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VLTOB Chapter 24


【Chapter 24】

The veins stood out on one side of Lafesch’s forehead.

“No, it’s not. Since I made a mistake last time, I’ve become very close by talking candidly…. Minuelle is very shy. That’s probably why.”

“Is that so?”

Are you shy? The words were awkward for Esadien.

‘Was Minuelle shy?’

Obviously, on the first day we met, she told me that I was handsome. She’s glad I’m her fiancé too, she did.

‘She’s rather aggressive.’

Whether it’s the expression or physical contact.

But it was strange. Even though I was thinking about Minuelle, my heart didn’t beat like crazy or my face didn’t heat up.

I couldn’t think of a face or a voice.

‘It’s the same as…. last time.’

And then and now, Lafesch was by my side. Then, wouldn’t it be possible for Young Lady Celeste to talk about Minuelle comfortably?

‘I think I can get out of this maze.’

It was uncomfortable to keep trying to reach Lafesch, but it is basic to face the other person when talking anyway.

And since she said she’s Minuelle friend.

“Then shall we go to my palace together and talk?”

“Oh, it’s an honor.”

There is no way that Lafesch will refuse.

Esadien was silent all the way to the imperial palace, but Lafesch was busy suppressing her excited mind, so she had no time to care about it.

‘I’m finally entering the Third Prince’s Palace!’

Unlike the Crown Princess’s palace or the Emperor’s main palace, which is the height of splendor, the Third Prince’s palace was relatively less decorated and neat. Esadien’s personality, which does not like to stand out or make a fuss, was revealed.

The attendant was a little surprised when Esadien brought a woman, but he bent down without saying anything.

However, the place he guided was not the private parlor inside where Minuelle spent time with Esadien, but the parlor close to the outside entrance. Lafesch smiled without knowing it.

However, after hearing Esadien’s story, only a forced smile remained and hung on her face.

‘What is this. Two-sided shoveling?’

No, it’s not. Minuelle showed her love for Esadien without hesitation. Esadien was alone in shoveling, bound by the ghosts of the past.

‘Ha, indeed. Minuelle…. You eat all the good things by yourself.’

At first, I wanted to get close, but as I kept being rejected, Lafesch’s mind was twisted.

It was also true for Lafesch and Minuelle that a one-sided relationship would be exhausting.

Besides, since she was greedy for Esadien, Lapeche couldn’t purely like Minuelle.

‘Having the greatest family in the empire, great wealth, and beauty, it’s easy to get Esadien as well.’

For Lafesch, who came up from the bottom, to be honest, her stomach was twisted.

‘I’ve been through a lot.’

It’s better if Esadien comes to me after falling out.

Thinking that way, Lafesch gathered her expression again.

“Then, can I help you?”

“Help me?”

“I think you should first look into your heart honestly. To do that…..”

Lafesch had a pure-looking smile on her face.

“For the time being, you should not meet Minuelle and take time to think calmly.”


“Dien, I have some surprising news.”

“What is it, Your Majesty?”

It was polite tea time. The Crown Princess has been away from the Imperial Palace for a while due to a schedule that cannot be postponed. The Emperor and Esadien were spending time alone.

“You’ve invited Lady Celeste to your palace.”


Esadien was not surprised and affirmed. There was nothing the Emperor was unaware of what was happening inside the Imperial Palace.

“Have you ever had a crush on Lady Celeste?”


“I’m saying this because my baby doesn’t enter the Imperial Palace these days.”

“No, Minuelle is….”

I love you, she said.


As soon as I remembered that time, I met Lafesh and had a dull pain in my heart, which became quiet.

‘Is this guilt?’

Because I hurt you.

Esadien thought so.

“Minuelle is busy. Isn’t the wedding of the Second Princess just around the corner?”

The Emperor raises one eyebrow. 

‘Seeing you call her name naturally, I don’t think you opened your heart.’

However, Esadien, who is comparable to a hermit, invited someone to his palace. It wasn’t something to pass by.

“Then what about Lady Celeste?”

“I just met for a while because I had something to ask.”

The Emperor’s finger tapped on the armrest.

‘I’ll have to stop here.’

It’s weird to ask too much about the relationship of a grown-up. Without realizing that he had already questioned, the Emperor thought so and changed his words.

“But Lady Celeste.”


“Didn’t you see anything strange?”

It’s weird. Esadien quietly put down the teacup he was holding.

‘Did His Majesty feel it, too?’

The quietness that comes when he face Lafesch. Unexplained attraction. However, the ‘unknown reason’ part was caught. So Esadien gave another reason to guess.

“She looks a lot like my mother?”

“So I didn’t lose my eyes. Isn’t it possible for a person to resemble like that?”


“It’s strange that even the location of the dot looks similar.”

But the only thing that resembles Maya is her face. The other part was completely different.

“Anyway. You know that Young Lady was adopted as a daughter.”

“That’s what I heard.”

“I heard that Viscount Celeste, who received great help from the young lady, passed away.”

The strange thing is that.

Viscount Celeste is a wealthy man with several small businesses. However, while struggling only in the southern desert area, Lafesch’s advice helped him to focus on a few items and ride on an upward trend.

It was said that the damage was reduced by predicting the looting of desert thieves.

“I thought it could be because she grew up in the desert border area and had a deep understanding. However…. well.”

I’ve tried this and that, but it’s embarrassing to say that it doesn’t meet expectations, so it would be better to say that it doesn’t seem like you have any thoughts.

“When he first met her, he said she drew his attention by reciting Grizzio’s poem in the salon.”

Grizzio is a student of Ropeje and a poet who is a teacher of Antiqlo. He was a teacher and less famous than his student, but Viscount Celeste loved Grizzio more.

Lafesch, who said that she was caught in the eyes of the Viscount like that, was Ropeje and didn’t know about Antiqlo.

“But she told me clearly about the things she recommended to the Viscount and the reason for that.”

‘As if she memorized it.’

The emperor didn’t say anything about it, but Esadien immediately recognized it. It was not for the same reason as him, but for his disappointment inside, his face hardened.

“Your Majesty, do you mean…..”


The Emperor nodded as if to continue.

“Do you think Lady Celeste is from Chitrum?”

Chitrum, the country beyond the desert. It was a place that did not bow to the Empire, as well as the people of the border area, who were ignorant of robbery.

“The lady was the nephew of Baron Tempest before she became the adoptive daughter. She must have gone to Chitrum for some reason….But.”

The Emperor tapped the armrest again.

After a while.

“Have you heard of ‘The Church of Fire’?”

“Theodore once said. Not only the Desert Rogue, but also the denomination also has a little problem….”

Esadien’s low voice broke off and continued again.

“By any chance.”

“Yes, I have that in mind, too.”

The Church of Fire was an organization that denied the existence of gods and worshiped fire itself. That alone is a source of riot, but it was even more problematic to set fire to it as if it was an offering to the fire.

Naturally, the Emperor immediately imposed a ban on the Church of Fire. Apart from resisting it, it was natural to think that the privileged class should be increased.

“So I’m going to leave it to you to observe. Just in time, you seem to be getting close to the young lady…..”

“We just chatted for a while.”

“Yes, I don’t know what my baby will say.”

“Your Majesty!”

The Emperor giggled. A calm fellow was more fun to tease.

“Get out of here. Be careful not to leak.”

“I’ll do my best.”

Esadien spoke with all his heart.

The Emperor and the Crown Prince sincerely accepted him, who was abused by his mother and made him grow up this much.

I always wanted to return the favor.

‘I’ll dig it up somehow.’

Shortly after Esadien, who had made a promise like that, left. The emperor suddenly hit his forehead and lamented.

“Ah, this.”

“Are you uncomfortable, Your Majesty?”

“No, nothing.”

The Emperor immediately waved his hand to the responding servant and clicked his tongue inside.

‘What you can tell the baby.’

Karinen’s Second Princess is the owner of a huge trading company that leads the Empire’s commercial sphere. I could have expected enough help. Of course, he said not to divulge it, but Minuelle was out of the question.

‘I hope you have that much flexibility.’

Until this time, the emperor did not know. The fact that Esadien is more straightforward than he imagined.


Older sister Juella wedding was unprecedentedly splendid.

The weather was clear, and the decorations were not disturbed.

‘It’s perfect!’

I laughed happily.

The most perfect among them was my sister. 

“You look really good in it, sister. You look prettier in it.”

“It’s because our youngest chose well.”

The eldest sister Elga was married in the northern province because she was the heir.

‘It was really cold then.’

It was winter and colder than usual. Even I, who was weak but strong in the cold, was shaking.

Still, it was a magnificent and beautiful wedding with a combination of snowy scenery and red decorations.

‘But right now, it’s midsummer.’

Saying the sun is bright. Besides, my second older sister, Juella, is free from such traditions. Because of this, she was able to have a wedding in Roquette.

“Oh, it’s the Imperial carriage.”

“It looks like a gift from the Imperial Family.”

I could tell that Esadien had arrived by the sound of conversations from the guests at the window.

‘Uh, what should I do?’

I was very nervous.

It was the first Esadien I had seen since the last time we met.

‘How should I deal with it?’

It was fortunate that today was my sister’s wedding. My family won’t think it’s weird if I don’t stick to Esadien and stay calm.

“The Third Prince is here. You grew up really well. I’m surprised every time I see you.”

“Hoho, so am I. Hmm? By the way, who is that red-haired young lady?”

….Lafesch. The blood all over her body cooled coldly, and only her ears toward the window seemed to have tripled in size.

I deliberately drank water to cover my trembling lips.

“Who is she that the prince escorts her like that? I heard that the youngest daughter was engaged to the prince.”

“Oh, my. Sir Tregosnan is here with you.”

The ladies by the window and I breathed a sigh of relief at the same time.

‘I’m a little relieved if Theo was with me, but….’

It was strange.

‘Lafesch is attending the wedding today, so it must be the day she doesn’t enter the imperial palace.

Why did she appear in an imperial carriage with Esadien? When I questioned it, my mouth suddenly became dry like a grain of sand rolling around.


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