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TNBTW-Chapter 63


First of all, since the person making the unreasonable demands was the crown prince, So Frey smiled formally. But no matter how much she thought about it, it was absurd.

Who didn’t notice what Tahar was asking of her?

‘In short, he was talking about calling everything I know about the sacred Tower.’

‘Wow, I knew I had no conscience, but…’

Her friend who borrowed Frey’s summary notebook from her previous school days and only pretended to be friendly during exams wasn’t so shameless. Trying to take away her achievements without any reward.

The problem is that he is the ‘Crown Prince’ who will become the next emperor with a high probability. If the next emperor asked her to help the people and she refused, she would be the only bad person. Either way, it was an advantage for Tahar.

“If the Princess helps crown prince Tahar build sacred towers throughout the empire, it will be safe from undead monsters.”

“A tower is not easily corroded. The Crown prince wants the people to be safe, and Frey is probably the same.”

“It would be beneficial to everyone if Frey built sacred towers in several places with the help of His Highness the Crown Prince.”

Tahar’s aides were quick to shape public opinion. It was quite fast, even though there was no Count Borah who was good at that.

‘I will only provide divine power and know-how, and hand over the achievements to Tahar.’

Tahar, who did not inherit divine power, is in a position to use the divine power of others. Of course, Frey had no intention of helping him. So she said.

“Writing a report on the divine Tower seems a bit difficult. I did it with feeling, not theory.”

When she said it as if she was sincerely sorry for not being able to help, Tahar’s forehead was deeply wrinkled. Tahar will be angry. He won’t know what ‘feels when using divine power’ until his death.

“Then, I will send Gelon magic researchers, so please cooperate.”

“I think that would be difficult too. Everyone knows that the way divine power and magical power are operated is completely different.”

If the management methods of the two were similar, the Duke of Gelon would have replaced the imperial family. In addition, since the Sacred Tower was created by Frey, information asymmetry is severe.

“For some reason, the divine power contained in the sacred Tower seems to weaken when I fall into a coma. If I die, the tower might lose its function.”

In other words, even if Frey lies, there is no basis for determining whether it is true or false on Tahar’s side. So he had no choice but to believe it.

‘Even if I explain it to someone who isn’t born with it, I don’t think they’ll understand.’

‘I can’t explain it because I did it instinctively.’

As Frey continued to express her opinion, tendons grew on Tahar’s forehead.

‘In the first place, the Sacred Tower is the result of my research, so why do you think I’m going to hand over the achievement to you?’

He seems to think that Frey is the same person before she lost her mother.

Frey let go of Her future plans while Tahar was silent.

“But don’t worry, I know very well what crown prince Tahar is worried about being attacked by undead monsters.”

“What do you mean?”

“I plan to discuss how to use the sacred Tower with the High Priest in a few days.”


“I think we can find a solution for everyone by talking with priests. It will also help the people.”

Originally, priests belonging to the temple only follow the blood of the imperial family with divine power. This is because, according to the scriptures, divine power itself is the power of blessing left by God to the world.

‘I’m sure you understand that I have no intention of discussing it with Gelon.’

Having successfully defended the image of a ‘benevolent member of the royal family serving all people’ that Tahar was trying to steal, Frey left.

* * *

“I didn’t know that Damon and Arsene would communicate well with His Majesty the Emperor.”

Lina smiled and said to Frey, who was taking a breather on the balcony for a while. Hearing her words, Frey turned her head and saw Damon and Arsene, who was receiving the cuteness of the imperial ladies.

Seeing them sitting on the emperor’s lap, the emperor seemed to have a large heart like a transcendent.

‘I didn’t expect my father to treat them like that….’

It seems like just yesterday that He hated Damon and Arsene for being ‘out-of-wedlock children born to your son-in-law with another woman’.

Now that Daniel knows why he has to protect his children, Frey’s father loves them without hesitation.

When Tahar was born, when Lydia was born, he must have wanted to do that.

[“your majesty. Tahar’s education should be entirely left to the Duke of Gelon. Because he was born with exceptional magical powers.”]

[“your majesty. With all due respect, Lydia is a transcendentalist. It would be better not to treat her like a normal child.”]

Apparently, the Empress and Gelon gave a ridiculous reason and kept her father away from Tahar and Lydia.

‘I don’t know if it’s because my father brought my mother to give birth to me, or because the emperor and Gelon are eternal political opponents.’

He can’t even touch his blood… It must be a terrible feeling.’

Anyway, Frey’s father, who would die for a child, seemed to be having a very happy time. When Frey listened closely, the three of them were talking about her.

“Lady Frey is shiny.”

“Yes, You speak well even when you are young. Would you like some grapes?”


Frey eavesdrops on a simple but enjoyable conversation, and someone approaches her on the balcony. The empress was not very happy.

“Are you having a good time?”


Just looking at her face reminded Frey of her dead mother and choked up. A person who ordered white chrysanthemum flowers before Frey’s mother even finished her life. the enemy of her whole life.

Today, however, the empress also seemed quite agitated.

“Frey. Let me give you one piece of advice. It wouldn’t be a good idea to insult Tahar in front of everyone.”

The empress, who enjoys pretending to be calm, responded with a harsh tone. It must be because Frey reminded everyone that Tahar has no divine power. Compared to what Frey has been through so far, what she has done is nothing.

“Now I don’t know how the Grand Duke Prause was interested… you have to think about it when the Grand Duke suddenly loses interest.”

“What are you talking about?”

“As soon as a rumor spreads that Frey has a crush on the Grand Duke, the identity of the children is revealed, and since you start using divine power, the timing is a bit off. It means don’t be fooled by men.”

“Ah… I see what you mean.”

Frey thought the Empress wanted to warn her because she humiliated Tahar. The empress’ words were true to some extent, but Daniel and I, who is living a pretty good marriage, didn’t care.

I’m trying to say that

“Madam, Your Majesty the Empress.”

Coincidentally, Daniel appeared just in time. For some reason, his voice was lower than usual.

“Ah, Grand Duke Prause.”

The empress naturally tried to leave as if nothing had happened. However, Daniel stood in front of her with a smile on his face.

“If you have any questions about me in the future, I would appreciate it if you could ask me directly.”

“What is that…?”

The empress wore an elegant smile as if she had never threatened Frey before. But Daniel smiled and did not back down.

“Because of my bloodline, I have good hearing, so I unintentionally overheard the conversation. I ask for your forgiveness.”


“Now I want to have a secret conversation with my wife, will you allow me?”

The empress smiled, wondering if she was going to leave the balcony when she was caught.

“Oh, this is strange. Apparently, you wanted to push me away at Frey.”

She slipped out off the balcony, not wanting to talk anymore. Indeed, she was an empress with a genius talent for fighting strangers.

When Lina moved away for a while and they left alone, Daniel glanced at Frey.

“Madam. why you don’t get angry when you hear that.”

It looked like a big dog whimpering after having an accident, so Frey laughed without knowing it.

“Because I knew. That you exposed out-of-wedlock to the world to cut me off.”


“It’s a contractual relationship, so there’s nothing to be hurt about.”

Frey was just spitting out exactly what she was thinking, but somehow she felt offended. She added unnecessary words and tickled.

“Daniel. It’s a bit unfair that I feel like I’m the only one who’s becoming pitiful, but know that you’re not my taste either. I like a man who pushes me like an animal.”

“A man who attacks like a beast.”

“A man who goes straight and hangs on while just calling my name. Isn’t it something you absolutely can’t do because you are polite to Her Majesty the Empress with a smile on your face?”

‘Why do I keep moving my mouth like I never had a crush on him so there’s nothing to get hurt about?’

She thought the cocktail she drank was the problem.

Just when Frey thought it was a little awkward because the words jumped out of her head, Daniel gently held her hand.

“Madam. I apologize for hurting you with my actions with preconceived notions at a time when I didn’t know anything.”

He apologized very politely. Considering Frey’s reputation back then, he had nothing to apologize for. 

Embarrassed, so Frey answered fast.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to apologize. We both liked each other’s conditions anyway.”

Brilliant purple eyes shook briefly. Then, a beautiful smile formed in his eyes.

“Of course, I liked the conditions at first. But now… I want my wife to like me.”

He lowered his back slightly and brought it to eye level. From a closer look, a certain emotion was seething in the depths of his clear eyes. Frey felt heart beating fast in her hands. She couldn’t tell if it was her or Daniel, her body froze.

Daniel looked at Frey carefully, as if memorizing Frey’s reaction, then carefully put his lips on the back of her hand and whispered.

“Frey. Shall we forget about our contract and start all over again?”

* * *

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