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VLTOB Chapter 3


【Chapter 3】

‘Who did you promise to do that?’

Yes, it’s me.

But the pledge was sunk in an unimaginable form by an unexpected person.

“I’m Esadien Roquette.”

The moment she saw the Prince for the first time, all the sounds surrounding her drifted away to another dimension.

She grew up in the temple of Flendna, the God of love and beauty, and saw all kinds of handsome men and women.

However, Esadien’s beauty was overwhelming to the extent that all those beauties felt like a light bulb in front of the sun.

‘My taste, it’s not supposed to be this!’

I thought it would be a bonus if he had brown hair, a fox-like smile, and a tear mole.

But yes, no. From today on, my favorite is Esadien Roquette.

Eyes like the sea under the gentle sunlight. Blonde that glitters colorfully as if sprinkled with jewel powder, which appears only in the blood of the Roquette Imperial family. It was all gorgeous, but nothing could suppress his beauty.


To the point where I wonder if Flendna would look like this if she were a man.

I heard you don’t live off a man’s face, but with this face, it’s okay to live with just plain rice and soy sauce for the rest of your life!

“Young lady?”

Esadien called me curiously. It was then that I was able to let out an exclamation of exclamation along with the breath that I had stopped involuntarily.


I could feel the heat of my cheeks.

‘Hey, does this mean you’re in love?’

I said dreamily, pressing down near my pounding heart.

“Prince… you’re very handsome.”

Esadien’s outfit was so neat that it felt ascetic.

In this summer, only hands and faces were revealed and wrapped tightly, but the outline was solid. If it could not measure the texture of the muscles hidden under the clothes, Flendna’s name would cry.

‘It can never be.’

Wide shoulders, big hands, and long legs under the jacket hem. Cream-flavored face and mala-flavored body. How can I miss someone like this?

Finally, I couldn’t stand it and murmured, covering my mouth.

“I can’t believe this kind of person was my fiancé. I’m glad I’m alive…..”

At that moment, Esadien’s mouth hardened a little. I blinked because I wondered why, but it was an illusion, but he had already returned with a calm expression.

“Lady Karinen.”

Esadien reached out his hand. Gloves covered it, but when she saw his wide palm and long straight fingers, Ramande suddenly came to her mind.

‘Is he a little bigger than Ramande?’

At the same time, the voice that Ramande had asked before leaving.

“You can’t hug him as soon as you meet him because he’s handsome.”

“Oh, I don’t.”

“Greet him well.”

“Am I a kid?”

Ugh. Then I remembered that I didn’t introduce myself.

No matter how much we knew each other’s information in advance, it was polite to say each other’s names at the first meeting.

“It’s Minuelle Karinen. Sorry for the late introduction.”

“No, It’s not.”

Esadien, who answered, turned his head straight to the front.

I felt sorry for some reason for the pretty eyes, but the calm atmosphere like the deep sea.

How pretty would it be if these eyes sparkled lively and soft lips drew a deep arc?


Esadien’s gaze reached me. He looked emotionless.

Then, I had a goal that I wanted to make this person laugh. I said, smiling as wide as I could.

“Please call me Minuelle!”

With the hope that my laughter would permeate him.


After falling in love with Esadien at first sight, I visited the Imperial Palace until the threshold of the Imperial Palace dried up and worn out.

For more than a month, I visited as if I were stamping my attendance every day, and I felt that the servants of the Imperial Palace were more friendly than the servants of my house.

“The two look close, I’m glad.”

“It seems to me, too. I’m just thankful to Minuelle for liking a blunt guy like Esadien.”

“You are really right.”

The Emperor and the Crown Princess liked me very much. To the point where I’m sitting with them while drinking tea.

Especially since the Crown Princess was a friend of my eldest sister, so she cheered me up so much that I could barely be conscious of Esadien.

“But…. the Prince is a kind person.”

The Emperor’s eyes got a little bigger, and Esadien, who had only been drinking tea without saying a word, turned to me.

The Crown Princess forgot about her appearance and opened her mouth. She asked absurdly as she ruffled her mysteriously gleaming hair.

“That guy?”

“Yes. Even though I comes every day, he greets me without a single dislike.”

Esadien, who had stopped moving for a while, quietly put down the tea cup and said.

“There was just no reason to send you back.”

“Hehe. Still.”

She looked at Esadien with a smile, but he didn’t even return her smile and changed his gaze again.

I thought we met often and got closer, but it was still far away.


The Crown Princess said with a nasal voice.

“I can see why Elga melts so gently to her youngest sister. It’s because you’re so cute.”

Sister Elga is ten years older than me, so she can’t help but look like that.

The Crown Princess, who is the same age as Sister Elga, smiled and asked me.

“Come on, call me an older sister too.”

“How could I do such a blasphemous thing…..”

“Because it’s okay.”

“Even if you say that…..”

The Princess urged, and the Emperor happily watched me turn around helped.

“I’ll allow you, so don’t hesitate to call her.”


“Would it be reassuring to leave the permitted facts as a deed?”

Ugh, that far?

Unable to overcome the lingering glances, I finally shrugged my shoulders and put the Crown Princess’s name in my mouth.

“Older sister Lu, Lumiere…..?”

The Crown Princess, who looked dazed for a moment, placed her hand on her chest and lowered her upper body. A faint groan was heard.


“Your Highness?”

Surprised, Esadien lifted himself up slightly.

But I dully drank my tea. You should’ve shown that side of you.

‘Whoa, there’s another lamb who’s fallen for me.’

As expected, the Crown Princess soon returned with her original solemn face called Esadien.


“Yes, Your Highness.”

“You probably know that Minuelle hasn’t had an adult ceremony yet, right? If you put a finger on this cute girl, I will not let you go.”

No, you’re not supposed to be so serious.

Although adult ceremonies are held on Flanders and holidays, they are already legal adults.

Esadien was also dumbfounded, but after a brief silence, the answer came out.

“….All right.”

“Oh, sister, it’s okay.”

Still, this prince, the iron wall is no joke.

Having hurriedly dissuaded the Crown Princess, I held Esadien’s hand tightly and smiled. He flinched a little but didn’t shake off my hand.

“I’m the only one who needs to be careful.”

When the two of us are together, I appreciate Esadien’s beauty in the “I am a beast of the time.” And it was his daily routine to read books, avoiding my gaze.

Conversation was very rare, but I just liked looking at Esadien.

“A lot of time has already passed. I’m afraid it might interfere with government affairs, so I’ll leave for now.”

Esadien glanced at the clock and said,

I agreed right away. Appraising Esadien’s face comfortably when I was with others was hard.

“Oh, that’s right. Allow me to leave, Your Majesty.”

“Haha. I still have something to say.”

The Emperor, who was smiling happily, caught us.

“Lady Karinen.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“No, You can call me Father in the future.”


“Why are you surprised? We’re going to be a family soon.”

Seeing me in trouble, the Emperor smiled again.

‘He looks like the uncle from the local vegetable store….’

I was a little scared to hear that he was famous in the conquest war when he was a Crown Prince.

Still, the Emperor finally allowed me to call him Father and allowed access to the Secret Garden that only the Emperor could enter as if he were very satisfied.

“There’s a lake worth seeing. Go get on a boat with him.”

“Wow, thank you!”

It was my first time boating, so I was excited. Of course, it was because of the black heart rather than the boating itself.

‘Muscles! Tendon!’

You have to row to move your boat! No matter Esadien’s neatness, he’ll roll up his sleeves then.

‘Finally, Esadien’s forearm wriggling while rowing….. whoooo……’

Esadien looked at me with a smile more than usual with a little wonder. Of course, you don’t know that I laughed insidiously while thinking about that.

I was happy just imagining it, and as soon as I returned home, I hummed while wiping my statues and pleading.

“Thank you, Flendena. Please make sure it’s sunny tomorrow. I’ll go boating right away tomorrow, no, every day.”

I prayed faithfully and went to bed, but it began to rain the next day.


The next day, too.


And the next day too.

“Tomorrow, please. Isn’t clear sky beautiful?”


“You can’t help the weather, can you?”

“Isn’t Flendena able to do anything about the weather?”

I thought I heard a tongue kick somewhere, but I’m mistaken.

Well, even though I prayed so grumblingly, I couldn’t stop myself from going to see Esadien. Whether the boat ride was delayed, rainy or windy, it couldn’t stop me from going to see Esadien.

“I’ll be back!”

I ran into Ramande and greeted him on the way out to dress up. He put down the letter he was reading and asked.

“It’s raining a lot. Are you going again today? You don’t like raindrops.”

“It’s okay. I’m not wet at all until I enter the Imperial Palace.”

It was a pure coincidence that Frendna’s sentence came into my eyes, who were answering with a smile.

“Wow. Did you get a letter from the temple? How’s the High Priest doing? What about the others?

I stopped walking out of joy and sat next to Ramande.

“It’s not from Sumender. It’s a message.”

“Oh… really? What is it about?”

It was a little disappointing that we didn’t come from the temple of the Sumender region where we grew up.

But it’s a message!

A message is a kind of notice sent to the priests outside the temple using divine power. Having received this, the fact that I had left the temple touched me once again.

“Well, Minuelle, it’s not something you would like.”

“What is it?”

“It seems that a group of ‘the Church of Fire’ appeared in the southern part of the Empire.”


My forehead frowned reflexively. As Ramande said, it was not a subject I liked.

Fire. It was an essential element of human life, but to me it is nothing more than an object of fear.

‘That’s me from my previous life……. I lost my life in a fire.’

“Look, you don’t like it.”

“….it’s all right.”

As I shook my head at Ramande, I sighed deeply.

‘It’s been 10 years, but I still remember it vividly.’

When will I be able to forget?  The air was so hot that breathing in and out felt like torture.

When I panicked, I couldn’t remember any common sense that I had to cover my mouth with a wet towel and lower my body. In the meantime, the round doorknob of the emergency exit, which was held without covering the front and back, was so hot that I couldn’t even make a sound.

‘It’s locked, so in the end…..’

I lost my mind while turning the doorknob like crazy, and when I opened my eyes, I was a Minuelle. Even more surprising was that the palm of this body also had ugly burn marks.

‘This is so weird, no matter how much I think about it.’

A scar that doesn’t disappear even after pouring it with divine power like a shower for ten years.

‘Besides, this strange aura.’

I put my hand on my chest, which was engulfed in heat.


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