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TNBTW-Chapter 49


Unlike usual, the temple was noisy from the early hours around sunrise. It was because the high priest, the head of the temple, woke up earlier than usual and prepared for the purification ceremony.

‘Why is the high priest at this hour?’

‘If it’s a purification ritual, shouldn’t it 

be done periodically once a year?’

‘Anyway, His Majesty the Emperor, who possesses divine power, has to come too…’

They heard countless questions, but the high priest’s voice was clearer than ever, so the priests prepared for the somnolence purification ceremony without knowing why.

When they are done preparing.

“Wait, high priest! A message has arrived from the Grand Duke of Prause!”

The priests moved hurriedly as if they had questioned when.

It is because the person who is said to have touched the fog of Fall is the eldest son of count Vliette, the main pillar of the aristocratic faction.

It was an incident that could cause a big stir in the capital’s politics.

“Did you expect this to happen?”

“As expected, the high priest…”

“I am not the greatest.”

The High Priestess spoke in a rather solemn tone and headed for the purification room of the temple. There was Breck Vliette, whose hands and feet were tied with restraints exclusively for undead monsters.

The priests were puzzled by his modesty.

“I have been exposed to demonic magic to the extent that my skin is mottled, but I do not have seizures.”

“I heard that grand duke Prause fell victim to the demonic spirit wielded by Breck Vliette. What happened?”

“Of course, it’s all thanks to lady Frey, who instantly purified the demonic energy that filled His body.”


Priests who had seen it all along couldn’t easily agree with the saying that the immature princess was amazing.

The High Priestess looked around and admired Breck.

‘It’s not long since the princess has been tested for divine power, but I can’t believe she completely subdued Demonia.’

A higher level than the purification ceremony performed by the present emperor, one of the emperors with the most outstanding divine power, immediately after ascending the throne.

It seemed like the spirit was purified just by lightly tapping it with the divine relic.

When the high priest did not save his admiration, a solemn voice came from behind.

“Okay. That Count Vliette’s eldest son had a hand in the fog of Fall.”

As soon as he heard the news, it was the emperor who came by using the moving magic scroll.

He didn’t hear the details, but he couldn’t hide his pride when he heard that it was Frey who successfully subdued Breck Vliette.

‘As expected, my daughter is weak in praise.’

The priests quickly lowered their heads.

“It seems princess Frey’s divine power is amazing.”

“According to the letter, other users of the Mist of Fall have also been spotted… She is indeed His Majesty’s daughter.”

“Hmm, yeah.”

As if the emperor did not hate it, he continued to listen to his daughter’s boasts.

At that time, the emperor’s secretary came running carrying a heavy letter.

“your majesty. Grand duke Prause has sent you a letter. Princess Frey collapsed.”

The emperor’s face, which had been pleasing until just now, was distorted.

“what? Is it Frey? When was the last time she was injured by a chandelier…!”

“It is said that she regained her energy soon, but she must have been overdoing it.”

“What the hell is grand duke Prause doing, and Frey overdoing it!”

Surprised by the angry voice, the secretary quickly handed the letter to the emperor and reported it.

“That’s it, Princess Frey seems to have used too much divine power to create something called the Sacred Tower…”

“Sacred Tower?”

It was the first time the emperor heard it.

The secretary replied with a face that even he couldn’t believe.

“It looks like the princess has succeeded in putting divine power into the processed rose quartz.”


Did Frey invent an alternative to the Mage Tower Scroll?

Everyone who heard the news was greatly agitated.

* * *

“Your Highness, Grand Duchess. I’m sorry that you haven’t recovered yet, but I think you have to reply to His Majesty the Emperor.”

Lina was very troubled and handed out a pile of letters.

Frey could tell just by looking at the seal on the outer envelope. All of them were letters from her father and high priest.

‘Judging by the color of her face, he seems to have sent a letter to Lina as well.’

Frey asked for letter paper and opened the envelope one by one. It was because she had to lie in bed and rest for the rest of the day, but it wasn’t to the extent that she couldn’t read and reply to letters.

[Frey! Is your body okay? You are sick, but I can’t be with you…I will be there soon, so be aware.]

[Her Highness Grand Duchess Frey Prause. As the High Priest, I wrote a letter to ask how you discovered the users of the Mist of Fog of fall. If you don’t mind, I will visit the North…]

Well, Frey has to give them a quick reply so neither of them can come.

The desire to see the father and the high priest was like a chimney, but it was not the right time for the two of them to empty the capital.

‘Soon it’s time for undead monsters in the capital and the south to run rampant.’

Frey wrote to the two of them not to worry, and that she would visit the capital during the upcoming birthday party of His Majesty the Emperor, so she would meet and explain.

Fortunately, both of them seem to have correctly judged the value of her sacred tower.

“Your Highness, Grand Duchess. This is the newspaper you mentioned today.”

Just looking at the newspaper Emma had brought, Frey could tell that people’s reactions were amazing. There were many articles listing how much northern commerce would develop if the Grand Duchess built the sacred Tower.

Daniel, who is fed up with love, must have said that he would try to break his will.

‘Anyway, he’s sincere in taking care of the estate.’

After Frey finished replying, she called Luke and listened to the report.

Fortunately, it seemed that Count Vliette’s eldest son was immediately sent to the capital and imprisoned in the Great Hall.

“It is said that knights and priests are overthrowing Count Vliette’s residence. Since it is related to the fog of Fall, no one is helping the count family.”

Count Vliette, who sent his eldest son to study in the north, must have known what his son had done.

If you search through acquaintances and even employees, something will come out.

‘Well, since Breck Vliette’s condition is like that, even if the count’s house is clean, he will be punished.’

Frey covered her mouth and let out a dying voice.

“thank you…uhuk, I’m glad I have good news…uhuk!”

As expected, the red serpent had a stern face.

“Your Highness, the Grand Duchess, no matter how much you tried to protect the Grand Duchess…!”

I spoke quickly to him, who seemed to be gripped with apologetic and guilty feelings.

“Looking at the children…Ugh, I think it will be better.”

It was an absurd logic, but Luke, who was weak to patients, immediately brought Damon and Arsene to him.


“Are you sick?”

As soon as I see the two worrying with big eyes, my slightly heavy body seems to be completely refreshed.

‘Oh, my god.’

They were just cute, but somehow the children asked in a cool voice.

“Who is bothering you?”

“Who is it?”


Why do I see overlapping scenes of the male leads ruining the world in the game?

Their face was chubby, and their hands and feet, and body were small, but they were definitely the eyes she saw then.

Frey sat them down on the bed and asked for milk and cookies to feed them. Even though they were constantly messing around with snacks, they both seemed very unhappy that she had been hurt.

“Damon will punish those who bully Frey.”

“That’s right! Damon is very, very strong.”

Fry knows very well how strong Damon is. It was time to repeat the brainwashing.

“Thank you. But I like peace.”


“Peace is, um…a quiet state without the sound of fighting.”

“A quiet state…”

The two nodded as if they understood.

“I want Damon and Arsene to grow up to be peace-loving people. Would you like some more cookies?”


Frey waited until the eager children had eaten their fill before summoning Wiz.

It was because of what She remembered while listening to Daniel and his conversation last night.

“It’s difficult for the owner to keep falling down, so I’ve compiled a list of related herbs that are good for physical strength.”

“Oh, thank you.”

“These days, children are weak, so… I have to feed you healthy food.”

Damon and Arsene glared at him as he pretended to grumble and said something worrying.

The two of them were still too young to understand the meaning of the words, and they seemed to have judged that Wiz was complaining to the patient.

“Don’t be distressed, Lady Frey!”

“Arsene, move away.”

Damon growled.

good. It seemed that the two could see Wiz and hear his voice.

“Damon, Arsene. Wiz is my spirit, and he is worried about me.”


Frey explained to them that Wiz was not a bad person, then turned her head.

“Wiz. I overheard you talking to Daniel yesterday. You can get information about not only magical power but also divine power, right?”

“Well, the spirit of knowledge is about that much.”

It is also her all-around cheat key.

“Then maybe we can help children gain full control over their powers?”

Frey didn’t mean to use the children.

She just didn’t want her children to live in fear of others because they couldn’t control their power.

Apparently understanding Frey’s feelings, Wiz stared at the children.

“Then let’s see what’s going on…What?”

Wiz reacted as if he had seen a strange natural phenomenon.

“Both children seem to have completed their first and second awakenings unconsciously.”

“Both kids?”

Frey was a little surprised and asked again.

Unlike Damon, Arsene’s ability was apparently unmarked.

But from the Wiz’s nod, Arsene seemed to be hiding his ability.

According to the knowledge learned in previous lives, transcendents awaken three times in total. Usually, the first awakening is accompanied at birth, and from the second awakening, it was only achieved with great earnestness.

‘Under what circumstances did Damon and Arsene feel desperate?’

Whatever the reason, it was regrettable that children who were barely four years old were desperate enough to open up their powers.

Children should be happy without deficiency.

Of course, the more you awaken, the stronger your ability, but there is no need to overdo it at a young age.

‘In the original story, it seems Daniel had a 3rd awakening after being assassinated.’

However, since Frey had prevented Daniel’s assassination, and the empress had learned that she had that kind of power, the possibility of the assassination was extremely low.

You must know that if the tail is long, it will be caught.

‘It’s my job to help them do the third awakening slowly when they need it, right?’

Because Frey can’t see the children being driven into a situation where they are so devastated that they quickly achieve their 3rd awakening.

* * *

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