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TNBTW-Chapter 50


“Wiz, when will the other Transcendentalists have their 3rd awakening?”

“It seems that the previous generation of Transcendentalists did it around puberty…”

Wiz closed his eyes for a moment and concentrated.

“From what I wrote down, Daniel Prause and Lydia Obelir completed their 3rd awakening before they were five years old.”


If you had completed your final awakening before five years old, how many times did you have to be desperate? I imagined how hard he must have been after the death of the former Duke and his wife.

I looked at the children and asked.

“Damon, Arsene. Do you want to learn how to control your powers?”


“Um, you guys can learn to be patient so that no one gets hurt because of your strength.”

Damon and Arsene exchanged glances and immediately gave an answer.



“Here, this wonderful spirit will help you.”

I looked at Wiz with warm eyes.

“Right, Wiz?”

“If I tried to teach those kids, they wouldn’t listen, and they would just be cute without any countermeasures, but what…”

Even though he said this again, he already seemed to be dying of cuteness for Damon and Arsene.

‘I’ve already seen you looking at them with a fatherly smile.’

Moreover, Wiz is a non-human spirit. Even if Damon accidentally fails to control his power, as a spirit he will not die.

Well, depending on the situation, it might hurt a little…

Since the main body of the spirit is not a body, it’s said that it will become active when summoned again.

“Wiz will be a perfect teacher.”

“Master. According to statistics, there is a high probability that humans with faces like the owner were scheming.”

“Oh my, too. It would be perfect if the children even resemble Wiz in his intelligence.”

“That’s right if the teachers are great, they all look alike. I taught well, nothing like that…”

“If you respect it, you resemble it. I think it’s because Wiz’s character is noble enough to want to learn.”

After a few more words, Wiz took the children’s hands and entered the yard.

The children seemed to be looking forward to a spirit teaching them to control their powers.

The knights on duty outside the door were also following them, so there was no need to worry.

‘If you can use your strength as much as you want, even children will be able to defend themselves.’

The magic power of the two transcendental beings is not as small and cute as mine.

‘Then let me do my job.’

“Lina. I want to know the information on the stake composition at the top of Vliette.”

Lina’s face was full of interest even though she was clearly working.

“I’ve been looking for related materials, so I’ll put them together soon.”

Soon after, Lina came back with a report that was so neat that you couldn’t believe it had been sorted out in such a short amount of time.

“I have organized it so you can quickly find the necessary information. Hope you like it.”

“and Lina…”

‘Are these tables and graphs really hand-drawn?’

Looking at the composition of the report, I was in awe for a long time. The content popped into my head.

“As expected, the head of the Vliette group also has about half of the shares, right?”

Usually, the large elites of this world shared their stakes with the high nobility. That is because the trust and honor of high-ranking aristocrats are of great help when the guild raises large sums of money.

Instead, the aristocrat receives a stake and has a lot of fun.

‘Baron Holt and the Holt Merchant, where the head of the family directly puts their energy into the guild’s management, are an exception.’

But now, Count Vliette did something that the Empire could never forgive.

“Since Breck Vliette, the heir to the family has touched the fog of Fall… It must be difficult for the Count and the Upper ranks to avoid responsibility.”

Lina agreed with me.

“Touching the fog of Fall is tantamount to denying the divine power.”

“Yes. Besides, Tahar is obsessed with things related to his holy power.”

He naturally suffered from rumors that God had not blessed him because he was born without divine power.

I am grateful for that fact now.

“Tahar would punish those involved in the Fall Fog even more. Only then will you prove your sincerity.”

After Tahar was judged to have no divine power, the Duke of Gelon focused on relief and charity work. He avoids any occasion with the emperor but always shows his face at religious events.

It was because everyone knew that the people would reject a ‘leader who did not have divine power.

In that case, Count Vliette’s family would be exiled or sentenced to extinction.

I quickly shook my head.

“His Highness will punish the users of the Fog of Fall on his own, so let’s think about what will happen to the Velit Merchant Merchant.”

Lina responded reflexively.

“I wonder if the guild will naturally fall. Because Count Vliette, who has about half of his share, will not escape punishment.”

According to Imperial law, a criminal cannot have a stake in a guild, etc. In other words, as Lina said, Count Vliette’s 51% stake was reduced to paper shreds.

There would be no aristocratic family or guild to help manage the guild related to the fog of Fall.

“It would be nice if we could bring the troubled Vliette Merchant to our site at a bargain price, wouldn’t it?”

After conversing with Lina, I went to Daniel’s office with the report.

I knew that people here are particularly weak to patients, no but pretending to be moderately ill.

“Madam. Are you feeling well? Why didn’t you call me directly…”

“Well, there’s something I want to discuss.”

I sat down at the seat he recommended and handed out the report. The report was so good that it didn’t take Daniel long to figure out the information.

“Are you looking to acquire a devalued top end cheaply?”

“Well, that is one of the purposes. If I have divine power, I should be able to wash the image of the top of Vliette.”

But my main purpose for investigating the Vliette Merchant is—

“I need to find out how Count Vliette Breck Vliette got so many demons.”

It was to find out where and how he got so many demons. In order to find physical evidence that the Fog of Fall has anything to do with Gelon and use it as a blade of revenge.

“For that, I think it will be easier to understand if you look at all the distribution records of the Velit upper house.”

“I could feel Gelon’s magic in the dagger that Breck Vliette wielded yesterday. But securing physical evidence would be a separate issue.”

“Because Gelon is dense.”

However, he wanted to see all the ledgers of the upper ranks of Vliette, which were closely related to Gelon and the Mage Tower.

My artificial intelligence… No, if I mobilize Lina and Wiz and search all the records accumulated over the past few decades, something will come out.

“So please help.”

I said that and looked at Daniel.

* * *

Daniel took another look at the report carefully. Even if he thought about it from various angles, there was no reason not to help the wife in front of him.

‘If you dig into the fog of Fall, you’ll find out why the undead monsters in the North are showing abnormal reactions.’

If she has divine power, she can take over the Vliette guild at a low price because of the fog of Fall. The distribution network of the Vliette Merchant Merchant spreads throughout the empire, so it will be very useful for the Holt Merchant to grow in size.

“Daniel, if you look here, the main income of the Vliette Merchants is transporting the scrolls issued by the Mage Tower to regional territories and selling them. We live on transportation fees.”

Frey’s eyes sparkle like jewels as she eagerly explains the necessity of this job.

“When you sell scrolls, you can use the magic tower to move to a province and ship them out, but we don’t do that to drive the transportation fee income to the top of the Vliette.”

I could tell just by hearing the eager voice. That she is pouring all her talent and passion into business and revenge.

And the North will prosper as a result.


Business and revenge, prosperity. It must have been a lie for the sake of probability from the beginning. Even though it was just reaffirming what I already knew, somehow, I felt sullen.

‘So she must have said that yesterday.’

[“So, you don’t have to feel sorry for the misunderstanding that I did too much because I love you.”]

Frey wasn’t wrong.

In fact, the reason I withdrew the statement that I hate to love was that I felt sorry for her overdoing it.

But why did I feel upset when I heard her?

[“I want to have a good relationship with you for a long time. Even after the divorce.”]

I’ve seen the future of her leaving without regret several times, but this remark was strangely discontented. I think you’re telling me that no matter what you do, the future doesn’t change.

“Madam, I want to ask you a question.”

Daniel’s eyes look at Frey.

* * *

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