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VLTOB Chapter 37


【Chapter 37】

In a white dress with all her shoulders exposed, a large ruby brooch matched with the color of Elga’s eyes was inserted on her chest, and a silver hair ornament with a lot of diamonds on her head.

“All right.”

In the mirror, lovely Minuelle shone brightly as if she had never fallen down, with her pale pink hair loose.

‘Ugh, I’m getting drunk of my face.’

You’re pretty without a fiancé! I’m the best!

She cast a spell on herself, stood up, and shouted energetically.

“Now, let’s go!”

Theodore went back to his waiting room to escort his cousin. However, Ramande was still waiting for my sister and me.

“You’re pretty, Minuelle.”

Ramande, who said so like on the day of sister Juella’s wedding, held my hand like a wrap. I felt he was trying to cheer me up a little bit with his divine power.

I smiled instead of saying thank you. It was when Ramande, who knew my heart better than anyone else, smiled.

Knock knock.

A sudden knock broke the warm atmosphere that had been flowing for a long time. Is it just broken? The moment the door opened and I saw the visitor, my face crumpled.

“What’s the matter, Prince?”

I grudgingly scanned Esadien’s figure over Ramande’s shoulder.

‘What are you doing?’

Esadien had changed into a similar shade of clothing to the dress I had just thrown away. And in his hand, he even had the gloves that slapped him.

“Minuelle’s escort….”

“The Young Duchess of Karinen will be with Minuelle as her partner.”


I didn’t do it, but seeing how well he beats Esadien, I whistled inwardly.

But Esadien did not back down.

“Get out of the way. I will speak directly.”

I shook my head at my sister as he tried to push Ramande in.

‘Let’s hurry up, clean that up and go.’

Sister Elga recognized my meaning just by that and opened her mouth.

“As the priest Ramande said, Third Prince.”

“The Young Duchess.”

“We will send you a letter of engagement annulment soon.”

“Engagement annulment…..?”

His dazed, unfocused gaze turned to me. Of course, I ignored Esadien.

“Did you say break up now?”

A more apparent objection came out once again. At the same time, sister Elgar’s stopped his hand as he was about to grab my arm.

“As a subject of His Majesty, I respectfully request you. Please come back so as not to cause a fuss.”

“Just a moment to talk with Minuelle…..”

“Prince, I don’t want to be rude on a good day.”

Esadien seemed to be willing to listen to my sister’s cold attitude.

As he stepped back as if he had no choice, Esadien’s gaze was fixed on me as if it nailed on me, but I didn’t look back at him until the end.


A quiet whisper spread in the banquet hall as I entered with sister Elga.

‘I didn’t know either. I didn’t know my coming-of-age ceremony would be this hot…..’

Come to think of it, there would also be tea party attendees held by Theodore’s cousin.

In other words, there will be people who have seen Esadien popping out of Lafesch’s carriage like a surprise.

“Are you okay?”

Sister Elga asked me worriedly.


‘If we talked a little, what would they do?’

I would have said so if I followed my personality, but I expressed it in a little twist. Anyway, my position was a lovable little sister, so I had a duty to protect my sister’s fantasy.

“No matter what they say, I’m the Princess of Karinen.”

I’ve forgotten about that as I’ve been meeting the Prince, but I am.

I’m a Princess! I don’t have to bow down to the other noble.

“You’ve grown up well, our youngest…..”

It was calm as usual, but sister Elga’s voice trembled at the end. Only me who was standing very close could hear it.


I couldn’t figure out what point my sister was impressed by, but I laughed and bent my knees.

“Would you like to dance with me, Young Duchess Karinen?”

“A lifetime of glory, Princess Karinen.”

It was remarkable that even the simple movement of bending down with one hand on her chest was angled like a prestigious knight.

‘I think sister Elgar is just cold, but she secretly suits things like this.’

After dancing with her sister, she greeted her parents’ acquaintances and her sister’s acquaintances.

She made friends with Theodore’s cousin, and even caught Ramande, who was running away from Theodore because he didn’t like him, and danced…..

A group of young ladies approached me while I was busy walking around and barely sitting down to catch my breath.

One of them was Theodore’s cousin. I greeted her without hesitation as she was a bright and innocent-looking young lady.

“Lady Lalique, are you enjoying yourself?”

“Yes, Princess Karinen! Thank you for earlier. Dancing with the Young Duchess. It’s like a dream!”

“I always think my sister is cool, too. Young lady, can you call me by my name?”

“Oh my! Then call me Renee, too!”

Renee, who was lively, introduced me to all the friends she had come with. One of them asked me.

“I heard that the princess was engaged to the Third Prince, so why did you come with the Young Duchess?”

“La-Lady Lucien?”

Frustrated, Renee tried to stop her, but I answered regardless. Of course, I decided to remember the name Lucien Levimer.

“Prince Esadien cared about someone else, not me. I found out later and let him go.”

Before I knew it, there were quite a few people around me. Thanks to this, the uproar spread greatly.

“Do you mean you’re going to break your engagement?”

“No matter how hard it is…..”

You’re being honest.

Inside, she clicked her tongue, but her face smiled and asked back.

“Is it necessary to continue to love someone whose heart is elsewhere?”

I’m not good enough.

“But it’s a decision made by adults in the family. Wouldn’t His Majesty be angry?”

I don’t know. Can the Emperor really get angry at the Grand Duchess? Just for the kids to get engaged? Besides, it’s his fault.

She was about to open her mouth with a grin.


Esadien strode in through the crowd.

Compared to other young men he’s definitely taller, the young ladies fan began to flutter, facing the beauty.

Sitting in the middle of them like a flower wine, I reluctantly got up and bent my knees slightly.

“I greet the Third Prince.”

No matter how much I lived like a hermit, it was the blood of the imperial family. Others followed, lifting the hem and bending their knees.

But Esadien was staring at me as if he couldn’t see all of them.

‘Ah, why do they keep appearing and making a fuss?’

It was scary to lose affection. I was glad to see you in the past, but now I feel uncomfortable.

“Minuelle, the Young Duchess’s words a while ago…. Is that true?”


In a brief reply, I sat down again.

Permission or not. Standing upright with my back straight was also a work that consumed my physical strength.

Esadien had a gloomy expression on his face, but my eyes looking at him were only getting thinner.

‘Don’t ruin the atmosphere, go, please. Shoo, shoo!’

“Are you serious?”

Esadien asked again.

‘What’s wrong with you?’

I was surprised by the incomprehensible behavior, but soon the words I heard crossed my mind and became as cold as if I had an upset stomach.

‘Wouldn’t His Majesty be angry?’

The Grand Duchess is loyal to the imperial family from generation to generation, but that’s the way people are.

It is natural to want a stronger alliance if there is only a means. In that sense, marriage was a very good means.

In the first place, Esadien wanted me to be close enough to maintain a political relationship. So what he wanted now would be Karinen’s name and power.

‘There can be no other than that.’

That was really cool, but thank you.

‘I can be mean without hesitation.’

So I was able to answer the next question again kindly.

“Are you serious? Minuelle?”


My neck hurt a little because I looked up at Esadien standing stiffly.

Come to think of it, he was a man who didn’t even have the meticulousness even to count these things. In the meantime, it was clear that she had been possessed by his face and had pods over 3cm over his eyes.

I added self-helpfully and softly.

“So I ask you not to call my name now, Prince.”

“…..It’s sincere.”

Esadien’s hand was shaking.

“Didn’t you…. tell me you loved me?”

“I did.”

“Didn’t you say it wouldn’t change?”

Surprised eyes turned to me.

‘Are you asking for a trial or what?’

It’s a fight that I’ve already walked in, although I’ve gotten tired rapidly. I didn’t want to avoid it.

I blinked slowly, turning my head to the most innocent angle.

“But Prince, you met someone else and said you didn’t know how you felt about me.”

Whisper whisper.

“When I asked you about your relationship with her, you didn’t even answer.”


The eyes of the audience, who had been arguing, were now looking at Esadien as a playboy.


“Or can you tell me now? Why did you lie to me and date other woman?”

After waiting for a while, Esadien did not answer.

The young ladies’ fan fluttered violently again. I continued with a faint smile, as if to swallow my sadness to the fullest.

“Wine changes when you leave the cork open.”

Esadien couldn’t say anything more. After breathing several times heavily, he took something out of his arms.

“Take this, please. I gave it to you.”

It was my glove.

‘I’m going crazy.’

I couldn’t return what I had buried there.

Take back the present you gave back to your ex-boyfriend when we broke up. Who in the world would take it in this situation?

“….I will.”

Yes, I got it.


And call the servant who was passing by with the tray.

“Throw it away, please.”

I handed over the gloves.

“What is this…..!”

Behind the furious Esadien, Lafesch was caught looking around, unable to mix with people.

I smiled warmly and waved my hand toward her.

“Lady Celeste! Here!”

The people around me held their breaths in unison. They seemed to expect what would happen.


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