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TNBTW-Chapter 41


‘If it’s about children…’

Frey nodded cautiously.

Daniel continued talking only after confirming once again that there were no strangers around.

“Damon and Arsene are not ordinary.”

“What do you mean?”

Frey knew what Daniel was talking about, but pretended not to know.

If she said that she knew that the children were transcendent, all the trust she had built up would turn into suspicion.

“The two were born on the day of prophecy, just like Lydia Obelir, the daughter of His Highness Tahar.”

“You mean they have special powers?”

Daniel nodded briefly.

“As you know, the reason young lady Lydia is being talked about as the next Mage Tower owner at the age of less than four is that she is a Transcendent who was born on the day of the prophecy.”

Transcendent. Literally, it was a term referring to those who had powers beyond what humans could possess And the children of the prophecy announced by the high priest are three.

It was a top secret that two of them were picked up and raised by Grand Duke Prause.

‘If a rumor spreads that Daniel is raising two transcendents… ‘

It was obvious that rumors would circulate as if they were preparing for treason using the Transcendental as a weapon.

Frey looked at Daniel.

Daniel was simply picking up and raising children abandoned. 

Every time Frey sees Damon and Arsene, she knows that it will be painful because it reminds her of her childhood trauma.

However, in the imperial family and the capital, rather than Daniel Prause’s benevolence, they would pay attention to the power of the baby transcendentalists.

‘If Daniel had told the truth that he was picking up baby transcendentalists, someone in need of strength would have tried to take them away.’

They recruited people who resemble children, disguised themselves as a couple, and said, ‘This is my child.’ 

It’s easy to make them say it.

The transcendental child who was stolen like that…Perhaps, like Lydia, They will be exhausted from intensive training.

Lydia turned out to be a transcendent two days after she was born, and the crown prince assigned more than ten teachers to the newborn baby.

‘Everyone knows that Lydia has acquired more power than the current Mage Tower lord after 3 years of training at the level of abuse.’

So if Damon and Arsene were taken away, they would be exploited more.

Aristocrats would do anything to win in a power struggle.

Now that Frey thinks about it, it was surprising that # a man not interested in women made a ridiculous noise about having an out-of-wedlock.

‘It has its own strengths, so I should keep pretending I don’t know that it’s not a child born out of wedlock, but a child he picked up.’

Frey made an innocent face and continued.

“I heard that Grand duke Prause was also a Transcendentalist from generation to generation.”

“you’re right. Because protecting time requires special powers.”

“What kind of powers are children born with?”

“Arsene has yet to figure out what powers he has. I intend to gradually get to know the child as he becomes more adept at communicating.”

Frey knew that Arsene’s abilities were the most extraordinary, thanks to her past life memories.

But now Frey has no choice but to react as if she doesn’t know.

“What about Damon?”

“Damon has very strong physical strength. but-“


“As you know, he is still young and his strength control is immature. He even fatally wounded an employee.”

Frey was speechless.

Suddenly, as Frey approached the children at the welcome banquet, she remembered what Luke had stopped her.

[“It’s not possible. It is also for lady Frey.”]

Even Luke, the master, was clearly nervous in front of the transcendental being who controlled his power.

The knights who were deployed to protect the children kept a safe distance as if dealing with a time bomb.

‘Damon and Arsene would know. That the knights are afraid of them.’

So the two children were quietly depressed, relying only on each other. Even though a boy of that age is at the age of playing like a colt.

“I’m the only one who has full control when the kids make mistakes, and only Luke can survive an attack.”


“I’m trying to talk to the children once a day because I’m sure they’ll be lonely.”

Daniel said in a melancholy voice.

Since it is in the North where undead monsters frequently appear, he, who has divine power, often left his seat. No matter how much he cares about his spare time, he lacked attention and affection for the children he wanted to hang out with all day long.

‘That’s why Frey can’t risk her life to get close to the employees and ask them to take care of the children.’

Frey pursed her trembling lips.

That people don’t talk to you. Avoiding yourself and being embarrassed for whatever reason.

Frey knew from experience how they felt.

‘That’s why, when Daniel, who was the only one who treated them as a normal child, was assassinated, the children ran out of control and overturned the capital.’

It became clear what to do first to change the future.

Frey looked at Daniel and smiled.

“First of all, thank you for sharing your secret with me. I will never leak it out of the palace.”

“Thank you.”

“But kids need someone to give them affection and attention.”

“Madam, but…”

Frey held out one arm to Daniel.

“You are transcendent, so you can do it. I have divine power, so my magic efficiency is very good, and even if I get hurt, I heal more quickly than other people.”

Frey laughed to hide the tension.

It was just as scary. She couldn’t help but be afraid as long as she knew that Damon had lightly overturned the capital guarded by dozens of Masters.

“I want to stay with the children. Even if it’s scary and painful.”


“So please.”

Daniel’s eyes widened as he met Frey’s confident face.

Old memories replayed in his mind.

[“Daniel. your mother… Julia just passed away.”]


[“Daniel. sorry…I can’t leave her alone even for a moment. I don’t have the confidence to live without her.”

Duncan Prause fled to the underworld, saying he had no confidence to overcome fear or pain.

leave Daniel behind.

Even though she was frightened and her fingertips trembled slightly, Frey didn’t run away. 


Daniel realized.

She is strong enough to subdue her fears for a child.

She had a stronger heart than his father, who never doubted that he was the strongest in the world.

‘So I couldn’t say no.’

Because he wanted a strong person like Frey to appear in his childhood when he was hit by work and loneliness.

He held Frey’s outstretched hand.


Every time you cast a layer of defense magic, your hands tremble.

It must have been uncomfortable to feel the flow of unfamiliar magic power through her body, but Frey did not avoid it.

“As you said, the efficiency of magic is good thanks to divine power.”

“Please take care of them. Even if children make mistakes, please avoid fatal injuries.”


Frey placed her other hand on top of his big hand. As Frey closed her eyes to fully accept the magic, she felt Daniel pulse very fast.

“Daniel, are you nervous too?”


Daniel couldn’t speak.

Daniel’s pulse is so fast that it feels like His veins are about to burst.

He was grateful that the sunset had just set everything, including His face, to look red.

Something is going wrong.

An alarm bell rang in His head, but he couldn’t shake off Frey’s soft hand. Even though the defense magic has already been perfected.

“Daniel? Is it done…? ”


Daniel searched through his head to find a suitable excuse.

“I think it’s good to look into the future to see if the defense magic has worked.”

“Oh, well…let’s do it.”

Frey agreed without hesitation.

Daniel closed his eyes and peered into her future again.

[“Daniel. Since when?”]

Arms crossed with her long blonde hair let down, Frey glowed as if she were alone in the daytime.

If it hadn’t been for the moon outside the window or the nightgown she was wearing, Daniel wouldn’t have known it was night.

And Daniel Prause himself—


“Daniel, is there something wrong with my future again? Are you not hurt?”

“Not like that.”

“sure? Are you all okay? I’m worried because your expression looks like you’ve chewed on something.”

“no. Everything is fine, so you don’t have to worry.”

It was a lie.

It seemed that his future self had suffered a slight head injury.

When Daniel sees himself walking into someone else’s bedroom at night with his shirt unbuttoned and holding a rose and wine.

In addition, the eyes and cheeks were reddish as if drunk. Until the voice is low.

[“Fray. Give me a chance.”]

[“Answers first, Daniel. You obviously wanted a divorce. Since when Did you feel like this…?”

His future self couldn’t answer.

[“Is it from then? The day we saw Baron Holt off when you cast a defense spell on me. Your heart seems to be beating very fast.“

As if she knew that, Frey smiled and relaxed.

Daniel future self-placed a rose in Frey’s arms and caressed her soft blond hair, but did not respond to Frey’s question.

[“Daniel. Please answer me.”]

[“Not then.”]

[“Then, after all, during the night market? Then you told me-“]

[“Not even then.”]


The future Daniel Prause muttered in a hazy voice as if in a dream.

[“Fray. I don’t know. Even when I cast defense magic, I only had a dark mind.”]


Daniel, who was surprised to look into the future, let go of Frey’s hand as it was.

* * *

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