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WMODSR Chapter 2


WMODSR Chapter 2

I couldn’t believe it even though I said it myself.

I came back to the past.

That was ridiculous; rather, the assumption of this being a dream would be more realistic.

But the surprises didn’t end there.

The next moment, my head was wrapped in a sudden headache.

Knowledge that I had never encountered in my seventy-three years of life hit my head like a storm.

“New employee, rush hour, smartphone, crosswalk, and… Traffic accident.’

It’s been a while since I broke my knee in confusion.

I finally figured it out.

“I was reincarnated.”

My hands trembled at the realization, it felt like a thunderbolt hit my head.

I washed my dry face to calm the tremors in my body as much as possible.

Then, I pulled the string next to the bed and called the maid.

The maid came after a while.

The maid was a young 17-year-old girl with brown hair and eyes.

I remembered her.


Old memories came to life.

Mary was the only grateful maid in the mansion who took care of me and Bliss when I was kicked out of Marquis Arista with Bliss for conspiracy by the family gods after my husband’s funeral.

Mary opened her mouth carefully.

“You called me, Madam?”

“What date is it today?” Charlotte asked.


“I know today is spring, but I don’t know what month and day it is.” Charlotte elaborated.

“Madam, why are you…today is the funeral of the deceased Marquis.”

Mary answered my question without hiding her concerns.

My unaged face in the mirror… This day…

I understood then, it was not a dream.

The woman in the mirror had pale blue eyes; her frizzy hair appeared to be silver.

She was fussy at that time: never eating or dressing properly.

I muttered a little and straightened my messy hair a bit.

“So, in chronological order: after I died as a Korean, I was reincarnated as Charlotte D Arista of the Baskerbyna Empire. After being killed by Bliss, I returned to the day of my husband’s funeral.”

‘Oh my god, how did this happen!’

As I clasped my cheeks trying to figure out what to do, Mary noticed my abnormal condition and asked, 

 “Madam, are you okay? Should I call the doctor if you’re not feeling well?”

“No. You don’t have to.”

 “But you really look unwell…”

“I’m okay, so get out.”



I drove Mary out of the bedroom as if kicking her out.

As soon as she disappeared from my view, I sat down leaning on the tightly closed door.

‘Even if I remember my previous life after returning…’

At the moment, I choked as if strangled. I still couldn’t believe Bliss poisoned me.

But even in this hectic situation, the rage filling my heart was crystal-clear.

I will probably never forget it for the rest of my life.

My son looked down at me as I laid on the floor, squirming in pain, with a smile! That smile!

My son, whom I loved the most in the world, was delighted at my death.

After crying silently, still feeling the betrayal with fury in my heart, I realized I turned out to be more pitiful than ever before.

‘Of course! How have I been living all this time!’

“After being widowed at the age of 28, I struggled really hard to make my son a duke! I experienced everything that most woman didn’t have to in their entire lives! I raised my son alone! Why do I have to die like that?! Why the hell?!”

I couldn’t stand it and started pounding my chest with my fists; it was so unfair.


Tears dripped down from my chin and wetted the floor similar to rain.

“Bliss! Even though I never gave birth to you, you were always my son! How could you kill me with your own hands?!”

I swore loudly as I cried, groaning so much I could not even catch my breath.

‘Let’s not die such a miserable death again.’

I made a promise to myself.

Let’s get revenge on Bliss right now.

Right. Revenge upon return.

‘I’ll show you from now on!’

I got up from the floor and swung the closed door open.

Needless to say, Mary was still in the hallway.

Apparently, she was very worried.

I exclaimed boldly.

“Mary! Go and get Bliss!”

Mary nodded without saying a word as she looked at my face filled with anger and fresh tears.

I lost count of time as I waited.

Small steps entered the bedroom with Mary.

The owner of the popular face was an 8-year-old boy.

The child resembled the angels whose statues were present in the temple of Mural.

Curly golden hair and blue eyes, white skin like flour and chubby cheeks of a child.

Somehow, I felt strange.

The son I knew wasn’t this fawn-like little boy, but a dignified 53-year-old duke.

Bliss’s growth was the product of my hard work.

‘By the way, the son I raised through such hardships poisoned me?’

That moment.

Suddenly, the child tapped at my feet and spit.

“What is it Charlotte? Why did you call me?”

Bliss’s stopped for a moment, but his anger didn’t.

“Huh? Tell me quickly!”

I laughed in vain.

“Haha.. My baby. The sprouts are yellow in case someone grows up and eats their mother… that’s right. You used to be such a bastard, but I was the only one who felt pity on you and felt sorry for you….” (E/N: Yellow sprout here refers to a growing sprout or sapling)

“What are you talking about? Did you go crazy?”

I instantly walked over to Bliss and slapped his butt violently. It would have been unimaginable before the return.

No matter what problem Bliss causes, I raised him only with love.

Finally, I realized my excessive kindness towards my son and admitted it to myself.

This evil baby’s still a yellow sprout!

Look now. Whenever I get hit on the butt, my mother says, “Die”, “Throw it away”, “I will scold you.”

This wicked bastard.

He chose abusive words that tore my heart apart.

I was really furious.

At the same time, I thanked God for sending me back to the past.

Because I’m no longer the soft marquis’ wife I was before.

‘Wait and see. I’m not going to sacrifice my life or anyone else’s!’


“Bliss Arista! Don’t you want to live your life properly?”


That afternoon.

Dressed in a black dress, a mourning robe, I finished the funeral preparations with a dark veil on my head.

It was an embarrassing story; no matter how wealthy Marquis Arista possessed, I wasn’t allowed to even remotely touch it.

At 28, I was so poor that I couldn’t even afford a decent black hat.

All I had to put on was a black veil, tied to my raised hair and the old and rustic dress.

Mary spoke behind my back.

“Madam, Young master said he would not attend the funeral.”

 “It seems that Bliss is hardly able to calm down his sorrow.”

I spoke calmly, but the corners of my lips trembled at the thought.

‘Sorrow my ass. He’s pissed off that he’s been hit!’

But I didn’t panic.

The already knew reason Bliss didn’t attend the funeral.

Even before the return, he didn’t attend his dad’s funeral.

At that time, I was traumatized at a young age and covered for him.

‘But not this time!’

I knew very well what Bliss experienced growing up and why he couldn’t attend the funeral of the Marquis.

Besides, not only Bliss, but I was also being pointed at by many.

I recalled the banquet hall in my memory.

The criticism I heard that day still hurts.

“I think the reason for Marquis of Arista behaving in such strange manner is the fault of the former marquis’ wife. How the hell did his mother raise him?”

“By the way, his son is a fool who didn’t even attend his deceased father’s funeral, right?”

“It can’t be helped. That girl named Charlotte, she’s not even the young marquis’ biological mother.”

“Tsk tsk. No wonder, would you raise a child like that who isn’t even your blood?”

Bliss’s fault was still pinned on me indirectly.

It is unfair.

‘What’s wrong with me?’

What’s more, is the child’s upbringing totally up to the parents?

In fact, while I did pamper him, I did not neglect his education.

‘What if Bliss grew up to be an asshole regardless of my efforts?’

If I collect all the tears and sweat I shed while raising Bliss, It could fill up the capital! 

‘It’s unfair!!’

Besides, they said I will be a great parent. After all, people do the same thing for their children!

It’s funny.

Anyway, I headed towards Bliss’s room myself.

Bliss was still locked up in his room.

Knock Knock.

Bliss shouted from the inside, annoyed by the knocking.

“I’m not going to the funeral! I’m not going! If you ask again! Don’t you think I won’t be able to rip a maiden like you!?”

Perhaps Bliss misunderstood me as Mary.

By the way-

‘That’s not what a kid of the age to enter elementary school would say!’

Feeling distant, I counted to three in my mind and turned the doorknob. I was thinking of pulling out Bliss by force.

But the door was locked.

When he heard the door knob spinning in vain, Bliss giggled from the inside.

“Uh-huh! Fool! dummy!”


“Who is this fool calling me a fool?”

“…You couldn’t get it together and called your mom’s dummy!”

“No! Don’t come! Leave me! I’ll hit you when I grow up!”

Bliss seems to be firmly angry at the smack of love as he had never been hit before.

I see. I regret it too.

Because it wasn’t the 8-year-old Bliss that killed me, it was the 53-year-old Bliss. Besides, I knew my baby very well.

‘I wouldn’t have suffered If Bliss was a stubborn child.’

Besides, it is not good to treat a child with a stick.

Contrary to the misconception of many parents, there will come a time when the parent-child relationship might be reversed.

I vowed not to be beaten by Bliss again and roughly hit the door knob of the closed room with a silver candle stand in the hallway.

Of course, damage to property is not convenient, but this takes priority.

Reality is not ideal and I won’t just beat Bliss, I’ll risk violence and lies to raise my son into a great ‘human’.

Unlike before.

‘But the funeral of my dead husband comes first.’

Hah. If anyone is dissatisfied, tell them to voice their complaint after raising a son until he is 53 years old; additionally, one who doesn’t even listen to his mother!

‘Because I can’t stand this hell twice alone!’

The doorknob was quickly smashed.

I threw the bashed silver candle stand on the floor of the hallway, and opened the broken door, entering the room.

I saw Bliss’ bedroom, which was enormous and difficult to capture at a glance.

Bliss’ bedroom was several times the size of my shabby room and was decorated with all kinds of precious and beautiful objects.

‘It is revealed here that the dead Marquis Arista abandoned his wife and only loved his son’

Bliss, who had been lying on the bed in good health, was startled at my sudden appearance and raised his upper body sharply.

He hadn’t changed into mourning clothes yet.

The expression of my only child turned into an enormous frown after seeing me barging through the door.

“Don’t hit me, Fake mom! I’m really going to tell my real mom!”

-To be continued

Translator: Byoun
Editor: Ersted

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