WMODSR Chapter 4


WMODSR Chapter 4

Late afternoon.

When I returned from burying my husband’s coffin at the edge of the family cemetery, the lawyer in charge of the will requested an interview.

She was a woman in her early forties, with grayish black hair and brown eyes.

I escorted her to my deceased husband’s office.

At first glance, this world looked like the 18th century, but it was not uncommon to see professional women.

This is because the majority of the people of the Empire were monotheistic religions that encouraged women to advance into society.

Although I grew up in a polytheistic family that emphasized the strict gender roles of women and men, I was married to a marquis who also believed in more progressive views..

As of today, I vowed to break gender roles and suggested a position to the lawyer.

“Have a seat, Lady Dolores.”

Dolores raised her glasses with a slightly startled expression.

“You know my name.”

“Of course. Haven’t we met in the hallways a couple of times?”

Having said that, I remember Dolores for another reason.

Dolores is the one who helped me when I was wandering on the streets with Bliss.

I was able to become a tutor thanks to her letter of recommendation.

‘It was already too late when I tried to pay Dolores back after recovering the Marquis.’

Dolores died 15 years later in a carriage accident.

It was an inappropriate death for a righteous woman who quietly helped single mothers, orphans, and widows for half of her life.

Unknowingly, I was feeling dizzy, but somehow Dolores’ expression was strange.

‘She seems a bit anxious?’

Unsurprisingly, she opened her mouth carefully.

“I think there is a misunderstanding. As a former lawyer, I was only in charge of the legal issues of the deceased Marquis. It has nothing to do with what his wife went through.”

I blinked, unable to understand why Dolores was saying this.

Then I realized it not long after.

‘Dolores must be thinking that I blame her!’

I quickly waved my hand.

“Don’t worry, Lady Dolores. I have no evil feelings towards Lady Dolores. In fact, if it weren’t for money, would Lady Dolores have wanted to work with Marquis Arista, who changed the family’s lawyer a dozen times more? Oh. Was this a rude remark? I’m sorry.”

“Cough. It’s fine. It is quite a famous story that the deceased marquis repeatedly used violence against the family’s lawyers.”

Being embarrassed, I couldn’t raise my face properly.

In addition, the more I think about it, the more I think that there will be only one way for me to live in the future.

‘I must succeed! So I’ll let the world know that my husband and I are two different people!’

When a person succeeds, the dark past of that person also becomes famous.

Let it go from now on, the whole empire will know just how bad the dead Marquis was.

And furthermore…

 ‘Power, I should have power, not Bliss.’

I clenched my fist.

It has only been a day since I returned, but I’ve made up my mind.

I knew that I went through too many things and because of that my son killed me.

Being empowered is the only way to protect yourself and the things you love.

In my previous life, I gave power to Bliss, and the result was disastrous.

Instead of living to a comfortable old age, I was poisoned by my son.

I died because Bliss was a typical human garbage that was weak to the strong and strong to the weak.

In order to survive, I must have power myself.

Whether it’s power or money.

‘Besides, if you have strength, you will be able to raise Bliss well.’

How surprising, the parenting brain works even right now…

But what can I do?

I couldn’t be killed by Bliss this time either.

Moreover, I did not have the courage to leave Bliss in a place no one knew about, and I was not a terrible enough person to abuse a child with anger.

Above all else, it is a parent’s natural duty to take responsibility for and nurture their children.

Even if I didn’t give birth to Bliss.

‘So, Bliss. Grow up healthy in the future, but don’t become a chaplain like in your previous life.’

My goals in this life are parenting and self-realization. I want to attain both.

After finally organizing my thoughts, I ringed the bell on the table.

Mary, who had been waiting outside the door, entered the office.

“Madam, did you call?”

“The guest has arrived, so please bring tea, Lady Dolores. Do you like herbal tea?”


“Then, shall we talk about the details when the tea arrives?”

I was able to smile more comfortably than before.


The fragrant scent of rosemary spread softly in the office with the glowing sunset light.

Dolores concluded.

“So his wife will inherit the Marquis Arista’s town, country houses and four resort villas, as well as three tons of gold and three billion gold, in cash, to be deposited in the brewer’s bank.”

“It’s amazing to hear it again.”

“The deceased Marquis must have loved his wife even if he pretended not to be. He bequeathed all this wealth to his wife. Young master Bliss is not even named in the will.

“Hmph. Love my ass”

I snorted and pointed coldly at the fact Dolores had been trying to pretend not to know.

“He enjoyed seeing Julia clinging to him so he would name her in his will. Besides, he was someone who believed that he would never die, so he must have thought that the day would never come when I would inherit everything from the marquis according to my will.”

I opened my eyes wide.

“Moreover, I’m sure Lady Dolores knows, Julia tried to put Bliss’ name along with her name into the will. Perhaps she was trying to cast me aside and become the guardian of Bliss and control the future Marquis Arista.”


“Oh. You look like you’re surprised that I know about this. Yes,contrary to what my dead husband thinks, I am not a fool or an idiot.”

“Excuse me.”

“It’s okay. More than that, I’m worried that Dolores will be misunderstood again. Dolores, You must not think that I hate you.”

“Yes. I will.”

It was a blunt tone, but I could laugh knowing that she was a kind person despite her appearance.

“I am glad that the misunderstanding has been cleared up. I want to get to know Dolores-san in the future. How about becoming an exclusive lawyer for the Marquis of Arista?”

“I’m sorry. I will have to politely decline.”

I didn’t know she would refuse. I was embarrassed and even a cold sweat ran down my back.

I pretended to be calm and forced a smile.

“There are a lot of legal hurdles I must overcome in the future, right? Most of all, the vassals won’t let me be the deputy Marquis like this.”

No, those damn vassals didn’t even attend the funeral when their Marquis died.

The pseudonym of Marquis Arista, who was cut at the entrance in the Great War, was also demonstrated here.

Just as I was scratching my cheek in embarrassment, the wall clock in the office rang.

7 o’clock on the hour.

‘It’s time for an uninvited guest to arrive.’

I quietly got up from my seat and headed towards the door.

Confused, Dolores got up from the sofa at the same time.

“Madam. Do you have anything else to do?”

“The job is not with me, but with the customer outside.”


Instead of explaining, I abruptly opened the door.

Like someone who knew from the beginning there was a man in the hallway.

A very angry man shouted.

“Let me go! I have to meet the Marquis’ wife right now!”

The owner of the sharp voice was a man in his early 50s with grim marks on his face, and was caught by Mary.

Mary stopped him over and over again.

“Sir! Please don’t be so thoughtless. Think of Madam who just lost her husband!”

“This rude bitch!”


With a dull sound, Mary fell to the cold hallway floor.

The viscount couldn’t overcome and pushed Mary, who weighed less than half his body weight.

Mary screamed in pain as she was sent rolling across the floor.

“How dare a mere maid block this noble’s path?!”

His own cane soared high in the sky.

But the cane did not strike Mary’s head as it was.

‘Cause I didn’t let it happen’

I immediately grabbed the viscount’s arm that had grabbed the cane.

“Stop blaming my innocent maid. The viscount has business with me alone.

“Hmmm. Since when have you been here?”

 The viscount coughed and lowered his cane. He gave me a mean look as he shook my hand away, loud enough to make a sound.

“Excuse me for that outburst. There are circumstances in this case, so I hope you understand.”


I unconsciously wrinkled my forehead as the viscount straightened his neck.

Eventually, the viscount urged.

“Mrs. Arista! Please pay back the money that the deceased Marquis lent!”

‘It’s this again?’

But unlike before, I had the heart not to comply with the Viscount’s request.

Unlike the past, I now know the truth.

‘When a person suddenly dies, the scammers start coming.’

I was reminded of the scam my relatives had gone through in my previous Korean life.

. The situation is similar to mine.

The scammer appeared at the funeral as a close friend of the deceased and told the bereaved family to repay the money the deceased had borrowed. He threatened, “If you don’t pay it back, we’ll get it one way or another.”

My silence was running longer than expected.

‘The back of my head itched.’

I looked behind me and saw Dolores sympathizing with me.

“Come to think of it, Dolores said she suffered through debtors after her husband died.

But Dolores did not rush to help me.

She was well aware that she isn’t allowed to help me.

No matter how neglected I am, even as a Marquis’ wife, I am a noble.

Commoners are not allowed to help nobles unless ordered to.

No matter the circumstances, it is presumptuous for commoners to intervene in the affairs of the aristocracy without permission.

For that reason, Dolores seemed to have decided to leave this place right now.

With her usual expressionless face, Dolores said,

“Then I will leave.”

‘I needed to convince Dolores to stay.’

“No. Don’t go back yet, Miss Dolores.”


“If you stay by my side for an hour, I’ll give you 100 million gold as a fee.”


-To be continued

Translator: Byoun         Editor: Renko457

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