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WFRBBPG Chapter 5.2

Chapter 5: Interpreter (Part 2)

Jiang Bao approached the booth at C1, which was where Zhao Yuan Qing got assigned to work as a display model. Zhao Yuan Qing looked at Jiang Bao, who was coming over and consoled her. 

“It’s okay. You still have a chance next time. I’ll treat you to milk tea after this.”

“You’ve misunderstood. I’m the interpreter for this booth.”

Half an hour later, Zhao Yuan Qing witnessed Lin Can speaking fluently in French and still felt it to be unbelievable.

The interpreters at the two booths beside them had to wait for the French people who had inquiries to finish speaking first. After, they would take their time thinking before they could translate. However, Jiang Bao interpreted everything instantly, which was obviously a notch above.

Lin Can had now become her goddess. It seemed as if she was dazzling in her eyes. 

The event ended at 6 pm, and many people gathered backstage.

The salaries for the models and interpreters were settled at the same time. Three days later, the finance committee would credit the money into their respective bank accounts.

Jiang Bao had written down Zhao Yuan Qing’s bank card, as Lin Can did not have her own.

Zhao Yuan Qing said, “You are amazing, Lin Can. We stood and smiled the whole day until our faces were stiff and only got 1000 yuan, but you were only sitting and got 1700 yuan!”

Jiang Bao was puzzled. “Is 1700 a lot?”

“Of course it is!” Another girl exclaimed in a loud voice.

Jiang Bao stayed silent.

Su Xue, who was the person in charge, came over. After greeting Zhao Yuan Qing from the same hometown as her, she looked at Jiang Bao, smilingly, as she asked. “Are you coming again tomorrow?”

Jiang Bao thought for a moment and spoke bluntly. “I didn’t expect there would be so many inquiries. I’ve drunk three bottles of water, but my throat is still sore, so I think it’s necessary to raise the pay.”

As this sentence was said, everyone became silent.

The girls from the girl group felt Lin Can had gone insane. It was 1700, and she still thought it was too little!

Su Xue pondered for a while and asked. “Can you do simultaneous interpretations?”

Jiang Bao: “Of course. I’m familiar with all the vocabulary used in contracts.”

On such an occasion, a simultaneous interpreter was required to know a lot about these specialized terms. Jiang Bao also studied economics at university.

Su Xue: “Okay then. If you’re up for it, how about 5000 per day? Your working hours will be shortened in half.”

Jiang Bao nodded. “Thank you. I will work hard.”

It was her first time doing this kind of work, but she had done some research on Baidu[1] and knew what to expect. A French translator’s rates were quoted based on professionalism and industry, so 5000 was considered a fair price that was a bit on the cheap side.

The few girls in the girl group were flabbergasted. Five thousand for half a day?! And why was Lin Can giving a look as if it was a matter of course?

When Jiang Bao went to the restroom, Su Xue asked Zhao Yuan Qing. “Where did this friend of yours come from? Her… grades must be relatively good, or did she grow up abroad?”

Although she had a hint of arrogance and was quite stubborn[2], she had perfect mannerisms which didn’t make others feel annoyed.

She speculated that Lin Can could be some meticulously raised young lady from a rich household who came to experience life here.

Zhao Yuan Qing: “She was also a member of our group… and used to model for Taobao[3] clothes a lot. In fact, she doesn’t really go to school much, so I was quite surprised as well.”

Su Xue: “ …… ? ”

When Jiang Bao came back from the restroom, she left backstage with the other girls.

She spoke too much today and her throat hurt, so she only listened to the others’ conversation and said nothing.

“You were incredible, Lin Can! I didn’t know studying was so useful. You can really earn a lot of money!” Pan Su said with a face full of admiration.

Most of the girls in the group weren’t even 20 years old, and few were born into rich households. The majority of them had dropped out of high school to chase their dreams, while some others might have been lured in by the company.

Jiang Bao subdued her voice as she said, “Studying is definitely useful and academic credentials are important.”

If not, those rich people wouldn’t go to such great lengths to bribe the exam proctors so that their children could cheat on the SAT, or even use any means necessary to get their child qualified for special recruitment into the school team. Finally, when there was nothing else they could do, they would simply just throw money at the school in the form of a donation.

A variety of shenanigans were played out.

After Jiang Bao said that, the several girls went quiet and the atmosphere suddenly became depressing.

Jiang Bao kind of understood them, but not completely. She contemplated for a while, and said, “Even if you can’t go to school, you never truly stop your journey in learning.”

If this sentence was said by someone else, they would have suspected the other was just trying to make them feel better. But, when Jiang Bao said it in such a serious manner, it made the several girls there start to reflect…

This morning, Zhao Yuan Qing thought Jiang Bao’s decision to give up on the qualifications for the MV shooting was reckless. However, she had now changed her opinion. Lin Can wasn’t meant for the girl group.

After walking out of the gymnasium, Jiang Bao pondered as she had earned quite some money today. Maybe she could take a taxi back. She’d had enough of being packed like a sardine on the bus.

Alright, she’d soon be able to save up enough for a flight ticket to the US in so much as half a month. Things felt promising again.

A BMW stopped at the roadside and honked desperately. Zhao Yuan Qing was about to pull Jiang Bao away when the car window was pulled down.

The man stuck his head out and said smilingly, “Aren’t you two the interpreter and the model? Fancy meeting you two here! Get in the car and I’ll take you two for dinner.”

Neither of them moved an inch. The man was the general manager of the booth they were working at today.

“There’s no parking space here, and the place is just one kilometer ahead at Teng Yuan Hotel. I won’t do anything to you two, plus all the employees are there and we still have to work together tomorrow. Come on up, ladies. I should thank you two for your help.”

Zhao Yuan Qing was a little hesitant. Since it would be in public, there shouldn’t be any problems. Also, this man was a superior they are working with, so they couldn’t offend him. 

She turned her head and spoke to Jiang Bao, “Let’s go?”

Jiang Bao nodded her head.

She was starving right now, and it was already dinnertime. If she were to arrive at school, there might not be any food left. She was also worried about letting Zhao Yuan Qing go alone.

Although those people were quite serious when they were working together during the day, they were still men after all.


[1] 百度 (Baidu): Chinese Wikipedia

[2] She’s stubborn as in she has an opinion on a matter and will not give in.

[3] 淘宝 (Taobao): a Chinese online shopping platform. 

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