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UTROSU Chapter 64


Louis was disappointed by the shabby appearance in front of him and puffed his cheeks.

All Anastasia brought was flour. The kind you use to make bread.

Louis asked with a frown. 

“Do you mean to throw flour?” 

“No, it’s not like that.”

Anastasia smiled and comforted Louis.

“You don’t have to be disappointed just because you can’t see the toys. We’ll make our own toys from now on.”

“We’re making our own toys?”


“…with this flour? Aren’t you making bread instead of toys?”

“Hey, don’t be suspicious and try following me.”

Having said that, Anastasia filled the bowl she had prepared with flour.

Louis just stared at Anastasia with a blank look.

Anastasia glanced at Louis as if gesturing to go ahead and do it.

Louis had a suspicious look on his face, but first filled the bowl with a spoonful of flour.

“Good job, Louis!”

“That’s it?”

“No way. Now, I’m going to pour water in here. Not too much, just a little.”

In the meantime, Anastasia lifted the glass kettle and poured water into the bowl.

When Louis whined and tried to lift the same glass kettle that Anastasia had lifted, Anastasia hurriedly grabbed the pot and let it be in Louis’ hands.

“I’ll help you. Let’s do it together.”

“Ah, Thank you.”

Louis said so with surprise.

Belatedly, he thought, ‘Can I do this?’

But he learned that if one got help, they should say thank you.

With the help of Anastasia, Louis poured some water into his bowl.

As the flour met with water and clumped together, the inside of the mixture turned gray.

“Now, we’re going to knead this. Try pressing it down.”

Then, he mixed the lumps of flour in his mixture with force.

Louis looked at Anastasia’s behavior awkwardly at first, but soon began to copy her.

  And not long afterwards, it produced a very fine texture of flour dough.

  “This… feels weird.”

  “Doesn’t it feel good? Soft.”

  “That’s right. Soft! And it’s moist.”

  It was the first time that he responded to Anastasia’s words, but Louis didn’t even realize it.

  Louis asked, tilting his head.

  “That’s it?”

  “No, there’s more.”

  Louis looked at Anastasia with a curious look, and Anastasia felt a strain on her heart for a moment.

  It was so cute to see him staring at her with his jewel-like eyes blinking!

  To the point where she wanted to hug Louis’ little body like a teddy bear and kiss him relentlessly on the cheek.

  ‘…but it would be crazy to do that now.’

  Anastasia asked patiently.

  “Louis, what’s your favorite scent?”

  “Why do you ask that?”

  “Oh, come on, answer me.”


Like someone who had heard a very important question, Louis answered after long consideration.

  “I like the scent of roses the most.”

  “Oh, me too! I like the scent of roses, too.”

She didn’t know they had something in common there!

‘This is a valuable opportunity that can never be let go.’

Anastasia emphasized that the two were alike.

  “We’re the same. Right?

  “Do you like rose scents?”

  Louis answered cynically with his brows narrowed.

  “I think half of Rosenberg’s population likes rose scents. It’s not really that special.”


  Anastasia just laughed awkwardly because she didn’t know how to react to the unexpected logical rebuttal.

  ‘…I spoke up for nothing after bringing it up.’

  But soon, the situation went on without incident.

  “Well, anyway, I’m going to add a lot of rose oil that Louis and I both like. Then we can smell the fragrant rose from here, right?”

Anastasia opened a bottle of rose oil and poured it generously over the dough.

  ‘I can’t believe I poured a whole bottle of this expensive perfume into a toy…’

  But to win Louis’ heart, this wasn’t a waste!

  ……No, to be honest, it was a very small waste.

  “Wow, it smells like roses!”

  Louis, who smelled the dough with perfume a few times, exclaimed.

  In fact, it was natural, but putting perfume only on the body of the flour dough itself was unimaginable in common sense here, and it was an indescribably extravagant act.

  So Louis briefly forgot his logical thoughts and was deeply moved by the perfume-scented toy.

  “Oh, and earlier, the dough kept sticking to my hand, so it was uncomfortable, but I don’t feel that way anymore!”

  Louis exclaimed with a distinctive look in his eyes that sparkled like peridot.

  “This is so amazing!”

  “Do you like it?””

  “Yes, I’ve never seen a toy like this!”

  “But Louis, it’s not over here.”

  There was still one more secret weapon left.

  Louis opened his eyes and looked at Anastasia with an expression of what it was.

“What’s your favorite color?””


  “I’m going to make this dough the color that Louis likes.”


  Louis asked with a startled look.

  “Can you do that?”

  “Of course. There’s nothing we can’t do.”

  “Well, then I, I… Wait a minute. I need to think about it.”

  He couldn’t answer immediately since there were many colors he liked.

  Like a man facing a great deal of trouble, Louis asked Anastasia after quite a long consideration.

  “I can only choose one color, right?””

  “Only one, it’s pretty if you put only one color in the dough.””

  “Then I’ll go with pink.”

  “Pink? Good.”

When she saw Louis, she remembered her younger brother who didn’t like pink, and Anastasia smiled without realizing it.

 “I’ll make it pink. Can you close your eyes for a second?”

  Louis seemed hesitant at first, but soon closed his eyes calmly.

  While Louis was not looking, Anastasia quickly found red among the paints she had prepared and squeezed a little.

  And she stretched the dough so that the paint wouldn’t show and wrapped it well.

  “Now, you can open your eyes.”

  Louis opened his eyes with a look of anticipation at the words.

  But immediately disappointment spread across his face.

  “It’s the same white color as before.”

  “Right now.”

  Anastasia replied with a shrug.

  “But if Louis keeps touching it like he did before, it will turn pink.”


“It’s true, of course. Try mixing it. It’ll turn pink in no time.”

  Louis was suspicious at first, but he decided to give it a try as Anastasia said.

  “Wow, wow!”

  After a while, Louis’ mouth exploded with the greatest exclamation of the day.

  “Look at this, Your Majesty! The color of the dough is changing! The color is amazing!”

  As the paint mixed with the dough, it began to take on a strange color in gradation.

  The image was reminiscent of a streaked pink marble.

  The color changed from moment to moment as he kept kneading the dough, and for Louis, the process was also a delightful spectacle.

  After some time, the dough finally turned completely pink.

  “Wow, it’s really pink!”

  “Am I right?”

  “Yes, Your Majesty is right!”

Louis, who was shouting excitedly with the dough in his hand, said it and looked perplexed as if he had been hit by cold water for a moment.

  He looked like a dog that was startled by stepping on his tail.

  It was because he belatedly realized that he was too excited in front of Anastasia.

‘What am I doing?’

  He decided not to get close to Her Majesty… He was just gonna pretend to play with her for a second, but…

  Before he knew it, he participated in the game happily as if he were possessed.

  Louis realized that his resolutions had been broken into pieces, and he could not say a word in embarrassment.

  It was about time Anastasia was aware of the fact and remained silent.

  “Your Highness the Crown Prince!”

  Calling Louis in an angry voice, Olivia strode into the room with the two.

  “Do you know what time it is? You’re late for class!”


  Only then did Louis hurriedly take out his watch and check the time. It was already ten past ten.

  As Louis stood with a restless face still holding the liquid monster in his hand, Olivia spotted it and quickly took it away.

  “What is this hideous thing?”

  “Well, that’s…”

  “Be quiet and go to class first. I’ll hear your excuses later.”

  Olivia’s determined attitude forced Louis to shut up.

  When Louis was led outside by other maids, only Anastasia and Olivia were left in the room.

  “What are you doing now, Your Majesty?”

  Despite Olivia’s burning eyes, Anastasia simply responded with a calm face.

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