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VLTOB Chapter 33


【Chapter 33】

After that day, I tried to refrain from going out as much as possible and staying at home calmly, but the resolution did not last for a few days.

Because I heard the story of Theodore returning to Loquat from her sister Elgar.

“Theo’s troops were defeated?”

“I heard the situation at the border of the desert is very bad.”

“I don’t think the Knights will get that far from the bandits.”

In the original, Theodore was dispatched to the southern desert after marrying Minuelle. At least it was a thief subjugation, so it was almost like a device to meet Lafesch.

But at this time, Theodore’s army was shattered, and he was heartbroken.

‘Are you going to be addicted to alcohol?’

Although it was a shallow relationship, I was worried that it was the first friend I made after coming out of the temple, but I didn’t know how to comfort him. I’m a total stranger to the world of knights.

“Sister Elga, have you experienced that?”

“Of course.”


She cuts a bear instead of radish and shreds a monster instead of a carrot?

The sister who was recognized as the true heir to Grand Duchess Karinen?

When I opened my eyes wide in surprise, sister Elga smiled and tapped my cheek with one finger.

“You always overestimate me.”

By my standards, the strongest person in the world is my mom, and sister Elga is the second strongest person after my mom.

No, it’s not because there’s a family buff. She’s really strong

“It’s a thing of the past. Everyone has their first time.”

The older sister hung her hands on her slim legs with a smiling face.

If others saw it, they would think it was a cold look, but I knew it was her own comfortable smile.

That she shook off the day of defeat after a long agony.

“Well, how was it? How it felt?”

“It was very difficult. I’m responsible for the deaths of soldiers and subordinates. Many lives have been lost because of poor judgment.”

The older sister, who returned after collecting barely surviving troops, offered a knife in front of her mother and begged her to cut her neck.

Of course, my mother refused at once.

“My mother said. Even the god of war couldn’t use the modifier ‘undefeated’.”

Therefore, what can someone who is a stranger say?

Training, reconnaissance, numerous operations.

Gather all of them together, prepare thoroughly, and leave the rest to heaven.

Whether the other person is a monster or a human, they just risk their lives. Even if defeat comes in the end, they accept the result.

Responsibility is naturally borne by those who wield numerous lives, so I will not allow the thought of running away to death.

….That’s what you said.

I could feel the tremendous power just by hearing it, so I couldn’t help but gulp.

‘Wow…. My mother’s steel mental….’

I felt like I saw a side of Grand Duchess Karinen, who conquered the north, and was a ruler who was raised by many.

“Sister Elga is as good as my mom.”

I heard that you were 19 years old, but at a younger age than I am now, you said, “Please cut the neck of the loser?”


If it were me, I wouldn’t have been able to get the word out and just cry.



“I respect you. You’re the best.”

The corners of sister Elga lips went up.

“Are you acting cute?”

“I’m serious. I’m sorry to my brother-in-law, but I want to sleep with you today.”

“Juella must be jealous.”

“Jealous? Even if I don’t tell her, I think she’ll figure it out.”

Unless she was very busy, sister Juela couldn’t miss the time she spent with her sisters.

Elga, who laughed, said she agreed, soon checked her watch and stood up.

“It’s afternoon training time for the Knights.”

“Good luck.”

“See you at night, baby.”

My sister, who stroked my hair, turned around.

There were knights who stuck their heels together through the open door and took a floating posture.

The knights of the Karinen family were famous for being great, but the aura that my sister exuded was overwhelming.

Thanks to the short haircut, the straight neck, straight shoulders, and back stood out beautifully.

“Beauty is embedded in the trained body. As expected, Flendena knows something.”


Even after my sister left, I sat in the drowsy sunlight for a while and headed to Count Tregosnan.

“Even the God of War couldn’t use the modifier ‘undefeated’…..”

As I recite it so as not to forget it.

What a wonderful thing to say. Of course, I can’t tell you not to think about running away to death.

And when I arrived at the Count’s house and saw Theodore, the idea became stronger.

‘I should never do it.’

Theodore’s face was haggard, but there was no smell of alcohol. I felt desperate that he was deeply distressed.

And yet Theodore didn’t refuse my visit. I was even moved when he tried to smile while lifting his cracked lips.

“Minuelle, how have you been?”

“I’ve been fine….”

I feel so bad for you!

When Theodore cried, he gave up pretending to smile and scratched his chin slightly.

“You heard it. Well, it was a terrible defeat, no wonder it was rumored.”

“No, no, no! Not because of that!”

I shook my hand quickly, but Theodore was already dipping his head in the swamp of depression. A little longer, and even the body has low spirit.

‘How the hell do you start comforting yourself?’

After thinking for a while, I first started with the rhyme like this way.

“Hey Theo, do you happen to know my big sister?”

“Who in the empire doesn’t know the Young Duchess of Karinen?”

“Oh, well…. They mainly work in the North, so I asked just in case.”

Without realizing it, I scratched the tip of my chin as Theodore did.

“You know, Theo. My sister didn’t know what to do when she lost her unit for the first time. She suffered for a long time because it was all her fault.”

However, just because she is the eldest daughter she loves, she didn’t just embrace her. She gave her sharp advice to get her act together.


Theodore, who was vaguely told that the God of War couldn’t use even the modifier ‘undefeated’, shed a dry smile.

 ‘Wow, should I have consoled you normally?’

Now I’ve noticed. But Theodore asked calmly without getting angry.

“What’s next?”


“I’m sure there’s another story.”

How do you know?

“As soon as she returned, she asked mother to take her life.”

And after hearing the rest of the story, Theodore sighed loudly and long and buried himself deep in the chair.

“That’s what I was hoping for.”


Do knights like this powerful story?

Looking at me in embarrassment, Theodore smiled a playful smile. When I saw the smile, I felt like I was back to him I used to know.

“I’m ashamed to say this, but only because he claims that he is the only son and the only heir to the Tregosnan sword.”

I thought I could understand a little bit.

As the youngest, I am grateful that I am alive and breathing, but it’s understandable that he was the only successor and an undefeated prospect in the central region.

“Theo it still growing right?”

All of the lords who are famous as prominent generals or warlords are beyond middle age.

Sister Elga is also 30 years old this year and has been recognized for a long time, so it was difficult to tie her to the same generation as Theodore.

Although there is Esadien among his peers, the law that prohibits any member of the Imperial Family other than the Emperor and the Crown Princess from receiving official posts was binding on him.

So Theodore was the rising star to lead the next generation.

“Of course.”

Now the smile is quite natural.

Theodore kept his gaze away, perhaps reminiscent of the desert, and I quietly drank tea.

‘I’m glad it seems to be going well.’

I’m not a knight, so I don’t know the weight of many lives, but as a friend, I could run and comfort him at any time.

“Ah, you’ve been thinking too much about your guest.”

“You’re not just a guest, you’re a friend. It’s all right, so don’t worry.”

“Are you saying something similar to the Third Prince? As expected, couples can’t help it.”

My cheeks stiffened in reflex at the playful words.


When Theodore saw me like that, he asked me curiously.

“Lady Minuelle? Did something happen with the Prince?”

“Nope. What do you mean.”


Theodore narrowed his eyes, but let me slide as I waved my hand. In the meantime, I hurriedly changed the subject.

“Hmm. Isn’t it hard to go back and forth from Roquette to the southern end?”

“To be honest, moving to the gate opened by the wizards is quite tiring.”

Theodore’s voice lowered slightly.

“We have no choice because the successor of Margrave has been killed in action, and he himself is seriously injured and is in bed, so it is an unavoidable situation.”

At first, he only thought it would be over if he went to help once or twice. However, Margrave’s wound did not heal easily. You just have to call in the priest to see the progress slowly.

In the meantime, a group called the ‘Church of Fire’ appeared in other territories one by one, and each was busy covering up.

‘Come to think of it, they said they started appearing in the south from the beginning.’

“They destroy to dedicate themselves to the ‘fire’ and make a big fire on the spot.”

There are many people who have already lost their homes, so the vassals who act on behalf of Margrave said they were troubled just to accommodate them.

“So far, I have taken the form of going out and returning because I am the successor of Tregosnan.”

Theodore rubbed his forehead as if he was frustrated just thinking about it.

“If they don’t settle down, they might really stay there, or, to be honest, they’ll probably be packing up their stuff sooner or later.”

“Hey Theo, can I tell you this?”

Commander transfer, isn’t this usually confidential?

“Of course not for anyone else. But didn’t you say that Lady Minuelle is my friend?”

Theodore looked at me with a unique person-friendly smile, but the tip of his tongue was not completely cut. I asked with my arms crossed.


“And she’s a member of the Grand Duchess of Karinen.”

Before I knew it, the laughter disappeared. Theodore looked at me with a serious and firm eye.

Not long ago, I wondered if it was the same person as the person who was dumped by Lafesch and said he would drink.

But it wasn’t that I hated this sense of separation. No, actually.

‘This is the male lead.’


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