WMODSR Chapter 7


Apparently, Dolores wanted to talk about the gold check worth 100 million I sent her through Mary the day before. I decided to be careful, afraid that I might be misunderstood as sympathizing, harming her pride. Also, I was convinced that now was my chance to express my opinion. In fact, I still had something to offer her.

With her in front, I was harmless as a dove.

“Dolores, that 100 million gold is your bribe.”

“A bribe?”

Dolores’ eyes widened. Apparently, she didn’t believe what I said.

‘Usually, a bribe is something that a subordinate gives to a superior to take care of a certain matter for them, to establish a favorable relation or both.’

This world is totally a society of status, so I am bound to maintain a distance from her.

“Miss Dolores, after becoming a lawyer for the Marquis of Arista, how about working as a butler?”

Dolores’ wrinkled hands twitched as if surprised by the unexpected offer.

“What do you mean by a butler?”

“I wish that Dolores would also serve as the butler of the Marquis, but don’t worry about the duties related to the mansion. I want you to be my personal butler, not to run the mansion, but to be my secretary.”

Dolores looked confused despite my unhindered response.

But that smart woman seemed to notice something fishy immediately.

Why do I want to hire her as a secretary?

‘If I hire Dolores as a secretary, I will get a guiding hand, guiding me from behind and for coveting my son’s title.’

She shook her head.

“But the servants of the house of Marquise wouldn’t like me being a butler.”

“Don’t worry about that. Not a single servant liked the former butler. No matter what, the person who survived under my deceased husband’s rule wouldn’t be normal.”

“By ‘former butler’, you mean? Hopefully the butler…”

“Yes. He got fired.”

Dolores’s jaw fell to the floor in astonishment.

“Marquise! What if I don’t accept the offer…?!”

I waved my hand lightly.

“There seems to be a misunderstanding. I had no intention of burdening Miss Dolores.”


“Don’t feel burdened. Apart from offering Dolores the post of butler, the butler and head maid had to be fired.”

“Did you even fire the head maid? Was removing the butler not enough?”


I answered lightly as I recalled the grumpy faces of the butler and head maid, who were coldly kicked out of the mansion.

I couldn’t open up to Dolores for I was embarrassed, but in fact, the pair never showed respect to me.

The real reason behind the Marquis marrying me was that he was frightened at the fact that he would be considered a man with flaws if he remained single for long. He didn’t marry me  with the intention to cherish and love me, but just for appearances.

What can the Marquis do if even the butler and head maid disregard my orders and requests; consecutively, I was isolated from the house day by day.

If the maids and servants like Mary didn’t take pity and took care of me secretly, I might have starved to death.

“Of course, there was no backlash. Also, the butler didn’t show up at the funeral of Marquis Arista.”

“Come to think of it, I don’t think I saw him on the day of the funeral.”

“Yes. They were fired not because of Miss Dolores, but because of a bad working attitude and lack of respect for their employer.”

But Dolores seldom made a decision.

“I don’t know. Why does Marquise treat me so well?”

“Let’s just say I have an eye for talent.”

I smiled confidently, stretching my back and shoulders.

“Trust me, Miss Dolores. I will be the master who will never shame you. Contrary to the rumors, I am not a timid and poor woman.”

At that, Dolores blinked rapidly as if surprised, then returned to her characteristic poker face.

“Yes. It is true that you’re the master who is not ashamed even now.”

“Miss Dolores…!”

I was elated, putting my hands together unknowingly. Dolores then commented, “If only you talked properly.”


It was like being scolded by a strict teacher.

I just laughed awkwardly.

‘Junior high school was my daily life on Earth, with memories of that time, it’s really difficult to speak negatively with my employees.’

Maybe someone will understand.

‘But even if I am no longer skilled on this matter, I only learned about democracy and basic rights in an embarrassing way, how can I not be uncomfortable?’

As I recalled my life on Earth, my entire persona changed.

‘Even if I can’t be a revolutionary, I won’t be someone who takes something for granted; I will give this life my best shot.’

After observing Dolores for a moment, I folded my hair under my ears.

“Then, if I became a better employer, will you become my butler?”

“It is only temporary. I will become the butler of the Marquis, but only if I have the authority to write letters of recommendation to people in need.”

Oh yeah! That’s great!

“Thank you, Dolores!”

“It’s a temporary job.”

“Nevertheless! I will strive to make the Marquis of Arista the workplace of Miss Dolores for life! Let us leave it at that.”

I tried to answer it in a witty way, but it didn’t seem to catch her eye. 

“Marquise, considering your age, this is unavoidable, but I hope you will show the serenity and elegance of a noble lady in near future.”


“If act like you do, you will be seen as an immature widow in the eyes of others.”

But I didn’t take even a fingernail worth of Dolores’ advice.

“Thank you for your advice, but I don’t want to live wavering anymore.”

Dolores wiggled her eyebrows silently, while I smiled brightly like a naive young lady.

“I will become a person who enjoys happy moments to the fullest in the future. The rest of my life is too precious to be trembling in fear of others’ thoughts.”

Others thoughts? That kind of thing has no value in the face of death.

Besides, I’ve already gone through enough hardship in my previous life.

Because my soul belonged to an old woman in her 70s.

In order to become a mother who is not ashamed, pretending to be healthy when you are sick, even if it hurts; pretending to be happy even though I was not.

“I want to be more honest so that I have no regrets when I die.”

“You are saying in a grand manner that you can’t treat your employees properly?”


I speedily waved my hand.

“No, no. Dolores. If you want, I’ll speak casually to you.”

“Yes, please do that Madam.”

“Of course, Dolores!”

At the belated sound of her name, Dolores’ eyes narrowed, dissatisfied.

The way Dolores calls me has changed from ‘Marquise’ to ‘Madam’.

“Then Madam, I would like to hear the first order for Madame Arista’s attorney and butler.”

As I had been waiting for this moment all along, my tongue didn’t linger.

“I need you to make preparations to welcome someone. Soon a thief is going to visit the mansion.”

As if dealing with an irreplaceable geek, Dolores’ forehead twisted grotesquely.

“Madam, If a thief comes, it’s natural to hand them over to the law enforcing authorities. Why are you trying to welcome them? Who the hell is the thief that is coming to make you so happy?”

“Do you know Julia?”

Dolores’s voice grew furious in response .

“It’s that woman, the deceased Marquis’ mistress!”

“That’s right. When the former butler and maid were fired, the woman who ran away is going to visit the mansion shortly.”

Whoops. I closed my eyes nicely and recalled my past grudges.

“How many times have I been hurt by that woman; I can’t let her go that easily.”

Dolores, who finally understood the true meaning of ‘make preparations for welcome’, nodded seriously.

Okay. Finally, the chapter for my revenge has started.


Julia, with platinum blonde hair and blue eyes, was a really pretty woman.

In particular, her slim waist that stayed far from hard work, Julia’s main weapon was her innocence and others’ pity.

In fact, despite the fact that she is weak in front of the strong, and strong in front of the weak, she is nothing but a scum of human society.

It is still the same now.

Late night:

Julia went to the house of the butler and head maid, who had been fired from the Marquis of Arista.

It was to confirm Charlotte’s dynamics between the two of them.

Despite the death of the poor Marquis of Arista, Julia had no intention of leaving the Marquis of Arista empty-handed.

In the living room of a luxurious, two-story house.

Julia listened to their complaints as eagerly as if she was their family.

“After listening to you guys, I think the Marquis was too much. Marquise too. You said she kicked out loyal employees like the two of you in one day? Besides, she’s firing and hiring at the same time!”

Julia emphasised on Charlotte’s ruthless decision, which made it difficult for the butler and maid to make a living.

It was an absurd conspiracy.

As proof, the butler and maid were wearing shiny silk robes, just like Julia, who had been the marquis’ mistress for the past three years.

Like Julia, both of them had robbed the Marquis of Arista’s wealth like leeches.

However, the couple was anxious because they could not feel sorry for their situation with Julia.

“Sob… You are also a girl. If you were a young lady, I thought you would recognize our injustice!”

“It was so unfair that we both spent last night with our eyes wide open.”

“No way! As soon as I fall asleep, I saw the face of the Marquise who drove us away so ruthlessly!”

Julia comforted the couple again.

“Wilson, Hazel, don’t worry too much. I’ll tell Bliss.”

It was then revealed why the couple had brought Julia into their home.

They had no doubt that if it was Julia, even after the death of the Marquis, she would be able to return to the venerable Marquis of Arista.

She still had a place to lie down with her feet stretched out.

Wilson and Hazel opened their mouths in turn.

“After all, the young lady is different from that naughty Marquise! Master Bliss must also learn this!”

“By the way, Our poor Young Master Bliss must be longing to see Miss Julia?”

“Yeah. I’m worried about my son too. Our Bliss. He has never been away from his mom for so long, how afraid would he be, alone?”

Julia was worried as if she really cared for Bliss. Of course, it was an act.

Around that time, Wilson, who was smarter than his wife, spoke out the words Julia had been waiting for.

“Miss. Don’t do this and return to the mansion with us as soon as the sun comes up. As long as Master Bliss supports the young lady, no matter how much the Marquis’ wife insists, you will not be treated disrespectfully.”

-To be continued

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