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VLTOB Chapter 4


【Chapter 4】

If I were the real Minuelle, I would have lived with a sick body since I was young. If I overdo something even a little bit, I will fall and my fever will rise.

However, as a person who has experienced one-off life for a short time, everything was suspicious.

“I’m really glad that the divine power fits well. Will Ramande stay with Minuelle from now on?

“Can I do that?

“Please do so.

Even though I had picked up the Ramande, The high-ranking officials of the temple were relieved, far from regretting, even though he dedicated as a priest.

“You made a tapestry? Why didn’t you take a rest when you weren’t feeling well? You don’t have to move a finger, baby.”

“As expected, it’s not good, right? I shouldn’t have given you my first finished work.”

“This is the first time you made it? I’ll designate it as a family treasure right now.”

No matter how fragile and lovely the youngest child, the family supports them so much that I wonder if I will reach the sky.

Above all, this heat in my chest, which is believed to be the cause of the body’s weakness. It even ran wild when it felt like it was soaring.

“You damn children! In the name of love and beauty, I won’t forgive you… Kheuk! Ukh!”

“Mi-Minuelle! Calm down!”

In my childhood, I had difficulty controlling my emotions, how many bottles of blood did I throw up without knowing it.

I’m roughly calling it anger because I thought the last king of anger would be like this, but….. even if you call it repressed anger*, you don’t usually get bloodshot.

[*Repressed anger – mental or emotional disorder as a result of repressed anger or stress.]

‘If everyone had one of these things in their bodies, the selective anger management failure would disappear from the world.’

Anyway, there were such things at the bottom of the peaceful golden spoon life.

The last decade of living with my eyes closed, pretending I didn’t know, pretending to be naive and innocent, because adults are restless.

‘There’s nothing more comfortable than turn a blind eye.’

I only wanted to live like that in the future. Didn’t you promise not long ago that you wouldn’t take a step out of this peaceful life?

‘But the timing is weird.’

I looked down at the paper on which the short message was written.

“The Church of Fire.”

Even though I, who grew up in a temple, had never heard of it before. 

In the first place, there were no gods in charge of natural temples such as water, fire, wind, and earth, even though there were gods of love, sea, and light. There was a spirit.

‘This part is not covered in the original…..’

Not long after I came out of the temple, something like this appeared. Even so, it would be over-conscious to relate to me. Please it had to.

Tsk. My dream is to live comfortably with a golden spoon.”

Marry Esadien and have beautiful babies!

However, Ramande crumpled his eyebrows when he heard the murmur while folding the correspondence.

“Where are you going to go?”

“Hey, what are you talking about…..”

Ramande was very sensitive to death-related topics.

I didn’t want to be scolded, so I hurriedly changed the subject and asked about the church.

“You know, then does this Church of Fire treat the Spirit like a God?”

“Well, it’s my first time hearing about it, too. But what’s clear is that each temple is watching with caution.”

“Indeed, otherwise they wouldn’t even be sending a message like this.”

“It’s true, though. Wasn’t the coachman waiting outside?”

“Oh, right! I’m really going to go!”

I stood up from my seat.

You need to heal while looking at Esadien’s crazy beauty!

“Do you like the Prince that much?”

“Well, it’s good just to look at it. I love it so much.”

It was nice just to talk about Esadien like this.

I bent over with a smile and glanced at Ramand.

“Didn’t my pupils change to a heart shape?”

“No. It’s completely round. I’m the only one who can see it.”

“Oh, my God. It only changes when I see Esadien!”

When I reached the point that it felt like my heart was pouring out of my eyes, Ramande’s expression became increasingly astringent.

‘Why am I holding her and listening to this?’

There was a clear sign of that, but once the water burst, I couldn’t stop.

“Especially when you take a walk together, it’s really art.”

Esadien didn’t pay much attention to me, but he didn’t refuse my request or push me away. In the first place, my request is to take a walk together or hold hands.

Strong arms. Cool scent. And I couldn’t get enough of the hair that seemed to sparkle under the sun.

“That’s too bad. It’s raining today, so you won’t be able to go for a walk.”

“Ramande, are you jealous because I don’t play with you?”

“What? Battle? Duel? Boxing?”

As if it was ridiculous, Ramande crossed his arms and said.

“Say something that makes sense. Why am I jealous when I see you every day at home anyway? And I’m busy being called around, too.”

Ramande is an official priest. He was an all-around character, such as treating injured people or blessing new lives.

“Right? You’re working so hard, Ramande!”

I followed the tone of the high priest and stroked Ramande’s head.

While bending down and accepting my touch, Ramande did not let go of nagging until the end.

“So don’t think about anything weird, just go and be careful. Have fun with the Prince.”

Ramande’s purple eyes that fell in front of my eyes filled with a smile.


“Yes, I got it.”

Hearing my answer, he escorted me to the front door.

“Oh right. Minuelle.”


“The chef says mangoes are coming in today.”

As soon as I heard that, my eyes opened and my happiness index rose sharply.

I don’t care about the fire. Mango is coming!


I don’t like sweets and only look for meat. But mango was an exception.

For me, a mango lover, I don’t remember how old I was, but my parents even gave me a mango farm in a far south as a birthday present.

Although I can’t eat it every day because it’s a very faraway island country, I became very happy on the day when mangoes came in like this.


Ramande laughed out loud at me, who was about to do the shoulder dance right away.

“Then come quickly. Yes?”

The familiar hand rubbing my cheek was slow but warm.

“Of course!”

I left the house with a cheerful answer.


As soon as the rainy season started, the Emperor and the Crown Princess arranged for my carriage so it could get close to the Imperial Palace.

From there, even the short section leading to the Imperial Palace could not be hit by a drop of water by erecting a covered corridor.

‘Power is the best.’

When you watch the rain without getting wet, you can feel the atmosphere.

After passing through the corridor humming, I stepped into Esadien’s parlor, shouting my stiff words like greetings.

“Prince, today too, I missed you again.”

But today, another person was with Esadien in the space where he was always reading alone.

Apart from being embarrassed, I first heard that it was a very unfamiliar landscape.

Esadien is also a person, so it is natural to interact with others, but he looked like a tree standing alone.

“Lady Karinen.”

“Ah, This person?”

A blonde young man who looked at me with his mouth open as if he knew me stood up from his seat.

Esadien is also well-built, but this person’s muscles themselves were different.

‘Ugh, my thighs are the size of that arm.’

Muscle lovers have their tastes.

This is how it looks here! And there! His big muscles aren’t to my taste, but overall, he was a pretty impressive handsome man.

Even his slightly faded blonde hair looked soft and pretty. Of course, it wasn’t as good as Esadien.

The soft green eyes bent. He approached me and greeted me with a gentle kiss on the back of my hand.

“Nice to meet you, young lady. My name is Theodore Tregosnan, a knight. I have been close friends with the Prince for a long time.”


As soon as I heard the name, my heart dropped.

I knew I’d run into him whenever I came to see Esadie, but I can’t believe the original male lead has already appeared. 

“To the desert… I heard that you were dispatched. I am the prince’s fiancée, Minuelle Karinen.”

“That’s right. It’s just nice to see the rainy scenery after a long time.”

At first glance, it seemed to be a friendly conversation, but it was a mess in my head.

‘Wait, don’t tell me you’re going to cliché because your body reacts to him?’

The deterrence of the original is absolutely a speculation. Definitely, my favorite is Esadien! I don’t like adultery or new-wave dramas!

“Lady Karinen?”

Theodore frowned one eyebrow as if he were looking at an unusual creature.

Only then did I come to my senses did I realize that I was sneakily hiding behind Esadien.


It seems that she was more cautious about the future than his liking for Theodore.

‘Thank God…’

It may seem strange, but this side was more important to me.

Since this happened, I wanted to touch Esadien’s waist, so I tightened my hand.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I’m a little timid and shy.”

“Oh, I see. But for a timid girl, you’re quite loud.”

“Because I like the Prince.”

What are you asking for the obvious?

“Haha, oh my.”

Theodore’s eyes, who muttered, “I can’t handle it,” glistened cheerfully as if he had found something interesting.

‘Don’t look at me like that. Because I’m anxious.’

She moved her body and rested her forehead on Esadien’s back.

The faint sound of his heart relaxed me a little.

“Young lady, don’t stand still, sit down. Theodore, you too.”

But Esadien was adamant. I removed my hand from his waist and sat down on the sofa. The fluffy cushions were nice, but I regretted losing the firm feel, so I clenched my palms sullenly, then unfolded them.

“The lady is uncomfortable, so you should go now.”

“Yes, sir.”

Theodore, who was looking at us alternately, seemed to get up from his seat slowly, then bent slightly and whispered to Esadien.

“I guess it’s a waste to show your fiancée.”

I could hear everything even if he whispered because he only lowered his voice.

‘Is Esadien finally conscious of me?’

Without realizing it, my ears perked up, but Esadien cut off that speculation like a blade.

“No way.”

The swelled heart withered in an instant. It would have been nice if he said it with a faint blush on his earlobes.

“The Prince too. Why do you embarrass people?”

It wasn’t that Theodore himself was embarrassed.  A pitiful look was directed at me.

“Young lady, the Prince is very bad in expressing himself. He is a warm-hearted person.”

“I would have told you to leave.”

“Oh, I see.”

At Esadien’s lower voice, Theodore ran away. There seems to be a sense of equivalence compared to her size.

‘But I think he’s a good person.’

“Lady Karinen.”

Esadien said to me, staring blankly at Theodore’s back. It was a stiffer tone than usual.

“I have something to say.”

“Ah, yes!”

I quickly fixed my posture, I mean my position. Esadien sighed as she moved to his side and clung to him.

“A little to the side.”

“Can’t we cross our arms?”

“No way.”

It was a firm refusal. I groaned at him.

“Then I want to hold hands.”

Esadien’s blue eyes turned downward. He sighed once again as he looked at my hand creeping through his fingers and pointed out the truth.

“You’re already holding it.”


Still, there was no telling me to let go. Even though it was not allowed, I was satisfied that I had not been rejected and held his big hands tightly with both hands.

“What do you want to say?”

When I asked, Esadien stiffened his face a little.

“Young lady, I….”

And I could feel my face hardening little by little as I listened to him.


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