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VLTOB Chapter 34


【Chapter 34】

I laughed and asked because I thought I could finally see the side of Theodore in the original.

“Right. And?”

“Honestly, I want a to tell you a story and help you.”

“Isn’t that His Majesty’s order?”

“Then it’s not good for His Majesty, let alone the Margrave. He is advertising that he will even bring in the warlords of the North.”

Reaching here, Theodore and I sighed at the same time.

“It’s difficult.”

Yeah, it’s difficult.

I was satisfied with my life in the temple because I didn’t want to use my brain while measuring this and that. After coming to Roquette, I can’t help but get involved in anything like before.

“Let me be honest, Theo.”

I leaned my head against the back.

“As you may have felt, I’m only in charge of being cute in my house.”

“Lady Minuelle, why do you say such a thing…..”

Theodore, who had blinked for a few seconds, opened his mouth in surprise, but I raised my hand to stop it.


That’s right. I’m very satisfied with this position.

“Anyway, that’s why I don’t know. How, what to help, and how much to help.”

Theodore’s face slowly showed signs of disappointment. Nevertheless, I laughed a little when I saw him not saying anything bad to me.

“So, do you want to meet them?”

“Who, you mean?”

“My mom and sister.”

If Theodore had treated me as a lobby ladder, of course, I wouldn’t have put up with it.

But Theodore was really worried about the future. Not himself, but the South, and even the future of the Preseria Empire, seriously.

‘As expected, he’s a man who has been loyal for a long time.’

But then, why did you cheat? How can you be loyal to your country and not to your wife?

“Th, Thank you!”

Not knowing what I was thinking, Theodore looked excited. I calmed him down as he was excited enough to jump up from his seat.

“I will make room for you, but I can’t guarantee that you will get a positive answer.”

“It would be great if I could get some help, but just being able to meet them once is amazing.”

It was an immediate answer.

I wish it had ended with that, Theodore, who had been rolling his eyes for a while, asked.

“Well, what present should I bring? You give me precious time.”

What do you mean by present?

I know for sure that it might seem like a bribe, but it was clear that he was so happy that he couldn’t even think of that.

‘If you think about it as a past life, it might feel like a meal with Warren Buffett.’

I’m of the same blood as those great people.

I said again, conscious of the titanium spoon I had I have been using.

“Just come.”

“Yes? Still…. Well, I don’t have much…..”

Theodore, who had been muttering shyly, suddenly widened his eyes.

“Uh…. Anyway, are you telling me to marry you?”

“What do you mean that? You are not my type.”

How many times do I have to tell you?


Theodore’s mouth opened wide.

“Is it just a joke. How dare I attacking the prince?”

‘I’ve been trying not to think about Esadien on purpose lately.’

I couldn’t help but hear Esadien’s name when I met Theodore.

The remaining tea in my mouth felt more bitter than before, but I smiled without showing it.

“Let’s see what happens if you make such a joke again?”

Even if my mind is a little fuzzy…. If the dark friend’s face brightens up a little, it’s extra business.

In addition, Theodore would be faster and more accurate than anyone else if I needed information about the South.


Comfort Theodore, great success!

In addition, I decided to arrange a place that would help Theodore, so it was a meeting that could add one more star to the achievement of three stars in the game.

Since then, a friendly atmosphere has continued, but the problem arose just before coming out of the Count’s mansion.

As I came out of the entrance hall with Theodore’s escort, I saw young ladies huddling outside waiting for their respective carriages.

“Oh no, I guess the tea party just ended. You’ll have to wait a little bit.”

“Is the Countess your mother? I’ll say hello while I wait.”

“It’s not my mother, it’s my cousin. She’s also staying at my house for a while because she’s having an adult ceremony this year.”

“I see…”

My face was vaguely stiff when I responded. It was because I found a redhead that I couldn’t help but recognize, even if it were 100 meters away.

Theodore’s voice, who noticed where my eyes were facing, also became bitter.

“Ah, Lady Celeste is here, too. Shall we say hello?”

“All right, let’s just let it go.”

What do you have to do while it’s awkward? It was a little cheap, but it was good for all three to ignore it.

….Thinking about it for a while.

As soon as the door of the carriage that Lafesch had been waiting for opened, I headed there quickly enough to drag Theodore.


I was shocked but I managed to pass it, I uttered a name that became tattered while chewing.


He was opening the carriage door and reaching out to Lafesch.

“No, uh, no! Why is the prince coming out of there….?”

Even Theodore stuttered his words, as if hesitantly.


Esadien’s face, looking at us, was hardened. I could never figure out why.

‘Are you in a bad mood because I ran into you?’

Amidst this, in the corner of my heart, I did not want you to escort Lafesch, so I was hoping you were forced.

‘It’s pathetic.’

It was obvious that Lafesch’s hand was not removed even after seeing me, and I felt pathetic for having such hope.

I said as I let go of Theodore’s arm.

“I don’t even know who your fiancée is.”

No, even the fiancée doesn’t act so aggressively.

What do you mean by a guy who waits until the tea party is over and jumps out of the carriage? It’s so sweet that my tongue is melting.

“Did the prince throw away everything I said?”

His hands trembled with embarrassment.

A sense of humiliation. Yes. Now, I felt the hurt of my pride more than the betrayal of my loved one.

Was this what Minuel felt when he noticed Theodore’s affair?

“This, this is something I……”

Lafesch tried to interrupt something, but even her restless appearance was only seen as acting, so I ignored it.

And Esadien sarcastically pushed her into the carriage as if it was a waste for my eyes to reach.

“After the priest, is it Theo this time? You’re pretty good, too.”


The astonished Theodore called Esadien out loud, but he didn’t have a single stir. I became calmer as if that calm had spread.


The remaining anger gathered in my tear glands and fell down as Esadien looked back at me.

In the open space, in the presence of unknown people. The tears I shed for the first time in this world were so disgraceful.

I don’t have to be angrier because I’m covered in muddy water. I decided to check what I couldn’t ask last time while I was at it.

“Isn’t it?”

“What do you mean?”

“Lady Celeste and you…. It’s not like that, right?”


Esadien’s eyes looking at me without affirmation or denial were silent. No, he seemed to be coldly angry in the depths.

As I looked into those eyes, my trembling voice sounded like a fool.

“You liked me. No, at least you had a crush on me. Isn’t that right?”

This time, a little longer, blue eyes stared at me.

“I don’t know.”

After a short answer, Esadien disappeared into the carriage without even leaving a greeting.


The sound of the carriage closing sounded loud as if the world was falling apart.


Flendena or God’s Day has dawned.

That means today is my coming-of-age ceremony day.

‘Tired of….’

There was no particular excitement. After all, if the new year dawned, legally, it would be boring to be an adult.

However, the sensibility of this world is not that, so it is only after this day that they treat you as a real adult.

To the extent that the Crown Princess threatened Esadien, saying, “If you put a finger before the adult ceremony, I will not let you go.”

“Oh, my God.”

When I thought of Esadien, one side of my chest stung again.

He still hasn’t been contacted. After that day, even Theodore sent me letters and flowers that worried me.

“Is it over?”’

At first, I had a lot of doubts. However, the more I reflected on what had happened, the more clearly Esadien’s meaning became.


When I kicked my tongue without realizing it, the maid who was helping the leader next to me cried.

“Did you pull your hair, my lady?”

“Oh, no. I was thinking about something else.”

Yeah, let’s think about something else.

I closed my eyes and tried to recall memories.

‘Until last year, I was busy preparing for holidays, preparing for adult ceremonies, and preparing for banquets at night.’

It was awkward to let go of this year as an adult. What relieved the awkwardness was a white dress with a design similar to that of a priest trainee.

It makes me feel comfortable wearing it’s…..

‘I wish I could have just become a priest like Ramande.’

There has never been a time when I was so sad that I didn’t have divine power.

I missed the high priest who was in Sumander at the same time, but the place where I had my coming-of-age ceremony was the Flendena Shrine in the capital, Roquette.

Since the event was held separately for men and women, Ramande and I had to part as soon as we arrived at the temple.

“See you later.”

“Yes, don’t make a mistake. It’s a good day, so be quiet. Do you understand?

Ugh, nagging.

To Ramande, who is nagging even on days like this, I glared and retorted.

“You still think I’m 12 years old, don’t you?”

“No way.”

Ramande snorted.

“I have to look after you, maybe ten years old?”

Then, isn’t it just running away from the tail?

“Hey, Ramande Flendena!”

There was some commotion at the entrance where we entered while watching the back of the navy head that we didn’t even look back to the end.

“Is he the third prince?”

“Usually, he doesn’t attend banquets or anything. But at the last Princess Karinen wedding……”

The murmur was clearly signaling Esadien’s appearance.

‘You were just ignorant.’

I don’t have anything to say, but it just gets awkward when we meet. I tried to pretend not to know, but Esadien’s pace was at least twice as fast as mine.


Why are you pretending to know?

I can’t help it because my name was called. I sighed and turned around to greet him.


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