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VLTOB Chapter 17


【Chapter 17】


As Minuelle’s gaze reached him, Esadien nodded his head slightly.

“I’m full… But I got it.”

Compared to Ramande’s plate, Minuelle’s looked like a new dish with little reduction.

Esadien deeply sympathized with Princess Juella’s and the butler’s feelings.

‘Eating like that, every time we meet, you get thinner.’

Rather, it seemed like she eat a little bit more at home than at the Imperial Palace.

While Minuelle was struggling with meatballs that rarely decreased in amount, Esadien quietly called the butler and told him about the cafe located in Kaduren Square.

Still, she ate one side of the ‘meat and cheese sandwich’ there.


It was a happy time.

Esadien, Ramande. It felt like a dream to have both of my precious people around me, so my stomach seemed to have increased a little. I ate as hard as I could with that power, but….

“Ah, as expected, more than this is impossible.”

When she put her hand on her bursting stomach and leaned on the back, Ramande smiled a little.

“Then give it to me. Still, I ate a lot for you.”

Ramande used to take my plate. It was also very fortunate to see the remaining things cut into large pieces and take them to his mouth.

‘It all goes in.’

It’s also strange, but Ramande’s stomach was flat, not to mention sticking out no matter how much he ate. It was truly the mystery of the human body.


While watching Ramande’s eating show for a long time, I heard Esadien’s voice ringing. Looking at the angle at which only one eyebrow rose slightly, it was clear that he was uncomfortable.

However, I couldn’t figure out the reason even after thinking about it for a long time.

“What’s wrong with you?”

Did she stare too closely? Esadien’s eyes rolled towards her, noticing her gaze.

“Esadien, would you like one more plate?”

His plate was cleanly empty long ago.

“It’s all right.”

“Hmm… Was it bad?”

Is it similar to saying, ‘There is nothing to eat in this house’ on the way out of a buffet?

“Oh… no.”

But what do you mean it’s not, either. In this case, the answer is to ask honestly.

“You don’t look so happy.”

Esadien, who paused at the words, stared at me softly and shook his head slightly.

“No way.”

I asked because it’s impossible.

As I continued to observe him, whose facial expression changes were not colorful, I also had a special investigation plan for Esadien.

However, I decided to move on because his eyes, which were closed and opened slowly, became gentle and soft.

After a while, Ramande put down the tableware and the meal was over, but I didn’t want to break up with Esadien like this.

‘It’s been a while since we met, but we can’t let you go this fast!’

Due to Esadien’s nature, today’s visit is unlikely to be what he wanted. After the meal was over, it was clear that he was about to go back.

“We have a library in our mansion, would you like to visit?”

To he, who likes books, I suggested a topic that was difficult to refuse. Because we can be together while we read at least one book.


As expected, Esadien nodded as if he had been intrigued.

Oh, yeah! I thought to myself, hurrah.

‘Please take care of the accumulated work, the future me!’

My family loved books. The main castle in the north was a library on the first floor and underground of the annex.

“I see why you said library.”

Esadien admired the space that was too large to be called a study.

“It may be much smaller than the Imperial Library.”

“But there are so many people there. It’s nice here because it’s quiet.”

The smile on Esadien’s face was pretty. I can’t do anything if I can see that.

“Come and look around at your convenience.”

As he spoke with a big smile, Esadien asked a little hesitantly.

“Thank you…. but don’t I have to ask the Grand Duke for permission first.”

“Of course, Your Grace.”

The answer came from someone with pink hair like me. The Grand Duchess Karinen’s husband, who handed it over to me, was my father.


“Yeah, sweetheart.”

My father already had a couple of books on his side.

“Long time no see, Your Highness.”

“Sorry for the sudden visit without contact.”

“No, don’t feel pressured because the door to the Grand Duchess’ residence is always open to the Prince. When there is a person who reads a book, you have a life.”

“Thank you.”

“Then have a good time.”

My father, who smiled softly, left those words and walked away.

After that, I waited for Esadien to choose a book, then took his hand and sat on the hidden window seat.


I felt so happy from the tip of my toes. When I couldn’t stand the ticklish feeling and eventually made a laugh, Esadien looked at me as if he was asking why.

“It’s like we’re on a date.”

When I put my hand around my mouth and whispered in a small voice, Esadien’s ears turned red.

“Uh… Why are you shy?”

It’s not even my first time doing this.

When asked with a tilt, he hurriedly denied it.

“Oh, no.”

“But your ears turned red.”


It was the cutest thing in the world to see Esadien rubbing his forehead in confusion.


When I called out with a broad smile, he answered with a sigh while covering his eyes.

“What…. is it?”

“Can I kiss you?”


For a moment, Esadien’s body stiffened.

And a few seconds later, he lowered his hand and shouted low with a straight face.

“You really are…..!”

But I’m a Karinen who doesn’t miss a chance.

As soon as the obstruction arm disappeared, I kissed Esadien on the cheek.


It’s already the second kiss.

The touch of the lips touching the tight and soft skin made me feel good. In addition to that, watching a face that slowly turns red.

Esadien looked blank for a moment and then grabbed my shoulder that leaning toward him, and put me back to my seat.

“Read, read a book.”

I laughed out loud at the intermittent voice.

“Is it that embarrassing?”


But Esadien quickly regained his original attitude. When my name came out of his mouth firmly, I decided to stop playing around.

“Okay, I won’t disturb you any more….”

However, at that moment, my body trembled as I felt the cold rising from the back of my back to the top of my head.

“Oh my god!”

Esadien was surprised by the unusual reaction and closed the book. He then grabbed my shoulder and touched my cheek and my forehead.

“Minuelle, what’s wrong?”

“Oh, no…. I feel very ominous right now….”

The voice trembled of its own accord.

Instincts were shouting. There’s Lafesch right around here!

“Feeling ominous….”

Esadien murmured as if a little perplexed. After that, a soft voice like a harp melody flew in.

“Oh, Lady Minuelle. Are you here? I’ve been looking for a long time.”

Ah, again.

My back stopped stiffening.

“Ce- Lady Celeste, how did you get here…..”

I managed to say hello with a creak. But somehow, there was no response to come back.

Like ‘Your clothes look great with you today too!’ or ‘I brought this, try it.’

Instead of saying those words, Lafesch was silently muttering as if her soul had been stolen.

“Oh my gosh.”

Her eyes were defocused, yet her gaze fixed on Esadien’s face, her face flushed red, and her excited smile.

I could tell at a glance. Lafesch fell in love with Esadien.

When I first met Esadien, my face was like that too.

‘Why? Lafesch should be connected to Theodore, but why……’

In the original work, there was a time when Lafesch was rapidly approaching Esadien.

However, it was because Lafesch had a very hard time mentally due to her relationship with Theodore, and Esadien made a mistake while drunk.

‘No, please. Only Esadien.’

Biting my lips in impatience, I reflexively looked back at Esadien.

He forgot to breathe and stared at Lafesch with a strange expression I had never seen before, neither cold nor rigid.

Never before has Esadien looked at anyone so persistently. Even to me, who has been approaching him so far.


I was so sad that I couldn’t say anything. All I could do was take a deep breath.

My heart was literally thrown to the ground.

It felt like even the books filled with the walls were falling over my head.

The main character is the center of the story, the owner of the story.

‘If Lafesch wants Esadien, can I win?’

I wasn’t… confident. In the first place, the idea of not falling in love with the male protagonist itself as I don’t want to flow to the fate of fighting the female protagonist.

The original has already proved that even if I devote all the happiness surrounding me, I can’t beat Lafesch, the owner of the story.

That’s why I avoided it, but why did this happen?

“….elle, Minulle.”

“Ah yes? Yes!”

“Are you all right? You look pale.”

Before I knew it, Esadien was looking at my condition with his upper body slightly bent.


When I faced the sea-colored eyes as if it was looking deep into my soul, my mind returned a little.

“Ah, yes, I must have thought of something else for a moment.”

I took a deep breath and made up a smiling face.

“Esadien, this is Lady Lafesch Celeste. She came to help me prepare for my sister’s wedding.”

“Nice to meet you.”

Lafesch grabbed the skirt and slightly bent her knees.

“Lady Celeste, this is my fiancé, Prince Esadien Roquette.”

“Nice to see you.”

Esadien lowered his head slightly.

However, Lafesch looked quite surprised as the face earlier had gone.

“En…. Engaged?”


“Minuelle, are you engaged?”

Clear golden eyes wandered between Esadien and me.

“Besides, Esa… No, with the Third Prince?”



After asking so many times, she asked Esadien if she felt a little strange.

“Is there something wrong?”

“No… I, excuse me.”

Lafesch alternated between Esadien and me with trembling eyes, lowered her pale face, and left.

‘What do I do?’

I can’t believe Lafesch also fell in love with Esadien. I was out of breath.

I held my fingers together. I was drunk on Esadien, who accepted me little by little, and forgot that anyone could fall for him as I fell for him.


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