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VLTOB Chapter 30


【Chapter 30】

‘Ramande, does that impression come out when you look at my clothes?’

It is an era in which clothes are tantamount to informing you of your identity. Although it was not as flashy as attending a banquet, the material itself is said to be different from that of the common people.

He was blind enough to wonder if he had ever seen an aristocrat up close, so he didn’t even want to say anything more.

While quickly filling in the blanks with the thought that it was just for Palos, a long shadow fell over her head.

“Hoho, did Judith have such a grown-up daughter? You look just like your father.”

‘Who is calling my mom’s name like that?’

When I looked up, there was a middle-aged man who looked benevolent. The beard from the sideburns did not look messy and was quite stylish.

“I am the youngest daughter of Grand Duchess Karinen. Who are you?”

“Hohoho. And the youngest. The years have already passed. I’m just a passing magician…. Let’s see.”

I glanced at the window while he looked at the papers. Before I knew it, the employee stood up and was hard.

‘Looking at that attitude, the word passing magician by would be a joke. Is he a professor?’

“Hoo. Palos is a student I’ve been paying attention to during the test. I was wondering if he could enter because he’s a commoner….. Yeah, you’re supposed to sponsor it. It’s a good thing.”

Thanks to the magician’s pretense, the employee did not complain more and accepted the documents.

‘I hope other faculty members don’t do this.’

Although it was a sudden decision, as the person who supported Palos, I became interested in the state of the magic school’s operation.

‘Just try to bully the kid. I’m going to give you more power.’

The very moment I made up my mind, another thought crossed my mind.

‘Ugh. Just thinking about it, does it sound like a villain?’

You can’t do this, me! Good thoughts, only good thoughts!

“What are you doing, Minuelle?”

“Oh, no.”

She shook her head and hurried after Ramande, who had already reached the main gate.

“You’ve been spacing out since a while ago. Are you sure your ankle is okay?”

“Even so, let’s go home now!”

It was when I stepped on the ground outside the main gate with more strength than usual to reassure the worried Ramande.

Bam bam

In the middle of winter, the air surrounding us changed with the crack of the frozen lake.


Ramande grabbed my arm. His tight hands showed how nervous he was.

As we spent time together, I could tell what Ramand was going to say just by looking at his expression, but I flatly refused.

“Don’t tell me to stay behind you.”

He’s not a knight, he’s a priest. What do you mean behind him?

But even if I look around carefully, the only thing waiting for us is a carriage. There was no sudden appearance of a man with a knife.

“Is it just me?”

He murmured hoping only that, but Ramande immediately denied it.

“No. I felt it, too.”

That’s true.

I nodded and pressed the knight’s pager for now. But I’m sure someone is nearby, but no one showed up.

Then, strangely enough, there were no people around. Even though it is still too early to be deserted.

“Let’s go home for now.”

“Uh, yes.”

Ramande opened the carriage door and went in. The moment I tried to follow in his footsteps, there was a man who dissuaded us.

I’m sure the person who showed up was where no one was.

“I wouldn’t ride in that carriage.”


“Haha. My name is Brasidas.”

Brasidas, the brown-bearded magician who finally gave his name, struck the ground twice with his long wand.

Thump, thump.

As soon as there is a dull sound.


The carriage, which closed strangely violently, set off slowly.


Tak, Tak

The sound of a horse’s hoof, ringing brightly soon turned into a running sound, and at one point, something like a black passage appeared in front of it, gulped down the wagon, and disappeared.

I got goosebumps.

‘No, what kind of underworld bus is that?’

My legs were trembling. I’m not the heir to the throne, and this threat pops in while I’m off guard!

While breathing hard, the air that was weighing on us gradually became lighter, and the voices of embarrassed coachman were heard.

“My lady!”


Our ‘real’ carriage and knights were right behind Ramande and me. I really felt like I was possessed by a ghost.

“I was surprised that you didn’t hear me no matter how many times I called you. I can’t approach you as if blocked by something. But the magician came…..”

It was then that I recovered my mind and thanked the magician.

“Thank you, Mr. Brasidas. Would you like to come to my house with me? My mother will welcome you, too.”

“Haha. No need.”

“But I am indebted to you…..”

“It’s okay because you admitted the child I wanted to make my disciple.”

The deep green eyes that had bent all the way looked at me like they were piercing me.

“The embers are getting bigger. You’ll have to be more careful in the future, patron lady.”


Can the magician’s eyes see what lies within me?

But while hesitating, not knowing what to ask, Brasidas tapped me on the shoulder a couple of times before leaving.

“See you again.”


‘Oh, do you want me to come to the entrance ceremony?’

I had no intention of showing my face to such a school event, but it was a moment that changed my mind.

‘I need to talk to the magician.’

I tried to be an aunt, but I failed completely. Ramande, who had been silent all along, apologized to me as I was in the carriage and scratched my cheek awkwardly.

“I’m sorry, Minuelle.”

“Huh? What?”

“If it wasn’t for that person earlier, I would have gotten on that carriage.”

No wonder Ramande’s face was white when he said he was silent. The hand clenched on my knee.

“I asked you to ride, but if you were dragged to a strange place because of me…..”

Ramande bit his lip hard, unable to speak. To the point where the thin skin loses its original light.

It’s been a long time since this kid was so agitated. To be honest, I was a little scared, but I didn’t want Ramand to be sorry.

“Hey, you don’t have to be upset about something that didn’t happen.”

I actually got Essadien into a trap, but….

“Huh? Ramande.”

He moved to the side and poked the ball, but Ramande’s expression was still serious. I purposely laughed and begged.

“If you’re really sorry, please don’t tell my family about today.”

“What about the knights?”

“Well, nothing big happened. If you ask me, I can just say that I pressed the wrong button.”

“I think you’re taking things too easy.”

Oh, that’s upsetting.


I squeezed his hand and said with a sigh.

“There will be few people who take this as seriously as I do.”

I wonder if there are any other people or groups other than masked men who can do this to me.

Esadien’s words that the more I chew on it, the more likely it would target me, and it felt like it had become a reality. And on the other hand, I was worried that everything was okay with him.

“Okay, I won’t tell.”

Ramande, who looked into my face that had lost all the laughter, finally nodded his head.

“All right.”

I immediately opened the window and told the knight who came next to me.

“I’m going to the Third Prince Palace. Leave the minimum number of people behind and go back.”

“….All right, my lady.”

The knight immediately obeyed his orders even though he was puzzled, but Ramande was different.

“At this hour?”

The sky was already violet.

“This is why I’m going.”

No matter how long Esadien is away, he’ll be back in the evening.

“This matter is also related to the prince. That’s why.”

I’m worried, but of course, I hid the words that I’m going to question him about what he’s doing with Lafesch.

The shame for visiting twice a day is long gone.

‘That’s enough if you’re that frustrated.’

I even saw that scene earlier.

I pressed it down saying, “Let’s believe it,” but in fact, my patience ran out a long time ago.

Esadien should be grateful that I didn’t eat and sleep at all at the imperial palace.


The northern magicians were a darker place than the southern ones. There were a lot of cases where you could get something you couldn’t buy in the southern magic district if you caught a seller here.

As always, Esadien followed Lafesch in a black hoodie.

Lafesch, who was behind him, snooped around the store, looked for people, and asked the owner something, but there was little profit.

‘Is His Majesty suspicious for no reason this time?’

Esadien swallowed a sigh and rubbed his entire forehead with fatigue.

Even if I tried not to think about it, I kept thinking about Minuelle who was with Ramande. Without wearing a priest’s uniform, they were leaning on each other as affectionately as any other lovers.

‘I’m following His Majesty’s secret orders, what is this?’

Esadien kicked his tongue and raised his head. Just in time, Lafesch was receiving a pocket the size of a fist from his owner and putting it in his clothes.

Their eyes met.



“Oh, all right, let’s go to the next store.”

Lafesch strode past Esadien like a startled bird.

‘Is it intentional to be surprised like that?’

“In a relationship, you need to push and pull. Don’t contact her first.”

“You get tired of seeing each other every day. It’s necessary to hide things in moderation between lovers.”

“I heard that Minuelle wears her gloves when sleeping. Do you know the reason, Prince?”

“I’m envious that you two have old friends. The prince has Sir Tregosnan, and Lady Minuelle has a handsome priest.”

When she whispered about Minuelle, her tongue was as smooth as if she had greased it, but she looked rather suspicious because she couldn’t show her annoyance.

‘I’ll have to wait a little longer before I post a report.’

Esadien glanced at what Lafesch had purchased and followed her.

That was then.

With a sudden buzzing atmosphere, the shopkeepers of the magician came out and looked in one direction.

“This magical power.”

“Is it true that the Great Magician came into Roquette?”

While they were whispering, unlike Esadien, who didn’t know what to say, Lafesch quickly intervened among them.

“Is this the magic of the Great Magician?”

“Yeah. Tsk, I need to take care of myself for a while.”

The shopkeeper swirled around and went inside, but Lafesch was muttering excitedly.

“It was nearby. In the vicinity…!”

‘Do you have magic power?’

As always since he was with Lafesch, Esadien has only been watching her silently.


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