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VLTOB Chapter 39

Villainous Lady, The Obsession Begins

【Chapter 39 – Awakening, Obsession Material】

I was confused, but the apostle couldn’t have said anything nonsense, so I returned home and immediately tried to talk to my inner self.


“Lady, if you sleep in a place like this, your body will ache.”

Every time I contemplate my inner self.

“My youngest sister and I… Oh my gosh.”

I fell asleep!


As such things were repeated several times, I had no choice but to give up meditation. It was because I felt that Ramande and my sisters were looking at me like a sick chicken.

“Since I lay down comfortably and relax my whole body, I fall asleep easily….”

Ah, true.

Besides, getting information about the fire spirit from the book also hit a wall. Even after living in the library all day and searching through fifty thousand books, the explanation of the spirit was fain.

Because they had so much power, they sealed their existence, and when they were active, catastrophes occurred… blah blah.

I have to go into detail to describe the natural disaster that occurred when the spirits woke up and were active?

“It’s not like some spirits got sick as a group…. In here, are the earthquakes caused by earth spirits, not by tectonic shifts or magma?”

Sighing that the ground should go out instead of the spirit, I came out of the library scratching my hair, which was roughly tied in a fist shape.

As soon as I woke up in the morning, I was stuck in the library without washing my face, let alone removing my eye discharge. I’m going to wash up like a human now.

As I headed to the room, I picked more places to look for spirits.

“Should we look for the Imperial Palace Library, the Magic School Library, or even the library in our estate?”

Even if I tried to find a way to get into a magic school, Imperial Palace was still a little uncomfortable.

“Our duchy is the best, right? We’re in charge of the Spirit of Fire, so I think there’s some data….”

Mumble mumble.

It was when I was alone, organizing my thoughts and walking down the hallway on this floor overlooking the entrance hall.

“This is difficult!”



I stopped walking and looked down at the word that couldn’t be heard in my house.

‘Oh, my. It’s really Esadien, isn’t it?’

My father suddenly appeared while the knights and the butler were reckless and unable to touch him.

“I greet the Third Prince.”

My father bent down with courtesy, but the words that followed were not polite at all.

“The last time I saw you, I thought I had fully conveyed the meaning of Karinen, but….”

A few days ago, my parents told me that the family sent an official engagement annulment to the imperial family.

Esadien must have been there after that, but was sent back without my knowledge.

“This time, I just came to deliver the letter of Her Highness the Crown Princess.”

“Is that a letter? Give it to me and I’ll deliver it to the Grand Duchess.”

“Not to the Grand Duchess.”

Suddenly Esadien looked up. The blue gaze flew straight to me, looking down with the railing.

‘How did you know I was here?’

I almost bowed reflexively in surprise, but the following words held me stiff.

“Minuelle, she sent it to you.”

What would the Crown Princess have to write to me?

Although she was a friend of sister Elga and loved me, I have never contacted her personally.

As she slowly descended the stairs, she thought hard, but could not find an answer.

‘By the way, why you come when I’m in such a mess? I just pick and choose the ugly things.’

I hid my dissatisfaction, bent my knees slightly in front of Esadien, opened it, and carefully removed the seal of the envelope.

「Come and see me right now. The less visible the better.」

….There was no purpose written on it. I looked at my father reflexively, but his expression was also unclear.

“There must be a reason because it is the request of the Crown Princess.”

It was meant to go and see her.

“Then I’ll be dressed up and come out soon, so please prepare a carriage without a crest, dad.”

But before my father could call the butler, Esadien intervened.

“It’s okay as it is now. I came here on a small one, so you can use it.”

What do you mean it’s okay? In the same carriage with a broken marriage partner who didn’t even wash up?

Seeing me slowly distorting the bridge of my nose, my father hurried to mediate.

“My daughter who has just become an adult, goes out with a gentleman whom she has no relationship with, as a father I need to step up.”

“There’s nothing between us….?”

Esadien’s gaze at me rolling the words in his mouth was like a lost child.

I would have held his hand and comforted him in the past, but now I turned my back as if cutting off my gaze. While the two were arguing, I was going to change my clothes and wear a hat.

But Esadien didn’t even allow that.

“I didn’t accept the break up.”


“I beg your pardon?”

I glanced around in amazement, and even as my father narrowed his eyes and give a fierce impression, Esadien was steadfast.

“So you are still my fiancée, Minuelle.”

This person now… Are you sane?


I stared at Esadien, and although he was steadfast, I could not continue to stand in the yard while the Crown Princess was waiting.

In the end, they both yielded little by little, so I put on my modest clothes and rode together in Esadien’s carriage. It was because I had no more excuses to deny that we were still engaged.

If there was Ramande, a really perfect passenger carriage, I would have been able to ride it separately using my health as an excuse.

‘Of all things, he was dispatched to train the knights.’

“How have you been?”

“Yes. I’m sorry, but I can’t have a conversation because I have a headache.”

Even after resolutely shutting it down, Esadien continued to try to talk to me, but I looked out the window as if I couldn’t hear everything.

Eventually, Esadien gave up and let the sound of horses’ hoofs and wheels ring for some time. In Imperial Palace, the carriage that entered the small entrance for the first time stopped soon.


Esadien, who went down first, reached out his hand.

Of course, I pretended not to see it and stepped down alone and greeted the waiting Crown Princess.

“I greet you, Your Highness.”

“Congratulations on becoming an adult, Minuelle.”

It seems that the place we got off was the Princess’s private hunting grounds. Unlike the other side, which was full of tall trees, the ground was organized to the extent that it was flat.

And as soon as I saw the barracks built with only one of them, I realized.

‘You called me for personal reasons.’

Maybe it’s about Esadien. So you’re doing this to avoid people’s eyes.

The Crown Princess led me there, frowning at Esadien, who was trying to follow us inside.

“Why are you coming in too?”


“I’m going to have a private meeting. Get out.”


Instead of answering, I made eye contact with Esadien, who was looking this way.

‘Why are you so sad?’

The eyes that seemed to hang strangely from before were annoying. I naturally turned my head and sat down on the chair the Crown Princess had pulled out by hand.

After Esadien, who had been standing silently for a while, turned and heard a sign of leaving, the crown prince sat across from me with a sigh and grumbled.

“You’re a tactless fellow anyway.”

I was trying to lighten up the mood.

I couldn’t embarrass the Crown Princess, so I put a polite smile on my mouth.

“You’ve had a hard time because of that dull guy.”

“No, Your Highness.”

“I heard the story roughly. You gave Esadien a hard time at the coming-of-age.”

Ugh. I didn’t expect to hear that.

“I’m sorry.”

“No, that kid might have needed that shock.”

The Crows Princess dissuaded me and made the tea herself.

When the sand in the watch ran out, a silver rod was put in the kettle to stir and the tea was poured into a teacup.

“Minuelle, have you ever felt that Essadien was holding his emotions in check?”

“The prince is very…. He was confused.”

You’re being swayed by me, but you don’t know where to go. He’s shy.

Yeah, that’s what happened. Even though it was only a while ago, I only remembered it because my emotions were blurred.

“He said he didn’t believe in emotions that would disappear soon.”

“Yes, as ever.”

The teacup was gorgeous. Outside of the handle, the rim of the teacup was all wrapped in gold.

However, silver was used on the bottom of the top edge of the teacup that touched the mouth.

It seemed to show a side of the life of the Emperor and his successor, along with a thin silver stick stirring a kettle.

“Once upon a time, Esadien lived with his biological mother before entering the Imperial Palace.”

“Yes, the late Princess Maya.”

I’ve even been half-forced to visit the mansion.

“I wanted to say thank you for letting me protect this place.”

The words I heard on the roof of that place flew past.

The moment I felt like I was hitting the ground, I was about to dig an underground road, and the story from the moment I was about to dig an underground road.

“Yes, she is…. It is said that after her lover disappeared and she was expelled from the Imperial Palace, she lost her clear mind forever.”

The Princess poured out her resentment against her missing lover to Esadien. I even sighed when I heard that the servants who were trying to protect him were beaten and kicked out.

‘And when you enter the imperial palace, you suffer from the Emperor? It’s only a strange environment for a child to grow up properly.’

“So he built a fence. And let nobody got in there. Not even the Emperor or me.”

The Emperor and the Crown Princess are only grateful and dependable adults.

“Minuelle, you’re the only one in it.”


“Honestly, I was surprised. From the fact that he accepted you who come every day.”

“He said it was to pay off the debt he owed to my family.”

The Crown Princess smiled bitterly and scratched her forehead.

“Does he do that? Haha. He’s really my brother, but he’s got no answer.”

But even after she lowered her hand, the smile was still there. Even her expression seemed to have brightened.

“But it is. Do you know what the first words of the guy who had been locked up in the room for several days when the engagement annulment letter came from the Karinen family?”

I don’t want to know!

Those words hit my throat.

At the end of the day, I thought I should hear this. I have no choice but to cover the corners of my quivering lips with a teacup and listen calmly.

“He said he wouldn’t accept it.”

‘As expected.’

There was no twist. Of course, you declared it as confidently as you did in my house earlier.

What Esadien went through as a child, yes. I felt sorry for him.

But it was just compassion that I felt as a human being. Don’t you feel sorry for animals being abused, not humans?

No matter how tragic his past was, whether it was Esadien’s fence or wall, the fact that I couldn’t get over it and was bounced doesn’t change.

It was only selfish to say that he would not accept the breakup.


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