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TNBTW- Chapter 7


“What way.”

Daniel gave Luke the right to speak even though he put on a puzzled face.

It was because even though he was a rogue knight, I believed in his skill as a master and he had endless affairs with women, so he had a good understanding of women’s issues.

Luke started off thinking that he had a chance to make up for his lateness.

“I think everyone knows that there are seven older sisters above me. That they are all married.”


“My older sisters say that the woman most reluctant to marry is a man with a woman problem.”

“… … A woman problem?”

“yes. A guy who hasn’t forgotten his ex, who can’t settle down and who finds another woman from time to time, or who keeps carrying traces of the woman he broke up with.”

Luke said confidently.

At the same time, questions filled the faces of the vassals. 

Who is Daniel Prause?

He is a man who is said to be as quiet as the high priest.

But it’s a woman’s problem.

‘He’s the kind of person who refuses young girls’ dance requests with a smile on his face.’

‘Your Highness the Grand Duke’s affair with a former lover? You don’t have anyone who can be called his ex….’

“Our duke is the one who is far from promiscuity, and that stone knight is talking nonsense again.”

Luke continued without noticing the suspicious glance I was looking at him.

“I mean, if rumors spread that His Highness’ private life is not clean, Princess Frey would also give up.”

“… .”

“Coincidently, the Grand duke is picking up abandoned children and protecting them.”

Luke remembered the basket Daniel had found under the wall about three years ago.

[Your Highness, please raise the children well.]

In the basket were two newborn boys with an irresponsible note.

[“These are not normal children. Please make a villa and take care of them.”]

The benevolent Grand Duke said so.

The fact that he was single and had two boys was known only to the employees of the Grand Duchy.

“It’s something I picked up, but it’s like the children are actually the blood of the Grand Duke….”


A stern voice stopped Luke.

It was his grandfather, Baron Divine, the butler of the Grand duke, who was mixed with the vassals.

Each of the vassals who heard Luke’s ingenious and poor solution clicked their tongues and hated it.

“Sir Divine. No matter how much it is, there is a dignity that must be maintained as Grand Duke Prause, but it is a little bit ….”

“Baron butler. You raised your grandson wonderfully.”

“I have no face, Your Highness. I will give my grandson a proper education this time.”

“Ah, Grandpa!”

The inside of the office suddenly became noisy.

In the midst of the commotion, Daniel rested his chin and lost himself in thought for a moment.

[“Daniel, I’m sorry.”]

A scene that had been buried deep in his heart began to play.

A middle-aged man holding a half-empty poison bottle with a dead human woman in his arms.

It was Duncan, the Grand duke Prause and Daniel’s father.

[“Daniel. your mother… … Julia just passed away.”]

While muttering with a confused face, he dropped the bottle of poison.

The poison he had already inhaled began to kill every part of his body.

It was the end of Duncan Prause, who was a transcendent for more than a hundred years and dared to love humans.


[“Daniel. sorry… … I cannot leave her alone even for a moment.”]

The father’s body lay powerlessly on top of the mother’s.

The only sound he could hear was his own.



The moment the two beings, who were everything in the world, disappeared, Daniel looked at the bottle containing the poison.

If you drink just one drop of the poison left in that bottle, you will be able to be with your loving parents forever.


But Daniel couldn’t.

Rather than wanting to be with their loved ones, they were more afraid that they might fall to a dark place when they died.

I’m scared…

I love my parents, but….

If I survive, won’t the Prause stay?

yes i am

I have to live.

I think I sat down and cried until the vassals came running, rationalizing the reason why I didn’t follow my parents.

At the same time, something was carved on his chest like a scar.

[“Daniel. Prause is the guardian of time. Keep that in mind.”]

The reason why the great Grand Duke Prause, the father who was always strong, abandoned his son and left the world in an instant.

because of love for my mother.


[‘I don’t do that. never.’]

Daniel shuddered and looked away from the bottle of poison.

Even if those who were supposed to protect me attacked for wealth and power, I had to endure alone.

I sat on a big chair that couldn’t even reach the floor and listened to how many people advised me.

[“Since you have become Grand Duke Prause today, you must fulfill your duty to protect time.”]

[“Stop cry”]

[“It’s a pity that no adult in the family is around, but you have to become stronger in this situation.”]

Yes, if that is my duty to survive alone with my back on love.

Daniel erased the scene in his head.

The idea that it is his duty to protect time order and territory as Grand Duke Prause has not changed even now.

The thought of not doing what was called love, which produced terrible results.

“Luke Devine.”

When Daniel, who had been quiet, he spoke and the room, which had been arguing, became quiet for an instant.

“I’ll give you permission, so you can take care of damaging my dignity.”


All of the vassals, including Luke, froze for an instant.

But Daniel did not back down on what he had said.

‘If Luke properly damages his honor, the uninterested courtship will end.’

If I was a decent man, you’d be reluctant to give your daughter away to a promiscuous man who even had an out-of-wedlock child.

If someone wants to push you, you can use the excuse of a ‘real lover’ that doesn’t exist and say no.

“I’ll give you a few days off, so spread the rumor and make me a promiscuous bastard, Luke.”

I wasn’t interested in getting married or dating.

I wanted to suffer at this point because there are many days to live in the future because the blood of the dragon is mixed.

“The sooner the better. His Majesty the Emperor, who only knows his daughter, might really use the right of absolute obedience.”

“majesty… really….”

“Don’t worry, I have no intention of impressing the young ladies in the future.”

Daniel picked up his pen again as if he would not retract his remarks.

* * *

“Princess Frey. His Majesty the Emperor asked us to have lunch together.”

“Yes, I’ll be right there.”

Frey got up from her seat as if she had been waiting.

I knew in advance that my father would call me sometime today.

After openly going to the temple and using the divine power detector, he didn’t tell anyone about the result.

‘You called sooner than I thought. It must mean that you are curious about the results.’

So now was the perfect time to tell his father about her plans.

As soon as she entered the rendezvous, the emperor stood up and asked,

“Frey. I heard You went to the temple. Did you use the Divine Power Detector?”

“Yes, Father. I want you to leave people behind.”

The emperor bit the Maids with a single glance.

Frey. You’re burning my heart out. Let me know the result.”

Instead of explaining, Frey held out her hand and concentrated.


A faint of light bloomed from her palm.

It was divine power, divine power that purifies undead monsters and brings peace.

The emperor hastily put his hand on his daughter’s hand.

“This must be divine power.”

Frey smiled bitterly and nodded.

If only I had the courage to know that I had divine power.

It might have prevented the death of my mother.

However, she was afraid of the empress and the crown prince, so she avoided the whole time, and as a result, she had to watch his mother’s death.

” I will never run away again.’

Frey thought to herself as if she was determined, then opened her mouth.

“father. I am going to use this power to establish a relationship between Grand Duke Prause and me.”


The emperor said nothing.

Clearly, what Frey used was divine power.

‘But if it’s this much divine power, Grand duke Prause has it too.’

If she keeps training, she Will have to be strong, but it’s normal.

It seemed that the Grand Duke would not take Frey as his wife just hearing the fact that she had this much divine power.

The emperor was only disturbed by the drawing of his daughter, who would have been happy to have a grand duke because she had divine power.

It would be suicide to go north with this judgment.’

Towards the end of the meal, the emperor carefully conveyed his opinion.

“Frey. I’m sorry, but only with divine power…”

However, Frey laughed as if it didn’t matter.

“The Grand duke also has divine power, so divine power is not a big attraction.”

“I’m glad you know.”

“You know what? When I use the detector, I go in alone and no one knows how strong my holy power is.”

Frey smiled softly.

As it was originally, I shouldn’t even know if it was determined to have divine power or not.

However, since there would be something called the High Priestess, he would have noticed whether or not he possessed it.

‘Since I’m trying to hide it, there’s a high chance that they’ll mistakenly think that I have great divine power like normal heirs to the throne.’

A fact that everyone in the capital knows.

Frey Obelir had a tendency to hide and avoid things that might annoy the empress.

‘So, the High Priestess who has seen me quite closely will mistakenly think that I have great divine power and hide it.’

Frey intended to make the most of that illusion.

“If Dad uses the right of absolute obedience, I will propose it to the Grand Duke.”


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