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TNBTW-Chapter 38


Are you trying to receive the protection of the spirit of knowledge?

The voice in Frey’s head was as deep as that of an old man.

Frey realized that the world he lived in was a romance fantasy game.

‘It’s amazing to hear an explanation like this that I’ve only seen in text in the game.’

She had summoned Lina and asked her some questions before Baron Holt arrived.

How does the spirit’s protection work? what are the pros and cons?

According to family tradition, Lina recalled that she encountered the Spirit of Knowledge at the age of five.

[“I put my hand on the book and I heard the sound of my grandfather laughing happily. The spirit did not reveal himself.”]

[“Is it because Lina became good at calculations and gathering information because you received blessings?”]

[“no. It’s from birth…”]


So It was a natural talent.

[“I heard that there is only one downside. You cannot receive the protection of other spirits.”]

Frey had that in mind too. Unlike other spirits who can command flames and rain at will, the spirit of knowledge was weak against offensive magic.

This means that it was not very helpful in the early days of the founding when it had to fight for power day and night.

‘That’s why the spirits of fire, earth, wind, and water look down on the spirits of knowledge.’

In other words, once chosen by the Spirit of Knowledge, it was clear that other spirits would not pay attention.

Does it count as a spirit if it can’t use attack magic? while doing.

For a wizard, that would be the worst, but in Frey’s case, it was different.

‘Anyway, the four great spirits are no different from the servants of the Duke of Gelon, and the spirits of knowledge are the most useful to me.’

Thanks to her bloodline, she had divine power but almost no magic power, so she never dreamed of becoming a wizard in the first place.

After thinking, Frey quietly hugged the book.

“Then I’ll borrow the book for a while. It would be disrespectful to the spirits to receive divine protection in front of everyone.”

“I’ll be waiting for you, Mr. Frey.”

She will need some alone time to figure out how much of what’s in that white envelope. Baron Holt let her go for a while, thinking that he was about to achieve his goal.

Frey, who entered the empty room holding the book tightly, answered in a small voice.

“Let the Spirit of Knowledge reveal itself.”


When the divine power was lightly spilled on the cover, the space shook like a haze, then changed into a completely new place.

‘Is this the spirit world that was said to be in another dimension?’

Frey opened her tightly closed eyes.

Then, she saw a long-haired man wearing monocle glasses standing in front of her.

Even though it existed even before the founding of the country, it only looked like someone in their 30s, but it seemed that they did not age because they were transcendental.

“Finally, I am chosen by His Majesty the Emperor over the ignorant and strong four spirits.”

Aside from his appearance, his tone and voice sounded like a grandfather, even when she heard him again.

Frey bowed slightly as a way of giving preference to the elders.

“I am the daughter of His Majesty the Emperor, but unfortunately I am not the Emperor.  I am Frey Obelir.”

“Frey? Daughter of His Majesty the Emperor and Lady Roselia?”

“yes. You know anything either.”

This time, Frey smirked softly.

Even though we hadn’t exchanged a few words, it was clear that the Spirit of Knowledge was secretly jealous of the other Spirits and feeling a sense of defeat.

‘There is no emotion as easy to use as jealousy.’

She was jealous of the young ladies who got along with each other, so she spent a lot of money and held tea parties and banquets.

I knew empirically that those who feel jealous because of unchangeable conditions spend a lot of resources to relieve their sense of entitlement.

“I know the Spirit of Knowledge is busy protecting Baron Holt, but I want you to lend me your strength.”

“Is it true that you chose me, not the four great spirits?”

“sure. As you already know, I’m not on good terms with the Duke of Gelon. I need your help to avenge me.”

“In return for recognizing the greatness of knowledge, I will give you any number of blessings.”

“No. What I want is a contract, not a blessing.”

“You want to make a contract with me? The blood of the imperial family…?”

The Spirit of Knowledge stared at Frey with a slightly surprised face.

Members of the imperial family and those in power have always needed strength, not knowledge.

Because having knowledge in a state of powerlessness could not frighten people.

In fact, the owners who contracted with them were often severely punished by the owners of the four spirits.

the Holt family, who were counted in the capital even at the beginning of the founding of the country, were expelled to the south and demoted to barons, they would have said everything.

‘But you’re going to make a contract with the Spirit of Knowledge? Was the crazy princess interested in something like this?’

In addition, if it was a contract other than protection, it would be bound until the owner died, so you had to choose your partner carefully.

The spirit stared at Frey. Soon, his gaze met red eyes that shimmered like fireworks.

‘With this much divine power and vengeance, I might be able to avenge my masters.’

Most of all, he was happy that a member of the imperial family with divine power wanted to sign a contract with him.

“I ask you again. If you make a contract that is not a protection, you will be out of sight of other spirits.”

“Alright. This is not an era of war, and what power is as strong as knowledge?”


‘Are you the type to hate flattery?’ Frey was a little nervous.

However, the spirit of knowledge only lifted up his single-eyed glasses, imagining the distant past when he was doing well.

“This is why it’s annoying when people have the ability. I’ve been called here and there for no reason and heard people ask for help.”

‘Even if the words are annoying and I’m afraid I’m going to die, I’m proud of the content.’

She guesses he doesn’t like it. Frey swallowed a laugh and held out his right hand.

The spirit respectfully held Frey’s hand and breathed magic into it.

“My name is Wiz. Call me like that from now on.”

“Okay, Wiz.”


Wiz’s magic permeated Frey. It was proof that the contract with the spirits was completed safely.

The view changed again, and it was not the spirit system, but the original room.

“Wiz, can you hear me?”


After the contract was over, his voice could be heard much more clearly than before.

‘I finally got an informant to work with personally.’

How long has She been waiting for this moment?

Frey finally brought out the name he had been thinking about for a while.

“First, I want to ask you three things. Gathering information and using simple magic, are you okay?”

“Well, as soon as you sign the contract, you are given three missions. What would have happened if I was an incompetent spirit?”

Contrary to his sullen tone, Wiz’s eyes sparkled at the command he hadn’t seen in a long time.

* * *

Meanwhile, Count Breck Vliette had shut himself in his room with the curtains closed since broad daylight and did not come out.

He had a lot of thoughts last night, but he drank a lot, and couldn’t calm down, and he had a severe hangover, so it was difficult to move.

‘It’s already been a week since Baron Heinz and Viscount Bart were detained.’

By now, the two would be on the verge of going insane from the fog of Fall withdrawal symptoms.

Anyone on the level of Grand Duke Prause would have noticed that they were addicted to fog of fall.

‘But until now, the fact that the person suspected of being the fog of fall transporter was not further investigated…’

The corners of Breck Vliette’s mouth went up.

Grand Duke Prause had already investigated his residence once, but it was futile.

Unlike Baron Heinz’s or Viscount Bart’s, this was because there was a special space for storing the Fog of fall.

‘Even if there’s suspicion, He won’t be able to touch the eldest son of Count Vliette.’

Of course, in terms of title, the Grand Duke’s family was much higher than the Count’s.

But isn’t it a bit special now?

Countess Vliette is a loyal servant who gains the infinite trust of the Duke of Gelon and the Crown Prince couple. 

On the other hand, Grand Duke Prause was in danger of disappearing into history along with the change of the throne after being entangled with the princess who had fallen off the ropes.

‘Seeing him running in a hurry right after the accident, Grand Duke Prause seems to be possessed by her appearance.’

The grand duke got in the wrong line. By now, you must be thinking the same way.

So, as long as Crown Prince Tahar was the next emperor, it was clear that the Grand Duke would not be able to touch him without physical evidence.

‘If he does anything that displeases Highness Tahar, He will face a backlash.’


Count Breck Vliette, took out the stationery and the postage stamp from the Mage Tower that he had put in the drawer. He was safe only when he sent it completely before the Grand Duke secured physical evidence.

[Father, please inform His Highness crown prince Tahar and Her Majesty the Empress. Judging from his actions, it is clear that Grand duke Prause decided to abandon the next emperor.]

He wrote down the things he had seen and heard.

Crown Prince Tahar was a man of great ability, so he made sure to hold down any person who might interfere with him. There was no way he would pass on the rebellion of grand duke Prause, who could be a threat to the throne.

‘Princess Frey luckily inherited the imperial family’s divine power and survived, but the Grand Duke…’

He sealed the letter and put a stamp on it with a fishy smile.

The spell on the stamp teleported the letter to the capital.

When he was done, he took out a small glass bottle from a specially designed drawer so that only the owner could see the contents.

‘The young man got a lot of things.  I’m glad I have more information to analyze.’

Wiz, who was slowly wandering around the mansion of Breck Vliette’s, at Frey’s request, clicked her tongue inwardly.

* * *

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