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TNBTW-Chapter 54


Frey exchanged greetings with the jewelry designers she was acquainted with after a long time.

“Thank you all for accepting the offer. Things are getting easier.”

“No. It is an honor for us to be able to receive the Grand Duchess’ proposal.”

“As expected, I knew Her Highness the Grand Duchess could do something with jewels!”

“well…It was an investment for the future. I’m glad it worked.”

While Frey talks with the jeweler’s employees, Daniel meets the dress designer with the butler Baron.

As he talked with Frey, it was to entrust the production of costumes.

“It is an honor to meet Your Highness the Grand Duke.”

Madame Siren swallowed her admiration as she looked at Daniel.

Isn’t it a man who looks like he’ll evoke strange imaginations in anyone with a normal aesthetic sense?

‘The overall pigmentation is light, so it’s possible to give off a delicate image.’

Nevertheless, his thick body line and heavy atmosphere gave the impression of a beast on a snowy mountain. An elegant and noble beast, It was an evaluation that designers gave him.

‘Of course, his personal life is messy and he even has an out-of-wedlock child, so I’ll have to leave out the virtuous part.’

However, such an unexpectedly promiscuous side increased his value even more.

The story is over when it is said that it is the number 1 ranking of the preferred models that designers play with each other.

‘Besides, he’s the owner of Prause, so he’s incredibly rich.’

Judging from the attitude of the officials who came all the way to the capital to make a proposal, it seemed that she was the type to devote her heart and soul to the Grand Duchess.

It was Madame Seren’s favorite type of guest.

“You are asking me to make a costume. What kind of clothes would you like?”

When she asked, the butler Baron answered on Daniel’s behalf.

“First of all, we need six sets of clothes for the children to wear. two are twins, so a similar design would be nice.”

“All right. Twelve sets of children’s clothing, six sets each. Shall I take the measurements myself?”

“The employees will give you the latest measurements. and….”

Baron said with a happy face.

“Six sets of clothes each for Grand Duke Prause and Grand duchess. His Highness, the Grand duke, wanted a design that ‘looks like they’re unique in the world’.”

Madame Siren’s eyes shone.

Matching clothes similarly among nobles is an act of showing off that they are close to each other.

‘Has the mind that seemed to have gone to the children’s mother leaned toward lady Frey?’

“Oh. This is my specialty again. Shall we combine the usual Grand Duchess taste and fashionable design in moderation? or not….”

Madame Siren pointed towards the large dressing room in the clothing stores.

“Shouldn’t Her Highness try it on?”

Butler Baron glanced at Daniel.

The master was staring blankly at Frey, who was laughing cheerfully while exchanging conversations with the jewelers.

The jewelry designers next to them looked like they wanted to boil them in a pot.

Baron approached Frey.

“Your Highness, Grand Duchess. Would you like to try on the dress?”

“No, it’s fine. If you have clothes that need to fit, I will send you the latest measurements.”

Lately, Frey has been more interested in growing a guild than a dress.

‘ Lady Frey refuses to do a dress fitting?’

Be perplexed for a moment.

Madame Siren decided to target someone else instead of Frey, who was busy with business.

“His Highness Grand Duke Prause, could you pick out an outfit for your wife?”

Daniel was not very interested in clothes, so he tried to refuse in a roundabout way.

‘But choosing with my own hands what Frey will wear… It seemed like a little bit of fun.’

“If only for a moment.”

As expected, Daniel followed Madame Siren without much resistance.

Inside, there were a lot of dresses that she and other designers had put on to score points with Frey.

“This dress will make the grand duchess red eyes stand out. Especially this gold ornament…”

Madame Siren eagerly explained.

Daniel began to judge calmly according to his thrifty and rational personality.

There is a lot of luxury tax on dresses anyway, so buying more than you need is a waste.

But Frey seemed to be a little upset if the red-eyed and lipped lady didn’t have the latest fashion dress in the same color.

“I will buy it.”

“It’s an excellent choice. And this is a dress that will go fantastic with the Grand duchess’s blonde hair, and it has a ribbon on it, so it has an alluring atmosphere…”

Daniel evaluated the dress according to Prause’s objective and reasonable instincts.

“I’ll buy this one too.”

Of course, the wife will be beautiful in the outfit.

People need clothes to live, so you can’t say it’s a waste.

[“I think so too. I want it to be custom-made so that anyone can see that it is unique in the world.”]

It was not a waste to spend this much money on a wife who said she wanted to match her clothes.

“Your Highness. This dress… ”

“That too.”

The employees swallowed a hearty laugh as they watched Daniel spend astronomical amounts of money on the spot.

‘Are the gold coins of His Highness the Grand Duke finally being used?’

‘Ever since you were young, you have been pushing others away…Now you even buy a present for your wife.’

* * *

All that Frey had to do was buy a few rough gemstones with his own money from the clothing store.

‘The day will come when I come out of the clothing store without a delivery request. If my father hears it, he won’t believe it.’

As she was about to leave, Madame Siren, who looked happy, asked.

“Can I set the selling price to the same level as before?”

For custom-made dresses or accessories, a 40% deposit was usually paid, and the balance was paid after completion.

This is because the price of the finished product changes depending on how much detail is saved, so it is impossible to set an exact price at the time of receiving the order.

In addition, the luxury tax was considerable, so the noble ladies paid the balance and luxury tax once the product was completed after placing an order.

‘It is customary for the seller to receive the luxury tax on accessories and clothing and pay it to the country.’

Knowing that fact better than anyone else, Frey shook his head.

“no. The price of the item is about twice that of the original finished product. Of course, the luxury tax is different.”

Designers only noticed each other at the jaw-dropping rate of increase.

“Well, then I think the total price including luxury tax will be very expensive. The luxury tax gets bigger when the price of an item is higher…”

“Of course, since they are products containing divine power, they will sell even if you raise them more.”

Considering the rarity of divine power, it was not flattery, but the truth.

“That’s right. Even if you double the price of the existing finished product, it will sell well.”

However, it is impossible to disappoint the customers who did the troublesome job of canceling the existing costume production contract.

“I’m thinking of changing my strategy.”

Frey simply explained how to double the price of a product and leave a significant margin.

and on the way back.

“Daniel, you seem to have had a good shopping experience by looking at your expression.”

Frey climbed into the carriage and asked.

That he spent a lot of money was a fact that could be known just by looking at the corners of Madame Siren’s torn lips.

Daniel looked out the window as if it was nothing.

“I just did my duty. When the custom-made clothing you mentioned arrives, I will present it to you.”


There was a reason why the children followed around, saying that grand duke Prause was the best in the world.

He was a good adoptive father who was sincere to the children he picked up as time permitted.

‘I wonder what kind of clothes Daniel will present to the children.’

Frey did not hide her pleased smile.

“Okay. Why don’t you ask them to change in front of you as soon as they get the present??”


“Why are you so surprised? I’m sure it’ll be a waste to watch it alone if you dance softly, right?”


‘Even when she first came to the Grand Duke’s residence, I think she would have hated it and passed it.’


Now Daniel imagined a glamorous Frey in a new dress with her blonde hair.


“But I will see it alone…”

Daniel looked out the window to hide his reddened face.

* * *

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