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VLTOB Chapter 16


【Chapter 16】

‘I didn’t hear. Yeah, I didn’t hear anything.’

As I entered the parlor at a quick pace, unlike myself, a large man smiled at me.

A large man looked at me and smiled innocently.

“Lady Karinen, how have you been?”

“Oh? Sir Tregosnan?”

First of all, I don’t know why this gentleman came from the Faroy family, but it was a good opportunity.

‘The original male and female main characters meet!’

I’ll have to light a fire between them and get them engaged.

I peeked at Theodore and smiled.

‘Theodore must have fallen in love with Lafesch at first sight.’

How did you know? I don’t care which part I’m looking at or looking at him, but my eyes are fixed on him.

‘By the way, brother-in-law’s relatives are strangely intertwined.’

I didn’t pay much attention because I would come in as Daryl’s son-in-law anyway, but as I looked at the documents carefully, I knew why Theodore came.

A relative of his mother’s side is Lafesch Celeste and a relative of his own is Theodore Tregosnan.

‘Was it like that in the original?’

While I was thinking, Theodore spoke to me as if I had come to my senses.

“Oh, come to think of it, I heard from Gideon. The lady is helping to get ready for the wedding.”

“Yes. My older sister is very busy, so I am in charge.”

“You are trusted.”

It was no wonder Theodore was surprised. Usually, when there are three or more big-headed brothers in a noble family, a quarrel will start from that point on.

‘But in our family, the abilities of my older sisters are already certain.’

First, sister Elga was a knight who inherited our mother’s abilities. The next Grand Duchess was her.

Second, sister Juella made the top of our family, the first in five years, with her brilliant idea and common sense. The top is already hers.

‘And their love is mine.’

All I needed to do was to be loved with full of wealth. Every birthday, you get a manor, a farm, and an island as a gift, so why would you scratch it?

Every birthday, you get a manor, a farm, and an island as a gift, so why would you scratch it?

So I just laughed and said.

“Of course, it’s a family.”

Theodore, with a little admiration, focused on Lafesch again. Now he started to tell her whether he had a little courage, but her reaction was unexpected.

“You must like tea. If you have time next time……”

“No, I can’t sleep well when I drink tea.”

“Uhh…. What you’re drinking now is……”

“This is herbal tea.”


It was red. We were all dumped in the same kettle in the first place, but Lafesch said 

“Herbs, tea.”

“Yes…. Oh, do you like opera by any chance? Next time if you have time……”

“No, I hate it because I have claustrophobia. I’m a little tacky.”

It was a huge iron wall.  Theodore, who spoke up at the end that did not allow any rebuttal, was even more embarrassed.

“Oh, no. It’s a matter of taste, what do you mean tacky? That’s not the intention at all.”


Oh, my. I never thought the day would come when I felt sorry for Theodore.

‘But I was never going to forgive you for making fun of me as a raccoon.’

After Theodore returned, I asked Lafesch carefully.

“Lady Lafesch, did you not like Sir Tregosnan?”


Wow, you’re so firm.

“I like a man who will only look at me for the rest of his life.”

That’s right, as well as me, but Lafesch’s tone seemed convinced that Theodore would have an affair.

“How do you know that, Lady Lafesch? Can you tell by just looking at his face?”

At that question, Lafesch was visibly perplexed. It was completely different from the way she hit the iron wall against Theodore with a blunt face.

“Uh, ah, yes. Somehow I had a feeling it would be. Ohohoho….  It’s foreboding.”

“I see. You must have a good feeling.”

“Oh, I think it fits once in a while.”

“The feeling is important.”

“Yes, lady, that’s right.”

But why are you sweating so much, Lafesch.

I narrowed my eyes and looked at Lafesch. But she didn’t open her mouth any further, fixing her gaze on the papers.


The Imperial Family’s tea time comes back every week.

The Emperor, the Crown Princess, and Esadien were sitting around a round table and spending quiet time.

“My baby is not seen these days. You said you wouldn’t come anymore?”

The Emperor, who had been slurping lemon tea, suddenly started to rhyme, saying, “It’s summer, so I’m going to lose my appetite.”

“Who are you referring to, Your Majesty?”

Twenty years have already passed since no baby was born in the Imperial Family.

When Esadien, who had been agonizing for a while, finally gave up and asked, the Crown Princess clicked her tongue and said.

“Of course, he means Minuelle.”

Baby, baby. Of course, she is small, and her skin is as soft as a peach, but to call her a baby….


Esadien, who unconsciously thought of Minuelle, was surprised by the Emperor’s cough and straightened his posture.

“Oh, she said she couldn’t come for a while because she was busy preparing for the second Princess’ wedding.”

As soon as he heard Esadien’s answer, the Emperor shook his head.

“Have you ever seen such a dull fellow?”


“If you can’t come from there, shouldn’t you go and show your face? Esadien, how many times have you visited the Grand Duchess’ residence?”

“I visited once last time when she was sick.”

The Emperor and the Crown Princess looked at each other at the same time and sighed.

“It was something that you had to do, of course! At least, people around you pushed you to visit. You haven’t been there since, have you?”

Esadien bowed his head silently. His Majesty always knew everything.

Nagging poured out like a lament over the top of his head.

“I knew it. Esadien, I don’t know why you live as if you’ve locked yourself in the Imperial Palace.”

The Emperor, who had drunk his tea, continued.

“Be aware of this. There is no one-sided relationship in this world. Any sublime heart is worn out just by pouring it out.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

“I’m glad you understand. Now you can just go out and ride the carriage.”


Surprised, Esadien raised his head, which had always been bowed.

‘From the beginning, you were going to send me to the Grand Duchess’s residence.’

Sweat trickled down Esadien’s spine.

“However, I didn’t even write a letter to visit in advance……”

“It’s a surprise visit, dear. In addition, you can’t help it because you can see  that you’re going to quit after thinking about it for days alone.”


Recalling the roaring sound of the Emperor’s laughter, Esadien stepped into the entrance hall of the Grand Duchess’s residence.

As much as Esadien, who visited without a plan, the butler of Grand Duchess Karinen hesitated whether he was embarrassed or not.

However, the butler was an expert who was used to welcoming all kinds of guests. He soon came to his senses and spoke carefully to Esadien.

“The humble one asks, Lady Minuelle is busy and has only just started eating, but would you like to join if the Prince hasn’t had lunch?”

As I had tea a little while ago, I didn’t feel hungry, but Esadien nodded willingly. I didn’t want Minuelle to be disturbed with her meal.

“I will.”

Minuelle was on a fairly large terrace with a parlor on the first floor.

As soon as he followed the butler into the parlor, Esadien’s eyes flashed into Minuelle’s side face.

The embarrassment felt by the mischievous Emperor disappeared as if it had evaporated when I saw her still closing her eyes and smiling languidly.

‘You must have been well.’

However, as I got closer, I heard a loud noise.

“Stop playing with your feet and focus on eating.”

“I don’t want to.”

“Before I tickle you.”

“If you tickle me, I can’t eat more.”

There was a man across from Minuelle. It was a face I had seen.

‘Did she say he was a Priest?’

It was so natural to see him playing with Minuelle.

“Lady Minuelle, the Third Prince is here.”


Who’s here?

Her eyes widened, and a happy smile appeared on Minuelle’s face, who saw this side. The strength was released from Esadien’s hand, which was tightly gripped by the brightly shining image of the sunlight.


Minuelle shouted his name warmly and stood up. But the next moment, Esadien reflexively stepped forward as she stumbled over the hem of her robe.

But Ramande was faster than him.

As Ramande quickly grabbed her and supported her, Esadien stopped.


Esadien’s eyes were attached to the arms of Minuelle and to Ramande’s hand, which was tightly attached to her waist.

“Again, again. What would you have done without me?”

“I’m in trouble. How can I live without Ramande?”

“Oh, You’re good at talking anyway.”

Both Ramande and Minuelle were calm, as if this had happened once or twice.

I reflected on the word childhood friend, but somehow Esadien cared so much about the hand.

“Oh, I’m surprised. Esadien! Wow! Is this a dream?”

Fortunately, Minuelle quickly broke away from Ramande and came to Esadien.

Normally, she would have rushed to him and hugged him as soon as she saw him, but it was quite hard to believe, so he stared at her face.

“If you had sent me a message in advance, I would have gone out to meet you.”

“I’m sorry I came all of a sudden.”

Minuelle shook her head with her face buried in Esadien’s chest.

“No, I missed you a lot.”

When I heard something ringing in my chest, I felt like I was full of energy.

Esadien’s lips softened. He raised his hand and gently swept down Minuelle’s back, and asked.

“But Minuelle…. Why are you so skinny?”

“Please tell the youngest lady that she needs to increase the amount of her food, Prince.”

At this time, as the butler rang next to him, Minuelle hurriedly refuted.

“No! I’m eating a lot!”

“Yes, I see, so I’ll just finish it.”

It was a gentle way of speaking for Esadien. Minuelle pouted her mouth, but clasped her arm tightly and went back to her seat.

“It is an honor to see you again, Prince.”

Ramande’s gaze, which rose from Minuelle’s arms, collided with Esadien’s eyes in the air.

“Nice to meet you, Priest of Flendena.”

For a moment, there was unusual eye contact, and the two exchanged seemingly very ordinary greetings.

Not noticing the tension that passed by, the butler said to Minuelle again.

“My lady, the Prince will eat with you, so you have to eat it all slowly.”


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