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TNBTW- Chapter 8


The emperor did not hide his doubts.


“”The northern part of the country is frequently infested with undead monsters, so we couldn’t open a gate that connects directly to the capital, right?”

As if to imagine what would happen after that, Frey finished talking with a meaningful smile.

The emperor, who was about to take a sip of tea, unconsciously put the cup down.

“Are you going to make a direct gate from the north to the capital?”

Because undead monsters overflowed irregularly, the northern part had no gate that was always connected to the capital.

If monsters come through the gate and attack the capital, the whole country will be in danger.

It was a problem that occurred because the divine power of Grand duke Prause was not as strong as that of the imperial family.

“Because there is no gate, it is difficult to exchange, so the north is slower than other areas.”

But what if Frey, who has inherited the divine power of the royal family, heads for the Grand Duchy of the North?

The emperor naturally imagined.

After opening the direct gate to the capital, how much the Northern Empire can develop.

The North had abundant resource reserves and many rare specialties that were not found in other areas.

“You can accumulate great wealth just by selling them to other regions at a reasonable price.”

Perhaps a guild with a larger transaction scale than the guild of the Duke of Gelon, which is said to be the best in the empire, might appear.

After calculating quickly, My father asked me a cautious question.

“Frey. You must be thinking of defending the Grand Duke and opening a direct gate with Grand Duke Prause.”

“yes. I’m thinking of starting that way.”


The emperor’s eyes were shaking.

“Frey. Have you ever thought about how difficult it would be to open the direct northern gate? First of all, you will have to raise your divine power to a considerable level.”

The corner of Frey’s mouth went up in a worried voice.

In anticipation of this question, I skimmed through old books for a few days.

She answered with confidence.

Yes. I’ve researched enough, and I don’t think it’s too much to help the Grand duke open the gate with my divine power.”

To be honest, Frey’s divine power wasn’t that strong right now.

‘But I know how to strengthen my divine power in the shortest time.’

If I take my time and strengthen it slowly, I will be able to use divine power.

Just like his father said, it was still too much to deal with the undead monsters from the north that were constantly attacking.

But it was possible enough to prevent them from invading certain areas.

in the same way found in the original.

‘Once I head to the north, I can use the infinite of the divine power I recalled along with the memories of my previous life.’

I just can’t mention it to anyone yet.

It would be nice if I could tell my father in a clear way.

Frey hid her regret and continued.

“I’m going to open the gate directly to the capital by pressing the undead monsters. After that, I will make a top and raise it.”


“yes. The power of the Duke of Gelon comes from the top. The Magic Tower is also on the side of the duchy because it receives support from the upper ranks, right?”

“It is, but….”

“So my goal is to press the top of the gelon.”

Frey’s red eyes were filled with anger.

The Empress and the Crown Prince couple assassinated their mother using the wealth and information power of the upper ranks, and even humiliated me by throwing a white chrysanthemum party.

If I could, I wanted to go to the lord mansion right away, pour oil, and set fire.

‘But I don’t do that anymore. I won’t be able to comfort My mother with such one-dimensional revenge.’

Her fists resting on her lap were tight.

The emperor was silent for a moment, looking at his daughter’s trembling hands as she reached the limit.

‘I guess you’re asking me to continue Your unrequited love without thinking. Did you even think of pressing the top of the gelon….’

Beneath the thick eyelashes, red eyes that looked exactly like mine were shining with strong tenacity.

It meant Frey wanted something.

And, after showing that kind of look, My daughter definitely got what she wanted.

Even while shrinking his body to avoid getting caught up in useless political strife.

‘Roselia, our daughter wants something very big this time.’

I wish I could discuss this with you.

The emperor smiled bitterly and put down the teacup.

“”Frey. I can see that you didn’t do this thoughtlessly.”


“It’s not a decision that can be made immediately, so go back today.”

It seems he needs some time to think.

Frey calmly settled down and stood up.

“Yes, Father. Please think positively.”

“Yes. It’s good to see you step down calmly…”

“Anyway, if my father doesn’t use it now, this generation’s right to absolute obedience is over. The next emperor, Tahar, doesn’t have divine power, so he can’t use it.”

“I was wondering why you didn’t talk about it.”

“If you use the right of absolute obedience for me, it will never be a waste.”

Frey bowed politely and returned to her room.

As I jumped onto the bed, I thought a lot.

‘It’s a pity that I couldn’t tell my father what condition Daniel Prause most coveted.’

According to the investigation, the Grand Dukes of Prause wanted to get rid of the absolute right of obedience to their generation by any means.

He had a lot of resistance to the life of caring about when, where, and what orders the emperor would give.

And, that kind of psychology must be the same for Daniel Prause.

‘In the original story, the grand duke was assassinated, and because of that, the children who lost their guardians  attacked the imperial palace.’

About two years and seven months later, the Grand duke was assassinated by Tahar, who became emperor.

‘So, I just need to tell the Grand Duke that I’ll divorce him after 2 years and 7 months.’

From the perspective of Grand duke Prause, it is advantageous because he can destroy the absolute right of obedience of his generation just by living as a married couple in a show window.

From Frey’s point of view, it was also an advantage to divorce after using her status as a grand duchess during the marriage period to grow up to the top.

‘Dragon’s lifespan is also long, so you might think that lending the title of grand duchess for only 3 years is not a big blow.’

Isn’t he a man who has no intention of making a partner he truly loves anyway?

Frey fell asleep hoping that his father would make a wise decision.

* * *

“your majesty. You have to sleep in  a bed.”

The emperor’s secretary bowed her head politely. 

He was genuinely concerned about the Emperor’s health.

‘He hasn’t been able to sleep since he lost Lady Roselia.’

The emperor’s mind and body were quite tired from dealing with undead monsters alone.

Recently, he lost bisa lover and couldn’t even sleep properly, so his health was not good.

The emperor, who had been weighed down by the momentum of the Empress and the Gelon family, was physically and mentally devastated.

“your majesty….”

“Fray made me an offer.”

In a calm voice, the emperor explained the conversation he had with his daughter this evening.

The eyes of the secretary, as well as some of the imperial faction ministers who had come to persuade the emperor, shook.

‘The princess has the absolute right of obedience?’

‘I thought something was going to happen because he stopped by before.’

‘Are you trying to fight against the Duke of Gelon in cooperation with the Grand Duke Prause?’

After losing her mother, the princess changed

However, everyone was dumbfounded because they did not know that she would move so quickly and aggressively.

Besides, it’s not the Princess.

‘Since she lost her mother, she must have come to her senses, but what the hell is the princess who was all about ordering people to buy things…….’’

It won’t be long before the princess comes down under pressure.’

‘His Majesty seems to have lost his judgment immediately after losing Lady Roselia.’

The emperor glanced at the faces of the officials.

Just by looking at their stiff faces, I could tell what they were thinking.

“I know what you guys are thinking.”

“your majesty… … Do you really intend to use the right of absolute obedience to order Grand Duke Prause to marry the princess?”


The emperor got up from his seat with his hands behind his back and looked out the window.

“Do you guys remember? Frey was born in a dark time like this.”

As the princess puts the doctors and midwives in trouble, Roselia goes through sudden difficulty…

However, Frey was born healthy.

“I thought the room was dark no matter how many times I turned on the lights, but the moment when my daughter came out crying for the first time, she seemed to light up.”

A gentle smile appeared on the emperor’s lips.

“Ironically, the Princess grew up the opposite way.  She is timid and has no rails, so she made you guys suffer a lot.”

“your majesty….”

In the memories of having a hard time matching the things the princess wanted passed through the secretary’s head.

“Then there was no use of the right of absolute obedience .….”

“But I know the cleverness of my daughter that the others don’t know.”

As the emperor spoke, the ministers looked at each other.

So, now that word is

“To others, she may be a sensitive and Wicked princess who grew up in a greenhouse, but she is a strong child on the inside.”


“So, from now on, I ask you to examine the feasibility of what I am talking about.”

“your majesty…….!”

“Even if everyone says no, I want to trust my daughter.”

furthermore…. I don’t think I have much time left.

The emperor managed to swallow the tearing chest pain and heartache that had been going on for months.

Frey had to be evacuated before the shadow of death fell.

A place where Frey can survive even  the Duke of Gelon takes full control of the imperial family.

“Because I’m Frey’s father.”

The emperor smiled as he recalled the smiling face of his daughter, who looked just like his lover.


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