants to eat and letting him wear what he wants to wear for the rest of his life.

Because it’s ridiculous! Why does my baby have to be a villain? Why should Locus be dealt with for being a villain?!

It’s also unfair that Locus got the title of a villain just because of the difference in perspective.

The person who was genuine to Honey was Locus, not Lucas, who is being praised as the male lead despite being fond of violence…

Was it really the right setting and ending? If she were Honey, she would definitely have sued Lucas.

She will never again make Locus feel the misery of being the sub-male lead and villain. She’ll get him out of the dark place.

In particular, she’s going to paint gold in every path Locus has to take without being pushed back by Honey and Lucas!


She hit the wall next to her with a fist full of her excited thoughts. Then the maids around her flinched in surprise.

Of course, the gaze of the Duke looking at her like a crazy person is also natural.

But before she became aware of other people’s eyes, she already started making plans in her head.

First of all, in order to make Locus’ life happy, we must first improve his surroundings.

To do that…

< Locus had an unhappy family history since childhood. >

She has to erase this one line from the novel.

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