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VLTOB Chapter 6


Chapter 6

“Young lady!”

It’s the first time I’ve seen Esadien’s eyes so big.

‘Ah, stay still!’

In the meantime, I hugged him tightly because he seemed to step forward again. Esadien’s body hardened in my arms.

There is no such thing as some kind of legendary power for me. I didn’t even expect that the tantrum, which had only been inducing bloodshed at best, would come and awaken.


‘I have a terrifying guardian!’

On the day before I left the temple, the High Priest who had an unpleasant feeling gave it to me as a farewell gift.

“Don’t go out and get into trouble.”

“I’ve never been like that. Was I a really good kid?”

“There will be a hundred wrinkles that I almost got because of you.”

The High Priest has been paying attention to moisturizing and preventing wrinkles these days.

He gave it to me while drawing a sign of Flendena.

“This will protect you when you are in danger someday.”

“But I didn’t know that moment would come so soon!”

At that moment. Thud! The screams of the assassins were heard along with the sound.


When I opened my eyes, I saw the bloody assassin flying to the other side.

‘The guardian of the temple is really amazing….?’

But after a moment of admiration, I screamed.

“Oh my god!”


I didn’t expect the law of action and reaction to be applied here.

Esadien and I couldn’t overcome the power and bounced out of the boat.

The feeling of floating passed by for a moment, then a strong impact and a splash of water surrounded me.

Ugh, Phua!”

I’m screwed. I can’t swim!

I had to relax when I got into the water, but that didn’t work. Even the heavy dress over my body joined in, so I had no choice but to sink helplessly as if someone was pulling me.

‘Ah, am I going to die like this?’

That thought came to mind first.

‘Is this how I die without kissing Esadien?’

While I was slowly closing my eyes while inhaling fishy lake water, there was a hand that grabbed my waist strongly.


An urgent cry was heard along with the feeling of being pulled up.

“Wake up, Minuelle!”

But the hazy head couldn’t take it.

In my previous life, I die in a fire, and this time I drown.

‘Life is…’

An empty smile was drawn. That was the last time.


A small rustling sound of the fabric rubbing against it. The sound of water dripping. The sound of tree branches hitting each other in the wind outside the window.

The first thing that came back was hearing.

Next, I slowly opened my eyes, feeling the touch of the wet towel touching my forehead.

“Sister Elga…..?”

“Are you awake?”

I thought I was dead this time, but people’s lives were tougher than I thought.

‘It’s embarrassing.’

Even though I had a cold, I even fell into the water, so of course my physical condition at the worst.

After struggling, I finally came to her senses and saw my eldest sister staring at me with tears in her eyes.

‘My sister had a job in the estate, so she went up north a month ago.’

Did the work end earlier than expected?

My head was so heavy that it was hard to keep up with long thoughts.

“You’ve been sick for three days, Minuelle.”

“I’m sorry… what about the Prince?”

“The first thing you ask is not your physical condition, but the Prince’s safety.”

I laughed weakly.

The eldest sister, who saw my face, told me the answer with a small sigh as if she had no choice.

“Stay safe and sound. As far as I know.”

“That’s a relief.”

Even if it’s the Secret Garden, there must have been knights, so maybe they saved him.

“Sister, you are so close. You’ll catch my cold.”

“I’ve never caught anything like that.”


I raised my weak hand and pushed her, but my sister was not a sister who would be pushed out by something like me.

I asked with a bossy smile again.

“How is my brother-in-law?”

“It’s always the same. Still pretty like you.”

“In my oldest sister eyes, my brother-in-law is the prettiest.”

My eldest sister’s husband, Sodiem, is as beautiful as my father.

One of our family’s vassals, he fell in love with my eldest sister because she saved him from the monster, pursued her, and ended up marrying her. My eldest sister got a big scar on her face because of that incident.

“No, you’re just as pretty as you are.”

They love each other so much.

I used to be happy when I saw them, but now I was a little envious. It reminds me of Esadien.

“Anyway… why didn’t you come with him?”

“He said he’d definitely come with me next time.”

And Sodiem was very nice to me like a member of my family. No, if you weren’t nice to me, my eldest sister wouldn’t have accepted him in the first place.

“Our youngest, they said you woke up!”

After a while, after hearing the news, sister Juella also came to visit. My sisters, who were watching with their chins resting on their hands, asked me if I was drinking soup little by little.

“Baby, what do you want to do today? Our youngest sister can do whatever she wanna do.”

“Sisters, are you resting today?”

When asked with blank eyes, two beautiful women with red eyes nodded at the same time with black hair that resembled our mother.

Aren’t they so pretty?

“Then I want to be with my sisters…..”

“It’s natural.”

“Well, of course.”

What should I do?

As I tilted my head, I suddenly remembered that I had been sick for three days, so I buried my nose in my arm and smelled it. I think it smells.

“Then I’ll take a bath with my sisters.”

“Oh? Great.”

Sister Juella, who nodded willingly, flicked her finger. Then, the door opened and the maid came in and said,

“It’s ready, my lady.”

Oh? Did you prepare in advance?

My eyes widened, and sister Juella smiled.

“I can’t waste precious time with the youngest after a long time. I’ve prepared everything you might want.”

“No, that’s too…..”

“Oh, my baby, just enjoy it.”

I couldn’t say anything more about the strange power. I nodded a little tired, and Elga, who smiled, lifted me up.


“Stay calm.”


My sisters… They’re so energetic.

Elga’s arms were as firm as if she were wearing armor.

‘Did I become a crumb because my sisters were born with all their coolness?’

How fast are you walking?

We’ve already arrived while I’ve been thinking about something else for a second.

“Hey, that’s hot.”

My sisters all said so, dipping their bodies. It’s hot water.

“Sa, it’s so hot that it stings.”

“It cools off if you stay still.”

Unlike my sisters’ beauty, why are they so old-fashioned….?

Embarrassed, I tried to get out of the bath but failed as my sister Juella hugged me mischievously.

“Where are you going?”

“Ah! Ahh…..”

I immediately gave up and relaxed my body. Rather than moving, you have to stay still to get used to it faster.

Like a slowly ripening frog…..



“Are you going to keep seeing the Third Prince?”

“Yes. Of course.”

Why are you asking that?

When I tilted my head, the hair that flowed out of the towel was submerged.

Sister Elga asked me carefully after exchanging eyes with sister Juella without saying anything.

“Minuelle, do you like the Prince that much?”

You say the same thing as Ramande.

Sister Juella said something a little inconvenient.

“I thought everything was fine as long as you were good, but you almost got hurt because of the Third Prince.”

“Did the target of the assassin was the Third Prince?”

“I heard so.”


Who the hell is he? I was shocked.

“How could you try to kill such a beauty? If the Prince dies, it will be the loss of mankind.”

I couldn’t believe it. How dare you!

My sisters looked at each other for a moment and laughed as if they were having fun.

“Minuelle, you just looked like Flendna’s priest.”

“Is that so?”

Am I too excited?

“I hope you meet someone who will make you happy rather than a beauty or such a problem.”

“If you don’t like it, break off the marriage. Anytime.”

I just laughed.

“I like the Prince a lot.”


However, I liked Esadien.

I wanted to believe that one day he would smile at me, that his sea-colored eyes would shine warmly.

“I like it, really.”

The sisters who saw my face didn’t bring up any more Esadien stories.

After that, while I was getting out of the bathroom and grooming myself, my sisters put a piece of nicely cut mango next to me like a maid.

“Come on, ah.”


“That’s right

“It’s delicious!”

I just have to take it and eat it like a baby bird. Stomping their feet, everyone laughed with satisfaction.

Meanwhile, the maid brought amazing news.

“My lady, the Third Prince has visited.”




“My dear son.”

A sickly body, a haggard face. My mother, who is still beautiful despite being stained with madness. My small world.

“Come here.”

I knew I’d be strangled if I approached you, but I couldn’t refuse your call.


At the piercing headache, Esadien narrowed his brow and pressed his temples.

The memories of the past that had been buried since the day of the Secret Garden accident kept coming to consciousness.

This is probably….

‘It must be because of Lady Karinen.’

Her eyes, which were tightly closed no matter how many times I called her, and her skin which became pale enough to see the veins were still clear in front of me.

“My dear son.”

That bloodless face overlapped so much with my mother’s last appearance.

I thought I had to say thank you, but I didn’t even dare to step into the Grand Duchess’s mansion so far.



The headache was not relieved no matter how much I pressed my temples. It was the same when I took the medicine that the doctor gave me.

The servant spoke anxiously to Esadien, who was constantly suffering.

“It is said that Lady Karinen already awake.”


“Don’t you think you should visit her?”

I didn’t want to go. When I saw Minuelle, who was weak, I felt like I would keep thinking about my mother.

“I will go.”

But I couldn’t put it off any longer. I had to do my part as her fiancé, even in the sight of the Emperor and the Grand Duchess.

A large bouquet of flowers was sticking out in front of Esadien, who solidified his mind and opened his eyes. Like Minuelle’s hair, they were all pink flowers in full bloom.

“I knew you would, so I prepared it!”

For some reason, the servants looked more excited.

Come to think of it, everyone liked Minuelle. Everyone except him.

“Esadien, Esadien, Esadien…..”

Even carrying the things he received with the bouquet, Esadien was troubled by his mother’s inaudible voice.

“Please stop.”

Did I get the day wrong? At this rate, Esadien, who thought she would appear at any moment, jumped up from his seat.

But at that moment.

Thump thump.

Light footsteps were approaching.


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