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TNBTW-Chapter 56


“madam. What brings you here?”

Daniel prepared refreshments even though he wondered why I came to his office at this hour.

I spoke while the servant in the office was away.

“I want to ask you something. Can you put up soundproofing so that the sound doesn’t leak out?”

“I will.”

When he flicked his fingers, something like a transparent membrane formed.

‘good. This is Daniel Prause’s sound-blocking magic.’

I asked after confirming once again that no one was around.

“The Fog of Fall. Do you know how they are usually made?”

According to what I learned after becoming Grand Duchess Prause, Daniel had been studying undead monsters for quite some time.

Because of that, I know a lot of related knowledge.

“As far as I know, it is collected in very small amounts from the soil where undead monsters used to live in groups.”

Therefore, if you find a lair while dealing with undead monsters, it is a rule to contact the Holy Knights of the Great War and purify it.

This is what I know so far, but I asked for one more thing to confirm.

“Then the fog of Fall and undead monsters are related. Right?”

“That’s right. Undead monsters are cursed by the devil and cannot die, and the fog of Fall is the power of the devil.”

“Then would it be possible to create a fog of Fall using undead monsters?”


When I asked, Daniel looked at me with the expression that something had come.

“ma’am. I know you are overdoing it these days. I heard that you drink a lot of tendon tea. But you can’t just touch the fog of Fall.”

“Do you think I’m going to touch it?”

Mother, father, high priest, and now even Daniel reacted like this.

“I don’t touch it. Don’t worry and answer me because I’m asking about the work of Count Vliette’s eldest son.”

When I replied in a low voice, Daniel seemed a little relieved.

“I wonder why you suddenly asked this question.”

“Just now, two merchants who were close to Count Vliette’s eldest son made the same statement. It was the mage tower that supplied him with demonic energy.”


It was natural for Daniel, who always maintained a formal smile or was expressionless, to show such a sharp reaction.

What if it turns out that the Mage Tower, which is no different from Duke Gelon, supplied the Fog of Fall?

‘It’s practically the same as saying that the main pillars of the aristocracy denied and insulted God’s power.’

No matter how much the importance of divine power is forgotten, most of the people of Obelir still treat those who have joined hands with the devil as beings lower than slaves, so Tahar’s position will be greatly shaken.

‘In addition, if there was even a story that they made and supplied the fog of Fall on purpose…’

Perhaps it will become uninheritable.

Even if he became emperor, it was clear that religious people would revolt everywhere.

My heart beat fast with tension and anticipation.

“As you may know, the amount of Fog of Fall from the residence of Count Vliette’s eldest son is enormous.”

“I know that it is difficult to say that it was extracted from the habitat of undead monsters.”

“It’s just my guess…Isn’t the Mage Tower equipped with a supply chain capable of supplying the fog of Fall when Breck Vliette wants it?”

For most people, including fathers and high priests, the Fog of Fall or Undead monsters are a target to be rejected.

However, if the Mage Tower tried to conquer and use its power after thorough research.

Daniel also wrinkled his expression slightly as if imagining the same thing as me.

“if It’s true, the revenge you wanted will come without touching it.”

“I think so too.”

“If you catch the undead monsters alive, it should be possible to squeeze the demonic energy out of their bodies. The problem is that it is difficult to capture without killing it.”

“Thank you for your opinion. I will help you capture the monsters quickly.”

The new possibility made my head spin.

‘The reason why Gelon is a founding family is that they helped the emperor drive out undead monsters and demons.’

To put up such an image from the front and to supply a highly addictive fog of Fall from the back…

I couldn’t jump to conclusions before seeing the evidence with my own eyes.

Anyone in the empire would have the same reaction as me.

“I have to write a letter to my father. I want the family of Count Vliette to be detained in the imperial family.”

If the Mage Tower were the magician supplier, it would be frantic to kill the people involved in order to prevent the incident by now. Witnesses need to be protected and monitored.

Daniel nodded his head as if to say so.

“Now, the gate for letters to the Imperial Palace and Baron Holt has been moved into my office.”

“In your office? There’s nothing wrong with it…”

how to say It is an incomprehensible action.

Every time I or my messengers send letters, it will interfere with Daniel’s work.

“There is a security issue, so for the time being, I want you to deliver the letter yourself.”

“hmm… all right. Although it may interfere with your work.”

“It’s okay.”

“is it so? I’ll be writing letters a lot for the time being, so I’ll see you often, right?”

I added lightly, and for some reason, he muttered with a slightly pricked face.

“It was completely unintentional, but it will happen.”

* * *

[Frey. Because you imprisoned two merchants who made important confessions, the count’s subordinates began to speak. Those who waited on Breck Vliette confessed that they had visited the Mage Tower.]

[Of course, all of this is being done in secret, so don’t worry.]

I spent several days reading the letters I received from my father.

Under the circumstances, it seemed to be true that the Mage Tower was deeply related to the Fog of Fall.

‘The problem is, how the hell do I prove this fact?’

No matter how many witnesses gave the same testimony, the Mage Tower and Gelon could not be defeated.

‘It’s probably after all the facilities related to the fog of Fall have already been covered up.’

There was a high probability that nothing would come out even if the people related to Count Vliette’s family testified.

Then, the mage tower

‘No matter how bad His Majesty’s feelings toward the mage tower are, are you even asking for perjury to frame the wizard?’

He will shout and come out more uncooperatively.

Aren’t they people with the guts to believe in the Duke of Gelon and pretend to be with the emperor?

‘Besides, the organization called the Mage Tower is closed, so it thoroughly hides internal affairs.’

Since high-ranking spirits are lined up, I can’t ask Wiz to investigate the inside.

It is a situation where it is clear that if you bring in flimsy evidence, you will escape like a mudfish.

‘There is only one way.’

I had to recruit a wizard who knew the inner workings of the Mage Tower.

We can investigate where the wizards have been hiding things related to the Fog of Fall.

A wizard who can capture the scene as if taking a picture with magic.

‘Finding the scene. Daniel can do it too, but it’s actually difficult for him to move.’

He couldn’t ask for an unreasonable favor as he had to deal with Prince Prause’s affairs.

I don’t know if it’s a light request.

‘But how can a wizard…’

After thinking about it for days, I couldn’t come up with a good way to recruit a mage worthy of whistleblowing.

Wizards are still in the minority, and 99.999% of them belong to the Mage Tower.

‘However, whistleblowing would be difficult because I have to protect myself when I belong to the Mage Tower.’

Due to the nature of wizards who risk their lives to search for wisdom and truth, they do not even try to leave the Mage Tower, which is no different from a researcher.

But I couldn’t give up hope.

‘Still, there must be at least one defector.’

It was like that in a previous life.

No matter how much God’s job is, even if you pass through a competition rate of several hundred to one, in the end, you beat everyone who should be beaten.

In the world I live in now, not everyone is a researcher.

‘I’m sure there’s at least one wizard who quit because the organization’s life didn’t suit him.’

I called Lina and Wiz and asked them to find out if there were any wizards they could hire.

“I know it’s difficult, but… Is there anyone who belonged to the Mage Tower in the past but isn’t present, so I can file a whistleblower?”

I thought I would start with despair as to where and how to find the right wizard.

“haha. Should I use my brain?”

“I will do my best, Her Highness the Grand Duchess.”

The two lifted their glasses and their eyes lit up. It’s a bit gloomy to put two people whose hobbies are collecting information together.

‘Anything that’s good at work and gloomy is always welcome.’

I decided to believe in the information-gathering ability of the two AIs and focused on preparing for a visit to the capital.

Originally, Daniel was not the type to participate in capital events, making various excuses, but this year was different.

‘Am I being considerate so that I can see my father?’

when to leave and where to stay for a few days.

As I was coordinating the schedule on behalf of Prause, I really realized that I was Grand Duchess Prause.

By the time Madame Siren and other designers announced that they had started delivering finished clothes.

‘It’s okay?’

Wiz and Lina appeared with pale faces as if they hadn’t slept well for several days.

No, it’s Wiz, it’s a spirit, so it’s okay, but Lina…

“Lina, are you okay?”


Her voice was full of obsession and madness.

“Among the newspaper clippings of the last 10 years, there was an article in which an anonymous mage criticized the Mage Tower.”


“Wiz investigated the editorial department of the newspaper and found out the identity of the person who wrote the article.”

“Well, it was a simple task that only required 72 hours for this body.”

How can you work for 72 hours and be so happy?

“thank you. I’ll read the materials, so go in and rest.”

Seeing their stiff trapezius muscles and bloodshot eyes beneath their glasses made me feel like a vicious employer.

After sending both.

‘let’s see’

I had Emma prepare a simple refreshment and turned over the cover of the report.

Then for a moment, I doubted my eyes and stared at the wizard’s name.


‘If Vikram is the owner of the underground magic shop in the game…?’

While the tea cooled, I was speechless.

Thanks to memories from my previous life, I already knew.

What a wizard he is.

* * *

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