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VLTOB Chapter 13


【Chapter 13 – Can I Kiss You?】

The Karinen family was strong because they protect the Empire from monsters coming from the northern mountains. Most of the people of the Empire knew that. Even me.

But there was one more reason.

“We guard the spirits.”

To be exact, the Spirit Stone where the Spirit of Fire was sleeping.

The location of the seal is confidential, but those who want to covet it would find out by all means. It is said that even ten years ago, there was a case of returning a spirit stone that had been removed from its place in that way.

At that time, I, no, ‘Minuelle’ grabbed the spirit stone. An ordinary child has received a power that even the most trained knights, wizards, and messengers of God cannot withstand….

‘That’s how the real Minuelle disappeared.’

Of course, there were knights and the Grand Duchess, but everyone didn’t notice Minuelle’s approach as if they were possessed by something.

“It’s pathetic, but no one still remembers how you got through our gap.”

She said it was a brief contact. As if she had caught a hot pot and missed it, ‘Minuelle’ collapsed immediately with a scream.

However, due to the brief contact, some of the force of the fire entered the body, leaving a scar on the hand that would not be erased for life.

“The Spirit…. I…..”

As I listened to the story, I unconsciously pressed my chest tight. As always, there was a rush of heat.

‘No, this wasn’t tantrum, but a spirt’s residue?’

Usually, shouldn’t you change the genre to ‘The princess hides her power’?

But I can’t use this. It’s just a chronic disease.

“I entrusted you to the temple to keep you supplied with divine power, but also because there are many crazy wizards in this world.”

Mother added that there are many wizards who want to kidnap even the Duke, not the Princess, for research.

This world is a place where magic is deeply combined with life. Wizards are everywhere.

But fortunately, there was an exception.

A place where wizards do not enter. A place where you can hold on to the faintly weakened vitality and energize it. Lastly, a place close enough to keep this secret with Karinen.

That was the temple of Flendena.

“Baby, I know why you are asking this. It must be because of the recent appearance of the Church of Fire.”

Actually, I wanted to know why I absorbed the fireball.

That the assassin, the masked man, is the Second Prince is still just an assumption. However, if that is true, as Esadien said, the Second Prince will be targeting me as well. The more Esadien’s heart falls on me, the more it falls.

‘Since I’ve witnessed a unusual powers(?).’

But my mother still seemed to feel guilty because she couldn’t stop me from touching the Spirit Stone. I didn’t want to put another worry on him.

“There is no information anywhere that the group has anything to do with the spirit. So, Minuelle, maybe…..”


I am a person who wants to live comfortably.

“I hate that pseudo-religion. Very.”

Although my head was complicated, I was glad that my parents were relieved by those words.


My parents confirmed that I was alive, so they gave me permission to go out again. Of course, I said yes and flew to Esadien immediately.

‘It’s too much just to capture Esadien, but what’s going on?’

At least, I can find out more about the Second Prince. The Spirit could not meet or talk, so there was no way at all.

‘I want to be healthy, too.’

So far, it’s been okay. The temple was peaceful, and Ramand was always there.

However, after going through this incident, I realized that it was not a good feeling to be behind someone else when it was dangerous.

‘Is my body really that weak?’

Esadien too…. seemed to hate being weak, perhaps because he lost his mother early.

‘All I can do right now is… carrying a lot of potions. Is it enough to bring Ramande with me when I go out?’

A beautiful finger poked my cheek as I struggled to live like that.

“Again, do you think of the Prince again?”

“Uh… Huh?”

It wasn’t, but I was deep in thought, so I couldn’t even think of any other excuses.

“Look, little lady. Could you please pay attention to this older sister who is talking next to you?”

“Sorry, sorry!”

It seems that Sister Juella was quite sad. Even though I begged with a soft smile, I grabbed her cheeks and stretched them out. It was a merciless hand.

“You have made known your sins.”

“It’s a letter…. It’s a letter.”

My older sister let go after saying I was wrong five times.

“Uhh, it hurts.”

I rubbed my tingling cheeks and glared, but my older sister said without lifting an eyebrow.

“We have to start preparing from next week.”

“Well, you’re right. The date is already….”

She had something to do with Esadien and forgot about the important event due to the spirit problem.

My older sister Juella’s wedding is just a month away.

“Our youngest, you didn’t forget, did you?”

“No way! No way! Hahaha!”

You’re so sharp.

She doesn’t show much in front of me, but my sister’s a perfectionist no one can beat.

‘Thanks to that personality, she was recognized by my mom and led the family’s top.’

I thought there wouldn’t be anyone who would like to see her, but marriage. I was so moved for no reason.


I quietly counted the dates in my mind and concluded.

‘I’ll have to stay up all night to prepare a gift for Esadien before I start preparing for the wedding in earnest.’

I wanted to give Esadien a present. In return for the date, with an apology for the cotton ball that was ruined by the day I received it.

Above all, it will be difficult to meet for almost a month when preparations for the wedding begin, so I wanted Esadien to think of me when I saw my gift.

“All right.”

She clenched her fists with determination to stay up all night. However, it seems that she is strengthening her mind because of the wedding preparation.

“Our youngest grows up like this and helps her oldersister with her wedding.”

My older sister seemed to be very moved, pouring kisses on my face and muttering in a watery voice. Then why do you pull my cheeks!

“Ahh. Didn’t you purposely set the date for my coming-of-age ceremony?”


Like her ruby, her beautiful eyes were shriveled up.

“We’re looking for maximum efficiency.”

Seeing her smile like that, it was a Wednesday-Thursday drama without even knowing how much heartache the prospective brother-in-law must have suffered.

“Yes, yes. I’ll take your advice and post it.”

She smiled and answered playfully. Then, my sister also tickled me with a mischievous smile.

“Where did little one learn to talk like that?”

“Oh, no! Hahaha! Stop it!”

The bright sky suddenly came into my eyes as I rolled on the sofa with a smile as if I could not breathe. The red light was spreading like ink in the water as if the sun was setting.

‘Ah, I should make the present a color that resembles Esadien’s eyes.’

I already wanted to see him again.


“I’ll be on my way, Prince.”

Minuelle said with a smile. Esadien’s eyes flashed alternately between her face and the watch.



The neat answer slightly distorted the straight and long eyebrows.

Minuelle, who recovered after “the date,” was again stamping her attendance at the Imperial Palace.

And at the same time, he received a letter from the second daughter of the Grand Duchess, along with a large number of chests. The very long rhetoric and formal courtesy were as follows.

My younger sister was originally eating as much as a bird’s nest, but after getting sick once, it got worse.  I’ll give her something to eat, so please cooperate. Of course, if you refuse, it will be quite difficult.

There were some intimidating passages at the end, but Esadien seriously agreed. 

Minuelle is too small and slender. It was one of the reasons why he couldn’t push her away offensively.

Therefore, from then on, whenever Minuelle came, he made sure to take everything and feed her.

“A meal? I’ve been eating…..”

“Then think of it as a snack and eat it.”

Minuelle seemed to think it was a little strange, but she did not reject Esadien’s invitation.

I thought it was getting harder every day. It was already the third day that Minuelle left early before he could feed her anything.

“I’ll just drink tea today.”


“It’s okay. You don’t have to prepare meals for a while.”

Esadien swallowed a rebuttal that he couldn’t bring out.


As usual, it was normal for her to hold until the sun went down and return because Esadien had to recommend it.

However, these days, Minuelle was repeating to return home as soon as he had a cup of tea.le



As her clear eyes stared straight at him, Esadien was once again speechless.

It was also strange to ask why she was going back quickly, and whether she was waiting for someone. It wasn’t his business in the first place.

“No, it’s nothing.”


Minuelle tilted her head as if puzzled. Whenever her long eyelashes blinked, Esadien felt his ears heat up little by little.

“See you tomorrow, then. I’ll miss you!”

Fortunately, the goodbye didn’t change.  And Esadien struggled without noticing that he thought it was ‘fortunate’.

‘What is the reason?’

At that moment, the face of a priest with purple eyes crossed my mind, but I shook my head and shook it off.

But it was the same on the fourth day.

“Prince, I missed you today, too!”

Minuelle, who came in with a lively greeting as always, put down the tea cup and smiled at him at the same time.

“My Prince, then I’ll go.”

“Are you leaving?”



Esadien’s gaze wandered all over Minuelle’s face, and he noticed something strange. Her spotless eyes were a little dark.

“What, what’s on your face?”

It was the first time Esadien had looked so intently. The startled Minuelle touched her own face.

“No, it’s nothing.”

Minuelle, who guessed that he was mistaken for a moment, greeted him once again and left.

After ‘the date’, Minuelle never called his name again.


She’s calling him by name all the time.

Esadien, who couldn’t find the answer, stayed up all night.

That’s how he greeted the fifth day.

Under Minuelle’s eyes, the slight shadow became so thick that it could no longer be denied its existence. It’s like she has been up all night like Esadien.

“Oh, Lady Karinen. It’s been a while since I saw you and you’ve became a raccoon.”

Theodore, who visited the Imperial Palace at the same time as Minuelle, joked.

“Ra- raccoon? Is it that bad?”

Minuelle’s soft cheeks turned red like an apple.


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