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TNBTW-Chapter 9


“His Majesty the Emperor asked you to have lunch together today.”

said Emma.

I naturally moved my gaze to the calendar.

‘I often drink tea or eat with my father these days.’

never hated it

It was always a pleasure to spend time with my father.

However, I was concerned about the health of my father, who takes care of government affairs, undead monsters, and even me.

‘But it’s not just about having refreshments or meals together, so I have to attend.’

Having no information, I recently grasped the atmosphere of the palace through Emma’s conversation with her fellow servants.

From what I heard, my father had been investigating him since the day I requested Grand Duke Prause with the right of absolute obedience.

It seemed that he was carefully examining the terms of the negotiations I would propose to the grand duke, don’t you believe me?

To think, the life of an immature child in the corner of the room I walked through was too splendid.

I should be grateful for my father’s thorough examination of the possibilities.

‘It’s already been two weeks since that day, so I think he’ll come to a conclusion soon.’

With Emma’s help, I started preparing.

I had a lot of time because I quit unnecessary luxury after my mother died.

It was just an effort to restore my self-esteem, which was trampled on by nobles in the first place.

But spending time with my father was quite beneficial.

[“Fray. You must think that this father is nothing better than the Duke of Gelon except for his divine power.”]

A few days ago, while drinking tea, my father said this in a playful voice.

After that, short political lessons followed over tea or meals.

Thanks to this, I was able to quickly acquire the political know-how my father had learned through experience.

A kind of cramming for the actual game.

“Father, I am here to have lunch…..”

“Frey. sit down and wait. I was just listening to the report.”

Entering the emperor’s office as usual, I saw the officials with serious faces.

‘Are they mainly the officials in charge of diplomatic affairs?’

Somehow these people seemed to have been called because of my forced contract marriage.

Looking at his expression, it seemed that nothing good had happened.

And, a bad hunch was never wrong.

“It is said that low-level rumors about Grand Duke Prause are circulating recently in the North.”

A bureaucrat looked at me and my father alternately and said,

A vulgar rumor?

That virtuous Daniel Prause?

“Tell me what the rumor is.”

Even though my father urged him in a solemn voice, the official hesitated for a long time.

“That is… … Grand Duke Prause is taking care of the children.”

“Charity work? Great answer.”

“I heard that he is raising two boys in the palace.”

“Did he adopt them from the orphanage he sponsored?”

My father nodded, saying that it was like a benevolent Grand Duke Prause.

Until the official confided in himself.

“So, according to rumors, those two boys are the children of Grand Duke Prause out of wedlock…… .”

“What? Out of wedlock? You mean an illegitimate child?”

My father’s eyes, which had been carrying a smile, flashed in an instant.

“If you are raising a child of the woman you love, why didn’t you get married? If you’re a grand duke, you can do things like that, right?”

“that is… … They don’t seem to know who the child’s mother is.”

“So, that grand duke Prause’s personal life is messy?”

At first, everyone didn’t believe it because of the image that Prause had built for hundreds of years.

However, everyone was shocked when evidence was presented that the common people had purchased high-end children’s items that could not be used at the Grand Duke’s residence several times.

Father’s face turned red.

the officials also whispered for a while with sullen faces.

“For some reason, he stubbornly refused to marry the lady of Count Vliette….”

“How fortunate I am to know the private life of the Grand duke before using the right of absolute obedience.”

“From what I hear, it seems like it’s been a few years since he has raised his kids, but he managed to keep it a secret all that time.”

I kept my mouth shut.

My father and the officials secretly began to examine my face.

“I had a crush on Grand Duke Prause and begged him to give me the absolute right to obey, what should I do?”’

It was just such a thoughtful gaze.

But the reason I kept my mouth shut was to endure ridicule.

‘Wow, that’s crazy. No matter how much you don’t want to get married, you’re spreading rumors that a  ‘precious virgin’ has a child out of wedlock?’

He must have ordered it after hearing rumors that I was targeting him.

I didn’t really like him, but I felt bad.

As a companion like that—

‘It’s not funny….?’

Grand Duke Prause hasn’t heard of my proposal yet.

I don’t like rumors.

If you marry me, the next emperor, Tahar and the Duke of Gelon, will automatically become enemies.

Above all, he is a man who is fed up with love.

Well, you deserve to do your best to refuse to marry.’

At this point, I felt a bit sorry for the grand duke.

Well, that doesn’t mean I’ll back down for him right now.

‘If you stubbornly reject my proposal, then I’ll have to reconsider.’

I thought about sending a letter with a detailed proposal, but gave up because of the possibility of information leakage.

Even if it arrives well, the Grand duke will probably throw my letter into the fireplace.

So now, meeting him was the first thing.

“Oh, that’s good. I like children.”

When I said it shamelessly, not only the officials, but even my father furrowed their eyebrows.

What kind of dog eating grass is that?

It was a face like that.

Do you think it’s not probable that I like children because I only daydream or enjoy shopping alone?

‘But I was a kindergarten teacher in my previous life.’

I quickly changed my route to the immature princess.

“Why do you look like that? If the grand duke had a child out of wedlock, wouldn’t it be okay for me not to give birth to a child with my stomach hurting? I just hate being sick.”


I spoke in a very arrogant voice.

“Besides, even if the Grand Duke has a lover hidden—”


When I raised one corner of my mouth crookedly, a few flinched instead.

“I just need to take the grand duke away from her.”

“No, Frey…..”

“father. I heard that you carefully checked my proposal. Did you ever intend to use the right of absolute obedience?”

My confidence and shamelessness, which are only displayed in front of my parents, reached its peak.

“I was planning to announce the use of the right of absolute obedience at a government meeting this afternoon. 

But that’s because I haven’t heard of Grand Duke Prause’s out-of-wedlock child.”

“Certainly, being out of wedlock is amazing.”

“I don’t want to marry you off to a man with such a big flaw.”

My father’s thoughtfulness was touching.

but… … It’s a ruin ending if you go like this.

‘Besides, my mission is to protect those children out of wedlock and build intimacy.’

I looked at my father and said in a firm tone.

“I had flaws, and the Grand Duke has flaws now, so it’s a fair marriage.”

“Frey… … It looks like you’re finally admitting your mistake.”

“… … .”

In the meantime, I had swept jewels from all over the country to fill my emptiness with stuff.

I don’t remember, but in the process, I would have done something unfortunate to Grand Duke Prause.

It’s not much of a flaw than having an out-of-wedlock.

‘The difference between my reputation and the Grand Duke’s reputation is so big.’

“Father, I like it even if the Grand Duke doesn’t love me for the rest of his life. I want to have a chance to win his heart.”

I said this because there are the officials.

But my sincerity that I want to reach my father,

‘I want to take a chance.’

There was only this one sentence.

It was after explaining that she needed the position of Grand Duchess Prause to avenge her father and mother.

“Frey.. I know how you feel.”

I could tell just by looking in his eyes.

My father was considering whether I could avenge my mother even as an unloved grand duchess.

And after a long silence.

“Thank you for your hard work. However, the announcement of the use of the right of absolute obedience will proceed as it is at the afternoon political meeting.”

“….. !”

The officials were speechless and kept their mouths shut.

Facing my father’s eyes filled with strong trust in me, I respectfully bowed my head.

“Thank you, Father.”

* * *

I listened to my father’s politics class throughout lunch.

It was to the point where I didn’t know if the rice went through my mouth or through my nose, but it was a lesson that I gained a lot.

“Then I guess I’ll have to go to the government meeting soon.”

My father, who had a sore throat with tea, brushed my hair.

I politely bowed and left the room.

‘In an hour from now, grand duke Prause I will grab your back.’

To be honest, I was a bit surprised.

I thought the Grand Duke would hate marrying me, but I didn’t know that he would insist that the child Transcendents he had picked up were out of wedlock.

‘Don’t you believe that I will give you a divorce?’

Well, it’s a divorce. You can tell me to peek into my future.

Grand Dukes Prause, the guardians of time, could briefly glimpse into the future if the opponent allowed it.

If you see me giving you a clean divorce after hitting the jackpot, you’ll think that a short contract marriage isn’t bad either.

‘When are you going to arrive in the capital? If I use the right of absolute obedience today…..’

When I was going back to my room, I measured the approximate time.

“Princess Frey”

Evelyn Vliette, with a face as if she couldn’t sleep, stood in front of me.

Her eyes were agitated with anger and despair.

It seems that she heard about the plan to use the right of absolute obedience through the count’s source.

It’s a very different look from the time when I shamelessly held out my face at my mother’s funeral.

It honestly wasn’t even funny.

“Daughter of Count Vliette, what happened?”

“Do you think you would be happy if you obtained Highness Grand Duke Prause in that way?”

Contrary to her relaxed tone, her voice trembled.

It seems that she really has a crush on the Grand Duke.

I answered while staring straight into her trembling eyes.

“yes. I think I will be happy.”


“ Then bye.”

I walked past her to my room.

Then an angry voice burst out from behind.

“I am the woman who will hold flowers and smile in front of Daniel Prause in a wedding dress !”


When my mother died, she mocked me with flowers, and she was thinking of being happy with a bouquet.

I just had a good idea.

I turned around and told her.


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