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TNBTW-Chapter 51


“If we get divorced after getting revenge…What do you plan to do after that?”

Daniel felt awkward when the word divorce came out of his mouth.

But Frey accepted his words without feeling the slightest reluctance.

“After the divorce, I think I will focus on raising the guild. After the Holt guild is in place, um.”

It was the first time Frey had even thought about this in detail.

The fact that Holt’s upper ranks are fully established means that they absorbed even the part that the Gelon upper ranks had monopolized using processed jewels.

‘Then the money must have been earned enough to rot.’


[“Fray, please only you… Only you, ugh, happily… Live.”]

She wanted to live happily according to her mother’s will, who thought of her until the last moment.

While thinking about the method, Frey remembered what Daniel had told her about her future.

“I’m afraid I’ll find the future mate you told me about.”

According to him, the future lover was kneeling in desirable attire.

She doesn’t know the exact situation because she didn’t see it, but anyway, isn’t there a man next to her future self?

Even if it wasn’t necessarily the man Daniel saw, making a lover seemed like a pretty good idea.

‘Because people say that roasting with someone you love is the fun of life.’

I thought I would be happy if I spent the rest of my life with someone who was completely on my side. In my previous life, when I had to stand alone earlier than others, I had never put anything like dating into my life plan.

Teaching children in kindergarten was my goal and ambition in life.

But if it’s in this life.

“A romance…Daniel?”

“Oh, sorry.”

Daniel inadvertently put down the fountain pen he was holding tightly to the long blade.

If it hadn’t been made of a special metal, it would have cracked long ago.

“Is there a man you have especially marked?”

“no. Now is the time to focus on business. I just want someone who belongs to my ideal type.”

Frey was moderately evasive.

A man who is handsome has a good body and is affectionate like a puppy during the day, but turns into a tyrant when the sun goes down and night comes…If she answered, the Korean virgins would tremble.

However, Daniel had a slightly tenacious side.

“What kind of person is my wife’s ideal type?”

“Um, that’s my ideal type…A smart, communicative person like that, well.”


When she didn’t come up with anything that was relevant to him, Daniel asked as if he was peeking out.

“Madam, what about me?”

“you? It’s a bit overblown, but-“

Daniel expected a little.

However, Frey looked at him and smiled brightly.

“If possible, I want to remain as a business partner for a long time. 

“Aren’t we getting along pretty well?”


It was only words, but she said that she married him because she had a crush on him, but now she said that she had never thought of him as a candidate for ‘Future Man’.

After hearing Frey’s answer, Daniel felt as if he had received something different from the menu he ordered.

It wasn’t the answer he wanted.

“I know what my wife meant. If you need any help from upper management, please let me know.”

“Thank you, Daniel!”

After Frey left.

‘Are you saying I’m not worthy of being your companion?’

It was an unexpected evaluation.

Daniel, who was somehow in a bad mood, called Luke, who had no doctor, to ask about women.

“Luke. I heard that a woman I know is choosing a man who will make her future husband.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

“A man who is rumored to be promiscuous and has two children out of wedlock is considered a husband…”

Luke hated it as if it wasn’t worth listening to anymore.

“Ugh, Your Highness. Tell the woman to run away quickly. Such a man is called a shit carriage these days…Huh.”

After spitting out everything, Luke saw the shadow on his master’s face.


“Are you talking about yourself?”

“get out.”

* * *

A few days later, the capital officially announced the return of the title of Count Vliette.

‘Because it’s still before the investigation, it looks like the death penalty hasn’t come out yet. It seems that the Duke of Gelon, with whom they were so close, quickly lost control of Count Vliette.’

The count family, which boasted a long history, was about to disappear into history due to the grave crime committed by Breck Vliette.

The fog of Fall found in his abode was significant, and the condition was so severe that anyone could see that he was already addicted. Of course, the reason his body deteriorated to that extent in an instant was that I had Wiz control the amount of the Fog of Fall.

‘If you get stabbed, don’t start a fight. What would have happened if the children were hurt by the chandelier?’

As expected, everyone, including Zelon and the Mage Tower, turned their backs on the upper ranks of Vliette.

In addition, the Mage Tower returned all the scrolls that had been delivered to the top because ‘I don’t want to have anything to do with the fog of Fall.’

‘Retailers are also showing signs of ending the deal, and the nobles who bought luxury items even demand a refund so they don’t get involved.’

Since the supply of magic scrolls, which was the main source of income, had suddenly been cut off, everyone knew that the future income of the upper ranks of Vliette had become unstable.

‘Now is a good time to start working on it.’

Thanks to Daniel’s consideration, I was able to freely meet with the officials in charge of the economy and commerce of the prause.

When I saw them pass by in the past, it seems that there was a higher percentage of men among the staff, but perhaps it was a coincidence that both of them came to see me today.

“Greetings to Her Highness, Grand Duchess. I am Bien, and this is Nolma. I heard that you have been looking for the Grand Duke economic and commercial practitioners.”

“Thank you for coming.”

I ignored the questions and glanced over the freshly handed report.

[Current status of the Clothing store in Prause]

Daniel has published commercial statistics every year.

How many people are in the business?

When does the income come in and when does it become difficult enough to require support?

It was something that was taken for granted in the world I lived in, but at this point, it was rare for a lord to do such a thing.

This shows how much he is concerned about the slow development of commerce in the north.

‘Since there is solid statistical data, things will be easier.’

Bien and Nolma seemed to be wondering why I requested these materials.

I had no intention or reason to hide it, so I mobilized two artificial bits of intelligence and spoke according to the strategy I had set up overnight.

“As you know, the Vliette Company is in a situation where they have to sell their stake at a bargain price.”

“Your Highness, Grand Duchess. Are you pushing for a top purchase?”

“no. If it gets hit a little more, it’s a sale that will obviously be cheaper, so I’m thinking of hitting it myself.”


The two of them quietly lowered their eyes, as if talking with a grin that reminded me of my past.

I think I am not overcutting the price of things.

However, in the first place, 80% of the profits the Vliette Merchants had been taking were getting the shipping fee that was concocted with the Mage Tower.

Considering that scrolls were neither dangerous nor heavy, the shipping cost of several golds was ridiculous

As an analogy, I ordered a chicken that costs 20,000 won, but the delivery tip is about 78,000 won.

Scrolls are expensive, but the fact that the shipping fee is more expensive is really a situation where the belly button is bigger than the belly.

‘They pay more than the shipping cost for online shopping and overseas direct purchase.’

In this world inhabited by undead monsters, those who cannot use magic must buy expensive scrolls to ensure safety. If they don’t have money to hire a wizard or buy a scroll…It’s just being exposed to risk.

‘If you don’t have money, you have to die. Even if it’s unfair, it’s too unfair.’

I felt bad because I remembered the memories of my previous life when I was sad because I didn’t have money.

I started my explanation by pointing out the important parts of the report.

“As I said, 80% of the income of the Vliette Merchant is the cost of transporting scrolls for the Mage Tower, but they are gone now. Then, what about the remaining income?”

“The capital’s jewelry store and clothing store for aristocrats account for about 15% of their annual income.”

“That’s right. Clothing store and jewelry store. I want to hit that part. It’s social season soon.”

Clothing and jewelry sales account for 15% of annual income.

Most of that 15% of income must be coming in now, about a month before the social season.

To put this in reverse…

“If we prevent them from generating income for a month from now, the Vliette Merchants will stumble.”

The capital’s clothing stores and jewelry stores are all seasonal businesses aiming for the social season. So, it was said that if the business was ruined this season, the upper house of Vliette would only have to suck its fingers for a year.

I added after explaining these facts.

“Since there are not just one or two people in the upper ranks, we have to maintain the upper ranks for them, and to do so, we have no choice but to sell them at a bargain price to someone willing to take over.”

Maybe I’m the only one trying to buy a caravan related to the Fog of Fall.

Since the eldest son of the family has chopped the fruit of the Vliette Merchant’s efforts for decades, I pick it up and eat it.

Will Evelyn Vliette and Breck Vliette like this revenge?

It was a development that made me laugh just thinking about it.

“What do you think, don’t you think it’s possible?”

They laughed like villains so they looked at me and answered.

“Ha, but time… In the case of a dress, it takes a long time to produce, so it seems that the production request and down payment have already been completed.”

“Besides, the Capital Jewelry Shop and clothing store are existing shops that were taken over by the Vliette Merchant, so many people may not know that the shop is related to the Merchant.”

The remarks made by Vienne and Norma were very realistic.

Most of the famous clothing stores in the capital are owned by the upper ranks of the Vliette, but they don’t show it on the outside.

If people don’t know the relationship between the Fog of fall Mist and the clothing stores, it will raise sales at the guild.

‘If you’re aristocrats in the capital who think you’ll die if you rehash social season outfits, you might pretend you don’t know.’

I said that I had already paid for it this time and that if I skipped all the places related to the Vliette Merchant, there would be a setback in the production of the costume, so there was nothing I could do about it.

However, I knew how to get the Vliette guild to ruin the social business.

“I thought of a simple solution, can you hear it and tell me what you think after listening to it?”

* * *

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