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TNBTW-Chapter 39


After finishing his business with Wiz, Frey was a bit taken aback.

‘It’s been quite a while, right?’

She only had a very short conversation and gave Wiz an order, but in reality, an hour had passed.

Frey suddenly felt sorry for Lina and the people of Baron Holt who were waiting outside. But as soon as she left with the book in her arms, Baron Holt spoke as if he had committed a sin.

“Your Highness, Grand Duchess. I accidentally forgot this envelope.”


It was only then that Frey saw that there was a rather thick envelope between the books Wiz was nesting in. This is more than enough to receive, but what else are you giving?

As a merchant, there are times when you have to be honest or show your courage.

No matter because Lina was my maid and the deal was attractive, giving it away like this was a bit excessive.

‘I think I know the reason why Baron Holt’s top line isn’t doing well.’

Even so, it could give the impression that he was not suitable as a business partner if he refused money straightly, saying that honor was the priority.

First of all, making money is the purpose of operating the upper management company.

Frey said it proudly as if she had deliberately tested it.

“All right, I understand the baron’s sincerity from this.”


If anyone hears, I think I have the right to test Baron Holt.

Frey shrugged his eyebrows, though slightly guilty.

“But it could be a problem in the future, so let’s only trade with the amount specified in the contract. It’s good to be neat, right?”

“Yes, Lady Frey.”


In the process of returning the book Wiz was in, an envelope with money fell to the floor.

“Lady Frey, His Highness the Grand duke…oh my god!”

Luke, who had come to call Frey on Daniel’s errand, froze as he saw the check in the envelope unfolding like a fan.

‘One, ten, hundred, thousand – how much is all that?!’

More than one envelope of money like that.

Luke was only talented in fighting and didn’t know much about the guild or central shopping market, but it was clear that Baron Holt was paying a huge bribe.

‘I think she’s going to make more money than that, so she’s going to try to get us some money, right?’’

Gulp down.

In Luke’s mind, the laurel wreath made of Prause’s tree grew blurry. Like the bed on the first night, and the fact that Grand Duke Prause opened the gate himself.

‘Is this the situation that my grandfather was worried about…?’

Luke continued with a rather polite attitude.

“His Highness asked if He could have some tea together now that the meeting is over.”

“It’s good. I have to introduce you to Baron Holt, who has just become my business partner.”

Frey grinned and walked after Luke.

* * *

Baron Holt stayed at the grand duke’s residence for about a week. 

However, it was not a very leisurely schedule.

It was because Frey had meetings after meetings from the first day of the schedule Frey signed with Wiz to today, the last day of the schedule. She never got tired of looking at the contract with her signature and Baron Holt’s signature in order.

[Proof of ownership of the upper house of the Baron Holt family]

Frey has a whopping 51% stake in the guild. Because it was more than half, she was able to raise her voice the loudest. In fact, it means that she can control the guild.

Of course, it wasn’t a loss to Baron Holt and those involved in the guild.

‘Because she has decided to sell Rose Quartz and all the minerals she is going to process through this trade guild.’

The processing method of Rose Quartz was decided not to be announced.

It was because other people couldn’t find divine power, which is a key ingredient that changes the nature of minerals, and even if there were more shining rose quartz, the price would only drop.

‘Because even the baron knows that scarcity is important.’

Even after calculating brokerage fees and other income, it must have been decided that it would be advantageous to hand over 51% of the shares to Frey and work together.

Both Lina and Baron Holt lacked guts, not that they lacked calculation skills.

“Your Highness, Grand Duchess. I heard that Yakov and members of the merchant guild have arrived.” said, Emma.

Today was the last day of Baron Holt’s stay in the north, and he decided to have lunch with the merchants in the central shopping market and briefly exchange opinions.

Jakov, who has been sending Frey letters over and over, must have been waiting for today.

“Emma, let’s go.”

“Yes, Your Highness the Grand Duchess. But the bandages…”

“I think I feel fine now. I do have headaches sometimes, but it doesn’t get better with a bandage.”

Above all, I was slowly stabbed in my conscience to pretend to be a patient

Emma’s eyes sparkled with delight.

“I’m glad you’re well! It must have been helpful to constantly brew and eat something like ogre tendons and wolf claws.”


Well, everyone thinks she really drank that.

However, it was true that she had recovered his health.

Daniel has also decided to attend today, so she Will make an appointment by saying that she’s feeling better.

‘Soon I’ll be able to have a meal with the kids.’

Frey walked with a lighter heart.

Commercial officials from Daniel, Jakov, and Prowse were already at the table where the meal would take place.

Apparently, I was called because my status was that of a grand duchess, and my ultimate goal was to establish a foundation in the north.

‘Because their opinions are essential for today’s discussion.’

“Her Highness, Grand Duchess, long time no see. How is your health?”

Jacob was about 20 times kinder than when she entrusted him with making jewelry out of rose quartz.

Since Frey hasn’t been able to reply to the letter properly in the meantime, he must have been thinking a lot.

“Thanks for your concern, I’m fine. While lying in bed for a long time, I thought about various ways to develop the central shopping market, and I hope it helps.”

“I don’t know what to do. By the way, I was also very impressed with the night market suggested by your Highness the other day.”

He didn’t even hear it back then. But Frey laughed and passed his words.

The reason Jakov lowers his tail and shows his obedience is because he is the guild leader representing the interests of the merchants he belongs to.

If Frey criticized him for not liking his attitude the other day, He will fall out with so many merchants.

‘There’s no need to be upright in a situation where the night market must be open.’

The grand duke must have remembered the method to punish Breck Vliette, and those involved, which he proposed at the Clock Tower not too long ago.

She looked at Daniel.

For some reason, he was staring at Jakov, who was talking to her with a sullen face.

“madam. I’m glad you seem to be okay.”

“Ah, thank you. Thanks for caring.”

At his command, Like removed the chair. When we sat down, the dishes prepared by the chefs came out one after another.

The story of the business started after the meal was almost finished, around the time dessert was served.

“I would like some of the executives and staff at Holt to stay in the North. There must be practitioners in the north as well, so things will be done quickly.”

When Frey said this, Jakov’s eyes twinkled.

“If it’s work…”

“We decided to sell processed rose quartz only through Holt.”

He may be disappointed to think that he missed the big fish by a narrow margin, but Jakov was not disappointed

“good idea. Since the Merchant can roam around various regions, it will be able to spread the beauty of the jewel.”

“But since I’m the Grand Duchess, I can’t help but consider the interests of the northern merchants.”

She glanced at Daniel to score points and continued.

“Jewels are going to be sold at the northern branch of Holt Merchant. Merchants in the capital also have to travel all the way to the north to buy jewels.”


Everyone who heard the story had a surprised face.

In the first place, jewelry is not a daily necessity, but a luxury. Unlike daily necessities, which are expensive or difficult to obtain, the more difficult to obtain, the higher the value.

‘I know this well because I poured a lot of money into this field.’

Aristocrats in the capital or the south will go out of their way to find Frey jewelry, spending time and money to show off their wealth.

Then the other guilds who smelled the money—

“Thanks to that, more people will want to come to the far north where there are no gates.” said Daniel.

Frey nodded and accepted his words.

“yes. Besides, since they come from far away, they have to pay for meals and lodging here. That alone will create significant added value.”

If you interpret the words that it is difficult to visit the North because there is no gate, it was like this.

If you decide to go to the North once, be prepared to stay for a few days.

‘There’s no gate, so they won’t be able to pack things in the carriage like when they go to another area.’

The processed rose quartz has the advantage of making the upper class dare to come here.

Holt and Frey sell things relatively comfortably.

The guild can attract new customers and promote tourism. It’s a win-win for everyone.

In addition, the northern part is rich in natural scenery and historic sites, so it is good for sightseeing as well.

‘Even if everyone goes on a business trip abroad, they spend a few days sightseeing.’

Everyone was well versed in commerce, so they imagined what would happen without Frey having to explain it one by one.

“It would be great to make the northern specialties cute and sell them as souvenirs.”

“If you make a good impression on sightseeing merchants, word of mouth will spread that you need to come hard.”


One of Prause’s vassals looked at Frey with a worried face.

It was obvious what question he would ask. It’s up to one thing to attract people from this family or not.

“Isn’t it useless if nobles from other regions aren’t interested in rose quartz?”

As he expressed his concern, several at the table agreed.

“No matter how shiny it is, rose quartz was the gem most commoners sought.”

“If you want to compete with gems like diamonds, you will have to lower the price, which in turn will underestimate the value of the gem.”

All of a sudden, the gazes demanding an answer focused on Frey. She answered as she had thought of beforehand.

* * *

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