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TNBTW-Chapter 48


“How is my wife?”

Daniel asked in a low voice.

The doctor bowed his head deeply and gave his answer.

“Fortunately, there seems to be no damage to his life, but It’s unknown when she will wake up.”

“You don’t know when she’ll wake up.”


The doctor couldn’t answer.

It has been 30 years since he inherited his father’s business and has been living as the personal doctor of Grand Duke Prause.

It was only once in a long time that Daniel Prause had reacted in this way.

[“Father…follow my mother… I was the only one who lived.”]

Right after Duncan Prause took his own life along with his wife, Daniel, who was a child, said that with red eyes.

With a dry face as if he had already poured out all the tears, he was going to shed.

It was hard to believe that the voice full of despair, fear, anger, and resentment belonged to a child under the age of ten.

‘Your response is different from when His Highness grand Duke passed away due to an unfortunate incident that occurred during the banquet.’

Not only the doctor, but all of the grand duke’s employees knew why the master’s reaction had changed. Frey Prause was serious about making the North prosperous.

Out of love for the Grand Duke, she carefully took care of the out-of-wedlocks he had made with other women—

‘He put a piece of divine power in his highness’ pocket….’

‘Thanks to you, grand duke secured time to resist poison.’

She was for Grand Duke Prause the whole time.

[“Seeing that you are dressed up, I guess ‘Daniel Prause girl’ is coming to the opening ceremony of the night market today?”]

Before leaving, even though Frey said that.

Therefore, the doctor could not answer the Grand Duke and he could not guess the state of the Grand Duchess at all.

“Go and find out anything that might help my wife.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

Daniel sent the people away with a hard face.

It was also around that time that Wiz, who was watching the situation in the spirit realm, materialized.

“Grand Duke Prause. I am Wiz, the Spirit of Knowledge, contracted with your wife, Frey.”


“I’m sorry to greet you under these circumstances. As a spirit, I will look after the owner’s condition.”

Wiz looked at Frey’s condition with a new polite attitude.

Because Daniel Prause now resembles the predators he has been shunning all his life.

More than anything else, it seemed that if Grand Duke Prause radiated more desire to live like this, the already bad owner’s condition would get worse.

‘It’s an overuse of divine power.’

Unlike the doctor, Wiz, a being from another dimension, was able to grasp the condition relatively accurately.

“There is no danger to his life, but since she has already used a lot of divine power, it will take some time before she wakes up.”

“Is Frey exhausted from using a lot of divine power?”

“You can see that. It would be nice if I could also tell you about the magic and demonic energy absorbed by the owner, but…you know it was difficult.”

It was difficult to collect information on that part because the spirits interacting with Gelon and the Mage Tower were holding on.

Fortunately, Daniel also seemed to understand the spirit’s ecosystem.

“From the sacred tower to be installed in the shopping district, and  the divine power to protect the grand duke, so my owner overreacted.”


“But recently, her divine power has grown surprisingly, so it looks like she will wake up in a day or so.”

When Wiz said that Frey would wake up tomorrow, Daniel’s life softened a little. Wiz quietly withdrew to give them some time alone.

Daniel silently looked at Frey and held her hand, which seemed to fall off the bed.

‘Why the hell for me…’

He had never thought of his own features as great. In the first place, there’s no way a person with an elegant and splendid charm like Frey would be seduced by his own appearance.

If the conditions were good, it might have been excellent.

He used his position as Grand Duke Prause to free her from the Crown Prince and his aides.

‘I thought it was to meet the conditions for Lady Roselia’s revenge.’

In order to establish a foundation for commerce, it was a hundredfold better to let her die.

Even though she promised a divorce, she became a grand duchess through formal procedures, so when she died, everything about Prause belonged to her.

But why.. 

[“You seem to really, really love His Highness the Grand Duke.”]

The words of Baron’s butler remained in Daniel’s mind for a long time.

Daniel didn’t hate to hear that, even though she thought so in his head that Frey was eager to win his favor and hasten the time of revenge.

To say that she really loves him. Even for a moment, he thought it would be nice if it was an act to hide his romantic feelings.

and today.

Daniel was convinced when he saw Frey rushing recklessly to save himself.


Daniel carefully brushed Frey’s disheveled hair.

He had no intention of casting a shadow on Frey because of the shadows cast on his childhood.

“I will not push you any further.”


“I will withdraw the words that I hate when it comes to love, only for my wife.”

‘At least I won’t ignore your feelings that you wanted me so much that you took me by force, and I won’t check the future to see if the fact of the divorce doesn’t change.’

“So please get up soon.”

Daniel poured out his divine power, which was insignificant compared to her.

* * *

‘Could it be that I am experiencing hallucinations due to being exposed to demonic energy?’

[“Frey. our baby.”]

[“Come here. Shall we have a snack?”

[“Let’s have a cup of tea. It’s the best when you’re depressed.”]

Frey heard her mother’s voice calling Frey affectionately. Her body didn’t move, but it seemed like if she reached for her voice, she got somewhere.

For example, the place where her mother is waiting for her.


Frey missed it so badly, but she didn’t reach out. 

The moment you hold out your hand, it will be as if your mind is taken away by the devil.

Frey was just a little sad and angry.

‘Crazy bastards, How long since you assassinated my mother!’

Although it was a weak level, he thought that Tahar would feel the intent to kill if he found out that Grand Duke Prause, who had divine power, had turned around.

Since Daniel had informed Breck Vliette that he would not stand on the side of the crown prince, he expected that time to come earlier.

‘But this is too fast.’

It was fortunate that Frey put the jewel containing her divine power in Daniel’s jacket pocket just in case.

Otherwise, he would have been exposed to a lethal dose of demonic energy and died instantly.

In that situation, Frey would have tried to protect Prause, but…

‘If I don’t have Daniel’s magical power and my divine power is at the current level, it’s close to impossible to manage the territory, work for the company, and even take care of the children without him.’

If he hadn’t been forced to purify the demonic energy that permeated his body, the story would have almost flowed the way Tahar wanted.

‘Thanks to you, I fell again.’

‘I was wondering how to assassinate Archduke Prause, but it was using magic.’

As Frey’s emotions intensified, she slowly began to come out of her hallucinations.

She could hear her doctor and Wiz anxiously diagnosing her condition.


‘It’s warmer than my father’s hands.’

Frey realized that Daniel was lovingly standing by her side. He held her hand as He almost slipped under the bed and straightened Frey’s hair.

‘Thanks to a contract marriage with a good man, I enjoyed this kind of luxury, and it’s not bad…’

But then Daniel spits out something Frey never expected.

“I will not push you any further.”


She couldn’t believe her ears for a moment.

If it’s love or romance, Daniel Prause, who is fed up with things, won’t push them away.

‘I’ve never really run into you, have I?’

It was a bit of a run for the kids.

Judging from the words that followed, Frey didn’t think she was intoxicated with demonic hallucinations.

“I will withdraw the words that I hate when it comes to love, only for my wife.”


There seemed to be some misunderstanding, so Frey strained her body as much as she could.

Thanks to her divine power, she was able to barely lift her heavy eyelids.


“Ah… Daniel.”

“I will call the doctor.”

Frey caught him about to walk right out.

“Before that, there is one thing I want to tell you.”

An excuse she might like automatically popped out of her head. What she used to say when she grabbed Daniel.

“Don’t worry that I won’t divorce you in the future because of this incident. I will definitely give you a divorce.”


“If you are anxious, you can look into the future. how is it?”

Then Daniel’s face hardened strangely.

‘I was just a little embarrassed to see this kind of reaction when it was just a suggestion He always made from me first.’

Daniel looked at Frey for a long time and asked again.

“madam. Did you hear what I said?”

“Thanks to the growth of divine power, my mind wasn’t completely in a state of darkness, so that’s why I’m saying this.”

Frey said it with the hope that Daniel, who was worried about me, would not have complicated thoughts.

“I would have done it if it had happened to anyone other than you.”

“Are you saying you’re not overdoing it because it’s me?”

“yes. If that’s the case, the reason why I forced myself to save you is that I don’t have the confidence to manage the Prause estate alone.”


“So, you don’t have to feel sorry for the misunderstanding that I did too much because I love you.”


After a while.

“Thanks for clearing up the misunderstanding, madam.”

For some reason, Daniel replied with a face like a dog that was very depressed by the rain.

‘Why does his expression look so bad?’

Not knowing why, Frey said a few more words.

“I want to keep a good relationship with you for a long time. Even after divorce.”

“I forgot for a moment that pressing the Gelon was the most important thing for my wife.”

But Daniel’s expression didn’t improve when Frey said a few more words. It would be more accurate to say that the more Frey swears, the harder it gets.

“Um, are you okay?”

“I’ll call the doctor.”

Daniel went out like that and never came back.

His expression was so bad that Frey wanted to follow him, but she couldn’t because her condition wasn’t good enough to walk.

She was able to fall asleep again only after being examined by her doctors and hearing that there was nothing wrong.

* * *

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