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TNBTW-Chapter 40


“Of course, people may not be interested in rose quartz that has been processed to shine.”

Before Frey could finish speaking, a whisper came.

But no one was surprised as if they had anticipated that possibility at all. If we think about this situation a little bit, it’s an assumption that anyone can think of.

We will use jewels as bait to attract people to the north, develop the shopping market, and encourage tourism. The premise of the plan is that people come all the way here to buy or look at jewelry. 

‘If you’re not interested in jewelry, you can only imagine what’s going on.’

And, Frey thinks, there were several reasons why people in other regions would reject shiny rose quartz.

As the vassal pointed out earlier, there is an image that it is a mineral that the common people are looking for.

By now, news of Frey’s involvement in the production and processing of rough rose quartz has spread, so someone who doesn’t like her may be encouraging a boycott.

‘If that happens, the aristocrats will be the main force.’

In a situation where it is almost certain that Tahar, the leader of the aristocratic faction, will become emperor, there is no aristocrat who insists on wearing rose quartz.

Anyone who can afford the jewels sold only in the North will be able to afford the others as well.


‘This is the story of when the rose quartz Frey processed was just a sparkling jewel.’

She briefly tinkered with the necklace she was wearing today.

Just touching it for a moment made her feel the full power contained within the jewel.

It was the divine power that Frey temporarily injected.

‘This is the reason for processing jewels using divine power and medicinal materials.’

If Frey thinks that this world is a game she played in her previous life, she can find the answer.

Did the game developers make the divine power, the divine power, which can be obtained only by clearing the super-difficulty quest, for the purpose of making the jewels shine?

Being a mining failure, Frey was able to confirm it.

‘Jewels with divine power are used to attach options to items or to store the highest level of magic.’

And now, In this world, there is only one item that stores magic for use by non-magicians or gives special effects to objects.

‘A scroll issued by the Mage Tower by inscribing magic on parchment.’

The main source of income for the Mage Tower and the line for the mercenaries belonging to the Duke of Gelon.

In other words, there was an item that could hold the one item in check that made the Duke of Gelon and the Magic Tower close.

No, it’s kind of weird to call it a check.

Because the performance of jewels processed using divine power is about 100 times better than the scrolls issued by the Mage Tower.

‘It’s a known fact that the Scrolls of the Mage Tower can’t contain more than intermediate magic.’

Moreover, there are over 10,000 wizards registered in the Mage Tower, but only my father and I are the only two with strong divine powers in this world.

It was difficult to process jewels with Daniel’s divine power. So, the scarcity value was incomparable.

‘But at this point, there’s no need to explain this to everyone here.’

I raised my lips and spoke in a confident voice.

“I understand the question of whether jewelry has the power to attract people.”

“That means…”

“I will give you a confirmation. A gem processed in a special way always has that much value. If it doesn’t work, I’ll take responsibility.”

What was needed at this time was confidence.

“If you say so, well…”

“When it comes to jewels, of course, Her Highness, the Grand Duchess, knows best…”

People roll their eyes to read each other’s faces.

It was a face that thought there would be some evidence if she insisted this strongly.

I wedged myself in with some hints.

“For now, I will only tell you that rose quartz processed in a special way is not just a sparkling gem.”

“That means…”

“I’ll show you what jewelry can do the day the night market first opens.”

I added a word as I picked up the teacup.

“Then everyone here will know that I’m interested in commerce using scarcely valuable items, not gambling.”

* * *

Frey sipped tea in a crowd of people who wondered what function the Grand Duchess had worked on.

The leisure made the dinner participants even more confused.

‘Seeing a person who grew up trembling from being attacked by aristocratic groups speaks so confidently, I think there’s something there.’

‘A special value to jewelry? Did His Majesty the Emperor recognize Lady Frey’s talent and give her a gift?’

It was a claim made without evidence that everyone could objectively understand. However, that has raised even more questions and speculation.

Daniel was lost in thought for a moment, seeing Frey smiling as if she had nothing to hold back.

‘Are you trying to show something related to divine power?’

Although the wife had almost no magic power, she inherited divine power from the emperor, so she will use that.

It is said that the Duke of Gelon actually controls the Mage Tower, but the divine power is a higher power.

‘If she shows off her divine power in front of people, she might put a burden on Crown Prince Tahar who doesn’t have divine power.’

It was quite impressive that she clearly distinguishes what she can and cannot do.

If she uses divine power to solidify her position and defeat the Duke of Gelon and the Mage Tower, there will be no revenge.

It was clear that if it went according to her words, it would be of great help to the commercial development in the North.


But for some reason, Daniel was in a bad mood the whole time he heard the bold and reckless plan.

“Jakov, please plan the details of the night market. I think it would be better to discuss it with merchants.”

“I will.”

“Baron Holt, how many days will it take to get in touch with the practitioners? It would be nice if we could share the situation in real-time.”

“I can’t keep using the expensive Mage Tower’s special postage stamps…If I contact you in the usual way, it will probably take 10 days.”

“It is too late.”

Frey, who took one step at a time to get what she wanted, had many facial expressions.

How do Jakov and Baron Holt feel when they are looking at smiling and regretful faces from the front?

It wasn’t interesting, it was pure curiosity.

[“Daniel Prause. Were you having a hard time too?”]

The first night they spent together in the bedroom.

When Daniel heard Frey say that with a sad face, an alarm bell went off in his head with an unknown tension.

He still doesn’t know if it was because he was staring at the long eyelashes, wavy blonde hair, and lanky face, or because of the friendly voice.



“Your Highness grand duke Prause?”


Daniel, who was lost in his thoughts, only then realized that Frey was calling him.

“Yes, madam. I was listening.”

“I don’t think so…Anyway, could you help me if possible?”


For Daniel, who was completely confused, the butler Baron explained as if he were a ventriloquist.

“she asked if you could open a gate so small that undead monsters couldn’t pass through. For communication purposes.”


It wasn’t unreasonable if it was to open a gate so small that monsters couldn’t enter. If he keeps it small inside the residence of Baron Holt and the residence of the Grand Duke, there will be no use by unrelated people.

“It’s not difficult if you only exchange letters, not big things.”

“That’s a relief… The sooner we get in touch with our business partners, the better.”

Frey resumed the conversation with a face full of joy and a smile.


Daniel stared at it until his portion of tea cooled to lukewarm.

After the meeting that served as dinner was over.

“Baron Holt. It was a short time, but I enjoyed it.”

“I am the one who saw Her Highness Grand Duke Prause and Her Highness the Grand Duchess—”


Before Baron Holt could finish his speech, the gate opened by Daniel transported the party to the far south.

As the head of the Merchant Guild, Jakov, who was watching that scene, instinctively spit out.

“His Highness the Grand Duke, Her Highness the Grand Duchess. I’m going to go back as my wife is waiting for me at home.”

Frey tilted her head slightly.

“Jakov. Didn’t you say you were unmarried?”

“ Well… ‘wife’ is the name of my dog.”

“Oh. Your wife must be bored alone. I’ll be waiting for the next letter, so let me know if merchants come to an opinion.”

Frey gently waved his hand.


Daniel opened the gate again and moved the merchants to the vicinity of the central shopping district.

When all the guests left, Frey stretched as if she had waited.

“I’m really glad things went well. Right?”

“It’s thanks to My wife for processing the jewels in a special way.”

“Thank you for saying that, Daniel.”

She smiled.

The moment he saw the corners of his mouth curling up gently and the eyes bent in the shape of a half-moon, he had no choice but to spit it out.

“You look happy, madam.”


Overall, Frey got a satisfactory result, but why is Daniel sad? 

As Frey followed him toward the mansion, she immediately remembered something.

“Daniel, since we’re alone together, shall we do something really fun?”


Daniel, who had been walking ahead, stopped and turned around.

Frey smiled, thinking that his slightly surprised face was as beautiful as a sculpture.

“You promised to have a meal with the children when I got better.”


“Now that the bandages have been removed, I was thinking of making a schedule. How about tomorrow?”


Really nice thing to do together.

Daniel muttered inwardly.

I felt cheated somehow, but as she said, a promise was a promise.

[“What about my mother?”]

[“She is sick? Right?”]

Damon and Arsene seemed to be very worried about Frey, who was injured while trying to protect them. There was no need to hide the secret any longer, as long as Frey was reckless in protecting the children.

“Madam. I have something to tell you about Damon and Arsene.”

* * *

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