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VLTOB Chapter 35


【Chapter 35】

“I greet Your Highness the Third Prince.”

“Long time no see.”

My lips twitched as I straightened my upper body. For some reason, there was no Lafesch next to Esadien.


I laughed out loud. Before I knew it, even I was thinking of two people as a needle and thread.

“I saw you just yesterday. Where did your friend go and come alone?”

My voice was pointed like an arrowhead.

I had no intention of living a life of patience like a saint. Such a life was enough in the past.

And now I have a family who tells me to break up if I don’t like it.


“Lady Celeste. Lafesch Celeste, who sticks around like your fiancée, more engaged than me.”

Blue eyes looked at me calmly, not knowing what they were thinking.

That gaze made me more annoyed, and the more I wanted to make Esadien agitated. So I added with a snap.

“I came with Ramande.”

– Minuelle threw a ‘provocation’!

Immediately, Esadien’s eyelashes trembled. Subsequently, a sharp jawline from under the ear stood out.

– The effect was excellent!

As I wanted, Esadien showed an unusual reaction, but somehow I felt uncomfortable, so I crossed my arms defensively.

‘Why do you seem angry?’

In addition, everything Esadien said, which seemed to calm down for a while, was an unexpected series.

“I’m sorry about last time.”

Yes, yes.

“I said harsh things to your precious person.”


“I didn’t ignore you. I just thought there would be a time when I would explain it.”

The subsequent apology was unfamiliar.

However, this does not eliminate what has happened so far, especially when you say you don’t know your feelings.

As a result, Esadien still reached out to me, who still did not erase the boundaries. Contrary to me, his expression was completely relaxed.

“Then is it okay if I escort you?”

“Do I have to break up in front of you?”

“Even so, because I am your fiancé.”

When I heard that, all kinds of thoughts swirled in my head.

Are you suddenly cleaning up Lafesch, or are you not going to miss either of them, or are you just going to use me as a fiancée?

Is this because Esadien wants it or because of a sense of duty…. I couldn’t figure it out.


Perhaps because I was so confused, I reached out to Esadien’s voice reflexively.

‘Oh, my!’

I belatedly came to my senses and tried to pull my hand out, but it was already firmly caught.

‘Damn it.’

“Come on…. Let’s go. You will be late.”

I couldn’t help it. In fact, I still had time, but I tried to turn my face around and said so.

Swallowing a sigh, Esadien spoke to me again.



Somehow he was talkative today.

“You’re wearing these gloves again today.”

“Ah, yes.”

I didn’t realize it. I used it so much that at some point, the maids naturally held out the gloves that Esadien gave me.

“I’m glad you like it.”

“I always wear it well.”

“Even at home?”

“Let, let me go….”

Was it because of this?

Unknowingly, her voice was trembling, but there was no agitation in Esadien’s eyes.

Suddenly it occurred to me that he might tear this gloves.

And as if to support the conjecture, Esadien’s fingers were strained.

“What is down here?”

How did you know?

Rather than such a question, Esadien’s expression, which looked down on my hand contemptuously, came to mind first.

At that moment, all reason was volatilized and the thought of not being able to show my hands dominated me.

“Let go of this!”

If adrenaline is released too much, it will be powerful.

Without realizing that this shouldn’t be the case, I pushed Esadien with a scream. And he didn’t come after me as I was running away.


The coming-of-age ceremony has begun in earnest.

As the temple of Flendena, which presides over beauty, those who have come of age were baptized for a beautiful life.

Of course, this was also in order of status, so I was the first woman.

In other words, Esadien is the first among men. No wonder my side face was ticklish, but the apostle greeted me with a warm welcome.

“Long time no see, youngest Princess.”

“Apostle, how have you been?”

High-ranking priests resided in each major city of the Preseria Empire. It’s a parish concept, so to speak, and the apostle was in charge of the capital, Roquette.

The apostle answered my question with a smile. I heard that he was over 100 years old, but his appearance, which seemed only my age, was dazzling.

“But our princess can’t control her spirit. Like a puppy grass in front of the wind.”

“Not a lamp or a reed?”

“I think puppy grass is cute.”

The apostle is still the same.

“Is it too obvious?”

“No, not to that extent.”

“It’s a good thing….”

“I can see clearly.”

Oh, man.

The apostle only smiles reverently whether I pout or not.

The apostle, who painted the pattern of Flendena similar to a heart on my forehead with holy water, quietly said.

“If you look back, you will have time to feel beautiful. Obviously.”

“….Shall I?”

When you look at Esadien, emotions run around like dog grass, lanterns, and reeds in front of the wind.

I looked up without realizing it, but the apostle said only three syllables mildly.

“Next person.”


It was true that the next person was waiting, so I couldn’t be bothered any longer. When I came back to my seat with my lips pouted and sat down, whispering voices flowed down the back of my ears.

“Ah, don’t you think it smells a little musty?”

“Did you feel it too, lady? Me, too.”

You too? Hey, me too!

The young ladies who were sitting in the back seat of mine were getting along well.

“I didn’t expect to have an event with the common people. I’ve been to Flendena or the Temple for a long time, but….. Huh.”

“My younger brother will also become an adult next year, so I have to tell him to go to another temple.”

Yeah. Please go. Don’t come. Flendena doesn’t like you either.

I snorted and crossed my arms.

‘What do you mean smell…..’

In this place where even the gods of gold and credit exist, the religious world actively embraced capitalism.

It’s a temple in the capital, Roquette, in the first place. Those who can come in here are people from families who have donated a lot.

In other words, it means that the people who hold the coming-of-age ceremony here are not ordinary people, but children of the legal profession, trade unionists, or doctors.

‘I’ve been sued, but I don’t have a lawyer, and I need to stop trading at the top and no one to look after me even if I get sick.’

Even though he knew such facts clearly, he was a commoner, so he would have mentioned the smell because the young lady felt uncomfortable.

Even when attending worship services, there is a gap between the seats of nobles and commoners, because during this event, there were only a couple of rows apart.

‘I know you’re old enough to be sensitive about that, but….. Even so, you shouldn’t be acting like that. Don’t you know that you can’t buy the hate of the temple right away?’

The murmur has become more and more unacceptable.


Shut up, you little brats whose presence is the size of a dot in pointillism.

When I felt uncomfortable and kicked my tongue hard, the hustle behind me quietly subsided.

‘It’s better now.’

I leaned back satisfactorily.

It will be quiet for a while. Because of their status, they won’t be able to say a word unless they greet first.

….Except for one person.

“Minuelle, you don’t look happy. Did something happen?”

I let out a vain smile.

‘Alas… there was Lafesch Celeste.’

In less than five minutes, Lafesch moved to the seat next to me, pretending to be worried.


“Last time, Prince Esadien and I…..”

“Lady Celeste.”

It’s not the ‘Third Prince’, it’s ‘Prince Esadien’. Advertise it as a serious relationship, very.

‘I can feel it even if I don’t look at it from the back.’

Can’t you see that I just kicked my tongue? You’re all pretending you’re not, and you’re all focusing on this side!

If there was only one thing I wanted now, it was to throw Lafesch Celeste out of this temple.

But I’m an intelligent human being, so I tried to beat it with words.

“I want to be alone because I’m tired.”

Of course, the reason why he didn’t have the strength to lift Lafesch was even greater.

However, Lafesch was the owner of a titanium mental that repels even direct rejection.

“Minuelle, there is something I want to tell you about something that happened recently.”

No, did you?

“I don’t have to listen to it.”

“Please consider it my last request and come to my waiting room for a moment before the banquet begins.”

Banquets to celebrate the coming-of-age ceremony will also be held in the temple, so participants will be given a waiting room to dress up.


I looked at Lafesch for a moment without saying a word.

‘If you have something to say, isn’t it right to come from there?’

I don’t know what’s going on inside this female protagonist’s head.

However, her droopy drooping eyebrows, wavy golden eyes, and her soft lips that protrude slightly caught her eye, and my irritation, like an active volcano, seemed to subside a little.

‘You’re pretty, you’re so pretty.’

I said resolutely, barely taking my gaze away from her charming face.

“Don’t wait. It would be a waste of time.”


“Lady Celeste, this is not the place for the Viscount young lady to sit. Go back.”

Although she spoke coldly, Lafesch repeatedly asked for another favor and returned to his place.

‘I’m going crazy.’

My mind has become complicated. I tried to ignore it, but it kept bothering me.

Why? Because Lafesch is the main character?

Worrying without an exit eventually led to hazy worries.

‘Is something wrong?’

But, what the hell is going on?

‘Do you want to ask me to break up with Esadien…..’

Suddenly, I thought so, but if so, I thought it was necessary to invite him separately as earnestly as before.

Lafesch did not contact ‘Minuelle’ alone in the original work, avoiding the eyes of others. For her, Minuelle was a person who was obsessed with Theodore and bothered her, so it was natural to be sick and tired of her.


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