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TNBTW-Chapter 6


Back in the room, I jumped onto the bed.

When the soft bedding touched my body, the tension in my body was relieved.

‘I can’t leave if my father is unsure. 

He will be worried.’

Until now, it was enough to have been reckless and upset.

Of course, the future events in the imperial palace were not just to earn my father’s trust.

‘Because if I want to change the flow of the original story, I’ll have to equip myself with the minimum amount of power.’

I reached over and brought the paper and pen onto the bed.

First of all, I was thinking of organizing the main settings of <The Abandoned World> that I remember.

‘The North is difficult to move, so development is slow, and Grand duke Prause is always overworked dealing with undead monsters pouring in with little divine power.’

In order for the Grand Duke to endure marriage with me, I need to be of help to him.

Having remembered my past life, I already knew how to solve both problems.

‘If I hadn’t played games in my previous life, I would have never dreamed of negotiating with Grand duke Prause.’

I did a good job.

It was a rewarding moment to relieve stress through games.

‘After convincing my father….’

After that, the first priority is to make the grand duke recognize that I will be of help.

Make them think you’re worthy of a fake marriage.

If so, there was no problem with the fact that he was a love avoider who had completely ignored marriage proposals.

‘All you have to do is promise to divorce me in a few years. Keep it a secret from my father.’

From the point of view of the Grand Duke Prause, a few years of fake marriage can break the shackles of absolute obedience, so it’s never a loss.

Because of his childhood trauma, he is a character who trembles when it comes to things like love and marriage.

‘He must not have thought that marriage could be used in this way.’

I was trying to think about how to establish myself as a successful grand duchess, but my eyelids suddenly felt heavy.

‘Because my body was badly damaged because of the curse.’

Unlike my mother, I didn’t die, but my stamina seemed to be much lower than before.

I can’t overdo it when I am about to do something big.

I put the pen and paper in the padlocked drawer and locked it.

I had to sleep earlier today because I’m going to carry out an important schedule tomorrow.

* * *

Frey told the maid the next morning, getting ready to go out.

“Send someone to the high priest and make an appointment.”

The maid, Emma,  hesitated for a moment.

Has the princess ever personally visited the temple?

She must have heard the wrong words because she thought it was time for the princess to go shopping to overcome her sadness.

“Princess, what are you saying now….did you?”

Frey swallowed her embarrassment as she watched the maid’s shaky eyes.

‘It’s been a long way from a faithful life so far. Is that the way to react like this?’

I was barely seen at official royal religious events.

From the time I was born in the imperial palace until I became an adult, Ihad only had a personal conversation with the high priest once.

[“Can I know the name of the jewel you decorated on the cane?”]

The high priest, who always faced people with a benevolent smile, had veins on his forehead, but he didn’t care at all.

‘they won’t welcome me because I have a criminal record, but even if it’s just a name, since I was a princess, they won’t be able to ignore calls.’

Because divine power is inherited from the emperor, the temple is always the closest to the emperor.

It was clear that it would be difficult to refuse the meeting itself if you contacted them in advance.

“You heard it right. please.”

Instead of explaining her thoughts word by word, Frey shrugged her eyebrows.

‘If I looked into Emma’s wide eyes, I thought I would explain why I came to think like that.’

‘In a little while, everyone will know why I visited the temple, so there’s no need to waste time.’

that afternoon.

Frey was able to face the high priest who reacted exactly like Emma.

“Princess Frey. What brings you here… ?”

The high priest asked in a slightly nervous voice.

In and out of the imperial palace, Frey never approached people in authority first.

If someone tried to approach her, she first shook herself off and withdrew in case the empress would suspect her.

‘If I had business, it would have been enough to secretly call me to the imperial palace or deliver a letter through someone.’

Princess Frey knew better than anyone that the empress would not know if she visited the imperial palace in person.

That’s why I made an appointment and came to the temple openly…

“Are you trying to use the tools in the temple?”

“That’s right. The tool I want to use is only here.”

People around me were agitated once by the answer that seemed insignificant.

“That tool is what I think…”

The High Priestess couldn’t bear to say the word ‘Divine Power discriminator’ and looked at Frey’s notice.

‘Frey-nim hasn’t been tested for divine power since she was seven years old.’

It was customary for a child of the royal family to be tested every year until the age of twenty-five if it was determined that he had no divine power immediately after birth.

It was because the age at which the divine power condensed in the body could be revealed was up to twenty-five.

However, Frey only received divine power discrimination from birth until she was seven years old, and after that, she showed no interest in divine power.

Everyone in this room is wondering why the princess wants that tool.

‘The prince, a successor, is a little bit of a sacred test, without divine power. … .’

‘It’s perfect to look like you’re aiming for the imperial throne. Her Majesty will be very concerned about it.’

‘But why is Frey suddenly like this?’

Frey walked away, ignoring the questioning eyes.

“I think the divine power discriminator was in that room.”


The atmosphere froze as she pronounced the ‘divine power discriminator’ correctly.

I’ve heard rumors that Frey has changed since her mother’s death, but I never thought she would do something so drastic.

‘If Her Majesty found out, what would she do?’

‘Should I stop it?’

However, Frey did not respond to each other and opened the door and entered.

“Looks right. I’ll use it, so please don’t let anyone in.”

She had no intention of putting more effort into declaring war against the empress, the prince and his wife, and the nobles faction.

When the door was locked from the inside, the priests who were trying to follow could not help it.

Frey took a deep breath and moved toward the stone pillar in the center of the room.

‘This is how it looked, really.’

Until a week ago, I thought I wouldn’t even come near this place.

It was because she thought that the fact that the half-princess set foot in the temple itself could be annoying to the empress.

I had thought several times that if one day I accidentally realized that I had divine power, I would keep my mouth shut.

As she wished, the last divine power test done at the age of seven turned out to be that there was no divine power in her body.

“If I hadn’t remembered my past life, I would have thought I had no divine power.”’

But now is the time to face the truth about myself.

[Frey Obelir]

[Attribute – Divine Power (Latent)]

[The divine power has been released since the 16th birthday, but it is not judged, so it is in a latent state.]

Recalling the information she had seen in the game, she placed her hand on the Divine Power detector.

* * *

Meanwhile, the Grand duke of Prause in the north was as chaotic as the temple in the capital.

It was because the informants dispatched to the capital to read the situation delivered unbelievable news.

[Frey Obelir shows an overt interest in Prince Prause at Lady Roselia’s funeral.]

The news was so shocking that the Grand duke’s employees had been talking about it all day.

“what? That crazy princess with our grand duke?”

“she lost her mother and she is out more than before. She used to be afraid of members of the aristocratic faction.”

“No matter what, the princess with the string off is a bit… … It seems that His Highness, Archduke Prause, would refuse even the daughter of Count Vliette.”

The employees frowned and clicked their tongues.

It was unpleasant just for the owner of the benevolent Grand Duke to be associated with the rascal princess.

“The princess and the lord won’t be involved any more, so let’s all do what we’re used to doing.”

The great duke knight, Luke Divine, fired at the unruly pouting red hair.

He can’t believe that the lord who had served even before he held the sword suddenly got involved with a shopping addict in the capital.

‘What kind of situation is this?.’

“Your Highness, this is Luke Devine.”


Luke opened the door to the office and entered.

Sunlight poured in blindingly through the large windows.

Daniel Prause sat in the middle like a sacred statue.

Blue silver hair, calm purple eyes, and an impeccably upright posture.

The vassals who were called in first were even staring at the long fingers of the Grand Duke as he moved while holding a pen.

‘With that appearance, it’s understandable that Princess Frey had a crush on her.’

Luke blamed himself for the useless beauty of the lord’s appearance.

After confirming that everyone had gathered, Daniel put down his pen and said.

“Luke, I think you called first, but you’re the latest.”

“I’m sorry, Your Highness the Grand Duke. It was such a shocking event that my movements slowed down.”

“A good knight will waste no time flirting with women.”

“It’s true that I’ve been talking all night with beautiful women, but.. Your Highness is only in the office, so why did this incident happen?”

At Luke’s words, everyone including Daniel let out a shallow sigh.

Now, when the relationship between the emperor and the crown prince is not very good, if the princess, who is no different from the emperor’s illegitimate daughter, becomes the grand duchess…

‘It’s like I’m openly fighting  the Crown Prince.’

‘What happened to Prause, who had been neutral for generations….’

‘His Highness the Grand Duke is also true. He would rather say that he would marry the lady of Count Vliette.’

However, the vassals did not open their mouths hastily.

It was because he knew how embarrassing the grand duke would feel after losing his parents in an instant because of love.

“We might be able to stop it.”


The vassals only looked at each other.

It wasn’t common for the Grand duke to speak in such a low voice.

“Whatever you do, make sure to stop it. I have no intention of falling in love or getting married.”


“Even if His Majesty uses the right of absolute obedience, create a cause for the princess to refuse.”

A sense of intimidation was felt in each letter he pronounced.

Now that the Grand Duke came out so firmly, he had to find a way to get rid of the princess.

‘But how?’

‘I heard that Frey Obelir always gets what she wants to have….’

The pupils of the vassals wavered aimlessly.

Luke, who was thinking hard with his head slightly lowered like them, suddenly raised his head.

“Then how about this method?”


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