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VLTOB Chapter 12


【Chapter 12】

‘You’re going to the heaven after being arrogant!’

Why do I have so many things to risk my life for!

That’s what I thought, but even before “Ack” came out, Esadien pulled me like a snatch.

“This is why I call it reckless.”

I smiled silently in his arms as if my anxiety would not go away even after holding it.

It was certain. After the Secret Garden incident, the hard walls of Esadien were lowered. In the past, I would have said this when I said I remembered what he said.

‘That’s a relief, then can I get down to business?’

But today’s Esadien did not do that. I explained that it wasn’t, and I was taken aback when I felt like I was offended.

‘Strategy of drizzle rain. Aren’t you listening to it so well?’

I can’t ask for anything more if I get Esadien’s heart wet until it’s mushy.

On the other hand, Esadien, who didn’t know what I was thinking, was starting to persuade again.

“At this rate, They might even target you. My brother won’t give up….”


Esadien kept his mouth shut, but after the important word had already come out. For a moment, the pleasant feeling disappeared.

“Are you talking about the Second Prince?”


“You knew, who commissioned it?”


When there was no answer, she grabbed Esadien’s chest in frustration and shook it, but he calmly told her the truth rather than stumbling.

“My brother is in Chitrum.”

Chitrum. It was the name of a kingdom between our Preseria Empire and the Great Desert.

“Why? Even if you’re in another country, you can put in as many requests as you want……”

Having said that far, I thought of one assumption and stopped shaking and trembling.

Esadien thought that Prince carried out the work himself.

“Esadiene, you’re also an annoying bastard.”

Even the newest assassin had a strange tone of voice. He pretended to convey the client’s words, but now that he thinks about it, it could have been just a fake.

“Is it because you can’t find any evidence that the Second Prince has returned?”

I wanted to check Esadien’s expression, but I couldn’t because the darkness had descended further.

Frustrated, I stood up and pressed my face to Esadien’s face.


“You didn’t forget that you tried to get rid of me last time and this time, right? I am also a part of it.”


“Secrets are secrets. What do you think?”

For a while, only wind and breathing sounds flowed instead of voices.

I suddenly became curious as the desired beauty, which draws attention like a black hole, hidden behind the darkness.

‘What is this person thinking?’

I wanted to know more. What is Esadien hiding? What is the real figure hidden behind her calm and calm appearance? What kind of life he lived.

It was then that the answer finally came out.

“Yes, I think it’s my brother who’s after me.”


“But I don’t want to reveal this. So please keep the secret.”

“Why are you trying to hide it? If you’re afraid His Majesty won’t believe you…..”

“No, it’s not.”

Esadien shook his head for a moment.

“His Majesty is the one who will postpone the judgment and investigate first. I just don’t want to take his family away from him. If the truth is revealed, His Majesty will definitely throw my brother away.”


“Minuelle, I…. I have to repay His Majesty for accepting me.”

I was the one who was speechless this time.

‘Can it be called show gratitude?’

The Emperor I saw really cared for Esadien like a son. If such an emperor finds out about this in the future, how heartbreaking he will be.

However, it was not that I could not understand Esadien’s mind thinking of the emperor, so it was difficult for me to blindly tell him right away.

‘First of all, we need to find out about the Second Prince.’

You must have grown up together in the Imperial Palace, but you’re trying to kill him beyond just being on bad terms.

“Okay. I’ll keep it a secret, too.”

“Thank you for understanding. Then go back and give me a letter of engagement cancellation……”

“No, why does the story go like that!”

I was so dumbfounded that I screamed without realizing it.

Don’t you usually have camaraderie when you share secrets?

“As I said earlier, my brother might be after you.”

“That’s why you have to protect me. I don’t run away from someone I like.”

Then, there was a voice calling for us from below.

‘I wanted to stay here for a day because it was already dark.’

If that were the case, I could have tried to lie next to Esadien….

It was unfortunate, but I couldn’t help it. I need to find accommodation for the knights to stay. I swallowed a sigh and brazenly hugged Esadien’s neck.

“Hug me. It’s too dark for me to go down well.”

You can say that I was confident when I asked, but Esadien hugged me like before without a murmur.

With satisfaction, a faint doubt raised in her head.

“You’re only doing this to me, right?”’

Although I’m the only one who approached Esadien in the first place.

I didn’t want to see this blunt kindness be given to others.

“You can’t hug others like this, okay?”

So I said it out loud!

“….just transporting the wounded.”

Aha? The wounded? Princess carrying?

“Yes. I know, but for other injured people you should just carry it on your shoulder. Like a sack.”

“Who is the Prince…..”

I glanced at Esadien and cut off repeated excuses.

“Just say yes.”

“Ah, okay.”

I had to swallow a sigh inside, because it was so cute to see my eyelashes fluttering as if I was embarrassed.

‘If you look cute, it’s game over.’

I really shouldn’t miss this person. I’m glad his fiancée.

After passing through the steep stairs leading indoors, I declared, looking straight at Esadien.

“Don’t talk about breaking up the engagement again. I’m going to take responsibility.”

“You are not responsible for anything. It’s all my fault.”

“No, not that responsibility.”

“Then what…..?

What responsibility?

I poked Esadien’s solid chest with my finger. A grin and an evil laugh were a bonus.

“Because I’ve already seen your naked body.”


Wow. I think it would be regrettable to die if I couldn’t have a picture of Esadien’s face right now.


After returning home from my spectacular first outside date, I couldn’t leave home for two days because I needed to recover.

“I knew this would happen.”

The only thing that she would listen to, even if she murmured in a daze, was the flowers Esadien gave her.

The flowers infused with divine power by Ramande were as fresh as the day she first received them.

“It wouldn’t make sense…..”

As I gently caressed the soft petals, I worried about Esadien.

Even as an adult, the threat of assassination is a serious matter.

Last time, I couldn’t help because I was sick, but this time it wasn’t like that, so I’m sorry that I couldn’t be with you.

I’m sorry and wanted to see you. As in the temple, I felt like I wanted to overcome the wall.

‘But I can’t do it here……’

How many people will follow me if I leave the room right away?

So I chose the regular method.

It happened to be time for my parents to drink tea together. With a deep breath, I straightened my shoulders and waist and went to visit you two.

“Mom and dad. I have a question.”

“You’re here, baby. I’ve been waiting.”

The two showed no signs of surprise at all, even though they literally kicked the door in without saying anything in advance.

‘Well! I’m also not in the palm of my parents’ hands!’

If I’ve been rebellious, they might be offended, but I’m not that kind of person.

‘It’s good because it’s less annoying, well.’

Enjoy! Enjoy! The position of the youngest daughter who is loved!

My parents seem to find it interesting to see me accept it as if it’s nothing. Of course, for these people, “Youngest daughter is the best.”

“Yeah. Is there anything my baby is curious about?”

“Yes, I want to know about the Second Prince.”

Usually, it would be the norm to find an information guild or something. But what I want to know now was not the dust that would come out of the Imperial Palace. For now.

“Not the the Third Prince? That’s surprising.”

“He’s going to be my brother-in-law. Somehow, I don’t think I have a good relationship with Esadien.”


My father asked, putting his hands on his legs. There was a gentle smile on his face.

“Is that related to what happened yesterday?”

I couldn’t help but smile softly. My mother drank tea quietly the whole time as if she would not intervene.

“I can’t tell you that.”

“Then it can’t be helped.”

And I knew. He handed it over as if he would respect his daughter’s secret, but as soon as I leave here, my father will have all the information of Second Prince in his hands.

My answer just now was nothing short of shouting ‘Yes!!’.

‘You’re not the only one who won the Grand Duchess’s husband’s place with your beauty, are you, Dad?’

Now all I had to do was ask my father when I needed Second Prince’s ‘dust’.

‘Why do you have to go to the information guild with difficulty?’

“Honestly, I wish I was wrong. Do my mom and dad happen to know about the relationship between the two princes?”

“Your guess was right, baby.”

My mother finally opened her mouth, putting down the teacup without a sound.

“The Second Prince’s dislike of the Third Prince has been famous for a long time.”

“It is said that one of the reasons he went as an ambassador for the Chitrum was such a feud, but well. I heard only rumors and it disappeared.”

‘It was famous, but it wasn’t enough to become a big event.’

Moreover, it seems that no matter what happened, it did not leak out of the Imperial Family’s Private Palace. That’s probably…. because Esadien didn’t say anything.

My heart ached again.

“Can’t you find out? I haven’t started my social life yet. I don’t have any friends.”

I wanted to know about the past, so it was better to check through my parents’ generation than the lady of my age.

“Okay. My baby is curious, what can you do for me?”

“Thank you. By the way…. I have another question.”

“What this time, my daughter?”

After returning to the capital and starting a relationship, I guess I have a lot of questions. My parents seemed to be taking the situation to that extent.

But I’m sorry I had to smash this light atmosphere.

“I want to know the real reason why my body is weak now.”

Their faces are stiff.


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