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WFRBBPG Chapter 3.2

Chapter 3: Paying the Phone Bill (Part 2)

The group of people who had a good relationship with the girl all began to take pleasure in mocking Lin Can.

Many years later, they even shamelessly invited Lin Can, who made a small name for herself in the entertainment industry, to their reunion as if nothing had happened.

After being rejected, they then smeared her on the Internet for being stuck-up and exposed her ‘dark history’ from high school.

Jiang Bao stared coldly at the girl, this seeming leader of the group. The girl didn’t wear a school uniform either, with her hair dyed grey, wearing a BBR hoodie and a pair of white Gucci bee-print sneakers. The girl held her chin up, showing a face full of impudence.

This type of low-level trash.[1] What was there to be afraid of?

In their social circle, donning luxury goods is a must. As many of them have sharp eyes not only for clothes, even an accessory as small as an earring wouldn’t go unnoticed. This is all to hint at their backgrounds.

Although Jiang Bao wasn’t interested in those, she was still a VIP patron of many luxury brands.

If those delicate Young Ladies used rare Birkin leather bags as swords, then she wore custom-made Patek Philippe as a shield.

Jiang Bao once heard of a very interesting phenomenon. Many international students liked to wear clothes printed with big logos. Those types of factory-produced products couldn’t be called luxury goods and were also an object of ridicule for those Young Ladies.

Jiang Bao had heard about it before, but today was her first time seeing it.

The girl leading the group felt goosebumps as Jiang Bao kept staring her down. She felt that today’s Lin Can was a little strange. She frowned and said, “Hey, I’m talking to you. Did you hear me?”

Jiang Bao: “Central park girl.”

Well, that’s the term that first popped up in her head.

“What does that mean?” Zhou Zi Yi asked.

Jiang Bao smiled briefly. “It’s a compliment.”

Zhou Zi Yi didn’t believe Lin Can would ever compliment her. The other party’s imposing gaze, and that natural pride…… made her irritated and slightly awkward.

Jiang Bao: “That’s enough. Don’t carry a fake designer bag and block the road.”

Zhou Zi Yi looked at Jiang Bao incredulously. “What did you say?! Who’s carrying a fake designer bag!”

Jiang Bao said indifferently. “I don’t buy bags, but naturally, I’ve seen more than you. It’s said that even fakes can come with a guarantee nowadays. The quality of this bag is too poor if it doesn’t have even that, indeed.”

She said those words as she walked toward the staircase. Since she had found her dormitory number, there was no reason to talk any further.

Jiang Bao had seen through the girl at a glance. This ‘logo girl’ was far inferior compared to those pampered Young Ladies. She wouldn’t even count as ‘new money.’

Saying that the other was a Central Park girl was, in fact, obvious sarcasm.

It’s just she’s too tired right now, so she’ll temporarily overlook them.

Jiang Bao pushed open the door to room 402. It was very easy to differentiate which was Lin Can’s bed. As the school checked the dorms’ cleanliness every day, the only pristine bed was definitely hers.

This was because Lin Can hadn’t returned for a few days.

Jiang Bao used the key in her coat to open one of the lockers. She then took a change of clothes and went to the bathroom to wash up.

Jiang Bao had just recovered from an illness and was distressed all day, so now she was in urgent need of rest, and decided to leave everything to tomorrow.

She climbed into the bed, closed her eyes, and quickly dozed off. She didn’t know how much time had passed when she felt someone push her arm.

Jiang Bao opened her eyes. The person standing beside her bed was the girl she met earlier.

Zhou Zi Yi hadn’t yet opened her mouth, but Jiang Bao didn’t care about being impolite and talked first.

She got resentful easily whenever she woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Lowering her voice, she uttered, “Just try pushing me again. I’ll immediately report you to the police as the one who pushed me into the water a few days ago.”

“You’re speaking nonsense.”

Jiang Bao coldly gazed at her. “I saw you before falling into the water, and the hospital still has my hospitalization records. We originally had a poor relationship with each other as well. You have a motive to commit the crime.”

“It’s not me!”

“Then, if it’s not you, did you see who it was?” Jiang Bao challenged her intensely.

Zhou Zi Yi’s heart thumped for a moment, the girl unable to speak. What was wrong with Lin Can? She’d suddenly become another person, frightening her.

Jiang Bao was sure this girl definitely knew the whole truth, but now she just wanted to sleep and had no time to take care of this person.

This time, no one pushed her again. Jiang Bao had a deep sleep and was only woken up by the phone ringing the next morning.

Although the phone line was down and she couldn’t call others, she could still pick up incoming calls. The screen displayed an unknown caller as she answered.

“What’s going on with you? You’ve already missed the swimwear photoshoot yesterday and now you didn’t come to the dance rehearsal today?” The man furiously said.

Jiang Bao: “……”

Oh, right, Lin Can was part of a girl group.

Based on the other party’s tone of voice, he is probably working as a manager or something.

“My phone is dead. Can you help me pay the phone bill?” Jiang Bao bluntly asked.

Zhang Chuan: “……”

Jiang Bao: “Then I’ll be troubling you to do so, and I’ll pay you back next time. Also, send me the location of the rehearsal. I’m on my way.”

She was utterly uninterested in the girl group. She was just supposing that if the man who called her was Lin Can’s superior, there was a huge possibility he would lend her some money.

There should be unlimited Wi-Fi there as well.

It was only the second day, but Jiang Bao couldn’t take it anymore. She got up from bed, hurriedly washed up, and headed out.



[1] 货色: A negative term mostly used for women, which is quite disrespectful and insulting.  In simpler terms, trash or b*tch.

TL note: Potato took some time to search up on these expensive babies and share them with everyone. They should pay me for advertising. \(≧▽≦)/ 

Brands mentioned in this chapter:

BBR hoodie

Gucci bee-print sneakers

Hermes Birkin leather bag

Patek Philippe watch

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