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VLTOB Chapter 8


【Chapter 8】

“I want to go boating, but Esadien doesn’t seem to like being noticed.”

“I don’t think you’re afraid. Even though it happened…..”

“That’s true. To be alive like this.”

Life, either live or die.

As she shrugged her shoulders, Esadien shook his head slightly.

I thought I could see a smile, but the next moment it disappeared, so I couldn’t check it.

“I see. The date is up to you.”

“Wow! I love it!”

I jumped up in happiness and hugged Esafien tightly. His eyes were shaking like a thorn that caught me in the face.

“Minuelle, this is too close…”


It’s so cute.

I held back my laughter and raised my finger to block Esadien’s lips.

“Then it’s decided for tomorrow!”

“It’s too close…..”

“Tomorrow. Sunday.”

I spoke word by word.

It was Esadien’s defeat to leave the date decision to me in the first place. Eventually, he also realized it, and his consent fell with a sigh.

“I see.”

Yay! Muscles!

“Wow! Oh my….!”

I was so happy that I was singing “Hurray” and chomped from my waist! The sound broke the balance in a moment.



Fortunately, the person in front of me was Esadien, so I didn’t know how lucky I was.

A big hand grabbed me and pulled me back, which was about to go back stably. It was a quick response like a knight.

What Esadien did not expect, however, was that my body, fluttering like a paper doll, could not withstand his strength.


Breathing mixed in the air where the tip of our nose crossed and my eyes got tangled.



There was silence. But it was a trembling silence, completely different from when I first entered the parlor.

‘Why…. don’t you push me away?’

Do it like this. Can I do it?

Many thoughts crossed my mind in a short moment, but in the end, there was only one conclusion.

‘Lets do it. Let’s do it!’

Life was about timing. Now is the time to kiss Esadien!

I pulled myself together and closed my eyes slowly.

But at least then.

Knock, knock.

At the same time as the sound of a knock broke the silence, Esadien lifted me up and put me down next to him. Even if it was a seat next to him, it seemed that two people could sit between the two of us because it was so far away.

‘Is this timing….. for real?’

I looked into the distance and bit my lip.

It was a once-in-a-lifetime chance! I was supposed to stamp his lips like this!

‘I should’ve done it sooner!’

However, the timing was already past, and the indifferent knock sounded one more time.

Knock, knock.

“My lady, this is the butler. I’m here to tell you that it’s dinner time.”


We looked at each other with our eyes wide open.

I didn’t realize that time had passed because the sun was long because it was summer.

Soon Esadien rose from his seat with a dry cough.

“I’ve got to go now.”

“I’ll see you off.”

It would be nice to have dinner with Esadien, but we will meet tomorrow, so I didn’t mean to force it.

He looked at me in surprise and held out his hand. And, of course, I gladly put my hand on it.

‘It makes me feel warm.’

I tried to hold it in, but a smile kept coming through my lips. Is this what it feels like to walk on clouds? Even my steps seemed lighter.

I couldn’t stop laughing until I finally arrived at the entrance hall, but Esadien gave me a calm greeting.

“Sleep well.”

“I’m so excited that I can’t sleep.”

“Well. Tomorrow, when your condition gets worse, I plan to return as soon as possible.”

Oh, my. I didn’t expect you to take that card out.

“All right…. I’m excited, but I’ll try to get as much sleep as possible.”


Esadien’s face, looking at me, had a faint warmth that had never been seen before.

I missed the chance to stamp my lips, but getting this close to him was a great achievement for me.

“Then bye.”

Esadien, who nodded slightly, got into the carriage. I laughed contentedly as I watched the back of the carriage moving away.

“Miss Flendena said that love belongs to the one who wins.”

So from now on, I’ll just keep soaking him like a drizzle.

Before the heroine appears.


Fortunately, the first date we spent together was sunny in the morning. It’s sunny in my mind that I’ve fully recharged the sacred power of Ramande since last night!

“Good morning, Esadien.”

Thump thump.

Apart from my pleasantly running chest, I was slightly surprised to see Esadien.

‘You’re pretty well prepared, aren’t you?’

There was a black carriage with no decorations, not the carriage with the imperial crest I saw yesterday. And Esadien, who came to pick me up, wore a short cloak and a wide-brimmed hat like a bard.

If you don’t get exposed to the sun, your hair won’t shine, but this adds a new charm!

“You’re so handsome. What if someone falls in love and chases you?”

Esadien, who was reaching out to me to escort me, flinched and turned his face away.

Every time we meet, he can’t seem to get used to it even if I compliment him on how handsome he is.

“You’re really… Sigh. Let’s go.”

“It was an honest impression.”


“Hehe, yes.”

I smiled and grabbed Esadien’s hand.

Today, we will visit a small town called Kaduren near Roquette. There is a clean lake and the security is not bad because it is near the capital.


In front of the lake, where I arrived after running a little over two hours, I stretched and admired.

As it is rumored to be a boating attraction, several small boats were tied up by the lake. And except for a few closely attached houses, the only thing surrounding the lake was tall trees.

‘Yes, this is it!’

The Emperor’s Secret Garden was also very beautiful, but I liked this postcard-like scenery better.

“Esa…! Ah.”

As I was about to grab Esadien’s hand but I halted, I looked down at the scenery of the lake and lowered my gaze.

“What’s wrong?”

“If I call your name, someone might recognize you. I’m fine, but….”

It’s me, I’ve never been in a social circle, and it’s my first time coming here, so no one knows my face.

However, Esadien is a member of the Imperial family, no matter how closely he lives. In addition, the Imperial name could not be used by anyone else while its owner was alive.

“Hmm. Do you want me to call you by an alias?”

“You don’t have to go that far.”

“Then… ah!”

I have a good idea.

I smiled, hiding my insidious mind as much as I could, looking at Esadien.

“Honey ♡”


It was also for a moment that I was surprised by the unexpected title. Esadien’s expression turned colder and colder.

‘Uh, huh?’

“You seem to have completely forgotten what I said.”


“Is that ship what you wanted? Come on, let’s ride it back.”

Esadien turned around and paid the owner of the ship without me even having time to catch him.

‘Did I say too much because of that the atmosphere has been relaxed since yesterday?’

I didn’t know it would turn out like this though.

This is because I have not yet grasped the limits of what Esadien can accept.


“Ah… yes.”

Esadien turned around and called. I got on the boat with a sullen face. Of course, I was taking notes as if I were writing them down in my mind. Because I never gave up.

[Don’t call him “honey”]

The excitement subsided a little, but the atmosphere was still peaceful.

There were several couples on board around us, and the men rolled up their sleeves and their faces dyed bright red.

On the other hand, Esadien was rowing like a machine with a cold face. Even the clothes were the same.

I was suddenly sad. More than when Esadien said something.

‘Why did I come all the way here?’

Once again, I decided to open my lips again. There’s no way Esadien would come forward and throw off his clothes just because I’m staring.

I took a fan out of my pocket and asked him, sending him a gentle breeze.

“Isn’t it hot?”

“….it’s all right.”

Still, his voice was softer than before.

“They look very hot.”

“The cloak and hat have a spell that keeps the temperature constant.”

“Oh, that’s amazing. That’s a relief!”

Esadien who avoided my smiling eyes, didn’t know. The fact that I am weeping inside.

‘Damn it…..’

I should have recognized it since I thought it was well-prepared earlier.

‘He’s like the ironman of this world!’

I’m completely out of my mind. I heard a low laugh as I swung the fan around to fan myself.


Esadien is laughing?

I looked at him in surprise, but only a simple question came back.

“What’s wrong?”

….Of course, it is. There wasn’t even a single laugh.


Before I knew it, the ship made a full circle around the lake and reached the shore.

Esadien must have come to exercise, not on a date.

‘I’m going to ask you to go back now.’

I was out of energy due to two failures, so I didn’t have the desire to play more.

I sighed and climbed quietly into the carriage. And I immediately leaned my head against the wall and closed my eyes.

But for some reason, I felt the carriage stop shortly after.

“Minuelle, get off.”

“Uh…. yes?”

“It’s lunch time. I think I have to eat.”

Well, Esadien must be hungry because he used his body.

“Sorry, I should have taken care of it. I don’t know where to go.”

“It’s all right. I’ve got it ready.”


‘Your preparation is no joke.’

“This way.”

The open-air cafe in the square that Esadien took was a simple yet great restaurant. As I, who is famous for being a picky eater, have the taste of meat that melts, I ended up eating one sandwich.

“You taking out all the vegetables. Isn’t that just cheese and meat sandwiched between bread?”

“This is what we call a meat and cheese sandwich.”


Although I think I saw Esadien, who was exposed to my enormous picky eating, with his eyes saying, “How can I fix that?”.

That was not the end of the surprise.


Something like a pink cotton ball in Esadien’s hand disappeared after telling me to wait for a while.

“Do they sell cotton candy here?”

“What’s cotton candy? This is a magic item.”

Oh, well, there’s no cotton candy in this world.

Esadien continued before I could answer anything.

“I bought it because it looks like you.”


Not flowers, not cute animals, but a cotton ball?

‘Because it’s pink? Really?’

I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

Esadien looked at me like that and hesitated for a long time before taking out a small apple.

“I’m sorry about earlier.”


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