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VLTOB Chapter 23


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【Chapter 23】

Perhaps he was washed after training, but the color of his hair that was not completely dried was a little darker than usual.

The skin between the shirts that were unbuttoned without cravat was quite soft, no, it was delightful.

‘Oh my….. Muscles after a long time……!’

I wanted to see more, but Esadien hurriedly buttoned as he looked at the attendant who had guided me. 

Was I too much?

“Ah… That’s too much.”

“What are you talking about? I’ll dressed properly, so please sit down and wait for a while.”

The attendant smiled as soon as she was scolded and then left.

Now it’s just the two of us, but Esadien turned right away to change his clothes.


I called him in a small voice.

I didn’t want to be separated from him today. I won’t feel anxious when you’re around.

“I’ll be right back.”

“I don’t like it.”

She stretched out her slightly open arm to Esadien, who turned around.

“I missed you.”

After hesitating for a while, Esadien returned and hugged me as if he had no choice because I kept my arms open.

‘I wouldn’t have dreamed of this in the past.’

It wasn’t until I put my arm around Esadien’s waist that a smile leaked from my mouth.

“Changing clothes, can I help you?”

“No, I refuse.”

But refusal was cutting through like a knife. I stomped and pestered.

“That’s too much. Then stay like this.”

“That’s not polite…..”

“Just for today, or I won’t let you go.”

As I stopped talking and threatened him, a short breath broke out above my head.

I raised my head and made eye contact with Esadien and smiled.

“Yes? Esadien.”

“I can never win. I got it.”

Now I’m used to sitting against Esadien on a long sofa and so does he.

As I leaned his head on Esadien’s shoulder and exhaled a long breath, he immediately asked.

“What’s wrong, Minuelle?”


“It’s just that you look a little anxious, unlike usual.”

The surprise spread in my heart, for a moment, with a gentle wave of joy.

‘Esadien was also looking at me.’

My one-sided heart has drawn his gaze to me at some point.

“Hold my hand, please.”

A large, carefully unfolded hand reached out. I pushed my finger between Esadien’s fingers and clasped them tightly.

“Today, older sister Juella received the consent of the Emperor to get married.”

Esadien, who had been agonizing for a while, asked carefully.

“Is it strange that it feels like she’s leaving? I heard sisters feel that way.”

“No, we live in the same house.”


“Lady Celeste entered as the maid of the Crown Princess. His Majesty wanted to keep young lady close and see her.”

Esadien must know the reason. If the Emperor was surprised at first sight, he would have felt it either.


Again, the answer flowed slowly.

‘Did you really care about Lafesch?’

Again, anxiety is pouring inside. It was a hunch as a person who liked Esadien. Like the misunderstandings I made today, I hope this is just an illusion.

In a hurry, I looked straight at Esadien, lifted my body that leaned on him.

“Esadien, when are we getting married?”

“His Majesty and the Grand Duchess should agree first.”

“His Majesty wants to do it quickly. Of course, I do.”


Esadien looked at me silently.

I don’t know if you’re blaming me for being impatient, or if you mean that you don’t care.

This time, it was difficult to read Esadien’s eyes.

‘I don’t want to lose you.’

I didn’t want to lose Esadien, who slowly got used to me like a drizzle. No, I didn’t want him to be taken away.

The firm arms that hug me, the wide shoulders that lean toward me when I lean my head. Sometimes his ears are red looking at me, and his calm and low voice calling my name.

‘If it’s all towards Lafesh, not me…..’

Just by imagining it, anger surged in me, and I had the urge to destroy it all.


I exhaled for a long time and pressed all the bad thoughts. That’s how much I held Esadien’s hand.

“I’ll make you happy.”

So come to me.


I held out my whole heart to Esadien, who was still silent.

“I love you.”

At that moment, Esadien’s face, whose expression could not be read, had a distinct crack.

The look on his face, which seemed to be a frown, and on the other hand, showed his reluctance, hardened me.

And finally, Esadien’s lips opened.

“How can…. you can be sure.”


Esadien has been absent-minded lately.


A soft voice was calling, so when I turned around, the servant, who was tired of calling him several times, stood there with a surprised face.

The same was true when he slumped down on the edge of a long sofa.

“I love you.”

The eyes looking straight at Esadien, the firm voice of conviction, and the weight that gently touched his shoulder, all came to mind vividly.

Even now, he was in doubt. How can Minuelle be so sure.

His mother and her lover must have whispered those words to each other. But the man is gone and all that’s left is bad things to say.

Nevertheless, Esadien regretted asking Minuelle that frank question. I could recall the eyes that were revealed to have been hurt and the lips that were slightly opened and closed with trembling.


Esadien sighed heavily and shook his head and stood up.

The memories of Minuelle were buried here and there in the Imperial Palace. I thought I’d keep thinking about her if I stayed like this.

“Where are you going, Prince?”

“Walk. You don’t have to follow me.”


“I have a lot on my mind. It’s all right, so don’t follow.”

Having stopped the servants who were about to carry out immediately, Esadien went aimlessly.

“I’ll forgive you.”

But the voice came again.

‘I even went outside. Why this time?’

As I frowned and blinked, the noise around me poured into my ears.

“This is….”

It was a library.

People who applied for data and librarians who were looking for it were busily moving around Esadien, standing blankly.

When the smell of the library’s unique book touched the tip of my nose, I reflexively remembered what had happened in the library at the Grand Residence of Karinen.


He could feel his face heat up in an instant. At the same time, Esadien escaped from the library at a brisk pace, like a fugitive.

In fact, Esadien had no intention of making such contact with Minuelle until then.

The Crown Princess’s threat to not do anything nonsense before the coming-of-age ceremony was also a threat, but Esadien himself did not want to have such a relationship before marriage.


“Can I kiss you then?”

Whenever she provokes him with her eyes. I accepted it after thinking about it for a short time, but it’s canceled. She doesn’t want to do it like some kind of reward.

Esadien, who rarely acted impulsively, became angry for a moment at that time and committed the act.

‘It’s okay, I must have been. Minuelle too.’

It seems to be so, considering that it has been crammed up.

“You said no.”

Still, Minuelle was a difficult and a bit resentful opponent for Esadien.

“I didn’t want to hurt you….”

I felt lost in the maze.

Why does someone keep coming to mind? Why does she care more and more about her partner’s pain than her own?

Esadien did not know why. No, I was turning a blind eye to myself.

Such feelings are all driven into a remote tower in the heart and a child who is at a loss even when holding the key.

That was Esadien.

“Ah, Prince. I see you here like this.”


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