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VLTOB Chapter 45

Villainous Lady, The Obsession Begins


【Chapter 45】

I could see sweat dripping from his face as he tried to dodge the unpredictable barrage of flames and find a gap to strike back.

‘It was the Church of Fire.’

Seeing the wriggling of the flames inside, it was clear that it was not magic but the power of nature. And if they were from the Church of Fire, it made sense why they asked me to come with them.

‘Am I supposed to go ahead again and take hits like a tank?’

As I hesitated, a man who had been lying among the fallen slowly rose up like a zombie, and a dagger flashed in his hand. Fireballs poured down, obscuring Esadien’s vision as if bothering him. Without a second thought, I leaped forward, seeing that the zombie-like man was also targeting Esadien from behind.

“How dare you!”


The heel of my shoe hit the back of the guy’s head with a thud and snapped.

‘Cri, critical hit?’

I guess this paper-like body can deal damage pretty well when it needs to!


The zombie-like guy fell for good after the final blow. I was relieved that my shoes had done their job properly. R.I.P….


Because I had poured out my attacks all at once, Esadien was able to take advantage of the opportunity to take care of the fire cultists who had not yet cooled down. I thought he would be angry if I moved, but what came out of his mouth was honest gratitude.

“Thank you. I owe you my life.”

“That… I just repaid the favor.”

Although he had helped me many times,

Ahem, laughter from the Apostle intervened between me coughing awkwardly and Esadien silently watching me.

“Hohoho. It seems like you two have become close. As expected, some things can only be solved by being together.”

Esadien and I answered at the same time.

“Thank you.”

“What about getting better? Is there really anything that could get better?”


Esadien’s eyebrows drooped down suddenly. I turned my head quickly and mumbled.

“Do—don’t look at me like that.”

Tsk tsk. The clicked his tongue and comforted Esadien in a low voice.

“The road ahead is long, Your Highness. Even if she looks like that, being from the Karinen family means that you have a very strong will.”

“I know. That’s why I plan to work even harder.”

What do you mean harder!

“Who are you on the side of, Apostle?”

“Hahaha, who knows? The amusing side?”

Ugh. Knowing that if I interrupted here, I’ll have to listen to a boring dad jokes for a while, I quickly changed the subject.

“What did you call arthritis? I thought I heard it wrong.”

“The flower language of the joints is health.”


“The body is most beautiful when it is in a healthy state, Minuelle.”

Yes, that’s right. Apostle’s words meant that the joints were brought into an unhealthy state, which made them not beautiful.

“Earlier, I completely melted their joints. Hohoho.”

As I saw his bright smile, I couldn’t help but sweat profusely upon hearing the disturbing content of his words.

‘Flendena, loyalty, loyalty!’

Confirming a fact I was already half convinced of, I asked while resolving to give a little more in donations in the future.

“They were from the Church of Fire, right?”

As soon as I asked, Apostle’s expression sharpened.

“Right. They’re the kind of people who won’t feel refreshed even if you chew them up! Look at that, Minuelle!”

Esadien and my gaze followed the fingers of the Apostle upward.


Earlier, I didn’t realize it because of the chaotic mess, but now, in the place where the gateway to injustice had opened up, there stood an enormous statue.

“Flendena New Statue ☆ Super Large Crystal Edition! It took 30 years to complete!”

Due to the gruesome hole punched in the lower half of the precious statue, it was only natural for the Apostle to be furious. When he saw the priests falling down one by one, he immediately realized the situation and followed the flowing energy down to the basement, according to what he said.

“Miuelle, spare no effort in eradicating these wicked remnants of fire. This is personal!”

Apostle was almost like a dragon breathing fire in his anger.

‘You’re a fan of Flendena…. I wonder what the next Apostle will be like.’

It was when I thought the Apostle would continue to live as an Apostle for a long time and smiled. 


Our eyes met at the same time, and we leaned toward each other and whispered almost simultaneously.

“Minuelle, the temple work will be a little bit later…..”

“Let’s talk about the cracks in the temple later.”

I understand your thoughts.


My laughter flowed out of my mouth, and at the same time, Esadien’s eyes, which had slightly grown, softened. It was a moment that might have been nothing, but it felt like the mud that had hardened in the bottom of my heart had become soft. However, I came to my senses with a touch that quietly grabbed me.

‘What am I saying, now?’

Since earlier, things had been melting and getting softer. Plastics, glass, and aluminum could all be recycled, but it was a timeless truth that humans could not be recycled.

“It’s time to go back.”

I pulled my hand out of the grip and turned around coldly. Get a hold of yourself, Minuelle Karinen.


The entrance ceremony of the magic school.

I didn’t want to show my face and make a fuss about being a sponsor.

But the Grand Magician who had picked Palos as his disciple had (alone) promised to meet at the entrance ceremony, so I had no choice but to attend.

…That’s what I was half-explaining to Palos, the little prospective magician sitting in front of me.

“It’s okay. I was also curious about who the patron was.”

Despite saying that, there was still a sense of wariness and awkwardness on the young Palos’ still immature face. 

I knew that feeling well, which was why I didn’t really want to come in the first place. But my curiosity got the better of me. 

In truth, attending the entrance ceremony was just an excuse, and my real purpose was to see the Great Magician Brashidas.

“Thank you so much. I also saw the clothes the children wore. Thank you for that, too.”

Palos referred to the orphanage as “my home.” It must mean that it was a good place for him.

“No, I should be the one who is grateful.”

The impulsive hand that I reached out on a depressing day has caught an amazing connection. Palos, who didn’t know why I was grateful, looked puzzled, but I just smiled happily.

“I just wanted to create good memories together on this special day, so I got the children nice clothes.”

I heard that it’s a big deal to enter a magic school, so the whole family comes to the entrance ceremony. I didn’t want Palos to sit alone, so I sent a few carriages so that people from the orphanage could attend. Providing clean clothes was just a matter of “while we’re at it.”

“Good day…?”

“Isn’t it? Palos, you wanted to enroll in the magic school, right?”

Upon hearing that there was a rumor about him arguing with the headmaster about the admission, Palos’ ears turned slightly red.

“Yes, but patron.”


I shot a balloon just now, didn’t I? When my expression became subtle, Palos changed the subject.


After sponsor, now lady?

I giggled and refrained from patting Palos’ head. He’s fourteen years old and wouldn’t want to be treated like a child.

“Call me Auntie Minuelle.”

The six-year age difference was quite subtle. It felt a bit unfair to be forced to call me “sister,” as if being coerced, so I chose “aunt” instead. Palos also looked a bit puzzled, but followed obediently.

“……Auntie Minuelle, why did you help me?”

“Oh, were you going to ask me that?”

“If you’re uncomfortable…..”

“It’s not uncomfortable at all. I just thought you were that curious.”

Ummm, pondered for a long time. Can’t I say that I feel a sense of similarity because of my memories from my past life? In the end, all I could do was cover it up.



“Yeah. You were just there.”

Palos furrowed his brow, as if he couldn’t understand. I lightly smoothed out the wrinkles on his forehead and smiled.

“Maybe I was led by the bracelet? I used to make a lot of them when I was young.”

“Auntie made them?”

“Yeah. That thought came to me, so I bought it to give it to my family… but then I met you.”

“I see…”

Palos nodded his head, but his face seemed somewhat uncomfortable. It was a facial expression I had seen a lot lately while dealing with Esadien. I decided not to add any more words and waited patiently.

“But, what if I’m not as good at studying as I thought?”

As expected.

“You wanted to go to school, so you should work hard, right?”

“But what if I work hard and still can’t do it?”

“Are you scared?”


Palos was quite honest, and confident too. Considering the girl who sold the bracelet, it must be difficult to speak in front of nobles.

‘I don’t need to worry about this kid.’

“You’ll do well.”


“But I don’t think this is what you want to hear. Honestly, I can’t guarantee that working hard will always yield good results, since I’m not a magician myself.”

Palos didn’t say anything, but his shoulders dropped noticeably.

“That doesn’t mean you should be so disappointed.”

I drew a long line with the tea spilled on the table.

“I’ll assume that this line in front of you right now is your path.”

“…The path of a magician?” 

“Yeah. It’s the path you wanted to take, but there may come a time when you realize it’s not really your path as you walk along. That’s something only you can realize for yourself.”

And I added a few more forks in the road like veins next to the “magician’s path”.

“Or you may also find yourself wanting to do something else.”

How many people actually end up having the career they dreamed of when they were in middle school? And how many people actually choose their profession based on their college major? Life doesn’t always go according to plan. Like me, who’s anticipating a difficult path due to spirit!

“If I want to do something else?”

“Then you have to think hard about it. Think and choose.”

“But what if it’s the wrong path…?”

“Don’t worry. Even if it’s wrong, it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road.”

I added more forks in the road. Life is long, but Palos is only fourteen. Whether it’s twenty, thirty, or forty years old, there is no such thing as a late time to take on new challenges.

“If you start studying something new at thirty and continue until your seventies, you’ll become an expert with thirty years of experience.”

“Is that so…?”

Palos stared at the blurry image drawn with water as if he was trying to imprint it in his mind.

“Then I will go now. Have a good time with the director and your siblings.”

“I… Can’t I see my auntie anymore?”

“Yes? Me?”

Oh, this was quite touching. Just a moment ago, the child was wary, but now asking like this. I felt proud that he had opened up my heart a little bit.


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