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VLTOB Chapter 2


【Chapter 2 – Drizzle at First Sight】


A soft touch shook her shoulders.


“Oh, let go of my clothes….”

“She’s doing all the sleep talk she never had before. Wake up, Minuelle.”


“We’re almost there.”


I think it was just a while ago that we said we’d be leaving.

I managed to lift my eyelids that wouldn’t move.

Ramande patted me on my head that leaning on his shoulder and smiled.

“You say you’re nervous because it’s been a while since you’ve seen your family? How can such a person sleep like this?”

“No, I just closed my eyes for a second! When did I fall asleep?”

“You snored as soon as you closed your eyes.”


“If you noticed, stop moving. My shoulders are going to break.”

Grumbling. I hesitated and straightened up.

“Nervous is nervous… Your shoulders are at a comfortable angle, so I can fall asleep easily.”

“So it’s my shoulder’s fault?”


At the same time as the answer, Hua-am, a huge yawn flowed out.

“Oh… Sometimes I see no general feeling.”

“Again, you say something that doesn’t make sense.”

“Hehe, Ramande…..”

I grinned and clung to Ramande again.

Ramande was a friend I met shortly after entering the temple of Flendena.

It’s already been eight years since we lived together because we’re the same age and his divine power fits me particularly well. Now I couldn’t imagine a life without Ramande.

“Why are you laughing like that? What else are you going to do?”

“No, someone would think I’m a troublemaker!”

“Isn’t it? Please go home and live quietly, okay?”

As I remembered the things I had done in the past years, I couldn’t really refute it.

Whether it was a case of going to the market on a fasting day, or putting a cat in a chicken coop because I didn’t want to take a scripture test….

“It’s all a thing of the past, though.”

“What the heck.”


Ramande said in a stern voice to me, his mouth closed in anger.

“Now get ready for real. Comb your hair and wash your face.”

But it was Ramande who actually moved when he told me to get ready.

He was more skilled than anyone else at gently combing my hair with a large comb and wiping my face with a cool divine power with a soft hand.

“What you looking at?”

“There’s something like that.”

“Do you want to keep muttering to yourself?”

Ramande gave me a pin, but I was untied like a fluffy cotton candy.

Ramande was my friend, brother, sister, and guardian. Although he sighed now and asked me to graduate him from the nanny role…..

I’ve heard that when my mother asked me to come with her, she said she would, of course, even if she didn’t ask.

I grinned, slightly biting my tongue while Ramande turned his back.

There was a long line of servants in front of the carriage when I got off.

‘No, I’m not a king, this much…’

It was a burden for a moment, but when I saw my mother with her arms outstretched in front of me, all of her thoughts disappeared.



I ran and hugged my mother.

Unlike my mother, who takes it as if nothing happened to me even if I ran, my body was already gasping for this distance.

“Baby, are you all right?”

My Mother’s blunt red eyes quickly faded into concern. I kissed my mother with a smile.

“Ungg, I missed my mom.”

“Minuelle, what about your father?”

“I missed dad too!”

While I was hugging my father, I heard a cough next to me. It was the sound from Elga, my eldest sister who looked exactly like my mother’s blunt point.

“Sister Elga.”

As I hugged Sister Elga tightly, the second older sister who was with me pinched my cheeks without hurting me.

“Our youngest is getting cuter and cuter, so it’s a big deal.”

“Hehe, I missed sister Juella a lot too.”

I am twenty now. The attitude of a person who is going to have a coming-of-age ceremony soon is rather childish.

However, Sister Elga is ten years older than me and Sister Juella is eight years older than me. Moreover, my family only adores me in whatever I do because I have been weak since I was young.

“I’m glad to see you again. It’s Ramande Flendena.”

While my sisters and their love surrounded me, Ramande greeted my parents.

“It took a lot of hard work to take care of Minuelle, but now our entire family has been helped by the priest.”

“Thank you, Father Ramande.”

A person who practices in a temple can choose two paths. Like me, staying in a temple for a certain period of time while writing for my family or returning to the arms of God as a priest.

A few months ago, Ramande took the path of a priest and received his name from the God Flendena.


When his eyes met, Ramande smiled and asked in the shape of his mouth.

I quietly shook my head. Being surrounded by family and friends who loved me was the culmination of happiness.

‘It’s like a world made for me.’

I feel sorry for the original body owner, but I could never miss this.


When I woke up, I was a ten-year-old kid.

‘It’s hot…’

I still thought I was in flames. The soaring heat made it difficult even to breathe properly.

‘I’m tired now. Just let me die quickly.’

I didn’t want to feel the pain of the fire-eating flesh. Life was like a thorny road. I wanted to let go of everything and become comfortable.

“Baby, open your eyes.”

However, the cool and desperate voice heard at that moment forced the vague consciousness to hold.


“Baby, you can’t fall asleep. If you hang in there a little longer, we’re at the temple.”

Who is this person?

A red-eyed woman held me in her arms. I’ve never seen her face before, and her red eyes are second to none. She opened her mouth, but only hot breath came out.

“Open your eyes. Please…..”

And the more she talked to me, the more her mind became clearer.

A red-eyed woman who took the dying ‘me’ who was dying of fever to the temple without resting all night.

I later found out, she was the mother of the body I woke up to. Judith Karinen, the Grand Duchess of the Northern part of the Preseria Empire.

And this the body of her youngest daughter, Minuelle Karinen.

When I found out after the fever had gone down, I looked in the mirror with half doubt and immediately screamed and fainted.

“Ah! I’m possessed!”

It was natural that the temple was overturned once again, as the youngest daughter of the Grand Duchess Judith Karinen, who was barely saved, collapsed.


“What are you doing? Are you playing that game again?”

Ramande approached me, sitting in front of the mirror blankly, recalling the past, and touched my shoulder.

“What kind of game?”

“You know what you used to do while looking in the mirror. Did you ask the mirror who is the prettiest in the world?”

“Oh, when are you talking about?”

I looked in the mirror every day in love with the beauty of the body I possessed, and Ramande would still tease me about it years later.

I stretched my cheeks in the mirror. I did the same thing in the mirror.

‘Yes, this is me.’

Minuelle Karinen was originally a villain in the novel 『The Blessings of Flendena』.

A beautiful woman with cherry blossom-like hair and eyes like the dawn sky.

Her beauty and family make her walk the path of a villain because of the male protagonist, Theodore Tregosnan. She fell in love with him at first sight and got married, but when the female character appeared late….

Well, that’s what it is. She sacrificed her family’s power, her own life, and everything, trying to separate the two, but all failed. And the ending is a tragic death.

‘Are you kidding me? If I were you, I’d get divorced right away.’

Why are you obsessed with a man who turned around? Revenge is enough after you’ve become strangers.

Anyway, in the end, even if she ran to the end of her humanity, Minuelle was definitely the victim.

However, due to the writer’s writing skills and the tragic atmosphere that penetrates the entire novel, it was a novel that I unknowingly became immersed in the main characters, not Minuelle.

“What are you doing, you have a pretty face.”

Ramande took my hand off and rubbed my ragged cheek in the meantime.

“Am I pretty, Ramande?”

Questions that I wouldn’t have been able to put into my mouth if I had been in a previous life came out well because I knew I had a pretty body.

‘Except for one.’

It couldn’t be, but my palm seemed to sting. Even though I was in the house, I rolled my hands without taking off my gloves.

Ramande, who quietly looked down at me like that, answered with a playful sign.

“All Flendena’s children are beautiful.”

I laughed.

“That’s right.”

I thought as I looked in the mirror again.

‘Even if the original story was like that, I would never get involved with the male protagonist.’

I won’t take a step out of this peaceful life.

But… life doesn’t work out the way you want it to. I had to hear a shocking story that it had been days since I had made such a commitment.

Cough, cough, cough.”


I choked properly. Ramande, who was next to me, slapped me on the back in a hurry.

“My nose hurts.”

The tea ran down my nose, and it stung. Ramande sighed, arousing divine powers and calming my condition.

“Baby, aren’t you so surprised?”

My mother put her cup down quietly. However, my Mather, who sat with her, frowned a little and was embarrassed.

“It’s a sudden story, but isn’t it natural that Minuelle is surprised?”

Apparently, my father didn’t like it. I’m sure he will.

“Am I engaged to the Third Prince?”


If you are the third….. Esadien Roquette, the sub-male lead in the original.

‘I didn’t know you were my fiancé. Oh, my God.’

I came home for my coming-of-age ceremony and my second sister’s wedding.

Since my physical condition has improved a lot, there have been talks about whether it would be okay to stay at home now.

Although the Flendena and temples were in a mild atmosphere, there could be no discipline in group life. Of course, I ran out right away because I liked a comfortable house….

“When did I get engaged?”

Her red eyes softened a little as if sorry, as she wiggled her fingers and looked at her mother.

“It’s a story you went back and forth a little before entering the temple.”

She said that the emperor strongly pushed my engagement to Esadien.

But the timing was not good. At that time, my health deteriorated and I entered the temple, so all my family thought it had never happened.

“And, Your Majesty has heard that you have returned this time, so Your Majesty said that we should let you meet your fiancé.”

“You must have been very surprised, but Minuelle. I thought it wasn’t up to us to decide since you’re an adult now. The prince and you may be on the same page.”


“What if… what if it doesn’t work?”

“Then I will break the marriage. For our family, we can’t even make a dent like that. So let’s meet.”

My Father said with a gentle smile. My mother never forced me either.


To be honest, I didn’t want to meet him. Because Esadien Roquette was the closest friend to the male protagonist Theodore.


The soft hem of my dress crumpled up badly under my finger. No matter how atrocious the Duchess is, she is the Emperor’s servant.

‘If I refuse, my mother will be in trouble.’

I hated you more than I was reluctant to meet Esadien.

“Then let’s meet first.”

“Will you be all right?”

“It’s like visiting the Imperial Palace, huh?”

She answered casually and smiled. But her hands were trembling under the table.

When I stuttered and reached out to the side, Ramande, who was listening to the story silently, held me tight. The constant warmth was delivered, and then the tremor subsided.


As long as you don’t fall for Theodore. It was definitely going to be fine.


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