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VLTOB Chapter 10


【Chapter 10】

“You carry a lot of strange things.”

“My sisters and Ramande are such worry dolls….”

But thanks to her, it was able to treat Esadien.

“Come here.”

I hurriedly soaked the potion in my handkerchief and applied it to Esadien’s wound carefully.


“Does it hurt a lot? I’m sorry…..”

It was much more painful than I thought to see someone hurt because of me.

As the potion blew on the healing wound, Esadien’s shoulder flinched.

“I just wish you could do it quickly.”

“Oh, yes!”

I guess it stung more than just drying.

As soon as the statue was about to be built on its own, a faint bushy sound came from beyond the wall.

Just as tears were about to build up on my eyes, a faint, bustling sound was heard from beyond the wall.

“The knights must have arrived!”

After hitting the sound, she treated Esadien faster than before.

“Will you roll up your ankles, too?”

“Yeah, I’ll do it here.”

“This is not the time to be ashamed. You’re even not a young lady.”


Esadien leaned over and pulled up his pants without further blocking.

Suddenly, the tip of Esadien’s red ears caught my eyes.

‘Oh, you must have been really embarrassed.’

I laughed because I was sorry but he’s cute. My heart was pounding and itchy, but when I saw Esadien, I sometimes did, so I passed it without thinking much.

I shouldn’t have done that.


It wasn’t just the tip of the ear that turned red. As if wondering if she was staying still, the corners of Esadien’s eyes, which were looking at her, were also flushed.


What is it?


My heart beat fast.


“Uh, ah, yes, yes.”

Confused, I moved like a broken doll and healed Esadien’s ankles, wrists, and even the palms cut by the knife.

Embarrassed, I moved like a broken doll and healed Esadien’s ankle, wrist, and even the cut palm of a knife.

‘What? Why do you look more handsome?’

What’s wrong with me? I thought I had barely adapted to the beauty that could destroy the Earth, but now I looked as if the sun would break through the atmosphere.

“Come here.”

Esadien, who took the potion bottle, unconsciously raised his hand over his chest and clicked his tongue as if he had found a handkerchief.

“I can’t help it.”

Esadien took some of the remaining potions and put them on my wrist.

“I’m fine…. Ouch.”

“You don’t look good at all.”

My wrist was also bruised and bleeding from the rope. It was strange that I had not been conscious of such a wound until now, so the pain suddenly rushed in and disappeared after being pushed by the potion.

Then Esadien’s hand rubbed my cheek.

“Here too.”


Originally, he had to wash away the dusty wounds first, but divine power was literally omnipotent. Disinfection and treatment at once!

I asked after trying to think about something else and enduring another tingling.

“Is that enough?”

“There is one more place.”

Esadien finally raised a finger soaked in his potion.

“That, that, that one?!”


I pressed my lips tight.

‘It got cut while biting the pendant earlier.’

The few seconds Esadien’s fingers applied the potion felt like an hour, as if it had lengthened the time. My heart pounded like a nail in my ear.

I couldn’t stand it any longer and closed my eyes tightly, and at the same time, the door that I didn’t even know was open because it was the same as the wall.


“Minuelle, come this way.”

Esadien immediately pulled me behind him and pointed the sword at the intruders.

The pendant, which used to be a dagger, was changed to a long sword.

‘Is it these guys? What locked us up?’

There were three people who came in. They are all wearing long black cloaks and wearing a hood.

“Isn’t the atmosphere is nice?”

Moreover, one of them even wore a plain mask. It was the one who was just being sarcastic.

“You were dating, weren’t you? While we are struggling outside.”

The enemy is also an oil fountain. I gnashed my teeth.

‘Someone would think we’re the kidnappers, not you!’

But unlike me, who stomped in anger, Esadien coldly ignored the nonsense.

“Reveal your identity.”

“Don’t you know when you see it?”

“Who commissioned it?”

“It’s a rule not to disclose about clients.”

It was the same line as the assassin who appeared in Secret Garden.

‘Same…. Do you belong to the same group?

How did I know that I was trying to remember anything as much as possible? When I went, someone else’s cheeky voice turned to me.

“There, little girl with pink hair, don’t roll your eyes. After all, the lady and the idiot can’t get out of here.”


“I can’t believe I died with my fiancée at the same time. Isn’t it romantic? Be grateful.”

It is also a feat to make people feel so bad with a few words.

Naturally, the words that came out of my mouth were not nice.

“Don’t be mistaken. Is death really the end?”


“Can you hide your identities by killing us? Don’t get me wrong. Because the tip of Karinen’s sword has already been pointed.”


I put a lot of strength in my eyes and my voice down, but the opponent did not respond.

‘Did it not work?’

So other forces were drawn in.

“….The same goes for someone who touched Flendna’s.”

But it would have been better not to use this. As soon as I finished speaking, the person who went was sarcastic with laughter.

“Hey, you hitter girl. Are your legs trembling because you’re afraid of hiding behind your lover and flirting?”


It wasn’t that I didn’t want to step forward. It’s just that Esadien was too strong to hold me!

“Karinen’s sword must also have eyes to aim at.”

The masked man’s feet hit the floor.

“There’s gunpowder under here.”

It was like talking about a corpse under a cherry tree.

“It means that both the lady and the knights of the lady’s family will evaporate from this place.”


The blood chilled all over.

It would have been fine if I was the only one who died. Even if it was a little unfair, it could have been passed that there was nothing we could do.

But Esadien died because of me? What about the knights who just responded to the call?

My fingertips trembled. It was then that Esadien opened his mouth.

“Don’t listen to such a thing.”


“Minuelle, you just have to stay still.”

Before I knew it, the disturbance outside was getting closer.

“It is confirmed that there is an entrance over here!”

‘Our knights!’

It’s working now!

I clasped my hands tightly with relief. But Esadien wasn’t just waiting for the door to open.


The sound of the knights hitting the door from outside, as a signal, Esadien swung his sword.

However, the masked man immediately launched a counterattack as if he were not a modest opponent. The sharp sound of metal clashing continued without a pause.

‘I hope you don’t get hurt again…..’

I only had one potion, and I used up all of it.

As I watched nervously, the movement of those who were standing behind others came into my eyes.

It was the same as both of them were biting their lips.

However, the difference was that one was pulling something like a scroll from his bosom while the other was making strange shapes with his hands.

‘Scroll…. Is it a magic scroll?’

“Then maybe.”

Did you even expect Esadien to attack?

‘While the masked man is blocking Esadien, the two of you set the fire?’

Fire. My legs trembled when I remembered the acrid smell of smoke deeply engraved in my memory.

Esadien said to ignore the threat of setting a fire.

‘He’s right. What can I do? I can’t even walk properly.’

The cold reason in my head also whispered to me.

‘Just wait until Esadien takes care of it.’

I know. I couldn’t even get past that fiery stabbing in the first place.

But…. Nevertheless, I couldn’t give up. I know how hot, scary, and painful it is.

Fear was weighing heavily on me, but paradoxically, I didn’t want anyone else to suffer from it.

Unlike me, who has lived comfortably as a beloved princess, people outside the door who would have tried to become knights all their lives. And Esadien.

“It’s natural that you don’t want the person you like to be sick.”

I mumbled, closed my eyes tightly and opened them.

The masked man’s sword is aimed at Esadien’s shoulder. Behind it, a spark was burning over the bizarrely twisted hand of the person who was shouting a spell.

I blew myself away at the glowing embers.

‘Flendena, or anyone else, give me strength.’

It was clear that adrenaline was being secreted enormously.

Everything seemed slow. Even the trajectory of the knife and the fireball, which has grown to the size of a watermelon, approaches Esadien’s back.

“What are you doing to someone who’s not even dressed….!”

I grew a cotton ball and blocked others’ view and managed to block the fireball. I couldn’t believe it myself.

“This works.”

I could feel Esadien turning to me in amazement.


At the same time, time regained its original speed, and the fireball hit me without a hitch.

‘This time it really burns to death.’

A funnily great pain engulfed me as I grabbed the glowing handle.


…..It’s natural to overwhelm.


It’s not hot…?

It must be painful, but after a while, I opened my eyes, but nothing happened. There was not a trace of burn even when I looked down at my body.


There was even a burp somewhere.

“Is it a dream?”

He patted his chest and muttered blankly, then turned his gaze to the assassins who were as alarming as me.

“Or your magic is abnormal?”


Esadien’s voice was shaking. I still talked nonsense in a dazed mood.

“Did you hear that? Am I the only one who heard it? Who burped?”


My eyes are wide open wide. It was hard to believe, even though my eyes were now turning red. Why I’m suddenly vomiting blood now?


The smell of blood hit my nose late. I was embarrassed even though I was on my shaky knees.

There were no symptoms such as fever or nausea. It was literally ‘suddenly’.

Ugh, cough.”

Esadien, who turned around as if he was covering me who was vomiting blood, swung the sword fiercely at the masked person.

“What kind of curse did you put on?”

“Do you have no eyes? That girl absorbed the fire!”

While swinging the sword without losing, he winked at the person who held the remaining scroll.

But Esadien didn’t let him use magic again.


The sound of the sword piercing through the scroll and even the skin being pierced briefly echoed, and another layer of fishy smell spread over the room that was already filled with blood.


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