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MOMIAWF Chapter 20


When Ye Haisheng came out of the detention center, the Ye family had already set a date for the wedding of Ye Haisheng and Qin Mian with the Qin family, just one month later.

Of course Ye Haisheng didn’t want to get married so soon, and wanted to keep dragging him. Qin Mian couldn’t let Ye Haisheng drag him, and he looked at Ye Haisheng with red eyes, and dragged him into the yard alone.

“Brother Haisheng, if you don’t want to, then cancel it.” The tears in Qin Mian’s eyes rolled in his eyes, as if he was greatly aggrieved. “Before, I was stupid and did a live broadcast on the Internet. Let Haisheng’s brother follow me in embarrassment.”

Knowing what happened on the Internet, Ye Haisheng somewhat recognized Qin Mian, and felt that he couldn’t help Qin Mian, and was quite annoyed.

“Grandpa, they want to scold someone, so just scold me.” Qin Mian said, “I’m a mermaid, it doesn’t matter.”

“No need.” Ye Haisheng was very irritable, forget it, forget it, even if Qin Mian went to see Mr. Qin, the two families couldn’t cancel the wedding.

His marriage to Qin Mian also involved the cooperation of the two.

Ye Haisheng understood that it was because of that that made him irritable. He really didn’t like Qin Mian. In his eyes, Qin Mian was no different from the third party.

“You only have the status of my wife, it’s better not to think about other things.” Ye Haisheng emphasized.

“Yeah.” Qin Mian nodded slightly, with the status, everything else could be resolved. He didn’t believe that Ye Haisheng had no physical sex, he was a mermaid, and there was always a way to make Ye Haisheng fall asleep.

When Ye Haisheng was released, the staff of the Mermaid Protection Association also notified Yu Qing to avoid Ye Haisheng’s trouble with Yu Qing, but Yu Qing didn’t know that this was also a kind of protection for mermaid.

Yu Qing didn’t care if Ye Haisheng was released or not, it was impossible to shut Ye Haisheng for too long.

The Ye family and the Qin family published the news about the wedding of Ye Haisheng and Qin Mian on the Internet, portraying the two people very lovingly. What? Is this to say that others have intervened in them?

Qin Mian’s brain fan went to Yu Qing’s Weibo and said that Yu Qing was not the one, and that Yu Qing must have seduce Ye Haisheng.

This time, before Yu Qing sent a message to anger them, Raymond issued a statement overbearing his wife.

I asked, what kind of evidence does those brain-dead fans have to prove that after Ye Haisheng got engaged, Yu Qing had contact with Ye Haisheng?

Second question, Ye Jiaqiang or Lei Jiaqiang? Does the Ye Family want to deal with the Lei Family?

Three questions, is it interesting for Ye Haisheng to send messages to other people’s wives? The Qin family likes Alpha with someone in their hearts, but that doesn’t mean that others like it.

In addition to these problems, Raymond also gave an example of a good match between him and Yu Qing. The genetic match between the two people was 99.9%. When Yu Qing went to the Genetics Administration to do a match, he Raymond had the highest match with Yu Qing.

Raymond originally wanted to make a statement early, but he didn’t make much effort to make a statement after the previous incident had ended.

It happened that the Ye family and the Qin family delivered it to the door.

Raymond said that this time is very suitable for publishing his statement that he has changed several times. Ha ha, are they fanatics in Ye Haisheng? Will anyone who meets Ye Haisheng be fascinated by Ye Haisheng?

Yu Qing thought that Raymond would protect him, but did not expect that the other party would make such a long statement, and even deliberately ordered Ye Family and Qin Family.

“They must be very dissatisfied with you?” Yu Qing looked at Leimen who was sitting next to him.

It happened that Raymond was resting and sitting in the yard with Yu Qing in the cool air.

As for Yu Qing, sometimes you can’t find a topic, then look at Guangnao. He is not good at finding topics, and even after talking for a long time, his mouth is dry, and he needs time for free activities.

No, as soon as Yu Qing checked Xingbo, he saw the statement made by Raymond. Obviously, this is what Raymond had prepared earlier.

“It’s okay.” Leimen didn’t care about the attitudes of the Ye Family and the Qin Family. “They want to step on others, so they should think that others will step on them. You are my wife. If I don’t protect you, what should they think? ?”

“How do you think?” Yu Qing asked.

“Perhaps I just used you to have children, and there are other lovers out there. When you give birth, I will divorce you and marry other people.” Raymond joked, in fact, there are really nobles who do that.

There was once a noble with a powerful ability because it was difficult for his sweetheart to conceive his child, so he went to marry a mermaid. Enthusiastically pursuing mermaids makes people think that they love each other deeply. When they have a child later, they will slowly be cold and cold. If they are not afraid that they will be found directly killed, it is estimated that they may make the fish dystocia and die.

Later, the mermaid got divorced after learning about the noble’s vicious behavior. After all, the child was not taken away, because the mermaid itself was of average origin and was a modified mermaid. It was not the path matched by the gene management bureau, but free love. The gene management bureau could not manage too much, and the mermaid protection association should manage. It can manage, but a mermaid with no background raises children.

It would be better to let the child stay in the noble house. Later, the celebrity fish married another nobleman. Under the protection of the Mermaid Conservation Association, he and his ex-husband’s children were seen every week, and the noble’s sweetheart was not allowed to marry in. , Can only follow namelessly.

The nobleman’s sweetheart is weak and unable to undergo mermaid transformation surgery, so he toss others.

Raymond knew that he could not misunderstand his sweetheart. have to say that the forest is big and there are all kinds of birds.

“They like to guess.” Raymond doesn’t like to have more contact with those people, that is, those people are always guessing at others, “The opposite is true.”

“Ye Haisheng and Qin Mian will definitely be happy.” Yu Qingdao, he didn’t go to find out who sent someone to chase him back then, but thinking about it with his toes, he knew that it was not the Ye family or the Qin family.

These two people must be tied together for the rest of their lives, not to harm others.

“Maybe.” Raymond said.

In the hospital, Xia Ziyan’s mermaid transformation operation was relatively successful, and his legs had become fish tails, but they were still relatively fragile.

Xia Ziyan is very satisfied. He has become a mermaid, and the mermaid’s transformation operation has not failed. Now it must be raised to make those merman scales tougher.

“Ability…” Xia Ziyan finally saw the ability level reminder on the list.

“A+ dropped to C level.” The attending doctor regretfully said, “It can still be used after all, it has not dropped to F.”

If you get to F, the ability is basically abolished, if you get to C, it is equivalent to changing from a top student to a passing.

“It’s not stable now. According to your physical condition, the power level may drop to D level, E level.” The attending doctor said the truth, “Alpha pheromone has been strengthened, and the feeling of rejection between Alpha and Alpha is strengthened. .”

There is a sense of rejection between Alpha and Alpha itself. If Alpha’s pheromone is strengthened, it means that the sense of rejection is strengthened. Normally, the Alpha pheromone is strengthened, which means that the Alpha becomes stronger, but Xia Ziyan’s current situation is obviously not the case.

Xia Ziyan underwent a mermaid transformation operation, her physique decreased, her power level decreased, and the alpha pheromone was strong, which meant that Xia Ziyan could get pregnant, but her pregnancy rate was lower than that of other modified mermaids, and she might also have strong rejection with other Alphas. feel.

“What do you mean?” Xia Ziyan was a little confused, why didn’t Alpha Pheromone mutate into Omega?


“You may need to relieve drugs to reduce the concentration of pheromone in the body, which will help you to combine with Alpha.” The attending doctor said, “Under normal circumstances, long-term medication is not recommended. Long-term medication is not conducive to the body’s endocrine balance. If it is possible, It’s best to find one with a high genetic match.”

But the mermaid transformed by Alpha itself is difficult to match the nobles very high, it depends on whether the Alpha mermaid can meet the good Alpha nobles. If you meet someone with a bad character, and feel that his wife’s pheromone smells bad, and you have a sense of rejection, after a long time, the other half may go to other people.

Some people reject genetic matching, reject pheromone fusion… But later, there are still people with people with high pheromone fusion or high genetic matching. In other words, they are cheating.

After all, the attending doctor is not a family consultant, so it is impossible to tell Xia Ziyan so much, and can only do medical advice.

“Can I increase my ability level again? Is there still only medicine?” Xia Ziyan took a deep breath, thinking that he was crossing, and fortunately, he never expected it to be like this.

“It is very difficult to transform the mermaid to raise the power level. With the current medical treatment, it is to take medicine.” The attending doctor replied.

“How about removing the glands?” Xia Ziyan gritted his teeth.

“Omega has glands removed, Alpha doesn’t.” The attending doctor said, “Keep it well, and in half a month, you will be discharged from the hospital if your condition is stable.”

The attending doctor didn’t want to say more, because he was afraid that Xia Ziyan would still be whimsical. Their hospital is not a black clinic, and it is impossible to blindly listen to patients and perform operations.

Seeing the doctor, Xia Ziyan didn’t want to say more. He didn’t force the doctor, so he wanted to check his brain later.

However, the information found on the optical brain is not necessarily so accurate. For example, the optical brain will say that the alpha pheromone is strong, which means that the talent is high. This is also true. Under normal circumstances, this is the case with Alpha who has not undergone mermaid transformation surgery.

Alpha, who underwent mermaid reconstruction surgery, had to look at it the other way around. Xia Ziyan didn’t know, and there was no more information about mermaid on the Internet.Xia Ziyan thought that he might be able to upgrade his power level in the future. After all, the previous power level was cultivated by the original master, not his traverser. So now the Alpha pheromone is strengthened, and it’s his own.Ability potential is high.

When brushing his brain, Xia Ziyan saw the news that Ye Haisheng and Qin Mian were getting married.

“How is it possible?” Xia Ziyan originally thought that Ye Haisheng and Qin Mian hadn’t gotten married so early and would have to wait for a while.

But think about it carefully, the original novel label has first marriage and then love, so Ye Haisheng and Qin Mian are married, which is normal.

It doesn’t matter, it’s just married. Xia Ziyan thought that Ye Haisheng was forced to marry Qin Mian. After Ye Haisheng took charge of the Ye family, it was the beginning of the original text.

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