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TNBTW-Chapter 44


“Even though I am not your mother, I will be with you every day because I care for you that much.”

Frey’s voice was infinitely friendly to the children.

Damon and Arsene didn’t know either. Others said it was dangerous and scary to come near them. Even Luke, who seemed very strong, tightened his body every time he stroked their hair.

but… ‘Is Frey really okay?’

Damon and Arsene exchanged trembling glances.

Frey had already been seriously injured while presenting a brooch to them, who were all cautious. But, instead of being far away like other people, you would stay close to them every day.

‘It must be a lie?’

The two children couldn’t believe that she was saying this even though she wasn’t their mother.

Somehow, Frey seemed to know the feelings of Damon and Arsene, so Frey continued.

“Let’s eat snacks together and play with toys. I am less busy than grand duke.”

In fact, Frey thinks she will be a bit busier because of her business, but she couldn’t tell Daniel that she would think of her dark past when she saw the children.

Frey smiled and spread her arms.

“I didn’t give birth to you, but I’m willing to play the role if you two say you need your mother. Forever…”


The children hesitated for a moment.

Then, as if he would not wait any longer, he slipped into Frey’s arms.

The soft rabbit fur decoration and her warm body temperature made the children infinitely happy.

“You promised me?”


The two dug deeper into Frey’s arms and pressed for an answer. Frey responded by patting the backs of the two with both hands.

“Yes. I will.”

‘Even if I leave this mansion after a divorce and even In the distant future, when struggling to get revenge on the Duke of Gelon’

[“Did you eat?”]

Frey wanted to be a person like the homeroom teacher who asked such a question to her tired self in her previous life.

Life is radiant even if there is only one person you can open up to and rely on.

“I told you. ‘Forever’.”


“Yeah, really.”

Damon and Arsene rubbed their faces in Frey’s arms. Contrary to their childlike behavior, the eyes of the two shone as if they would never let go of her.

* * *

“Damon, Arsene… wait for a sec!”

Frey took care of the two children until exhaustion.

Even though she was out of breath because she couldn’t handle the physical strength of the children, she was happy in her heart.

‘As expected, it suits kids this age to run around like this.’

Wait, it would be better if someone other than Frey played with it.

“Lady Frey!”


Damon and Arsene urged Frey with a dog-like face with a lot of activity, so she couldn’t rest.

There was also a reason that the more time we spent together, the more the children would lose their guard and start relying on them—

‘I want to show it.’

Frey wanted to let Daniel, Luke, and the knights know that the two kids also like to play.

Even if they were born with the power to become the strongest in the world, children are children.

‘As for controlling Damon’s power, I just have to ask Wiz to find out the right way.’

First of all, it was important to lay the groundwork to take good care of the children.

“I’m going to throw it really far this time!”

Frey gathers strength and throws the ball over the heads of Damon and Arsene.

Luke asked in an inaudible tone to her.

“Is His Highness the Grand Duchess able to do such a thing with the love of His Majesty the Emperor and Lady Roselia?”

Daniel, who was reviewing the paperwork here instead of entering the office as scheduled, raised his head secretly.

Everyone in the room knew what Luke was talking about.

‘I heard that she was distorted by the oppression of the aristocrats and was obsessed with collecting jewels.’

‘When I heard only rumors, I thought she wouldn’t even pay attention to children. Did the crown prince’s touch them all?’

Frey was hanging out with her two children until she was out of breath. To the extent that rumors of a personality breakdown are overshadowed.

No matter how much defensive magic and divine power it has, it seems that she is not afraid to play with the two baby transcendents.

‘It was only when His Highness the Grand Duke hugged the little boys that they made faces like that.’

‘Luke, you’ve never seen such a happy face.’

Damon and Arsene, who were always nervous and withdrawn, seemed very happy as they ran around like unbridled colts.

The knights felt a fundamental question when they saw the rumors about Frey and her appearance now.

‘How can…?’ 

kids? You might like it. But isn’t it a child born to the man he loves with another woman?

It was different from the truth, but Frey should have known it anyway.

Even knowing that fact, she said she would marry Daniel Prause, but now she carefully takes care of the child Daniel made with his lover out of wedlock.

‘Even if you knew that the youngsters were transcendentalists, there wouldn’t be a need for them to play so hard.’


‘Is it just good for kids? Well, this makes no sense.’

The knights rolled their eyes, guessing the reason in their own way.

At that time, Baron Butler smiled and said, 

“There must be only one reason for Grand Duchess Frey to act like that.”

His gaze slipped over to Daniel.

“She seems to really, really love His Highness the Grand Duke.”


The articles that were listening next to them involuntarily exclaimed at the butler’s neat and probable conclusion.


There is only one emotion that can be the reason for all actions.

When Baron Butler put those two letters, which were like a master key, He could understand all of Frey’s movements.

She fell in love with the Grand Duke even from a distance and became a husband and wife with the Grand Duke (who had a promiscuous private life and had two children out of wedlock) using the right of absolute obedience.

Daniel loved him and actively attracted the Holt Merchant to prosper her land, the North, and used her ability to process jewels.

‘That’s also the first time in the North!’

‘She saved her jewel processing ability and managerial ability for our Grand Duke.’

And now…she was truly caring for the out-of-wedlock locks that grand duke had made with other women.

Only out of love for Daniel Prause.

Butler Baron’s guess was right, and it went very well with Frey, who was wearing a white dress and brushing her blonde hair.

Even if he boiled ogre blood and wolf claws, she looked scary, but when she was added to the image of a lover, your eyes were blinded by Frey’s halo.

with a glance. Luke quickly examined Daniel’s expression


The lord, who had obviously frowned upon hearing the sound of forced marriage and leaving for the imperial palace—

‘Aren’t you denying it?’

He did not refute a single word to the butler’s foolish speculation.

Rather, in this situation, ‘Ah, that can’t be. It must have a different purpose.’

‘You’ve definitely changed. You’re not normally like this.’

It was time for Luke to ask something of his old friend and lord.

“Red… No, Luke! Please throw the ball at Damon and Arsene.”

Frey waved his hand, saying that if he didn’t catch his breath for a moment, he might run out of stamina and die.

“Ah, yes. I will. Please talk to the Grand Duke for a moment.”


Frey quenches her thirst with water and looks at Daniel.

Was it because she gave his whole body to play with the foal-like children?

It was as if his gaze had become as friendly as a piece of paper.

After a period of meaningless silence, Daniel asked indirectly.

“ma’am. Do you have any special affection for Damon and Arsene?”

Frey looked at the children with a warm smile. The grace she received from her teacher in her previous life and the love she received from her parents in this life. It was a bit strange to say that she copied. 

The man in front of her was noble and kind, Daniel Prause, who would be the second most embarrassing in the empire, and compared to him, she was a dazzling princess with a flashy history.

“hmm… It’s a bit embarrassing to say this in front of you. In other word…”


The knights who overheard the conversation between the grand duke and his wife swallowed dry saliva.

“Because people believe in love when there is only one special person. That’s why I’m doing it.”

When the word love came out of Frey’s mouth, the knights sang joy in their hearts.

Daniel was the most upset. He murmured as if possessed.

“One person…”

“yes. Because I have it. That kind of person.”

Frey looked at Daniel for a moment before turning her head away.

Because she knows Daniel hasn’t interacted enough with his parents to learn to love. Because the former Grand Duke and his wife left together, leaving behind a young son. But Baron looked at her reaction happily and nodded.

‘As expected, even the Grand Duchess of the world is shy in front of her crush.’

* * *

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