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UTROSU Chapter 43


“Marquis Lutent was the first person who suggested his majesty to take in a paramour today.”

“Ugh, how ungrateful! How could he do that to Her Majesty? How!”

“Both father and child are insidious. It gives me the creeps.”

“Your Majesty, there is no need for you to be hurt! Don’t put your precious heart into things like that for nothing.” 

She was not impressed by the sight of the maids getting angry instead of her. When Anastasia sipped the tea with a blank face, the maids misunderstood her expression.

“Hmm. Look at you being shocked and speechless!”

“Hurry up and call the court physician. What if your Majesty falls down again?”

“I’m fine, everyone, calm down.”

When Anastasia opened her mouth in a voice that didn’t feel a bit of anger, the maids shuddered in shock. 

“Your Majesty, how can you calm down in this situation?”

“I don’t know anyone else, but Marquis Lutent shouldn’t do that. You’ve known each other for years! Didn’t he have an insidious purpose in approaching His Majesty in the first place?”

“Well, maybe.”

When Anastasia replied calmly, the maids looked at Anastasia with stunned faces.

Anastasia calmly explained her condition.

“As you may know, something happened last time with Lady Lutent. I mean, I didn’t expect this to happen, but I am not surprised.”

“Your Majesty the Empress….”

“Why, why are you so calm? Is it weird for us to get angry?”

“No way. Usually, it’s natural to be as angry as you are.”

However, since she has been through all sorts of things before and until now, this much was not surprising. But, the ladies did not understand Anastasia’s reaction because it was strange.

“Your Majesty……did you die and come back to life? Otherwise, you can’t be so calm!”

“Oh, how did you know?”

Anastasia looked surprised at the unexpected answer, but the ladies naturally did not take it seriously. The maids appealed with frustration as if not to play around in such a situation.

“Your Majesty…! We are serious!”

But it’s really my second time in life.

In fact, even if it wasn’t for that reason, her personality was originally like this. Anastasia said with a grin.

“I mean, you don’t have to worry about me getting hurt anyway.”

“But I hope your Majesty hates Lady Lutent and do something like revenge.”

“Yes, Your Majesty…… You’re so angelic!”

The lady, who said that, immediately looked a little embarrassed.

Three months ago, such a word could not be used to describe Anastasia. 

Anastasia burst into laughter with pride that she had been living quite well.

“Hating others won’t benefit me. It’s a waste of time, of energy.”

“Your heart is so…… it got wider.”

“You’re not going to forgive Lady Lutent, are you?”


Anastasia laughed significantly when a maid asked urgently.

“Forgiveness? Don’t you mean punishment?”

“What? B, but just now…….”

“I said I wouldn’t hate her. I didn’t say I’d forgive her.”


“They’re definitely different. Don’t you think so?”

Anastasia’s eyes were smiling on the outside, but inside, a bright red flame resembling the color of her eyes seemed to burn.

As expected, your majesty! Your personality isn’t dead yet

Phew, Good thing it came out like this. I was worried that you’d be bullied.

Of course, you don’t have to take revenge, but you have to punish her!

It was only then that the maids were relieved.

“Right! It’s different! Be sure to punish those ungrateful things, Your Majesty.”

“Show them that justice is alive!”

“Oh, now you look like our Empress!”

Proud of Anastasia’s ruthlessness for the first time, the ladies were only then able to feel a little better.

“But I’m glad the emperor handled it well.”

“Yes, I can’t believe he’d like to discuss it with Her Majesty. No matter what anyone says, you have once again nailed that the hostess of the Imperial Palace is Her Majesty.”

“……I know.”

Certainly, his last remark guaranteed her position perfectly.

“But why?”

Didn’t he hate Anastasia? She thought he didn’t care what kind of situation she was in.

Thinking for a moment, Anastasia soon realized that she had thought too one-dimensionally and shook her head.

If you can’t throw it away anyway, you should at least prevent it from getting stuck in the gutter.

Anastasia did not just become an empress, but she was chosen by the goddess to become an empress. It is inseparable from the authority of the emperor, a descendant of the goddess.

Maybe he’s bringing in a paramour? How many is he going to take in?

She wasn’t very upset. For her, loving Wilhem is a separate matter.

There’s no need to feel upset because of the paramours because there is Avelyn, the final boss. 

So, Anastasia was nonchalant, even in paramour matters, where the empress should react sensitively.

It’s pointless to care about people who didn’t even exist in the original.

That night, however, Anastasia was forced to panic greatly by Wilhelm’s sudden action.


“……Your Majesty.”

Anastasia, wearing only a nightdress, looked at Wilhelm with a surprised expression.

“What brings you here…….”

“Is it strange for a husband to find his wife’s bedroom?”

He asked curiously. Anastasia was speechless.

Of course, it’s not strange. But he knows better than anyone else what their relationship is like.

“……you’ve never done this before.”

“Done what?”

“You never came to my bedroom…….”


Wilhelm, as if he had only realized asked;

“Were you sad?”

……why is this happening?

Anastasia looked at Wilhelm in bewilderment.

Wilhelm nodded, perhaps understanding silence as a positive answer.

“I’ll have to come often.”

No, that’s not it!

Anastasia hurriedly opened her mouth.

“That’s not what I meant.”


“I mean, why all of a sudden…… What’s the matter?”

“I’m sure you know what happened today.”


“Looking at your expression, I think you heard it.”

Wilhelm, who was looking at Anastasia’s face, muttered.

“But what are you doing here?”

Wilhelm said with a little bewildered expression.

“Why are you so easygoing? Are you saying that the empress’ seat is yours anyway?”

“……you’re here to discuss the matter.”


Half? Anastasia asked immediately in wonder.

“What about the other half?”

“It depends on your answer.”

When Anastasia tried to ask what it was but Wilhelm was faster.

“What do you think?”

He came straight to the point.

“Of taking in a paramour.”


Anastasia was silent for a moment. However, it was not a silence of concern, but a silence to increase the authenticity of the answer that would follow.

A short time passed and she spoke.

“I’m going to obey His Majesty’s wishes.”

“What does it mean?”

“Do as you please.”

“As I please?”

Do as you please.

This word is usually used in one of the two situations. When you sincerely respect the other person’s choice or when it’s ironic.

In this situation, that answer was usually the latter.

Just do what you want. I’ll stay still.

Of course, it’s supposed to mean like this…….

Why does it sound sincere?

Wilhelm became displeased with the idea.

Why on earth do I feel like you don’t care a bit?

An irritation flared up in the air. He asked angrily.

“Do you mean you don’t care even if I take in a hundred of paramour?”

“A hundred is too much. You have to think about the royal budget.”

“……Oh, you don’t like a hundred paramours.”  Wilhelm asked, bewildered.

“Simply because of the royal budget?”

“Is there any other reason?”

“There is.”

He could now feel a strange anger in his voice. Wilhelm felt his voice quivering with emotion that he did not know whether it was anger or other emotion.

“There should be. That shouldn’t be the essence.”

At least if she considers him to be her husband, she cannot give such an answer.

Wilhelm stared intently at Anastasia, wondering if there was any possibility of irony in her reaction.

But he couldn’t read her atmosphere at all. Her eyes were empty without emotion.

The reaction made Wilhelm’s mind complicated and confused.

She means it. His wife is not interested in this matter without any lies.

When he realized it, beyond absurdity, an inexplicable intense emotion came to his mind.

All the plans he had made before he came here were gone. Wilhelm asked Anastasia as if he were chewing on words.

“You asked me the other half of the reason I came here earlier, right?” 

Anastasia looked at Wilhelm in wonder.



“When I said I’d try harder with the Empress, Marquis Lutent said I’ve already tried hard enough. I wasn’t able to say anything when I heard that.”

A strangely crooked smile hung around Wilhelm’s mouth.

“We’re not a real couple yet, it’s a secret that only the two of us know.”


Is that what it was?

Anastasia looked more embarrassed than ever.

Of course… She thought they already did it at least once, but they never did?

……You two must have had a really bad relationship.

But she really didn’t know it would be this much.

“You looked surprised as if you’ve never heard of it before.”

Even that reaction was regarded as indifference to himself. Wilhelm murmured in a somewhat despondent tone, and remained silent for a moment.

Anastasia was naturally silent.

But before long, Wilhelm moved one step closer to Anastasia.

Anastasia recoiled from the sudden movement.

But he soon came back to Anastasia with a bigger stride, and the embarrassed Anastasia was about to step back as well.

“So, I made up my mind.”

The words from his lips brought Anastasia to stand still.

“I’m going to be a real couple with you today.”



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