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VLTOB Chapter 38


【Chapter 38】

In a strange atmosphere, Lafesch approached awkwardly and gently. Then I told her, pointing to Esadien with a folded fan.

“Here, take your partner.”


Someone couldn’t stand the situation where the treatment of gloves and the prince was no different and let out a small laugh.

As if it were a good time, there was a giggling sound here and there.

Lafesch, who was unaware of the previous situation, was restless, but no one came forward to tell her.

Everyone noticed who the woman Esadien met while lying to me.

Meanwhile, Esadien jerked off the glove that the servant was holding and put it back in his arms.

“If you didn’t like it, if you changed your mind, you should have said it.”

I really opened my eyes wide with surprise at the words.

It was so similar to what I thought just an hour or two ago.

“Prince, that’s what you say now, but…. What you two showed me earlier was a very different scene.”

I didn’t say that Lafesch was naked.

‘Imagination is scary.’

Someone would be thinking of an innocent kiss, and someone would be thinking of an act of affection that would be ashamed to be said.

Even now, it was a whisper from the back, and the occasional fussy exclamations proved it.

Esadien looked at me for a long time in that quiet commotion, his eyes fluttering, and then he turned back.

‘Why are you making a fuss with your hurt face?’

Someone vomited blood, nosebleeds, and passed out.

Lafesch didn’t follow Esadien, but she was naturally pushed by the annoyance of the young ladies and took her place and knocked her out of the circle.


She was so elegant that I burst into admiration without realizing it.

The power is strong on this side, and, Lafesch had a pretty face that made young ladies wary.

In the current atmosphere, I thought that even if I caught anyone and asked to pour a barrel of alcohol on Lafesch, they would follow it.

‘Power is sweet.’

Seeing that this situation is interesting, I didn’t realize it until now, but I guess, I’m the villain.


‘Should I stop venting my anger?’

It was decided to stop here using the ending of the original Minuelle as a teacher. Actually, it’s funny to blow up the other person’s house like sand just because he lost a man.

‘People should live with culture. Hmmm.’

I gave a big peek to the side where they disappeared for the last time and then completely turned my mind off.

Sister Elga and Ramande approached when they thought I was sick and tired of hearing young ladies chatter.

“Minuelle, shall we go back now?”

“I think you will get tired soon.”

Is it my mistake to say that they both look so happy today?

“Lady Minuelle, it’s too bad to say goodbye like this.”

“Oh, my! I feel the same way. We’ve connected, but now it’s late, so I’ll go in now. Let me send you an invitation.”

Young ladies grabbed me, but I left them with a proper goodbye and left them.

Are you really going to accept their invitation? Well.

If it were Renee, I’d think about it a bit, but I remembered that people among them talked about how the commoners smelled.

In particular, I never thought of accepting Lucien Levimer’s invitation.


Now I’m really an adult!

It is a time for banquets and parties to be held in a hurry.

In the past life, people who turned 20 years old as soon as the new year dawned was excited and visited the bar, which had a similar atmosphere with this.

If I wanted to, I could be reborn as a party queen by sprinkling four-hundred-year-old precious alcohol, but that’s only for diligent people.

Lazy by birth, time flew by even when I was confined to the house as usual.

What did you do in the house like that…..

“I was chasing Esadien so I didn’t really care about myself.”

It was because of my personality that I was immersed in one thing.

Ramande, who was listening to me, folded his arms and asked back with an unusual expression.

“So what?”

“So I set a goal!”

[Future Goals]

1. Get healthy!

2. Let’s gather handsome men!


Ramande’s eyebrows trembled as he looked through the paper in front of him.

“Number two….. What is it….?”

I touched my waist with one hand and hit the table with the other hand and said with a serious look.

“Ramande, I’ll become twisted.”

“So what does that have to do with being handsome?”

In fact, number 2 was half a joke, or 68% jokes, but Ramande’s response was unexpected.


If your childhood friend falls for a prank, it’s common sense to knock him down!

“Of course it’s related. Now I’m not going to look at just one person!”

But I want to be in a relationship.

No, serious relationships are tiring, so I just wanted to make it feel like I’m in a relationship. Of course, you have to be handsome, and handsome man is a good thing.

“What do you think?”

After hearing my explanation, Ramande smiled.

“Minuelle, you are really…. Every day is new. It’s brilliant.”

“Right? That’s a good idea, right?”

“Is that a compliment? Flendena will pass out too!”

“Thing, tsk. The trend of the times is reverse harem in a straightforward manner.”

“Another, another strange thing to say.”

Haa. With a deep sigh, Ramande leaned back, covering his eyes with one hand.

After thinking about something for a while, Ramande asked as it was.

“Is it harder after you break up?”

“Huh? No. I’m fine.”

There are no pictures here, so it was easy to forget. The place we usually met was not our house, but Imperial Palace, so there was no trace of him.

Of course, there were times when I suddenly remembered a faint smile on his expressionless face. Fortunately, it ends in a little bit of heartbreak.

Instead of confessing the fact, I spoke lightly.

“It’s okay. Come to think of it, first love doesn’t come true.”

“Who said that?”

Suddenly, Ramande straightened his posture and asked aggressively.

“Who the hell talks like that?”

“Why are you so angry all of a sudden? That’s what they usually say.”

“Neither Flendena, the apostles nor the high priests ever said that.”

“Well, that’s true, but….”

Ramande leaned over me, touching the table with both hands. Then, he growls at a close distance to the tip of the nose.

“You broke up with the Prince, not because he’s your first love, but because you two don’t get along.”

Then he stormed out of his seat and left in a brisky manner. The sound of how hard the door was closed was enormous.


I was beaten for no reason while playing around, and I muttered absurdly while being left alone.

“Hey, man, the house is going to collapse…..”

What? Who does he like?

We’ve been together for ten years, but Ramande has never looked at anyone. Who is the one who captured such a wooden boy?

“Wow! I’m curious! I’m so curious!”

Hovering around the room, I soon came to a conclusion.

“The probability that Ramande will come forward and tell you converges to zero. First of all, like a gentle friend, quietly observe the surroundings…. No, you have to wait.”

My first love was blind love, but I hope Ramande is happy. Because we’re friends.

“Boy, you’re all grown up.”

It seems like just yesterday that I met Ramande, who was just shining his eyes through his dry, disheveled hair, but he’s already grown up and has someone in his mind.

I smiled happily and tapped the paper.

「1. Let’s be healthy!」

You can’t enjoy the overflowing wealth or optionally lying on the bed of handsome men.

In order to do so, I had to drive away the fragments of the spirit’s power that were occupying a corner of my body without permission.

And another thing to be concerned about was the Church of Fire. The Second Prince won’t be targeting me anymore, since I broke up with Esadien.

“The thing that bothers me the most is accepting ‘fire itself’.”

If it meant a spirit, I would definitely try to forget what was in my body, like collecting the marbles of four souls.

And the process.

“Oh, excuse me. Can you tell me if it’s hurt?”

“Oh, it hurts.”

“Yes, yes. Just be patient and it will be over.”

“If that’s the case, why did I need to tell you that its hurt if you’re going to be like this?”

It couldn’t have gone on like this with a smile.

If that were the case,  it wouldn’t be the home of innocent people in the southern part of the country, and the whole field would not have been burned.

So, I assumed that the most important thing to be wary of was the Church of Fire, and I decided to learn about the spirits first.

So my scope of action was naturally fixed in the library of the mansion and the temple of Flendena.


“Yeah. Eventually, you learned about the spirit, too.”

The Apostle gladly met me and spent time with me.

“Did you shoot fire on the day of the coming-of-age ceremony? I didn’t see the moment myself, but I didn’t feel any other energy in there.”


Just as I was about to be a little disappointed, the Apostle spoke again as emphasized.

“It seems to be pure fire without magic. But there was no medium that started the fire.”

My footsteps stopped abruptly.

‘As expected, Theodore was right.’

My memory was hazy because it was just before I collapsed, but I think I could vaguely feel the heat radiating out of my body.

But the power I can’t control, that’s just a headache.

“It would be useful if you could get it out yourself.”

“Like what?”

“I can protect myself when I’m threatened.”

“Oh, my God.”

The Apostle smiled and covered his mouth.

“What I thought was a fireworks display.”

“That’s good, too. But…. I don’t want to stand behind someone whenever it’s dangerous. I want to stand alone.”

“Minuelle, humans are beings who lean against each other.”

The Apostle stroked my head with a warm smile like the early spring sun.

“If you get another call from the South, please let me know. Don’t be so impatient and talk to your inner self. You may see an unexpected path.”

Talk to the inside? How the hell do you do that?


The Apostle’s friendly smile did not change even though she was muttering.


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