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TNBTW-Chapter 46


When Frey went out to ride the carriage, Daniel, Luke, and the knights were coming from the other side of the hallway.

“Oh, Hi Daniel”


Frey just said hello, but the party stared blankly at her.

Men usually reacted like that when they met Frey, who was determined and decorated, so she didn’t take it too seriously.

Frey has been braiding her hair almost every day since Daniel opened her face with the out-of-wedlocks he’s been hiding.

But today, Frey even used oil with a nice scent and combed it down long, so they Will be blinded.

Today, to achieve her goal, Frey needed to create a divine and beautiful image like a saint, so she tried her best.

“Everyone is staring at me like this, so it’s worth it to dress up.”


“Luke, don’t look at me like that, can you do me a favor?”

When Frey said that, for some reason, Daniel looked at Luke with an uncomfortable expression.

“Oh, sure. Just leave it to me.”

Luke pretended not to see Daniel and accepted the heavy bag Frey offered him.

“This is a big thing…”

“yes. Rose quartz is essential for the opening ceremony of the night market today, so please take good care of it.”

“I’m supposed to stay at the grand duke’s mansion and protect the youngsters. I will leave it to the adjutant.”

“Thank you. Please take good care of the children.”

“Then I’ll go, so the two of you can talk comfortably.”

The red serpent almost ran away.

Frey Will ensure the safety of the jewels—Now Frey decided to take a moment to admire Daniel in his uniform.

White cloth, blue jewelry decoration, and even gold. Everything seemed to exist only to make his gorgeous beauty shine more. Anyone who sees his necktie tied neatly over a white shirt that looks like it’s going to burst will be seized with an intoxication to untie it.

With this face and this body, Frey could understand why the lady of Count Vliette had turned on the light in her eyes and rushed at him.

“Daniel, you look good today.”


She approached him, who was slightly stiff, reached for the pocket of his jacket, and laughed.

“Looking at you brightly dressed, it looks like ‘Danielle Prause’s Girl’ is coming to the opening ceremony of the night market today?”

“… ?”

Daniel creaked as if he didn’t understand what Frey was talking about.


He remembered the ‘Daniel Prause promiscuity’ he had spread all over the world to push Frey away and kept quiet.

Seeing him slightly turn his head to hide his burning face made Frey want to tease him more.

‘If I had more time, I’d be teasing all day.’

For some reason, it became an atmosphere where Daniel and I could exchange jokes even when we were alone.

I’d say I’m no longer afraid of having to ride the carriage alone with him.

“A beautiful woman will be waiting for you.”

I put on a sad and forlorn face on purpose to make fun of him.


But why did the Baron butler and the knights standing behind sigh?

* * *

Grand Duke Prause’s central shopping market was having an unusually noisy evening. When the sun goes down, it’s normal to wrap up the day’s business and prepare to go home.

However, there was an opening event at the night market today, so the stalls selling food were also lively.

Of course, the most eye-catching ones were merchants from other places who came to see the jewels that the Grand Duchess had processed herself.

‘To think that the princess who was hysterical in the corner of the room had such talent… Is it true?’

‘It’s not worth coming this far if there’s nothing after all this work.’

‘The future price of rough rose quartz will be decided here.’

Merchants swallowed dryly as they looked at the mysterious sculpture in the middle of the plaza in the shopping market. It was covered with a large cloth, so they didn’t know what it was prepared for, but it was because the merchant’s guild leader had slightly spilled it.

[“That’s a divine move prepared by Grand Duchess Frey.”]

As the head of the merchant guild, he must have been told something, but his expectations continued to grow as he bragged about it.

‘Is it really worth taking the risk of being attacked by undead monsters and trading with the North…’

‘I heard that the Grand Duchess has a knack for processing jewels, but how can you say that a tower is a divine move?’

Those who came all the way to the far North after only seeing the processed rose quartz that Frey was about to offer, went back and forth between heaven and hell even with a small murmur.

Looking at them, one of the groups of merchants perched in the corner and spoke as if to listen.

“I heard that none of the accessory makers in this area have ever received a request to make jewelry for the Grand Duchess.”

“No, he’s just making a pep talk.…!”

Merchants from other places with high expectations responded nervously. It’s because their words were right to some extent.

‘Besides, the authors seem to be earning a decent income even in the capital city.’

‘They said they were supported by Count Vliette’s family?’

‘If they’re right, the loss…is Big!’

Around this time merchants can’t overcome their anxiety and start looking for alcohol.

“His Highness grand duke Prause and Her Highness the Grand Duchess have arrived!”

Grand Duke Prause and Frey got off the simple but elegant carriage.

As Frey walked near the center of the square with an escort, she heard voices from everywhere.


“Is my eye swollen? She looks so good with His Highness the grand duke?”

Just by showing off her graceful gait, people who had a crush on her appeared one by one.

Frey listened to the whispering voice and looked around the mall resolutely.

Frey wasn’t interested in what others were saying when they saw her.

Her attention was focused on the lamps lighting up the night market and the new jewelry she was about to showcase.

‘It seems that many merchants who have a personal relationship with Breck Vliette also came.’

Daniel and Frey, escorted by knights, returned to the plaza after taking a walk around the central mall.

Next, there was a short speech from Daniel about how he hoped the night market would help the commercial development of the North.

“Then, Her Highness the Grand Duchess. For those waiting…”

Jakov offered Frey a seat.

The order the merchants who came to this place had been waiting for the most, looking only at the business feasibility of processed rose quartz.

Frey moved slowly to a table lined with lamps and candles.

“I thought about what I could do as a grand duchess while seeing His Highness working day and night for commercial development in the north.”

The knight, who received Frey’s wink, put his bag down on the table.

Soon a mineral larger than a human head and as shiny as a diamond appeared.

“What the hell is that…!”

“It seems that the light of the lamp is not even light!”

Merchants responded immediately.

The gloss and size were more surprising than Frey had vaguely guessed. A diamond of that size would be enough to buy a few family estates.

Frey continued with an innocent smile as if she hadn’t expected such a reaction.

“Thanks to my father and mother who noticed my talent early and actively supported it, I was able to learn how to process minerals in a special way.”

The four-channel mining waste story could not be brought out here.

“In the process, I made a discovery that would be of great help to the North.”

Frey carefully placed his hand on the surface of the jewel. Then, with all her power, she carefully poured the divine power I had cultivated.

“What is she doing now…?”

“I don’t know, but it seems that some kind of power flows into the jewel.”

“Nonsense. That kind of thing-”

The crowd of merchants, as well as Daniel and Jacob, could not speak for a while.

From the founding of the country until now, only scrolls officially issued by the Mage Tower could possess special powers.

Even the snoring people in the shopping market knew those scroll sales were the main source of income for the Mage Tower and the Gelon Merchants.

“As you can see, the raw rose quartz that I processed in a special way can contain divine power.”

The Grand Duchess was casually saying something that would completely change the game of commerce.

Furthermore, the rose quartz, imbued with the divine power of God’s power, was brilliant as if it had become a small sun.

“Your Highness So, are you saying that processed jewels can contain divine power?”

Jakov didn’t know exactly what she was going to do.

Frey nodded lightly.

‘I can make you have magical powers, but I’ll reveal that later.’

She expected people’s reactions to being explosive.

In other words, something that could replace the scroll of the super-expensive Mage Tower had come out.

In addition, according to Wiz’s investigation, none of the past holders of divine power used the power of God to leisurely gems.

It seems that everyone was just trying to protect the people from undead monsters or to use them for the purpose of attack or defense.

‘In other words, there is no idea of storing divine power somewhere.’

Frey continued with a soft smile.

“It contains enough divine power to prevent undead monsters from entering the central shopping market.”

Receiving the signal, Emma and the merchants removed the cloth covering the sculpture.

Then, a stone power with a large jewel in the middle appeared.

“From now on, whenever the night market opens, we plan to build a sacred tower of divine power one by one in the north.”

As soon as the only risk that kept them from entering the northern market disappeared.


The eyes of the merchants were greatly shaken.

Frey smiled in confirmation.

“The more sacred towers there are, the safer the northern part will be from undead monsters. of course-”

The red eyes contained the acquaintances of Breck Vliette, who were gathered in a corner.

“It may be bad news for those who have done something against God’s will.”

* * *

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