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TNBTW-Chapter 58


“The responses from the outfits are really good. It’s only natural that his Highness the Grand Duke participated in it himself.” Said Lina.

It is also good news for Frey that the nobles who have custom-made social season dresses are very satisfied with the production time and quality of the costumes.

‘By now, The top of Vliette must be drinking only high alcohol on an empty stomach.’

The corners of her lips went up.

Just by looking at Damon and Arsene’s customized suits, Frey could see that the quality was excellent.

‘I and Daniel’s clothes were even more beautiful than I expected. Even from a distance, it looked like a set.’

Perhaps it was Madame Siren’s effort to look good to the Grand Duke and his wife.

In fact, in the capitalist society, couple looks are worn only by couples who are close enough.

‘Usually, brooches are used as a couple of items.’

‘However, the closer I am to Daniel, the more advantageous I am.’

Daniel didn’t seem to be against the set outfit either, so there was no reason for Frey to refuse.

‘I don’t know why Daniel didn’t reject the couple’s costume.’

Frey’s father’s birthday was just around the corner.

While Daniel and Frey were staying in the capital, someone who would protect Prause also arrived.

“Leave the northern part to us, the Holy Knights. His Majesty the Emperor is also eagerly awaiting the visit of grand duke Prause and his wife.”

On behalf of the Holy Knights, Captain Isaac said.

While Daniel had a brief conversation with him, I glanced at the scrolls of divine power carried by the knight in the back.

‘One, two, three… How many are there?’

Of course, it’s my father who’s stuffed all that parchment with divine power.

This must have meant that he said he would prepare to come to the capital safely.

‘Still, with that level of divine power, it’s okay to be away for 2 nights and 3 days.’

There were enough members of the Holy Knights who could activate the divine Power Scroll.

A sacred tower was built to protect the entire central shopping district, so there was a safe zone in case of emergency.

‘When undead monsters appear, the situation has changed a lot compared to before, when we had to wait for the grand duke to appear.’

While he was staying at the imperial palace, he was about to say that he would take good care of the northern part of the country, but Isaac spoke up first.

“Your Highness, Grand Duchess. You may be busy during your schedule, but wait please.”

Frey tried to claim her innocence as someone who had nothing to do with the Fog of Fall, but Isaac continued.

“The high priest is very curious about the sacred Tower.”

“Ah…is the reason for that?”

The people of the temple always treated Frey as immature and worried on behalf of her father.

To be honest, it was a bit awkward for the priest to look at her with respect.

But she hid her feelings and smiled benevolently.

“If you apply the Sacred Tower well, it will be of great help to the people, so I want to discuss it with the high priest.”

“Her Highness the Grand Duchess…”

“Because I’ve hurt a lot of people in the meantime to hone this useful ability.”

Frey has to wash the images she has accumulated from the past whenever she can.

After greeting Isaac with a soft smile, the carriage was ready for them to ride.

Inside, there were two children who were more excited than Frey was about to return to their hometown in a few months.

“Capital! It’s a carriage!”

“Your Majesty will be in the palace, right?”

It was the first time Damon and Arsene went out so far that they had to use the gate.

The two wandered around the carriage like tropical fish in a fishbowl, and when they found Frey, they calmly sat down in a chair.

“Lady Frey!”

“Be calm and wait.”

Contrary to the dignified voice, the two short legs swayed gently.

Like children going on their first trip, their eyes were full of anticipation.

Seeing these happy children make the decision to take them was rewarding.

‘It’s a good time to introduce it to others since Daniel started spreading rumors that he had an out-of-wedlock to avoid me.’

There was also a way to leave the two of them…

[“I’m going on a short family trip, so you taking good care of the house.”]

[“Hey, I heard that the clothes I ordered are coming. so make sure to bring them home, Understand?”]

‘It’s not a very good memory to be left alone with stares as if you’ve never thought of me as a member of the family.’

Frey didn’t want her kids to feel that way either.

‘we can’t keep children with the power to benefit the country widely in the north.’

If possible, Frey wanted to let them know that the capital is a place that contains the lives and memories of many people.

Then even if they get angry, they won’t turn the capital into ashes.

But above all—

‘Won’t they like it when they see the big fountain in the imperial palace? 

I’ll show them the animals in the emperor’s menagerie, and feed them tarts made from peaches.’

Frey wanted to show them a new world called the capital.

With Wiz’s help, Damon and Arsene weren’t as dangerous as before.

‘Wiz said that children are surprisingly good at controlling their abilities.’

It was said that the transcendental person, the speed at which he learned things related to his innate ability was unusual.

[“There will be no more unconsciously activating power, Master.”]

The spirit of knowledge, not anyone else, told Frey so, so shouldn’t it be okay to be a little relieved?

“Thank you for waiting.”

Frey sat down on a long chair like a sofa, and Damon and Arsene sat next to her.

She held both of their maple leaf-like hands and said,

“Damon, Arsene. If something happens to you, His Highness the grand duke will protect you. Right?”

The two nodded their heads meekly.

Daniel was not an affable adoptive father, but he provided everything the children needed.

Even though he knew that he would be depressed because of his childhood memories, he would spend time with them.

The trust of the children towards Daniel was great.

“So, if something happens, let’s trust the grand duke instead of using your special powers. Understand?”


Arsene replied bravely and Damon nodded along and added, holding Frey’s hand.

“If I’m there, I’ll protect Frey from getting hurt.”

Just now, Damon’s eyes seem to have shone with a life uncharacteristic of a child.

I patted her soft cheek and smiled.

“Thank you, but it’s the adults’ job to protect. If something happens, you two must come to my side immediately. Got it?”

I looked at the two in turn and continued.

“Come to me is not just for this capital trip. Will you promise me you’ll do that any time?”

After Daniel’s death in the original story, Frey knew how lost the children were.

How confusing and miserable it is to live a life without an adult to rely on. But the kids seemed to like something else.


“If I run away, will you hug me?”

It was a tone that seemed obsessed with hugging, but since the two of them were children of that age, Frey ignored it.

“Okay. Come to me and give me a hug.”

Damon and Arsene agreed with satisfied smiles after hearing Frey’s confirmation.

* * *

The imperial palace was busier than ever, a day before the emperor’s birthday banquet.

It was because they had to prepare for the guests who would visit throughout the social season, starting with the birthday banquet.

There was a lot of work to do, but there was a subtle expectation hidden on everyone’s faces.

‘I heard that a special guest is coming this year.’

The three men were waiting for the employees of the imperial palace, whom celebrities often see.

Grand Duke Prause, who was forced to marry the princess because of the right to absolute obedience, was surprisingly cooperative.

and two out-of-wedlock he had made with other women.

‘A son who resembles His Highness, Grand Duke Prause…’

‘The woman’s face must be half the same as theirs, right? It would be fun to see a familiar face.’

‘How will His Majesty the Emperor react?’

The first time Princess Frey sent a letter saying that she would bring Daniel Prause’s two sons.

[“Fray has become a completely different person…Bringing children to the imperial palace.”]

The emperor muttered while rubbing his stiff neck and shoulders. Upon hearing this, the employees of the imperial palace couldn’t help but be surprised.

‘The princess who didn’t even have a pet because she didn’t want to startle herself by making loud noises?’

‘Does she love His Highness Grand duke Prause enough to care for his children as if they were her own?’

‘Frey and the four-year-olds who were so sensitive? Seems like the wrong combination…’

Employees who were aware of Frey’s usual behavior shook their heads, saying that there must be other circumstances.

There were other people who had a crumpled expressions when they heard the news that Grand Duke and Duchess Prause were coming with their children.

“The princess has gained divine power, but it is possible to wash away the evil it has accumulated so far.”

The empress continued to laugh in vain as if she was full of energy.

Her gaze was fixed on the procession of Grand Duchess Prause’s carriage that could be seen through the window of the Empress Palace.

The empress felt uncomfortable whenever people got off the carriage that had just arrived.

‘How can everyone be so fine? What did Count Vliette’s eldest son do?’

Only the noble faction was in trouble when Frey and Grand Duke Prause revealed that the immature Count Vliette’s eldest son had been tampered with by the fog of Fall for a long time.

‘As long as he knows that Breck Vliette was an addict of the fog of Fall, Grand Duke Prause may notice the truth.’

The Mage Tower could have strengthened its vigilance and strengthened its security devices again, but Count Vliette’s family could not be revived.

The empress pressed her forehead, thinking of the upper part of the Vliette, which had virtually disintegrated into mid-air.

Garnet also agreed by looking over the people getting off the carriage.

“I know, mother. It’s funny to think that Frey will flirt with the children the grand duke made with another woman. Did she have no self-respect?”

“Well, she must be impatient because she doesn’t want to lose the reliable refuge called Prause.”

It was time to shed a laugh, but the corners of the empress’ lips did not move.

Because there was one more thing that bothered her.

‘It seems that Grand duke Prause is paying a lot of attention to Frey.’

Grand Duke’s Prause had been like that since before.

He ruled the territory with integrity and integrity, but one day he suddenly changed and spread all kinds of things, saying that he would make a woman with no legitimacy, power, or money his companion.

‘I thought the woman Daniel Prause had chosen as his partner was the same woman with whom he had a child.’

All I heard these days was that the grand duke took good care of the grand duchess.

No other news was expected.

It’s to the extent that she wonders if Frey’s flashy appearance obscures the woman’s presence.

Thinking quietly, the empress soon raised one corner of her mouth.

“Since it’s a festival where we spend time with our families, the children must miss their real mother, right?”

“Yeah, but…”

“Garnet. Have someone find the children’s mother.”

* * *

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