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TNBTW-Chapter 47


Daniel replaced Frey and inserted rose quartz filled with divine power into the empty space in the stone tower.

Merchants were in a state of excitement when they saw the ‘Sacred Tower’, a stone tower of divine power that subtly lit up the central plaza.

“Is it possible to only contain divine power in specially processed rose quartz? What about magic?”

“If this is enough, the capital market will be in a frenzy from tomorrow morning, right?”

“The supply of rough rose quartz has already dropped.”

“The chance that the Grand Duchess will publicize the rose quartz raw stone processing method…”


The owner of the Holt Merchants, who was mixed in among the merchants, stopped talking with a clearing of his throat.

“As you may know, Her Highness the Grand Duchess owns 51% of the Holt Company. If you’re a major shareholder, you have to think of your top tier.”

“Well, yes…”

Merchants knew it well.

Unless you’re an idiot, you won’t share the ability with everyone.

In the first place, since they weren’t from the imperial family, they didn’t have the divine power to contain rose quartz.

‘I’m grateful that the grand duchess built several new towers for the northern commercial revival.’

If we’re safe from the undead monsters, the North….’

There was only one reason why the North was undervalued, and it was the high frequency of undead monsters.

Grand duke Prause did his best to protect the north, but the road from the capital to the north was a problem. Since the emperor had great divine power, he was able to protect the central gate even in the imperial palace. However, the problem was that Daniel Prause was not a being specialized in divine power.

‘His Highness has always dealt with the undead monsters that appear all over the North.’

‘It’s a situation where you can’t just watch the gate in silence, so it hasn’t been opened for a while…’

But what if you could block the access of undead monsters by putting the divine power in a tower and setting it up in a specific area?

‘Is this the first time since the founding of the country that the capital and the north are connected by direct gates?!’

‘How much do I need to buy a commercial property right now?’

‘There will still be plenty of good lands left to start a lodging business.’

Merchants’ eyes shone with the desire to preoccupy the huge northern market. Looking at them, Frey recalled bitter memories from her previous life.

‘It’s different from me in my previous life, who had to miss it because I didn’t have the investment money even though I knew that the subway would be pierced.’

‘I have many memories of being sad about money, so how enthusiastic I was about investing.’

However, for a day-to-day person with no money, studying financial technology was just watching others do well. Frey wondered when she learned it and used it, but in the end, she only used that knowledge in her next life.

‘But thanks to that, I was able to keep my promise to Daniel.’

It was impossible to open the gate because there was still only one sacred tower, but it seemed possible to open the gate before the divorce.

It’s faster when Frey gets help from her father.

‘Since Daniel has turned his back on Tahar, there’s a high probability that the development will happen faster than the original story.’

If so, they will be able to get a divorce sooner.

‘Then I’ll be able to face the naked man Daniel saw in my future.’

What the hell kind of a man would spend a dark time with me?

Frey went to Daniel’s side, trying hard to hide her expectations.

“Daniel. Did you remember everything?”

“yes. It allows me to create and manage lists.”

Unlike the merchants who told them to pour and drink at the harbinger of a jackpot, Prause’s knights were busy moving. It was because of Daniel’s order before departure.

[“Listen carefully. The moment my wife uses divine power, there will be those who show abnormal reactions. Find them and put them in order.”]

When Frey said that she would use divine power to single out the users of the Fallen Fog, Daniel hadn’t expected it to be like this at all.

“Madam, I don’t think you told me that you would use the divine power in rose quartz.”

“I think you should have a little surprise. you’ve caught a lot of users of the Fog of Fall, right?”

“yes. As you said, most of them are acquaintances of Count Breck Vliette. If we investigate them, more will come out.”

Frey looked through the list of users of the Fog of Fall shown by Daniel.

“It is more than I thought. If it wasn’t for Wiz’s help, he wouldn’t have caught it all at once.”

The first time Daniel told that Breck Vliette was a user of the Fog of Fall.

Frey automatically remembered the shocking scene his mother had shown him.

[“Frey. Look carefully. If you touch the fog of Fall, it will end like that.”]

[“uhuk! please please…uhuk!”]

[“Uh, mother…”]

‘Now that I think about it, my mother didn’t doubt that I, who was weak against temptation, would one day touch the fog of Fall.’

show a young lady, who must be very sensitive, the process of healing an addict from the Mist of Corruption that took place at the Great Temple.

To be honest, it was healing.

‘In order to take out the demonic energy that had already dwelled in the body, the emperor made the body into rags with divine power, and then the High Priest beat it with a sacred relic.’

Is it the logic that if you kill a person, the magic that lives inside loses its host and disappears together?

Anyway, the process was no different from torture, so Frey promised herself that she would never be exposed to demonic energy.

All the more since she knew that the High Priest was hiding such ragged forearms under the baggy priestly uniform. So, Frey was thinking of reversing the demonic purification ritual when Daniel told him about Breck Vliette.

“Wiz told me how the emperor uses divine power during the Magic Purification Ceremony. So I put it in rose quartz as it is.”

As expected, those who had used the Fog of Fall convulsed the moment they encountered the divine power.

It’s only natural when the demonic energy is in his body.

“If Count Breck Vliette was here, it would have been worth seeing.”

“I think he probably reacted the most.”

“Then Count Vliette’s family will be destroyed without us need to touch it…”

Frey licked his lips in regret, then smiled as if she had remembered something pleasant.

“Okay, please take the top stocks off the list separately.”

“Are you trying to punish your wife yourself?”

“no. Such cruel things will be done during the Great War. I think I can suck up the information needed for commercial activities.”

‘How dare you talk like that without hesitation.’

Daniel looked at her and smiled involuntarily.

“I never thought I’d be able to change the merchants’ minds this quickly.”

“Because you worked day and night to make the North an attractive investment destination. I only helped a little.”

As a result, Frey Will make a lot of money through business.

Frey hummed a song while thinking that to herself.

The night breeze swayed her golden hair, giving off a pleasant scent. Daniel suddenly remembered the future of Frey he had last glimpsed.

[“Frey. I don’t know. Even when I cast defense magic, I only had a dark mind.”]

Daniel’s future self said so.

When he heard that, He denied it without hesitation that it was funny and that something was wrong.

How many things did His parents have to give up in return for being crazy about that love?

He still hated falling in love with someone.

Daniel couldn’t imagine being accepted as a companion, saying he would love someone for the rest of his life, and just the thought of reaching out for His body made him sick.

However, Daniel thought that Frey would not be included in ‘someone’.

oddly often and even at this moment.


It was the time when Daniel called to Frey with an infinitely friendly voice.


There was a sound of metal cutting through the air. Daniel felt the stifling poisonous magic together.

“Grand Duke Prause!”

Someone screaming.

people turned their heads to the source of the sound.

There, Count Breck Vliette, whose body had become almost like an undead monster, was running towards it.

No, he had been sprinting furiously with the blade made of black metal pointed at Daniel. Bloodshot eyes and terrifyingly quick movements revealed that he was not normal.


The sound of something exploding came in between the people’s screams.

Daniel’s momentary magical power drove Count Breck Vliette far away.

However, black energy was already spreading rapidly from the wounds on his body. Cool sensation lifted at the same time.

‘Gelon’s magic…’

In an instant, the mind becomes clouded. Daniel prevented Gelon’s magic from spreading with his own magic.

However, unknown black energy began to eat away at Daniel’s body. He figured it out with the few remaining strands of concentration.

‘Is this poison Magic?’

Then, even if it took a little time, you could use divine power to slowly drive them away.

Fortunately, for some reason, the poison spread more slowly than expected.

by the time he realizes it.

“Daniel, no!”

Daniel heard Frey’s voice. Then, the discomfort that seemed to weigh on the body quickly cleared up.

Instead, it was filled with warm, divine power.

Even without opening his eyes, Daniel could see that the power was Frey’s divine power. The sense and spirit quickly returned to how much divine power was poured out.

The voice was clearly audible.


The voice of Frey, who was trying to purify all the demonic energy spreading through his body.



Daniel hugged Frey’s body, which fell on top of him.

Then he realized.


The fact that Frey had put a small piece of rose quartz filled with divine power in his jacket pocket.

* * *

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