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VLTOB Chapter 25


【Chapter 25】

“Congratulations on your marriage. Lady Karinen, Sir Faroy.”

Esadien, who entered the hall, congratulated Juella and Gideon. And for a moment Esadien looked in my direction and made eye contact.

No, I thought so. He was immediately spreading the scroll and sticking it out toward my older sister.

“This is a congratulatory gift from His Majesty the Emperor.”

The Emperor and Crown Princess sent great gifts as they swore. The Emperor cut a ruby mine, and the Crown Princess had an inkwell carved out of a diamond that was too big to hold in one hand.

“It’s really big.”

“With the relationship between the Imperial Family and the Grand Duchess? This much is natural.”

Everyone applauded in admiration, but my face just hardened.

‘I can’t do this.’

It’s a good day. I knew it in my head, but I couldn’t help it.

Lafesch smiled like a flower in full bloom, and Esadien’s attitude toward her was very polite.

‘To me…. my confession was sincere.’

“How can…. you can be sure.”

The moment I heard Esadien’s words. The sound of things that I thought had been piled up so far rang in my ears.

Just because I like you, doesn’t mean I don’t get hurt. Rather, it hurt more.

“Minuelle, relax your face.”



“Uh? Yes?”

Thanks to Ramande, who spoke a little from behind me, I was able to take a long breath and look around.

Except for Juella, who came forward and dealt with Esadien, all the other family members and the Faroy family were looking at me.

‘Did it show that much in a moment?’

My cheeks were burning with shame.

‘It’s okay. It’s okay.’

The atmosphere finally softened as each person made eye contact and smiled.

“Good job. I’ll listen to you as much as you want after this, so be patient. Okay?”

Ramand whispered and patted me on the shoulder. I know it’s not okay at all, but he meant to cheer me up.


A refreshing divine power came in from his hand. It was not until the power calmed the heat that I realized that my stomach was boiling.

“Thank you, Ramande.”

When I regained my composure, I was able to smile naturally again. Also, the fact that I have a friend who looks into my heart like a mirror helped me to keep my back straight.

“Good job, our Minuelle.”

The purple eyes bent beautifully.

“You look prettier today. Most in the world.”

Come on. I don’t know why he said that all of Flendena’s children are beautiful.

“Hey, I shouldn’t be prettier than my sister”

When she snapped back, Ramande naturally responded, shaking his shoulders.

“The bride is out of the question.”

“Then I admit it.”

As she giggled while saying so, Ramande said with relief.

“It’s better now. Then I’ll go over there. The Prince is coming.”

With that said, Ramande left. As if taking over the baton, Esadien came and held out his arm.

Lafesch went to the seat of the Celeste family and greeted the people around her.

It was a very friendly atmosphere. There are people who sometimes cast an eye that seems to be searching this way.


Esadien called my name quietly. He looked puzzled when I didn’t put my hand on his arm.

And that’s all. When I looked up, Esadien’s face was as calm as usual.

“We’re not moving yet. It’s all right.”

I smiled on purpose.

As soon as my eyes met, I almost asked why he came with Lafesch reflexively, but fortunately, I could bear it.

“Is that so?”

That beautiful sea-colored eyes gazed softly at my closed lips.

Normally, I would have been happy just to face Esadien. It was very strange.

‘Ah… I think I’m getting angry again.’

I immediately had the urge to hold Esadien by the collar and question him. It would be like hanging on to him, let alone the collar, but I didn’t care about it at this moment.

“Be patient. Okay?”

But I could barely hold it as I remembered the voice of Ramande, who had been comforting me.

“….How have you been?”

“I don’t think you meant to say that.”

“No, I meant to ask how you were.”

“It’s okay.”

What do you mean, “Okay”? What the hell.

I was upset, but I forced myself to press it and greeted the guests who arrived one after another with a smile.

“I have to prepare something else now. The Prince can sit in the upper seat over there.”

When the ceremony began in earnest and Juella and Gideon entered, I had to prepare children to sprinkle flowers in front of them. It was a good excuse to leave.

With a light heart, she pushed Esadien toward Theodore and her eldest sister Elga, who was talking.




But isn’t Esadien, who seemed to be watching from behind, chasing me straight away.

‘No, why are you following me?’

Today, Esadien felt unfamiliar.

I tried to move my feet a little faster, but I was caught quickly because there was a step difference.


Esadien’s voice rang with the sound of our feet in the deserted hallway.

“Why, why did you come?

“As expected, you’re angry.”

“Why did you think so?”

Yeah. Let’s see if it’s because you know why.

“Because you didn’t call me by name. And, your look…..”

Esadien, who was about to add something, hesitated and closed his mouth.

“Look? And?”

Look? And? Or did I hear the word ‘puffer fish’ wrong?

Although she tilted her head, Esadien changed the subject without answering.

“No. Anyway, why are you angry?”

Can’t you just tell me everything? I would have been able to accept it as much as I usually do, but strangely, I felt like I was losing the energy to get angry.

“Well, I don’t feel so good, rather than angry.”

“Why, isn’t it a happy day?”

“Yes, that’s right. I’m very happy.”

She smiled and started walking again. Esadien who thought he would lose her hurriedly followed her.

“But why….”


I took a step away from Esadien and spoke quietly. He tried to approach but I raised my hand to block it.

“The Prince pushed my heart away. Then you met Lady Celeste, who had no particular reason to go to the Imperial Palace today, and came with her.”

She said as if she had chewed on it.

“Your Highness, not Theodore, escorted her directly in front of me who’s your fiancée.”


“How should I take that?”

“There was a reason….”

That’s right. There is a saying that there is no grave without excuses in the world.

“Yes. That must have been the reason why you couldn’t tell me in advance. Yes?”


There’s no word again. I sighed.

“The Prince always did. You don’t show me everything.”

At first, I was happy just to express my feelings to Esadien, and I gained strength by seeing him change little by little due to me.

But the moment someone else stepped in between us, I could no longer pretend not to know or not to be seen. Because my heart for him has grown too large to say that I don’t want Esadien’s heart.

I thought my heart would grow bigger from the beginning, but it wasn’t.

“I’m sorry. You said you had a reason, but I believe that I don’t have the Prince’s heart.”

“Minuelle, you….”

Esadien, who had been holding me back with trembling eyes, finally opened his mouth. A sigh-like voice came out through it.

“You are too fast. It’s too much for me.”

Behind Esadien’s words, A voice that sounded like a sigh flowed through them.

“I cannot give you as much emotion as you show me.”

As if his clothes are wet in the drizzle? It was all an illusion. Our relationship hasn’t progressed a single step since then.

No matter how much she said she liked him, Esadien didn’t return the echo. He was just absorbing like a sponge.

‘I should have realized it from the beginning.’

I took a couple of steps back, barely grasping my staggering body.

Tears welled up in front of my eyes, but I tried to keep my eyes from flowing. Lips drew a smile.

I am Karinen. And I’m the one who’s been graced by Flendena. I could never shed ugly tears.

“Okay, if that’s the answer the prince gives me.”

She gracefully grabbed the skirt, to show respect for the Royal Family.

“I’m sorry for all this time.”

Then she turned back and kept an upright posture. Esadien called from behind, but she did not answer.

“No, wait a minute. Minuelle.”


Then Esadien, who chased me, grabbed my shoulder and turned me around.

“Minuelle, listen to me a little more.”

“Is there anything else left to deny me?”

“No, that’s not it. I’m just, I’m just….”

‘Why are you doing this?’

I’ve never seen Esadien so shaken up before. Soothing me not to cry, looking at the ceiling, pulling my collar, rubbing my neck.

After taking a deep breath, Esadien opened his mouth again.

“I keep thinking of you, but I don’t know what to do.”

As if I was too surprised, the tears I had been holding with my might fall. It was my first ever experience.


All I could do was question it blankly.

And as the tears dried and my view somewhat clear, Esadien’s image came into view clearly.

“Wherever I go, I only think of you…. then.”

Esadien was looking at the floor, avoiding my gaze.

“I think I’ve become weird.”

Esadien’s neck, forehead, and hands covering his mouth were all red. When I saw the figure, I could see for sure that I didn’t hear it wrong.

The moment I was sure, I reached out to him on impulse.

“At first, I was just trying to talk to Lady Celeste…..”


Having removed Esadien’s hand that covered his mouth, I looked into his surprised eyes and grabbed him by the collar.

The distance between us became thinner as the two lips collided. The sound of a heart that I don’t know who it belongs to fills my ears.


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